What To Do In Cornwall, UK? Here Are 15 Best Places To Visit In Cornwall

places to visit in cornwall
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Do you intend to travel to Cornwall for a lovely vacation? Do you want to appreciate Cornwall’s coastal walks but are unsure of the finest locations to go to? Then, check out these 15 best and most amazing places to visit in Cornwall.

Imagine waking up to a stunning dawn over a fantastic coastal beach town. Cornwall is renowned for its stunning coastline and beaches. If you’ve never taken a coastal vacation in Cornwall, you’re in for a stunning and delectable treat.

Thus, let’s investigate the popular tourist destinations in Cornwall.

1. Port Isaac

Port Isaac is a little fishing community nestled on the Atlantic Coast in Cornwall, and let me be truly serious that this place is one of the most stunning regions.

Don’t forget to stop at the ancient harbor in Port Isaac when you’re there to watch the neighborhood fishermen bring in the day’s catch. Wadebridge and Camelford, which are both ten miles apart from Port Isaac, are the closest towns.

15 best places to visit in Cornwall
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Additionally, go around the little streets of Cornwall and enjoy the coastline paths that link with the picturesque settlement.

The village has been used as the setting for the ITV television program Doc Martin since 2004. Fisherman’s Friends, a Sea-shanty singing ensemble, is also based in this hamlet.

Thus, remember to stop by this fascinating location when discovering the greatest locations to visit in Cornwall.

2. St Michael’s Mount

How can St. Michael’s Mount in West Cornwall not come to mind while considering places to visit in Cornwall? The magnificent Mount’s Bay in Cornwall, UK, where St. Michael’s Mount is located, is practically a tidal island.

Similar in some ways to Mount Saint Michel in Normandy, France, St. Michael’s Mount includes a brief period of ancient Cornish history. Don’t go into the cave since some historians claim that giants known as Cormoran once lived on the island.

A granite causeway connects the municipal parish of St Michael’s Mount to Marazion town, and the St Aubyn family has called the castle home since 1650.

places to visit in cornwall
By Andrew Bone/Flickr.Copyright 2022

One of the 43 unbridged tidal islands that can be reached on foot from mainland Britain, UK, is St Michael’s Mount. In 1995, the geology of St. Michael’s Mount island led to a portion of it being named a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

3. Surf at Watergate Bay

Are you looking out for surfing places to visit in Cornwall? Then this is the best spot in Cornwall to go surfing. Watergate Bay is one of the most popular beach breaks in the country.

Cornwall’s North Coast is a surfing paradise with breathtaking scenery and world-class beaches. A terrific place to unwind with loved ones and friends, practice your surfing, and experience some quaint Cornish luxury is Watergate Bay.

On the North Cornwall coast, the distance between Newquay and Watergate Bay Beach is around three miles.

At low tide, this two-mile stretch of golden sand beach extends towards Newquay and out to massive sea waves that surge in from the Atlantic Ocean, making for an amazing spectacle and a well-liked surfing spot. There is also kitesurfing there.

Family holidays and surfers enjoy the vast, open harbor that frequently waves up from the Atlantic Ocean.

You may walk for 45 minutes to get to Watergate Bay from Newquay, or you can take a 15-minute drive there. Unfortunately, there are numerous hills and valleys on this difficult walk.

4. St. Ives

15 best places to visit in cornwall
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At the lovely town of St. Ives, which is a little bigger than some of the other attractions in Cornwall, you can relax on the sand beach, build up an appetite in the surf, and chow down on some of the best pastries in all of England.

St. Ives, a port and coastal community in Cornwall, England, is undoubtedly stunning. On the Celtic Sea coast, this lovely town is situated between Penzance and Camborne to the north and west, respectively. The economy of this region used to be reliant on fishing, and it featured beautiful beaches and scenery.

The town’s commercial focus, however, changed as a result of the downturn in fishing, and today it is predominantly a well-known beach resort.

The British Tourism Awards honored this location in 2010 and 2011 as the Best UK Seaside Town. Hence, if you want to relish your fishing adventures, you should go to this popular tourist destination.

In the year 1639, St. Ives was officially incorporated by Royal Charter. The abundance of artists in St. Ives is well known. In addition to this, The Guardian newspaper rated it the finest seaside town of 2007.

Saint Ives to Seal Island may be reached by boat, and the ride offers fantastic vistas of the town.

5. Land’s End

The iconic Land’s End sign in Cornwall is your destination while considering the top sites to visit there. The most westerly point of England is Land’s End, which is located on the Penwith Peninsula about 8 miles from the mainland. The English Channel and the Celtic Sea are to the east and west, respectively, of Land’s End.

15 best places to visit in cornwall
By Rob Oo/ Flickr Copyright 2022

Let me inform you that the farthest westward point on the English mainland is at Land’s End. However, Corrachadh Mor in the Scottish Highlands lies farther west, making it the furthest western point of continental Great Britain.

Due to the unique kinds of flora that can be encountered in the region around Land’s End, Plantlife has identified it as a component of an Exceptional Plant Area. Rock climbers frequently visit Land’s End, making it the ideal destination for you if you’re one among them.

6. Cornish Jewellery in Truro

Here is the place to go if you enjoy wearing jewelry and want to purchase some pieces that represent Cornish culture while you are in Cornwall. The greatest location in Cornwall to purchase Cornish Cultural Jewelry is Truro.

places to visit in cornwall
Image source: Radmore’s of Truro Website

One of Cornwall’s port cities is Truro, where you really must go in order to purchase the jewelry of your choosing. Built around natural inlets, Truro is a charming destination where you can stroll along the shoreline, visit the magnificent cathedral, and eat at Sams in the City.

The most essential thing is to remember to stop by Canary Blue Jewelry. The finest Cornish jewelry is produced in town at this shop.

7. Hartland Heritage Coast

The 60-mile-long Hartland Heritage Coast is home to breathtaking, craggy cliffs that are battered by waves from the Atlantic Ocean, which is why this region is so well-liked by surfers.

Sand beaches slightly to the north of Bude mark the beginning of the Hartland Heritage coast. Several people are taking advantage of the weather by sunbathing in Bude.

Then, before you go to the Hartland Heritage Coast beach, try to make some time to visit the Heritage Coast Exhibition at the Visitor Center in Bude. Let me be your guide as you search for the best spots to visit in Cornwall.

You will enjoy surfing at the Sandymouth National Trust beach, which is also a popular spot but be warned that the tide can swiftly surge in and trap unprepared walkers.

8. Kynance Cove

The southernmost point of the nation lies at Kynance Cove, which is found in Cornwall on the eastern side of Mount’s Bay. About two miles north of Lizard Point, it is located on the Lizard Peninsula.

Early in the Victorian era, Alfred Tennyson and other notable visitors, especially Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, made the cove a popular destination.

15 best places to visit in cornwall
By Stewart Williams/ Flickr Copyright 2022

“One of the most beautiful possible stretches of coastline in the South West”, according to the BBC, is Kynance Cove. From Somerset to Dorset, the South West Coast Path travels along the southwest coast of England, passing by the cliffs that overlook the cove.

The National Trust is the owner and manager of Kynance Cove and the coastlines that surround it. It is situated in the Cornish Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a part of the West Lizard Site, which is a section of Special Scientific Interest.

This location is among the top places to visit in Cornwall if you want to have a good time on your trip. You can also go to the South Coast in addition to this.

So while exploring the best places to visit in Cornwall, do not forget to visit this exciting place.

9. Newquay

The majority of people instinctively associate Newquay with surfing. The UK’s premier surfing destination, Newquay, is endowed with six exceptional beaches for surfing waves.

15 best places to visit in Cornwall
By A Pillow of Winds/ Flickr Copyright 2022

But, Fistral beach in Newquay is famous for its beach break, which creates high, hollow waves that will challenge the skills of experienced surfers and provide the best introduction to the sport for beginners.

Although Newquay is primarily known for its surfing, there are many resorts that you may visit with your friends and family along the seven miles of golden coastline. It is located in the southwest of England on Cornwall’s north coast.

On Cornwall’s North Atlantic coast, 12 miles north of Truro and 20 miles west of Bodmin moor, is Newquay, a civil parish, a regional center for aerospace industries, and a fishing port.

The Porth Valley borders this town in Cornwall to the northeast, while the River Gannel and its related salt marsh border it to the south. At Fistral Bay, where the town’s western boundary and the Atlantic Ocean converge, you can take a boat ride.

10. St Austell

How can you overlook St Austell when considering the top attractions in Cornwall? Hilly, winding paths of St. Austell will tempt you to explore the place.

15 best places to visit in cornwall
By Tim Green/ Flickr Copyright 2022

Throughout the 1800s, China Clay was a major industry in this area. Today, the Eden Project, an incredible botanical initiative presented for the new century, is immersed in a former clay pit.

There are two extraordinary geodesic biomes in this area, one of which supports rainforest flora and the other a Mediterranean ecosystem. The Cornish saint known as St. Austell, a follower of St. Mewan, and a saint of the sixth century, is the inspiration for the name St. Austell. Austell indicates that the settlement and church were present during that time.

There is a list of Cornish parish saints from the 10th century that is recorded in a Vatican manuscript, and this list contains Austell. Thus, remember to stop by this fascinating location when discovering the greatest locations to visit in Cornwall.

11. Penzance

In the Penwith in Cornwall, the United Kingdom, Penzance is a town, a civil parish, and a port for fishing boats. The most westerly major town in Cornwall is Penzance, which is around 255 miles west-southwest of London and 64 miles west-southwest of Plymouth.

The town of Penzance, which looks southeast onto the English Channel and is sheltered by Mount’s Bay to the west and the civil parish of Madron to the north, is situated in this area.

15 best places to visit in cornwall
By Tim Green/ Flickr Copyright 2022

The civil parish is made up of the cities of Newlyn, Mousehole, Paul, Gulval, and Heamoor. Chapel Street, Penzance’s old main thoroughfare, offers a lot of intriguing elements that you will undoubtedly love.

The mother and aunt of the well-known Bronte sisters formerly resided in Branwell House, the Egyptian House, The Admiral Benbow Public House, The Union Hotel, and other such buildings.

In several areas of this renowned town, terraces and homes from the Regency and Georgian eras are prevalent. There is a sizable selection of plants and shrubs in the subtropical Morrab Gardens. However, several of these trees’ unique qualities prevent them from being cultivated outside in other parts of the UK.

12. Tintagel Castle

The North Cornwall village of Tintagel is next to the ancient fort known as Tintagel Castle, which is situated on the peninsula of Tintagel Island.

A variety of artifacts dating from this era have been discovered on the peninsula, suggesting that this historical location may have been inhabited throughout the Romano-British era. Yet, no edifice from the Roman era has ever been demonstrated to have existed there.

Since the ruins of Richard’s castle were a popular tourist destination in the 19th century, the area had its first archaeological investigation. Significant remnants of a far earlier high-status community with trade connections to the Mediterranean region were discovered during 1930s excavations.

15 best places to visit in cornwall
By Reading Tom/ Flickr Copyright 2022

This site is the focus of a five-year project by the Cornwall Archaeological Unit, whose final report is anticipated in 2021. King Arthur-related tales have a long history of affiliation with Tintagel Castle.

This Castle was originally mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s mythical history of Britain, Historia Regum Britanniae, written in the 12th century, where he identified it as the location of Arthur’s conception.

According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Merlin’s magic caused King Uther Pendragon, the father of Arthur, to assume the appearance of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, the spouse of Igraine, the mother of Arthur.

The Tintagel Castle Bridge presently connects the two portions of the castle, which were split into two and built on distinct cliffs. Take an impressive stroll across this spectacular bridge to explore the area as it was during the Middle Ages.

15 best places to visit in cornwall
By webheathcloseup/ Flickr Copyright 2022

So while exploring the best places to visit in Cornwall, do not forget to visit this exciting place.

13. Lost Gardens of Heligan

Cornwall’s Lost Gardens of Heligan are close to Mevagissey. These are regarded as some of the most well-liked in the UK. The gardens are in the Gardensque style of the 19th century, with several regions having various characteristics and design aesthetics.

From the middle of the 18th century to the start of the 20th century, the Cornish Tremayne family developed these gardens.

Yet after the First World War, these gardens fell into disrepair and weren’t revived until the 1990s, when they were the focus of a number of well-liked television shows and novels.

14. Minack Theatre

While considering the top attractions in Cornwall, have this venue on your list. The open-air Minack Theatre was built over a valley with a rough granite outcrop protruding into the ocean.

15 Best places to visit in Cornwall
By Fimb/ Flickr Copyright 2022

The theatre is located in Porthcurno, 4 miles from Land’s End. The theatre, which was Rowena Cade’s idea, is included in the list of the most impressive theatres in the world. Thus, remember to include this amazing theatre in your list of the top sites to visit in Cornwall.

15. Royal Cornwall Museum

Explore this Royal museum if you want to learn more about the top attractions in Cornwall. A material of high collection with roots in Cornwall’s engineering history is kept in Truro’s Royal Cornwall Museum.

The museum showcases the finest artistic legacy of the county. The museum offers a selection of rare books and manuscripts through the Courtney Library to support learning, research, and understanding of Cornish life and culture.

The Royal Cornwall Museum emphasizes Cornwall’s ties to the outside world as well. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts from the British Museum are on display permanently in this museum. Thus, remember to stop by this fascinating location when discovering the greatest locations to visit in Cornwall.

With this knowledge of the castles and famous ports of Cornwall, I would like to suggest you explore the beautiful Cornwall attractions and explore the best places to visit in Cornwall.

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