10 Best Places To Visit In Germany

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The country is known for its soul-calming scenery, unrealistic and stunning palaces, vibrant locality filled with culture, and the economic powerhouse of none other than Germany.

This place consists of everything you are looking for for a soulful and soothing trip, with the beauty of the Bavarian alps, the calmness of listening to the water rushing through the Mosel and Rhine rivers, shorelines of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, and much more.

Germany never disappoints its travelers and turns out to be the best place they visit. Here are the 10 Best Places To Visit In Germany.

10 Best Places to Visit in Germany

  1. Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

This place has a lot to offer to a tourist spending time in Germany. Travelers obsessed with restaurants, shopping, Museums, and art galleries are in for a treat. When planning your trip, spare out least 3-4 days for Berlin. This shows Berlin has something for people of all ages.

Famous sites such as Museum Island, Berlinale, Brandenburg lakes, and much more, Berlin consists of the best places to visit in Germany.

1.1 Brandenburg Lakes

The north-eastern state that belts around Berlin is the Bradenburg, famous for its lakes. The land of Brandenburg consists of about 3000 lakes. Astonishing in winters and warmer months as well. This place is easily accessible through public transport, and visitors can keep themselves busy through various activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and capturing scenic views.

1.2 Mauerpark

Mauerpark is known as one of the biggest Sunday flea markets. The place is famous for its weekend singing sessions and Bearpit karaoke. Vintage-looking and stylish clothes are something that makes this flea market famous.

1.3 Museum Island

In the year 1999, the plan for the construction of Museum Island was brought and adopted. The Museum Island in Berlin is one of the best places to visit in Germany if you are a history enthusiast as this land consists of five famous museums from the period of Persian Rulers.

  1. Munich


Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and it is among the best places to visit in Germany. From modern art to historical monuments, theaters, medieval palaces, shopping places, and much more, Munich never disappoints its visitors.

Munich is a lively city and home to the world’s famous public park, English Garden, filled with Lush Green surrounding. It’s the best place to visit if you want to bike around and just feel connected to nature.

Also, Munich is very well-known for Oktoberfest, which is a two-week event that mainly focuses on eating, drinking, and singing. The fest is mainly a beer festival that welcomes millions of guests every year. It was started in 1810 with a celebration of the royal wedding.

Talking about beer, no matter what season, Munich’s stunning beer halls and Munich beer gardens welcome their guest all year round.

  1. Black Forest

The Black Forest is known as a magical island for culture, astonishing palaces, cuckoo clocks, and much more. It is situated in the southwest region of Germany. It got its name from the tyrannical canopy of evergreens overlooking the forest base. Below listed are a few places you should visit when in the Black Forest:

3.1 Bad Wildbad

Bad Wildbad is known as the spa town in the black forest. A tunnel along the town is diverted in a way that the town feels separated from the world and has its peace. At Bad Wilbad, the visitors can capture stunning views of the gorge of the Enz river and pine trees.

3.2 Calw

Calw is situated on the north side of the Balck forest and is known as one of the prettiest towns to visit. The Calw town consists of a statue and museum dedicated to famous author Siddhartha. The town is encircled by timbered houses, shops, bistros, ice cream parlors, and much more.

3.3 Baden- Baden

Baden-Baden is Europe’s one of the most fashionable towns famous for its spas; it is the best place to stay if you are in for a pampering session on your trip. It is located in the northern region of the black forest. The city is filled with culture, architecture, art events, and much more.

  1. Rhine Valley

The Rhine is among the most exquisite rivers, flowing around 1,320 km from Switzerland to the Netherlands. It’s an astonishing waterway and one of the most popular destinations for cruising. The rhine river flows through Rhine Valley, which is famous for its beauty.

Rhine Gorge refers to the stretch of the river from Mannheim, situated in the south region, to Koblenz in the north, which has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When in the Rhine valley, you can explore Mannheim. Visitors can bike along the stretch and hike on the hiking trails at the Rhine Valley. Also, hopping on a riverboat is a great idea to spend a day at Rhine Valley.

Mannheim is a great place to stroll around while walking; the social focus of the city spins around the memorable Marktplatz with its Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus) and the Lower Parish Church (Untere Pfarrkirche), raised in 1723, alongside by Jewish Center (Jüdisches Zentrum) with its temple. One more meaningful focal point is Mannheim Baroque Palace.

This alluring old castle is meant to explore. Features incorporate the heavenly Knights’ Hall and the excellent Imperial Quarters, outstanding for their intricate stylistic layout.

Rhine Valley is one of the best places to visit in Germany.

  1. Medieval Rothenburg

Best Places to Visit in germany
Roman Kraft/ Unsplash. Copyright 2016

The old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is known as Medieval Rothenburg. It is situated at the core of astonishing Bavaria, and from a few cities such as Rothenburg and Frankfurt, the place has an easily accessible drive. Also, photographers keep your camera charged as you’ll be needing it almost all the time because of how beautiful this place is.

It is situated in an upward area of River Tauber and is known as one of those towns which escaped from the damages caused by war as many other towns were devasted and had bad conditions due to war.

In Medieval Rothenburg, you can stroll around wandering amazing structures at the Town hall and Imperial City Museum, a prominent place to explore medieval times. Castle Gardens is also one of those places which consist of intact historic structures from the 17th century.

If you have a day or two for this stunning place, then make a stay at the old town center. There you can explore Old Town Walls; there, you can also explore mesmerizing sunsets among other travelers.

Later, you can check out Plonlein, famous for half-timbered buildings, which equally diverge the streets with identical homes, and places such as restaurants and cafes are also present where travelers can relax and de-stress themselves after strolling around this gorgeous city.

Medieval Rothenburg should definitely be on your tour list as it is one of the best places to visit in Germany.

  1. Cologne

Places To Visit in Germany
Eric Weber/ Unsplash. Copyright 2019

Cologne is one of those places to visit where you can explore and learn about historical times. For centuries, Cologne was known as a place of pilgrimage and a religious center. A few interesting places to visit in Cologne are the 12 Old Churches and Cologne Cathedral. Here you can check majestic structures, merchants, residents, cafes, shops, boutiques, and much more. Cologne is famous for its shopping centers and marketplaces where visitors can shop for things like local goods, foodstuffs, and famous cologne chocolate.

The Rhine river is also a famous spot in Cologne city. If you wish to stroll around on foot, the riverfront is the perfect place for you. Rhine cruises can also be accessible from this place. Below listed are a few places you can visit when in Cologne:

6.1 Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is situated near the banks of the Rhine, a landmark of the city. It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cologne Cathedral was formed in 1248; it consists of 157-meter tall towers. It is known as one of the largest cathedrals present in Europe.

A well-known place called Treasure Chamber is situated at the Cologne Cathedrals, famous for its age-old manuscripts and antiques. Travelers here can also attend various programs; you can check the Cologne Cathedral website for information regarding events and programs.

6.2 Old Town Cologne

Old Town is a gorgeous town in the city with a lane full of old structures and houses, a famous church known as Great St. Martin is also present in Old Town, shops, cafes, art galleries, and much more.

You can capture stunning views while strolling around the city. This town is full of magnificent monuments and fountains.

One of the most amazing places to visit in the Old Town is the Archaeological zone filled with artifacts from the Roman era.

Old Town Cologne is one of the best places to visit in Germany.

6.3 City Hall (Rathaus)

The City hall ( Rathaus) is a major highlight of Cologne city. It was built in 1573, is one of the oldest buildings in Germany, and is filled with historical facts and sites from more than 900 years ago.

City Hall is well-known and one of Germany’s best places to visit. The building of the City hall shows buildings that reflect medieval architectural sites. Besides, this city hall offers a Hanseatic hall, representing the Gothic figures of eight prophets and the Gothic figures of nine good heroes.

  1. Nuremberg

Nuremberg is an old town in Germany; this town is not only known for its affluent cultural traditions but is also called Germany’s modern invention. During world war II, the town was damaged, and the majority of buildings and sites were affected, but after the war, the decision was made to rebuild the town the way it was before the war took place, and this decision turned out to be a fine piece of art this town is.

Nuremberg is a must place to visit for all those history enthusiasts out there; as you stroll and explore how the city was before the war, you can also explore around the walls located at the west of the town; the walls were protected to build the old city.

One of the must-visit places in this town is Nuremberg Castle; the museum includes various artifacts all dating back to the 11th century. Being a traveler, eating and shopping are nearly important; even in that case, Nuremberg will not disappoint its visitors as you can find various restaurants, events like opera, music concerts, and shops.

This beautiful city is a must as it is one of the best places to visit in Germany.

  1. Frankfurt

Places to visit in Germany
Sinan Erg/ Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Frankfurt, one of the most important cities in Germany, is located on the River Main. It is an independent city with places that turns out to be a major attraction for travellers. The city is filled with fun activities to do and a great place to explore the countryside.

One of the well-known places, Romerberg, is located in the city. It is a great place to walk around and explore its fountains, boutique shops, art galleries, cafes, and much more. Old Town Hall is also one of the must-visit places in Frankfurt.

Below listed are a few places you must visit when in Frankfurt:

8.1 Museumsufer

Museumsufer is known as Frankfurt’s Museum District and is located at the north and south banks of the River Main. Museumsufer includes 16 separate museums. The Stadel Museum is one of the major highlights of this museum district. It was founded in 1904 and has a collection of around 65000 artifacts from vast areas such as Africa and Asia.

This place is heaven for all those history enthusiasts out there. Museumsufer is one of the best places to visit in Germany.

8.2 Main Tower

The main tower is situated at the core of Frankfurt’s Inner City; the main tower is about 200 meters tall. Its construction was ended in 1999 and is a 56-storied skyscraper with a rooftop observatory that is open to the public.

The main tower, a major highlight of Frankfurt, is one of the best places to visit in Germany. The view from the main tower is just magical. Those who love heights should definitely visit this stunning place in Frankfurt.

8.3 Kleinmarthalle

One can get to know about the city properly at the core of the city with locals; Kleinmarkthalle is a great place to understand and explore the city deeply. The market hall began in 1954 and covers about 1500 square meters with around 150 stalls. Here you can try out Frankfurt’s famous green sauce, which is a traditional condiment. At the market hall, you can also try out cheese, sausages, pastries, and the city’s local food.

  1. Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city, and it is located in the northern region. It is close to the north sea and is considered the country’s most important port. From here, the shipping routes connect to major inland water routes. Hamburg is one of the best places to visit in Germany.
The visitor can always notice major transportation taking place from the port. Also, cruise ships are accessible for the sightseers to explore this stunning city.

The massive port of Hamburg covers about 100 sq. kilometres of area and is a major tourist attraction. The storage buildings at the port now include shops, restaurants, a concert hall, and much more. When near the port, you should try the harbour tour, which helps visitors to capture amazing sights of The port from the water.

Talking about the places to explore inside the city, you can check the amazing old canals which direct to and from the harbour area. Famous International Maritime Museum can also be found here. Deichtrasse is also famous for its special architecture and old homes in town.

  1. Leipzig

Leipzig, the city meeting at the junction of The Pleisse rivers and Weisse Elster, is a must-visit place in Germany. This place is situated in Saxon Lowlands, a place famous for its breathtaking scenery.

One can also visit Leipzig with a one-hour-long train ride from the city of Berlin. Leipzig is heaven for all the artists because of its stunning art galleries and museums.

Make a stride once again into history by checking the Romanesque chapels, Art Nouveau structures, and sixteenth-century basements that eminent writers and artists once visited. Leipzig comes under the list of best places to visit in Germany.

There are a lot of shopping choices, going from extravagant stores and retail chains to markets. Leipzig’s energetic bar regions are strategically placed in the downtown area, and everyone abounds with bars, wine basements, and clubs.

Leipzig is well known for its art and education and is rich in culture. When talking about literature, Leipzig is the center of learning and literature; the city includes book fairs and resides the famous German National Library.

Nowadays, Leipzig is a well-known destination for tourists because of its musical roots and rich cultural tradition. Here you can stroll around and explore various great places to eat, shop, check stunning historic structures, and breathe the fresh, lush green gardens.

Battle of the Nations Monument, which was built in 1913, is a prominent place in the city to get to know about Germ any’s historic culture and also the Old City hall is one of the most amazing places to visit in Germany, here you can explore the historic culture and area of Leipzig.

From the beauty of Berlin to explore the beautiful libraries in Leipzig, Germany never disappoints its travelers. The above mentioned are 10 Best Places To Visit In Germany. Following places are a must-visit to explore the beauty and learn about the historical past of the various cities.


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