Best Christmas Markets In Germany: Top 20 Places Must Visit

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
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December 25th is a national holiday. Germany is a western European country famous for; celebrating Christmas; in the world. You will find the world’s best Christmas markets in Germany.

On 24th December [Christmas Eve], Heilig Abend (a holy evening) is celebrated vastly. People go to the Church service, decorate the Christmas trees, eat traditional dishes and give their family and friends gifts.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany

Germany is famous for the world’s best and most traditional Christmas markets. A unique Christmas market serves traditional foods, and the Christmas spirit here is great. German Christmas markets are unique in decoration, most markets; are free, but some take charge.

Look at some of the world’s best and most well-known Christmas markets.

1. Leipzig Christmas Market

Leipzig is one of Germany’s most; fascinating and popular Christmas markets. There are 6 areas positioned in chime with the enthralling authentic surroundings, with more than 250 twinkling stalls set elegantly in the city centre.

Tourists can goggle at the Saxon spruce Christmas tree, which is high as 20 meters, and 38 meters high ferries wheel on Augustusplatz square.

The visitors lose themselves in the several culinary delights and enjoy the variety of Christmas concerts on the stage. It has around 300 stalls; and a bulk of old town hall markets. Visitors can tour the city’s long-established traditional markets of the middle age.

The famous St. Thomas boys’ choir is the oldest cultural institution in Leipzig. The choir was established:  in 1212. The choir is made up of about 90 boys who are from the age of 9 to 18. The member of this choir is called Thomaner.

Modest and sacred music is the heart of the choir’s musical work in the services at the St. Thomas Church. From the renaissance till the present day, they performed madrigals, sacred music, and Cappella works.

2. Dresden Christmas Market

Tourists mostly visit the Dresden Christmas Market to see the tallest Christmas pyramid in the world, which has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Since 2012 this market is; known as the “Winterlights” of Dresden.

The Striezelmarket is considered one of the most beautiful, largest, and oldest markets square. Years back, in 1434, one of the documents was founded on the existence of this market.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
Image by: Denis Jung/ Unsplash

The market is located in the Altenmarkt, a medieval-themed market that offers local products and has 240 stands that attract about 3 million tourists worldwide.

Also, the Nearby Frauenkirche enchants visitors to the “Advent at the Neumarkt”. They are passionate about crafts: document painters, bell founders, and handmade toys. The giant Advent calendar is also very famous here.

3. Frankfurt Christmas Market

The Christmas city Frankfurt was established in 1393; this Christmas market is one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Germany.

The traditional winter Christmas market has Church bells, carols, and a huge Christmas tree with thousands of bells, ribbons, and colourful twinkling lights. There are more than 200 stalls that sell rocking horses, classic wooden toys, and many other beautiful items.

The mulled wine, grilled sausages, hot apple wine, roasted chestnuts, and gingerbread fill the aroma in the air. Also, you can have a ride on the historic merry-go-round decorated with beautiful lights.

4. Aachen Christmas Market

In recent years Aachan Christmas market has continuously made the top 10 best Christmas markets in Europe. About one month before Christmas, the lane and squares around the town hall and Aachan Cathedral are converted into a Christmas village.

Here you feel the unique fondness of the Christmas market season. The mesmerizing smell of the mulled wine, an Aachener Printen (a kind of gingerbread), and the beautiful surrounding full of twinkling lights are worth watching.

5. Berlin Christmas Market

Germany has been blessed with some special Christmas markets in Berlin, and the Gendarme market is the most popular Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. Every year about 800,000 visitors visit this most attractive Christmas market.

The decoration is so impressive, along with the captivating stalls. The unique design and the stars at the top of the market stalls with the huge; Christmas tree in the middle of the square add more beauty to this market.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
Image by: Tanja Cotoaga/ Unsplash

Berlin offers visitors a wide variety of ambience services for shopping. Berliner Weihnachtszeit, Tierpark, and Kranoldplatz are also some best of Berlin’s Christmas markets.

6. Cochem

Cochem is one of the most picturesque towns in Germany. This place lies in the alluring Mosel river valley between the Hundsruck and Eifel. The visitors participate in Advent magic on the middle age market square.

The most highlighted part of the Christmas season is ” Christmas at the castle”. In this play, the story of Christmas is reenacted; at Reichsbury castle, where the live farm animals are also included.

7. Lucia Christmas Market

Since the 19th century, this Christmas market has welcomed visitors with different varieties; of foods and drinks. You can enjoy all kinds of Christmas sweets and drinks along with Scandinavia music which melds in the air. You can also find Scandinavian handicrafts along with entertainment programs.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
Image by: Elina Fairytale/ Pexels

The Lucia Christmas market is really-fun for the little ones. Kids can explore in a small knight castle, bounce on the bungee trampoline and enjoy a ride on the swing carousel.

8. Munich Christmas Market

The old tradition, and mid-ages, that everyone wants to experience once in their lifetime, this iconic and oldest Christmas market is one of the best.

The market is full of excitement and joy. This market is well known and comes among the best Christmas markets in Germany. People come here in a joyful mood and celebrate the festive season enormously.

The twinkling fairy lights, the old spices, and gluhwein make this marketplace more energetic. In Munich, this market is considered the most authentic and original.

9. Düsseldorf Christmas Markets

Düsseldorf market is located in the North Rhine Westphalia. It is known as the best-themed market in Germany.

The colourful twinkling lights, a huge ferry wheels overlooking the rhine and ice rink, and also; the Lindt chocolate store. You will enjoy the festive atmosphere here.

10. Hamburg

Hamburg is the main; Christmas market in Germany. The most appreciated place to celebrate Christmas is the Hamburg town hall Christmas market, where you will get all hand-crafted decor that belongs: to the Erzgeburg region and also; the pottery created by the artists from the Lausitz region.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
Photo by: Niklas Jeromin/ Pexels

The bakers are from Aachen, and the wooden caves are from Tyco. The other artisan, artisans, and silversmiths from all across Germany. The visit will be complete when you meet Santa Claus and his reindeer.

11. Freiburg

A small town with beautiful surroundings, Freiburg; is located on the border of the wooden slopes of the black forest, which is in the city centre. This place is exceptional around the festive season of Christmas.

Enjoy a vast range of traditional crafts, including wooden toys and glass blowing. You can also try grilled sausages, roasted chestnuts, and gingerbread, and shop for beautiful jewellery, puppets, ceramics, and Christmas decor.

12. Nuremberg Christmas Market

The roots of this market go back to Luther’s time when the tradition of giving Christmas gifts to the children was growing.

While wandering in the market, you will be surrounded; by the aroma of grilled sausages, gingerbread, and mulled wine, along with the 180 stalls offering culinary treats and handmade decorations.

13. Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market

Ravenna Gorge is situated in the narrow valley of the Hollental in the black forest of south German. Submerge in the lights and be surrounded by Christmas decorations and wooden huts.

The smell of cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and mulled wine is mouth-watering. You will find handmade wooden carved crafts, sculptures, and glass-blown decoration pieces in the shops.

After strolling through the market, warm up yourself; by the fires and listen to the soothing Christmas tunes played on the alp horn.

14. Stuttgart Christmas Market

The city throws lights on the old town castle, the baroque grounds, and the towers of the Scholastic Church. The smell of vanilla, cinnamon, and gluhwein give a fantastic feeling in the Stuttgart Christmas markets.

Among the largest Christmas markets, this market is also counted as one of the best  Christmas markets in Germany. The angels, Santa, winter wonderland, and especially the fabulous 300 booths with beautifully decorated roofs are admired; by the visitors.

15. Cologne Christmas Market

This Cathedral Christmas market is famous for its Christmas lights, beautifully decorated stalls, and outdoor disco. This large market split the various themes of the Heumarket and Alte markets in Cologne’s old town.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
Image by: Ertabbt/ Pexels

Cologne Christmas markets show the clusters of stars hanging above the trees, and the enhanced performance by the artist in an angelic dress is worth watching.

16. Heidelberg Christmas market

This is one of the most amazing; German Christmas markets, which has maintained its beauty to attract visitors.

A romantic castle that; overlooks the city, attractive shops, and Altstadt is impressive. Heidelberg is a charming and lively place to visit in the Christmas season.

17. Dortmund Christmas Market

The unique and the largest giant Christmas tree in the world, at the height of 45 meters with 48,000 lights in the Christmas season, is marvellous to see at Dortmund Weihnachtsmarket.

A beautiful collection of towers over 300 traditional wood stands, decoration pieces, toys, and delicious food. Every year, the market features a new design of the gluhwein cup.

18. Trier Christmas Market

The speciality of this market is handmade Christmas decoration pieces. The concept of the decoration is singular for the sales booths. The regional thing invites tourists to wander around the Tier’s old city.

Best Christmas Markets In Germany
Image by: Diogo Palhais / Unsplash

Especially the visitors from France and Belgium enjoy the flavoursome hot mulled Veiz (apple wine) and vinter (hot mulled wine.)

19. Charlottenburg Christmas Market

Charlottenburg market is mainly known for couples. This is the best romantic Christmas market in Germany.

This is a naturally charming market with several stalls, fancy decorations, beautiful crafts, delicate twinkling lights, and a castle background that gives a cosy atmosphere.

20. Erfurt christmas Market

This market presents a large arrangement of stalls that sells traditional hand-created items and some mouthwatering treats and drinks. When snow covers the cathedral, the market holds a new charm.


Christmas in Germany is full of enjoyment and fun. Handmade Christmas decorations, Christmas concerts-themed markets, and Christmas sweets are so impressive in these beautiful Christmas markets. You can do the best Christmas shopping here. Visiting Germany during the Christmas season will give you a spellbinding lifetime experience. Plan your vacation and have the traditional Christmas market experience.


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