10 Most Beautiful Cities In Switzerland: Must Visit Places

cities in switzerland
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Switzerland is a famous country in southern Europe with extremely wonderful locations that are enough to attract tourists. There are several beautiful cities in Switzerland that you should plan to visit to make your holidays more joyful.

The cities in Switzerland have all hiking trails, medieval buildings, world-class museums, small villages, new towns, vast grasslands, snowy peaks, stunning architecture, surrounding mountains, and breathtaking views that attract tourists and nature lovers from all over the world.

Most Famous Cities In Switzerland

The most famous and the loveliest cities in Switzerland are highlighted in this article. Just go through the list of these best cities in Switzerland and plan your trip accordingly.

1. Bern

cities in Switzerland
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It is the capital city of Switzerland, also known as the federal city. It is well known for its tourist attractions, high-quality life, and cultural offerings.

Popular Attractions

One of the most popular attractions in Bern is the Bear Pit, where you can spot a variety of bears from all over the world.

The city has a UNESCO World-Heritage-listed city centre. It is also known as the home to the Swiss parliament.

Stroll around the famous river Aare, and the cobblestones paved city streets with many ancient buildings.

Visit the Einstein Museum, which is inside the Historical Museum and the Gothic Cathedral, to experience the amazing views of the city from it.

Bern also attracts hikers a lot as there are many hiking trails along the hills of Gantrisch mountain, riversides, and valleys.

The city is known for its amazing shopping centres, local markets, and festival markets.

2. Zurich

cities in Switzerland
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Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, located at the northwestern tip of Lake Zurich in north-central Switzerland.

Popular Attractions

Zurich is home to the famous Swiss National Museum, which showcases prehistoric art collections. Apart from that, Zurich has around 50 museums and more than 100 art galleries.

Visit lake Zurich and enjoy a memorable boat trip exploring the city or enjoy the cable car and ferry ride across the stunning views of this old town.

It is one of the best cities in Switzerland from where you can buy designer brand items. The city is also known for its cuisine and nightlife.

3. Geneva

cities in Switzerland
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Geneva is the second largest and second most populous city in Switzerland. It is an international city with over 40 per cent of the population outside of Switzerland.

Popular Attractions

The city is home to some of the most wonderful attractions in Switzerland. One of the world-famous attractions is Lake Geneva, one of the largest lakes in Switzerland and Europe.

The Jet d’Eau fountain from the 19th century also attracts tourists from all over the world.

Some of the world’s highest profile organizations, including the United Nations (UN), Red Cross, and World Health Organization(WHO), are set up in Geneva.

The Prangins Castle, La Tournette, Lake Annecy, and Musee Ariana are some of the popular attractions in Geneva that you must visit.

The world-class watchmakers, shopping hubs, snow-capped mountains, museums, restaurants, and cafes make it a perfect tourist destination and one of the most popular cities in Switzerland.

4. Basel

cities in Switzerland
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Basel city in Switzerland is nestled on the Rhine River and is well-known for its fine art museums and theatres.

Popular Attractions

One of the most famous museums in this city is the Museum of Fine Arts which showcases the oldest artworks collection to visitors.

The second largest city in Switzerland, Basel is home to Munster Cathedral, which is made of red stones and has a multicoloured roof.

The city is also famous for its annual Fasnacht 3-day festival, where masked musicians parade on the streets with lots of fun and entertainment.

As we all know, Swiss chocolates are the most famous chocolates in the world. So make sure you visit some of the best chocolatiers in this city.

Additionally, visit the Basel zoo and toy museum, or join the autumn and Christmas fairs. Also, explore the city’s historical buildings merged with modern architecture.

5. Lucerne

cities in Switzerland
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Located along Lake Lucerne, it is one of the most beautiful cities present in the country.

Popular Attractions

Lake Lucerne, surrounded by mountain Alps, is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Apart from that, several spots attract tourists from all over the world.

The Chapel Bridge and Water tower are among the most popular attractions and a perfect spot for photography.

The Modern art museum, Bourbaki Panorama, Jesuit church, and Glacier garden are some of the famous spots in this city.

You can plan out some nature and wildlife tours to explore the natural wonders of this city. Not only that, this charming old town has many museums and large buildings

6. Lausanne

cities in Switzerland
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Lausanne lies on the northern shores of Lake Geneva in western Switzerland. This resort town has a mild microclimate and lots to offer its visitors.

Popular Attractions

Everything is unique to the famous jazz festival organized in summer, the city’s metro system, the beautiful alps mountains, or the outdoor festivals.

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne showcases a huge collection of sports materials from all over the world.

The Collection de I’Art Brut presents unique artworks created by patients, prisoners, and other atypical artists.

Visitors come here to enjoy picnics in the city gardens and relax in the peaceful beauty of lake Geneva.

7. Zermatt

cities in Switzerland
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Zermatt is a small town in Switzerland located at a height of 1600 meters, and it is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.

Popular Attractions

The city hikers from all around the world as it has around nine to ten highest mountains in Europe. It also has the longest winter season in the Alps mountain region.

Zermatt is also a perfect destination for skiing with snow-covered mountains in long winters. This small town serves as the most famous ski resort in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn Museum is a must-visit spot in Zermatt that is built on the theme of the mountain of Matterhorn.

The city’s beautiful landscapes, huge snow-covered mountains, stunning views, and perfect picturesque spots are enough to win everyone’s hearts.

8. Lugano

cities in Switzerland
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Lugano is a popular holiday destination and one of the best cities in Switzerland. It is also a major financial and business centre in Switzerland.

Popular Attractions

The city provides all the comforts and amenities of any world-class city. The city’s natural beauty can not be ignored with several parks and gardens; it also offers visitors some peaceful and relaxing spaces.

The city serves some amazing views and is situated on the northern side of Lake Lugano.

The combination of Swiss and Italian culture makes it a perfect place to visit. There are plenty of shopping centres, boutiques, and museums to visit. You must enjoy the boat ride across the villages and explore the beauty of this small town. Besides, enjoy hiking, swimming, and other watery sports in the summers

9. St. Moritz

cities in Switzerland
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St. Moritz is one of the oldest towns in Switzerland, famous for its natural surroundings and mineral springs.

Popular Attractions

It is located in the region of the Swiss alps and is known as the oldest ski station in the world.

St. Moritz is a famous holiday resort as it is the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism. It has also become the host of the Winter Olympics two times.

This little gem has attracted many locals and tourists alike. One of the famous attractions here is Badrutt’s palace, a 5-star hotel with elegant rooms, legendary services, and stunning views.

This unique city packed with luxurious facilities is loved by all A-class tourists.

It is also very popular among athletes, cyclists, and runners as an altitude training base in summer.

10. Arosa

cities in Switzerland
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Arosa is among the most famous cities in Switzerland in the Plessur region.

Popular Attractions

Arosa is an amazing place with natural beauty and freshness overloaded. It is easily accessible by Rhaetian railways from Chur or by car.

One of the famous resorts in Arosa is the Grisons holiday resort located at the end of the Schanfigg valley.

The city offers a great variety of snow sports activities. It is peculiar in both winters as well as summers.

Many beautiful trails offer lots of hiking options. Arosa’s barren land is also a perfect place to visit in Arosa.

Also, check out the famous Bergkirchili, a famous art council where concerts are organized during the summer.


We listed these 10 best cities in Switzerland in this article. The mesmerizing beauty and the breathtaking views of these lovely cities will make you fall in love with them. So, enjoy the beauty of these beautiful cities and make your trip to Switzerland mind-blowing and most memorable.


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