10 Best Places For Afternoon Tea In London

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Over 150 years after the seventh Bedford Duchess started serving a feast among lunch and supper, the best afternoon tea in London is as yet challenging to limit.

Whether one is looking for after an idiosyncratic afternoon tea, a relaxed issue, or an ostentatiously extravagant outing, there’s a here thing for everybody.  The Best Places For Afternoon Tea In London proposals.

The Starting Points Of Afternoon Teas

Afternoon tea was acquainted with Britain during the 1840s  the seventh  Bedford Duchess, named Anna, whined of craving late evening one can connect!

The Contrast Of Afternoon Tea and High Tea In London

  Afternoon tea and ‘high tea’ are different, the previous is enjoyed during the time between lunch and supper in the evening, and snacks one enjoys with afternoon tea include cream, cakes, scones, and sandwiches; while high tea is a significant night dinner, normally totally flavorful.

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Conventional afternoon tea is much of the time called ‘high tea’ in many regions of the planet, however, which likely makes sense for the disarray. To know the difference do visit the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Best Places For Afternoon Tea In London

There are so many best places for afternoon tea in London with an extensive menu of traditional afternoon teas.

Claridge’s, London W1

best places for afternoon tea in London
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For 150 years afternoon tea has been a custom here with rich illustrious which transformed it into fine art.

In the staggering workmanship deco entryway, visitors are blessed to receive a motorcade of completely rectilinear finger sandwiches, with warm scones, and delightful, tweezer-exact cakes, conveyed to material clad material and clad tables with a staff who work flawlessly.

Rare Tea Company master Henrietta Lovell organizes Claridge’s menu of loose leaf teas. Claridges, London W1 is among the best places for afternoon tea in London which serve Traditional afternoon tea,  afternoon tea champagne, and children’s afternoon teas in London.

When: Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Address: DUO London, 22 Inverness Street, Camden.

Price: £45 per person.

Mirror Room, Rosewood London Afternoon Teas

The Salvador Dali-enlivened Art tea in hotel Rosewood had components, not at all like some other tea one had previously. The exemplary fundamentals are still there which make Dali among the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Sandwiches with chicken and cucumber cream cheese were works of art, and asparagus on the truffle egg brioche bun is a sign of approval for irregularity.

The gleaming slick of plain and raisin warm scones is suitable for a tea propelled by Dali, complete with a small patisserie. While not completely persuaded by the completed flavors, the show is all impeccable.’NFTea experience’.

There is a scope of beverage choices to go with the tea, from mixed drinks of fruity calvados to afternoon tea champagne. The administration is rapid and agreeable and talks through every component with certainty which bring it to the rundown of the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Value: Art afternoon tea will cost £72 per person

Located: 252 High Holborn

The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon Afternoon Tea

best places for afbest places for afternoon tea in Londonternoon tea in London
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In the rundown of the best places for afternoon tea in London a beeline for Fortnum Mason a conventional London afternoon tea spot. HM, The Queen to stamp Diamond Jubilee owes this an exquisite salon.

Fortnum Mason on-point finger sandwiches – focusing on not a twisting corner – are loaded up with the standard suspects. Fortnum’s food corridor on the ground floor is packed with thick cuts of delicate smoked salmon and many phenomenal food delicacies.

Plain and organic product scones come warm, and feathery, presented with the best smooth lemon curd. With an extensive menu, Fortnum become one of the best places for afternoon tea in London.

The cake carriage with sweet treats with Fraiche tea assortments incorporating the renowned smoky Earl Gray with a botanical New Zealand oolong.

Accompanied by light Brut rosé, and champagne. Sparkling Fortnum’s Brut with Blanc de Blancs through Cornwall. 

Cost £62.50 has to be paid to enjoy afternoon tea ;

for veggie lovers afternoon  teapot of Fortnum’s Tea will cost £62.50 ;

£65 for flavorful afternoon Fortnum’s tea;

£68 is to be paid for a high teapot of Fortnum’s tea.

Location: Fortnum Mason, 181 Piccadilly

Bohemian Afternoon Tea

best places for afternoon tea in London
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The best afternoon tea for bohemian glamour – is a diverse blend of figures, rare furnishings, and cunningly beautified nurseries, with lovely plants showcases.

Get perfectly introduced evening tea with innovative bohemian fabulousness, served through a handblown cake stand embellished with a lot of occasional blossoms.

Best places for afternoon tea in London with the occasionally changing menu takes advantage of privately obtained fixings, one can track down simmered red pepper and almond tarts or burrata with focaccia and nasturtiums, or delicious crème Fraiche and polenta cake in orange favor.

Fraiche – each nibble is new and remarkable presented with a glass of flower petals for definitive treatment. Shops are available for knickknacks, glasses, and stylish cultivating wear. With such innovation and uniqueness, Bohemian Afternoon Tea is a must to visit among the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Cost: Garden afternoon tea charges £45per person, with prosecco £55per person.

Located: Church Lane, Richmond

Royal Lancaster

best places for afternoon tea in London
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For a traditional afternoon tea in luxury environmental factors with surprising handcrafted treats tossed in, the Royal Lancaster London is among the best places for afternoon tea in London.

The choice of traditional sandwiches checked every one of the exemplary boxes and was given a different plate of sandwiches for vegan visitors, including bold options, for example, piquillo red pepper and hummus to go with the customary cucumber and cream cheese.

Going with the sandwiches were flavorful warm tarts with caramelized red onion and goat cheddar. Almond, plain, and hot fruit scones from the kitchen were the feature and accompanied by homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream.

The menu changes occasionally – among the best places for afternoon tea in London Royal Lancaster is a perfect couple’s day out.

Price: From £35 per person / £45 with a glass of Moët & Chandon brut champagne

Address: Lancaster Terrace, London 

High Palms High Tea

best places for afternoon tea in London
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 British classic finger sandwiches and classic afternoon tea is offered by Landmark London. With eight-story glass, the chamber is surrounded by palm trees enhanced with verdant breezy daylight.

The administration is well-disposed and mindful, with a piano player live performance. With added feel High Palms tea, it is counted among the best places for afternoon tea in London. The menu starts with a glass full of Champagne to a traditional afternoon tea.

The finger sandwiches are customary and moreish, with delicious smoked salmon lapsang souchong, natural egg mayonnaise, mustard cress, and coronation chicken on pecan bread with exemplary cucumber.

One can incorporate fragile macarons, with rich chocolate mousse, and yummy fruity tartlets for an exemplary afternoon tea served with excellent administration bringing High Palms among the rundown of the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Price: £59 per person/£69 is to be paid by each person and with champagne(glass)

Address: 222 Marylebone Rd, London

Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea

For the chocolate lover, this is one of the best places for afternoon tea in London. Standing tall behind the rich-style stores in South Kensington is the Park Tower Hotel.

Right ahead is the hall – the old assembly hall – where one can enjoy afternoon tea in the best places for afternoon tea in London. Delicate couches dab around the vaporous space to make a feeling of comfort that balances the great flight of stairs and, surprisingly, a more excellent ceiling fixture that focuses the room.

The afternoon tea menu is completely chocolate themed. Conflicting with the typical norm of eating flavorful to sweet, one can heed the guidance of the menu and begin with the cakes.

best places for afternoon tea in London
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One can fall in love with pistachio opera cake or dark chocolate ganache with a satisfyingly crunchy shortbread base. With regards to the subject are chocolate scones, which are certainly a move up to one norm, yet conservatives can arrange plain freshly baked scones all things considered.

The exquisite course is an uncommon – however heavenly – kipper and dull chocolate quiche, with a pungent umami flavour. Features on the sandwich contributions incorporate the jammy Burford Brown egg and cress croissant, and the flavor-bomb hickory-smoked chicken, piquillo pepper mayonnaise, and rocket white bread sandwich.

It’s a genuine chocolate banquet and an enchanting encounter that is not to be missed during the visit to the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Price: £39 per person / £49 is to be paid and with champagne(glass)

Address: 101 Knightsbridge, London

Parisian Afternoon Tea

best places for afternoon tea in London
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 The rundown of the best places for afternoon tea in London. Mariage Frères is France’s oldest tea house and the world’s most selective purveyor of fine teas. 

Parisian afternoon tea above the ground floor bistro with exhibition sitting. The decision of specialty teas is faltering, spreading over a scope of homegrown, organic products, one-of-a-kind, and intriguing mixes around the planet.

Fortunately, a knowledgeable group of staff is close by to offer an abundance of information, permitting one to order from a wide range of extensive tea menus for the best afternoon teas. Parisian is among the best places for afternoon tea in London.

A mixture of tea jelly is served on this broad tea menu. Start with a series of warm scones, a tea-imbued bun, each loaded up with a tempting blend of fixings, of smoked salmon with matcha green tea yogurt and green apple with singed soy meat tataki, carrots tahini, and seeds.

The threesome of lovely tea-imbued patisserie: the strawberry cheesecake molded to seem to be an energetic red frosted mushroom, which is finely layered with matcha and chocolate cake.

The extensive tea retail outlet at the bottom is called the Comptoir de Thé. 1000 assortments of uncommon teas are shown in old-fashioned wooden racks close by a scope of bundled items, for example, tea-themed gift boxes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

One can take away, a combination of new sweet scones and appetizing tea-implanted cakes. With an extensive tea menu of specialty teas and tea-jelly Parisian afternoon tea is among the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Price: £35 is charged per person, + £49 extra with champagne

Address: 38 King Street, London

Best Afternoon Teas With A View

 The county Hall Afternoon Tea In London

The Library at County Hall is one of the best places for afternoon tea in London. It completely takes advantage of its area.

From tables disregarding the stream with the Big Ben-themed menu, ideally suited for first-time visitors or on the other hand assuming one is facilitating companions or family.

Arranged near Westminster Bridge, sack a table at the window can enjoy the view of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and the boats travel on the river every which way while enjoying the best afternoon teas.

The experience begins with a decision of ordering tea- the Library has its particular mix – and is destined to be accessible to purchase and take away, as well.

Sandwiches are works of art, with delicately flavored royal celebration chicken and egg mayo. A brioche bun with crawfish mixed drink was a charming turn on a customary prawn mixed drink.

New basil scones matched with lemon curd and thick clotted cream were an unexpected hit, a triumphant blend that tasted even. For the scone course, one can also have sultana scones with strawberry jam, for sweet treats.

To enjoy some newness one can try any or all three the chocolate mousse pinnacle to the lemon or raspberry chime. One who wants to enjoy riverside views with a cup of hot tea visit this tea house which is among the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Price: from £65 per person/£71 per person, free-flowing English sparkling wine

Address: Westminster Bridge Rd, London 

Peter Pan Afternoon Teas In London

Best places for afternoon tea in London with whimsical bites and literary luxury. Get shipped to Neverland with otherworldly perspectives, as though Peter Pan afternoon tea flying over the roofs of London.

Youngsters and grown-ups the same will adore the nostalgic treats and imaginative contacts remembered for this afternoon tea.

From the specially created transport that holds the food tea to the story behind every part (the cod brandade looking like a snare, as Peter Pan afternoon tea calls him a ‘codfish’, for instance), everything is carefully planned and unadulterated wizardry.

One can choose from the afternoon tea menu ‘dear tea’, which has flavorful flower notes, or ‘experience tea’, produced using dark tea with citrus, mango, and ginger.

The impeccably cut sandwiches are light, delicate, and cushioned, with flavour some fillings of chicken, bacon, and mustard, alongside the champion truffle egg mayo (more veggie lover choices are accessible).

Address: The Shard, 31 St Thomas St, London.

Themed Afternoon Teas In London

Science Afternoon Tea

best places for afternoon tea in London
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The Ampersand Hotel is famous for serving afternoon tea to kids. Simply a short distance from the Science and Natural History historical centers in South Kensington, it’s not difficult to see where Science Afternoon Tea got its motivation for this whacky afternoon tea – the ideal treat for maturing researchers.

One can enjoy the tea room with the part English drawing room, and part French tea salon, and comes enhanced with agreeable couches. Concerning the food, everything is made in-house – there’s a carefully enriched raspberry cake planet with a white chocolate planetary ring, and moreish hazelnut and chocolate cake with a sharp mango mousse fountain of liquid magma.

There are likewise chocolate dinosaurs and a citrus mixed drink served in a lab measuring glass, to add to the Dr. Jekyll experience. Segments are liberal as well, exceptionally welcome after a morning spent historical center jumping.

The Ampersand Hotel is among the best places for afternoon tea in London to visit with kids to explore more.

Price: £39.50per person with champagne from £49.50 per person, (vegetarian options available).

Address: 10 Harrington Road, London.

 Chocolate Factory Afternoon Teas In London

best places for afternoon tea in London
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The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed afternoon tea at One Aldwych are among the best places for afternoon tea in London. One can experience the magical taste of various kinds of chocolate, whisky, and cherry cocktails complete with dry ice smoke.

Non-alcoholic people can also enjoy the version with non-alcoholic options. From chocolate and caramel tea (one can choose according to their taste buds) with delicious cocoa aroma.

Get served three finger sandwiches, a savory scone with bacon jam, and a warm quiche alongside the drinks. The staff is always ready to refill the savory plate.

Picture perfect of the sweets to snap for memories with Baskets of warm scones; with lemon curd, blackberry jam, clotted cream, and many more. 

This place is a dream of every sweet tooth: rainbow layers of bubblegum-flavored panna cotta, candy floss with mysteriously flavored, and honeycomb cake are the focus of attraction. One can also enjoy a chocolate egg stuffed with vanilla cheesecake and fruit purée.

Chocolate milk for kids makes it a special afternoon for them which they will remember forever. Don’t miss visiting these sweet treats spot the best place for afternoon tea in London

Price: £52 per person / £63 per person has to be paid per glass to enjoy Lallier Grande Réserve Champagne or a cocktail/ £42 is to be paid for children below 12 years.

Address: 1 Aldwych

Final Words

best places for afternoon tea in London
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The best places for afternoon tea in London have the best afternoon teas in London. From quirky afternoon tea to traditional afternoon tea, the best afternoon teas in London, with extensive afternoon tea menus which include a vast range of rare tea company teas to traditional afternoon tea.

Best Afternoon tea consists of afternoon tea champagne, loose-leaf tea to jing teas, and many more in the best places for afternoon tea in London.

Serving afternoon tea accompanied by salted caramel to warm fruit scones with smoked salmon sandwiches to open and closed sandwiches, sweet treats with nation’s favorite biscuits, garnished clotted cream to malted cocoa bread, and gluten-free, saffron custard tart.

For satisfying taste buds and experiencing a variety of tea one must visit these best places for afternoon tea in London.


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