Concert Hall in London: 12 Best Ones to Consider for Fun

concert hall in london
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What city is better for classical events like concerts, ballet, performances, and more than London? It is known for having some of the most prominent classical concert halls, catering to every music taste with brilliant pieces of architecture. Every concert hall in London is not the same as you’ll have a unique experience in each of them.

Therefore, here is the list of the few leading concert halls in London. These buildings can make even the most straightforward note sound so pristine and calming. In addition, you will find the perfect guide to plan your visit here. 

1. Royal Festival Concert Hall

Located on the banks of the beautiful River Thames, the Royal Festival Hall is a concert venue in Lonon. This building can have a capacity of more than 2700 people. The hall was built in 1951 in celebration of the Festival Of Britain. 

Now, it is the residence of the Philharmonic Orchestra, Chineke, the London Sinfonietta, the Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment Aurora, and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The hall also has a 440-seat Clore Ballroom. In addition, you’ll see several reception rooms, bars, restaurants and a beautiful view of the River Thames.

2. The Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House, in the Convent Garden of Central London, is one of the largest, and major performing arts venues in the UK. Here you can see a few resident groups like the Royal Opera, Ballet, and Orchestra.

This Grade 1 opera house was built in 1728 and is one of the oldest halls in the world. Even after going through several restorations, the hall still has done a brilliant job of preserving and displaying old elements. 

In addition, the Paul Hamlyn Hall here is a major attraction. However, it acts as an atrium and has several public leisure areas like bars, restaurants and more.

There is also the Linbury Studio Theatre, which is the secondary performance space with a seating capacity of more than 400. 

3. Queen Elizabeth Concert Hall

The Queen Elizabeth Hall or the QEH, is a 900-seating capacity brutalist-style music venue on Belvedere Road, South Bank, London. Opened in 1967, Benjamin Britten conducted a concert, on the occasion of its inauguration. 

A part of this hall is over 300-seater Purcell Room, which was built the same year. The two are a part of the Southbank Centre arts complex with the Royal Festival Hall and Hayward Gallery.

It also has hosted big names like J.K. Rowling, Daniel Barenboim, Johnny Greenwood, and many more.

4. Barbican Centre 

Situated in the Barbican Estate, in London, England, the Barbican Centre is a world-famous Grade II performance hall. The hall has a capacity of over 1,900 people.

The resident orchestra here is the London Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Symphony Orchestra

However, that is not all. The Barbican Library is one of the largest five City Of London libraries. It houses books dating back to even 300 years. 

Barbican Centre
Photo by Product School from Unsplash/Copyright 2020.

There is also a separate music library with two free pianos for public use. Other attractions include the Barbican Theatre, designed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Pit, Art Gallery, Barbican Film and more.

5. Wigmore Hall

It was initially inaugurated as the Bechstein Hall in 1901 and hosted concerts featuring Ferruccio Busoni, Eugene Ysaye, and many more.

But now, the venue can seat more than 500 people and most of the concerts held here are broadcast on BBC Radio 3. The Wigmore Hall also publishes recordings of concerts held here by legendary artists on its record label called the Wigmore Hall Live. 

6. Alexandra Palace

The Alexandra Palace, situated in the London Borough of Haringey, has been an entertainment and sports venue for more than a century now. Many of the original monuments like the original studios and the Victorian theatre, still exist and are in use.

In addition, you can experience the fun of the Panorama Room, Ice Rink, Palm Court and more. It is also declared a Site Of Borough Importance for Environmental Conservation. 

In addition, you can do many distinct activities here. From doing thrilling activities to exploring nature’s beauty, the palace has them all.

This place is good for kids too because they offer a special play area and many tours for them. Planning a visit with your kids will open a lot of options to them and they’ll also get a chance to learn some distinct things.

7. The Roundhouse 

The hall now has a 3,300 standing as well as a 1,700 seated capacity. The Roundhouse has been the venue of BBC Electric Proms, iTunes Festivals, BT Digital Music Awards, the Vodafone Live Music Awards, and also a concert by Bob Dylan.

Apart from the events, this place also offers exciting job opportunities to people between 18-30 years. However, if you think the job offers here will be boring, your assumption is false. You can get creative job offers here.

Therefore, if you are passionate about anything related to the creative field, why don’t you consider this place? 

The Roundhouse concert hall in London
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante from Unsplash/Copyright 2021.

8. Rivoli Ballroom 

This place has a seating capacity of 700 and is mostly used for filming and hosting dance and musical events. The Avengers, Strictly Come Dancing, Tom Hardy’s Legend and the Muppets are some of the movies shot here.

The main highlights of the dance hall include the original 19th-century decor, Maple dance floor, glitter balls, flock wallpaper, chandeliers, and oversized Chinese lanterns.

9. Cadogan Concert Hall

Situated in Sloan Terrace, Chelsea, Cadogan Hall is a world-famous concert hall. Situated in the beautiful Royal Borough Of Kensington and Chelsea, this is the residence of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which is the first London music ensemble to have a permanent home. 

Here you can witness various musical concerts. From classical to folks, you can experience them all. Furthermore, if you want to explore music, must visit this hall. The management of this hall is also excellent as they are concerned about their audience. 

They welcome physically disabled people with all love as you can get a special section for them. Apart from enjoying the concert, you can also have flavorful food and beverages too. 

10. London Coliseum 

It was established in 1904 and now is one of the largest and most luxurious concert halls. The seating capacity here is more than 2000.

Over the years, the Coliseum has gone through renovations numerous times. But one thing hasn’t changed and that is its reputation for being one of the finest music halls in the world. 

This place has many offerings in which floral business is one of them. However, you can order the flowers from here online too. The flower artistry here is mindblowing and it would be a unique experience if you visit here in person. 

In addition, the theatre has an excellent set of collections. From the shop, you can purchase if you like any of them. Therefore, while visiting here, must explore its collection.

11. Kings Place 

The Kings Place is a performing arts and musical concert venue situated in the Kings Cross area in London. The building was established in 2008 as a commercial development.

Now, along with being one of the major concert venues, there are also seven floors of office space, and it is also the editorial office of The Guardian.

The resident orchestra here is the Aurora Orchestra, and also the opera company OperaUpClose. In addition, by visiting this multi-art venue, you can also witness a few adventurous programmes.

Being an audience there, you’ll love the show. Therefore, check this place out and it would be more fun with company. 

12. Purcell Room

Purcell Room is another performing arts and concert venue which forms a part of the Southbank Centre along with Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Even though the smallest of the three, this concert hall has been named one of the major central London cultural institutions and has a seating capacity of over 300

Built in 1967, the same period as Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Purcell Room also shared many common architectural features like Brutalist Architecture.

Along with being one of the very important centres for emerging talents, the hall has also hosted big names including David Bowie, Daniel Barenboim, Marianne Faithfull, and Jonny Greenwood. 


1. How Is a Concert Hall Different from an Auditorium?

Both are distinct and offer unique features too. Concert Halls are made especially for music that needs longer reverberations so that, the audience can be completely immersed in the music. 

2. Which Seat Is the Best in Concert Halls?

Each seat has its charm and it is also highly dependent on individual preference. However, the best and most expensive seats, in a concert hall are found right in the middle. You can feel the sound and view to be the best there. Whereas, the front and last rows can either affect your sight or hearing.

Ending Note 

That was everything about the most beautiful and sublime concert halls around London. Now that we are almost back to normal, why don’t you plan a trip to these concert halls once again? 

Each concert hall in London is worth visiting because of its distinct offerings. Hope this guide helped you in doing so and don’t forget to let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed something. 


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