Cote D’Azur: 10 Best Places to Visit in French Riviera

Colorful old town and beach in Menton on french Riviera in a beautiful summer day, France

The coastline’s beautiful and scenic length, called Côte D’Azur, also famously known as The French Riviera, goes from Menton to Saint- Tropez. Menton is in Alpes Maritimes near Italy’s Frontière. Côte D’Azur roughly translates to ‘coast of blue,’ which was named after the blue-azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

There is so much to do in Côte D’Azur, France, from sailing from the port of Monaco, Rendez Vous, enjoying wine in Cabanas in Cannes, to walking through the bustling boulevards in Nice.

If you go during the summer climate, the vibe and the energy there are unmatched. There are private plages, various station Balnéaire, villégiature, high-end hotels, and restaurants that impact the elegance and beauty of this place. You can go sightseeing or on a road trip. It was a health retreat in the 18th century.

Here is more information about the best sites to visit in Côte D’Azur in Alpes Maritimes.

Table of Contents

1. Top 10 places to Visit in Cote D’Azur in Alpes Maritimes

1.1) Menton

1.2) Saint- Tropez

1.3) Nice

1.4) Villefranche-sur-Mer

1.5) Cannes

1.6) Antibes

1.7) Eze

1.8) Cassis

1.9) Saint-Raphaël

1.10) Monaco

2. FAQs

3. Conclusion

Cote D
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1. Top 10 places to visit in Côte D’Azur in Alpes Maritimes.

1.1) Menton

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This might be a beautiful and sensational attraction in Côte D’Azur, France. This place is the heavenly mix of lively, bustling streets, stunning views, and small friendly towns. It is known as the city of Lemons due to its Lemon Festival in February.

Sit and enjoy the picturesque rocks of Promenade Du Soleil. This site offers so much to its tourists, like fountains, gardens, sculptures and many more…

You can visit the Basilica of Saint Michel Archangel and Musèe Du Bastion Jean Cocteau to see the notable works of Jean Cocteau, go local shopping in Rue Saint Michel and swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

There is much Italian influence in the Vieille Ville, an old town. This sunny city has mild weather that helps grow citrus fruits and flowers. To detox and relax, then Plage des Sablettes is ideal for a dip or sunbathing in the waters.

1.2) Saint- Tropez

This destination in Côte D’Azur should not be ignored. It was once a fishing village, now a famous beach resort. It is in a postcard-perfect bay. The place has retained its quiet and silent town, which still amuses the tourists. The city contains beautiful cobblestone pavements and shady squares and has an old-world charm.

Even though modern restaurants and fashion boutiques are present, the place still has an authentic atmosphere of history. Older adults are seen playing pètanque or chemin de fer. There is an original outdoor cafe that offers traditional cuisine.

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You can visit Citadel, Château Suffren, sail in yachts from Vieux Port or relax on their private and public plages. Saint Tropez, fondly called ‘St Trop,’ has an amazing art scene and Michelin eateries to feast from.

1.3) Nice

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This is where the journey of Côte D’Azur begins. Nice is the ideal place on the Riviera. Even though there is no end or start to the French Riviera, Nice consists of delicious sea cuisine, an endless white beach, a sunny méditerranée atmosphere, and vibrant streets with a hint of Italian heritage.

Since the times of Belle Époque, Nice has been adored with beautiful buildings. The most famous street in Nice is Promenade De Anglais. These places in Nice include the Art Deco Hyatt Regency Palais De La Méditerranée and the villa Masséna in the beautiful garden.

You can do activities like cycling, strolling, rollerblading or sunbathing on the plage. Nice connects with many other towns via moyen train.

There is so much more to see in nice like the open Provençal market at Cours Saleya where you can buy local products. There is also a garden called Jardin Albert Ler within walking distance from Promenade De Anglais.

It features local pine trees, villes, assorted roses, and fountains. There is also a theater, Theâtre de Verdure, where concerts and cultural events happen during the summer climate.

1.4) Villefranche-sur-Mer

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For the unknown, the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer in Côte D’Azur of Alpes Maritimes is one such most beautiful bay. The bay is set between turquoise waters and cliffs. Doesn’t this make a good reason to visit this place?

The city’s port, the old town, the citadel, and the coast’s curve all benefit the village’s beauty. It is also a base for fishermen and many cruises voyaging during summer.

If you are visiting this place, then be sure to visit the remarkable and pristine historic chapel, Chapelle Saint Pierre de pecheurs. This city has been the backdrop for many movies like the jewel of Nile and Never say Never Again.

You can relax on their plage and have local seafood cuisines. This place has great nightlife and is great for weekend séjour.

1.5) Cannes

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The famous Cannes Film Festival happens every year and is visited by many well-known and appreciated people, singers, actors, and elite people. This place exalts elegance and beauty that can amaze you.

There is a place called Le Suquet, which is an old town in Cannes. The colorful cottages, steep and cobbled alleys, and Marche Forville’s stall can make it a luxurious destination. This is also the place where there are fancy hotels, luxury brands, and famous elite restaurants.

You can also visit the island of Sainte-Marguerite, which is only 10-15 minutes away to get there on a ferry. This place shows another color of the Riviera, which is wild and untouched. No matter when you visit, you get to see one or the other famous personalities.

You can also relax on the beautiful bord de Mer of Cannes while sipping tropical drinks. You can always visit private beaches like Macé plage and Zamenhof Beach or free public beaches like Mouré Rouge Beach, La Casino Beach, and Gazagnaire Beach.

1.6) Antibes

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Antibes have their type of glamour, beauty, and glitz. It is one such beautiful and major town in Côte D’Azur. Despite it being a modern beach town, it has a certain traditional vibe that is not often found in the other cities or villages of the French Riviera.

If you are a person who loves art, then you can find Museé Picasso. The town’s beaches are divided into 2 main areas, Cap d’Antibes, and Juan-Le-Pins. There are also private and public beaches. These beaches are famous for their fine sand seashores.

To enjoy the most delicious French cuisine, so many establishments face the sea and food stalls for a reasonable price.

You can also visit the Fort Carré where Napoleon Bonaparte was once a prisoner, go sailing in the marina and there are a lot of art galleries and shops for everyone.

1.7) Eze

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This is a beautiful hilltop town between Nice and Monaco in Alpes Côte D’Azur. Eze is known for its cute village vibe, stunning nature views, and steep cobbled streets. It is one of the hidden gems. You can spend a day or a half but be sure to arrive early, especially in summer.

You can have lunch in Château Eza, which gives you an excellent view of the hill and the food. Visit the Fragonard, one of France’s old and most well-known perfumes. There are also small art galleries, sea views, boutiques, and a 12th-century church. There is an Exotic Garden that gives you an idea of the coast from Italy to Saint Tropez.

There is also a randonnées path you can go with your family called Nietzsche trail, which connects the town to the top of the hill.

1.8) Cassis

This village is quaint and silent, with many colorful houses and a perfect bay in Alpes Côte D’Azur. In the early 20th century, the vibe and setting of the village attracted many artisans. Cassis is considered a part of the Côte D’Azur and Provence region.

The cobblestoned streets, outdoorsy restaurants, and tree-covered squares make it a lovely place. You can also visit the National Park. The guests also appreciate the beaches of the region.

cote d
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The marina of the region is filled with boats and blue waters with calm tides. You can do activities like Taking blades at the port, voyaging on yachts, having dinner, and lunch in a restaurant in marine nature, enjoying the local foods, explore the local stores, creeks, and coves of the region.

1.9) Saint-Raphaël

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This city is all about sunshine, beaches, and people. The lively town and its sandy beaches are the main attraction. This has a Provençal feel to its streets, old buildings, and open markets.

Water sports like plongée sous marine and sunbathing always happen on the beaches. A great number of cafes and restaurants offer local cuisine and shops that provide a lot of local products. There is a church of Saint Raphaël on the north side of town that dates back to the 12th century with a big watchtower.

You can take a calm walk along the coastal path with your loved ones and have a great day in Saint- Raphaël.

1.10) Monaco

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Most of you might know this place as the second smallest country. It is also the world’s richest country. It is situated on Alpes Côte D’Azur. Most people there speak the Occitan language. Monaco is a fan-favorite place for the famous, rich, and elite and is also home to one expensive event called the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Monaco is everything you can imagine when it comes to Rich and famous, cars, booze, partying with famous people, elite food, and much more. It is almost impossible to resist the place’s glamour and blitz.

There is also a yachting voyage event that happens every year. This city has its own royal family.

This city accommodates glimmering casinos, a marine museum, and a huge opera house. It is great for tourism. To enjoy the entire city, you can stay for a weekend or a day.

They offer many cuisines from Mexicans, Americans, and many more. Guests are welcome to visit the Palais Princier of Monaco to see its artifacts and treasures.

Various frescoes depict history and mythology. Other highlights of your visit can be the Chapelle de Visitation, a religious museum, Belgique, The Oceanographic Museum, and the Jardin Exotique, an exotic garden.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is Cote D’Azur known for?

Cote D’Azur is known for its scenic views, resorts, beaches, Mediterranean food, wine, and amazing medieval and roman architecture and remains. It is a well-known holiday destination for all.

Q.2. What do people wear on French Riviera?

The French Riviera style is timeless, chic, and elegant all at the same time. It includes dresses, skirts, and Parisian-style wardrobes. Whites and brighter colors are also a hit here.

Q.3. How big is the French Riviera?

Cote D’Azur, or French Riviera, is almost 550 miles. Even though there is no definite boundary, it is considered that it starts from Saint- Tropez in the west and goes up to Menton near the Italy border in the west.

Q.4. How many days do you need to stay here?

You can visit the whole place within 4 to 5 days.

Q.5. Is Cote D’Azur worth visiting?

Visiting Cote D’Azur is a delight any time of the year. The experience can differ according to the climate. But most tourists prefer summer or spring as this gives a summer resort vibe.

3. Conclusion

French Riviera région or Cote D’Azur is a paradise for any visiteurs. There is so much for everyone. There are beaches, museums, stations, balnéaires, Ville historical structures, beautiful streets, gardens, and so much more.

Côte D’Azur has been on the bord de Mer and a favorite holiday destination for many centuries. The douceur of people and variety of food is very good which makes us feel and experience so much at once.

Côte D’Azur is loved for its magical modern plus medieval vibe, cuisine, and unforgettable views. Even Célébrités visites this destination. This region of France is perfect for road trips with family and friends. You can even go budget-traveling with the company or go all out in Alpes Côte D’Azur for that rich experience. The experience of being on the Cannes beaches or eating in a Château restaurant can’t be replaced.


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