Best Steak Restaurants London: 15 Best Steakhouses

best steak restaurants London
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Are you a big fan of steak? Are you looking for the best steak restaurants London? Do you want a budget-friendly steak restaurant? Well, we have got you covered!

London has some of the best steak restaurants that offer good steak at affordable prices. Some of the best steak powerhouses are located in this place.

London restaurants offer beef cooked in the traditional style. However, some restaurants have introduced new flavours and ways of cooking beef, lamb and pork. These new flavours are equally tasty and mouth-watering. 

For the people who would like to stick to the traditional style, steak restaurants in London have a lot to offer. From offering different cuts to preparing in different sauces, all the dishes will leave you stunned.

Let us dive into some of London’s best steak restaurants.

Best Steak Restaurants London

London has excellent restaurants that serve mouth-wateringly good steaks. The cut and preparation of steak is a personal choice. The cuts served by them are according to the customer’s preference. It is one of the reasons that make these restaurants popular.

1. Zelman Meats

One of the most popular places in West London, this restaurant offers various cuts of steak. It is a classic American Steakhouse that serves the best Halal steak.

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It offers variations in cuts like sirloin, Chateaubriand, and Tomahawk. The steaks are cooked over a grill for an extended period. It ensures that the steak gets infused with all the flavours.

It is also one such restaurant that offers to order a sharing plate. The sharing plate consists of steaks cut in various shapes and prepared in different sauces.

2. Flat Iron

Flat Iron is another famous steak restaurant in London. They serve the best quality meat in this region.

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The chefs of Flat Iron restaurant are highly skilled, and they cook the beef perfectly. They also keep in mind some of the prime cuts that play a massive role in cooking beef. Their menu consists of various dishes according to the cut that is asked by the customer. 

It has branches in many places in London. Some of them include London Bridge, Covent Garden, Notting Hill, Soho, and King’s Cross.

3. Guinea Grill

Guinea Grill is one of the oldest places in town. It has been serving steak from the time of its existence and is one of the best steak restaurants in London.

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One of their famous dishes is the steak tartare. It serves various dishes of beef steak, beef sirloin, and some other beef cuts. Some other dishes that are a must-try at this place are chips fried in the gratin potatoes and beef dripping cooked chips.

The beef is cooked over wood grills for some of their dishes to infuse the smoky effect. For extra taste, smoked potatoes are also served as a side dish.

4. Quality Chop House

Located in Farringdon Road, London, Quality Chop House is a famous beef chops restaurant. The menu highlights charcoal-grilled beef steaks in secret sauce, British beef, flame-grilled beef, confit potatoes, and meat cooked in a traditional grill oven.

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They also have traditional meat recipes on their menu, considered their signature dish.

5. Sophie’s Steakhouse

Sophie’s steakhouse has fantastic indoors and also serves delicious food. They offer some of the best steak and chips.

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Decadent chateaubriand, porterhouse are some cuts that are available here.

For the sandwich fans, this place in Chelsea has some good news. They serve rump steak sandwiches with onions. The salsa verde sandwich is equally good here.

6. Fallow

Fallow is a new restaurant in Mayfair, London. This restaurant’s menu does not have many varieties, but it is known for serving excellent steaks. They are famous for their uniquely cooked prime rib.

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Ex-dairy cows are their preference. These cows generally lose their importance once they fail to produce milk. As a result, they get discarded.

Fallow uses the meat of these cows and ages the meat slowly. It helps in intensifying the flavour and taste. It also serves beef steaks prepared in peppercorn sauce.

7. Blacklock

One of the most famous London restaurants, Blacklock, has many branches within the city. It serves freshly cut meat of beef, pork, and lamb. One can find different types of cuts here. These cuts are entirely made according to the preference of the customer. However, their speciality is in beef chops.

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Blacklock is famous for its USDA Prime rib. Philip Warren serves British beef, which is equally good.

The restaurant has a moderate price range, not too high, not too low. On Mondays, they provide special offers to their customers where they can feel free to choose their desired dish at a low price than usual.

8. Lurra

Lurra is located in the Seymour Place region of London. It is known for serving grilled meat. They use traditional charcoal for grilling their meat. Grilling the meat offers a rough, smoky effect.

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They use special cows that are reared in Northern Spain. They are entirely grass-fed and live for twelve to sixteen years. The fact that this restaurant offers also has a different taste. It has a slight hint of butter that makes the dish worth trying.

These are the reasons for Lurra being one of the best steak restaurants in London.

9. Gridiron By COMO

Gridiron by COMO is located in the old park lane of London. It is famous for serving cuts like the Angus T-bone, rump cap, and rib eye. They cook the meat over a flame of wood or charcoal. 

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One can always pair their dishes with some alcohol or wine. They blend in perfectly.

The customers of this restaurant can also customise their cuts according to their preferences. The highly experienced chefs will then prepare a dish according to the cut. The customers also can choose the sauce they want in their dish.

10. Coal Rooms

Coal rooms are also among some of the famous steak restaurants in London. It is known for serving cuts like sirloin and T-bones. 

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But there’s nothing to worry about. The restaurant serves fantastic dishes of sirloin and T-bone cuts. It blends in perfectly with the soft, juicy and tender pieces of meat. The meat is cooked over an open fire pit for some of the dishes. As a side dish, they also offer their famous Peckham Fatboy potatoes.

11. Goodman

Goodman has its branches all over London. The impressive interior of this place includes leather booths and perfect dim lighting.

They also offer heavy cutlery for eating the meat served by this restaurant.

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The meat of this place is dry-aged in a suitable environment. They keep the surroundings dehumidified for proper rearing of the cows.

It serves many traditional beef preparations that make this place one of the best steak restaurants in London.

12. La Patagonia

La Patagonia is located at 31 Camden High Street in London. The setup of this restaurant is similar to its neighbouring restaurant.

Most of the meat offered by this restaurant is grilled over a charcoal grill. It allows the meat to have a smoky effect and makes it juicy and tender.

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They also serve beef steaks in a peppercorn sauce, horseradish cream, onions, pepper, mashed potatoes, and Spanish sausages.

For a change in your taste buds, this restaurant also serves delicious desserts. You either dine-in or take away your favourite food.

13. Temper

Another famous name that tops the list. Temper tops the list of best steak restaurants in London as it serves fresh with that is infused with different flavours.

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They buy their meat from local farms. They generally do not have any meat specifications for the preparation of various pieces like steaks, chops, sirloins, and many more such cuts.

14. Brasserie Zedel

Brasserie Zedel has been serving good quality meat from the time of its existence. It serves chopped steaks tossed in peppercorn sauce. They also provide chips along with the meat, which is worth complementing.

Sometimes, they use dry-aged, grass-fed cows as their meat is tender and soft. People generally enjoy this type of piece.

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The different options on the menu also include steak burgers. A glass of wine or some beer can never go wrong, along with your favourite beef dish.

It is located on Sherwood Street in London.

15. Brat

Brat is famous all over London for its turbot. Apart from turbot, this place has much more to offer.

The short rib mac and sirloin top the list. They are prepared with a hint of oil on an open grill. For seasoning, Brat uses salt and pepper.

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Brat is also a perfect dinner date steak restaurant in London.


London is home to people who love to eat, travel and try out fun activities. As a result, this place offers a variety of food from various cuisines worldwide.

One of the most popular foods found here is the steak of beef, lamb, and pork. Therefore, the best steak restaurants London are not hard to find.



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