Beaches In Cornwall To Visit: 15 Best Beaches In Cornwall

best beaches in Cornwall
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Cornwall is a popular ceremonial county in the southwest of England. Since Cornwall has England’s longest coastline, it makes sense that it also has the nicest beaches in the nation. Cornwall has everything, from fantastic surfing beaches to family-friendly coves and dog-friendly beaches to undiscovered beaches with a sunset view.

Cornwall is home to approximately 400 beautiful beaches full of crystal clear waters and attractions to visitors, especially during the summer months.

Best Beaches In Cornwall

Whether it is south, north or west, Cornwall offers you different varieties of beaches. You shouldn’t miss Cornwall’s almost 250 kilometres of golden sand, craggy cliffs, and blue lakes. Find your favourite Cornwall beach!

West Cornwall

The beaches that are present in West Cornwall are mentioned below. 

1. Sennen Cove 

This Cornwall beach is the most westerly surfers hotspot, with surf schools. Sennen cove is nearby the Land’s end; it’s a long sandy beach with impressive Atlantic waves stretching over miles. Though isolated, it becomes the favourite picnic spot during the summer when there is low tide.

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Some of the facilities available at this beach are mentioned below. 

  • Dog-friendly 
  • Area for parking 

  • Presence of Lifeguard 

2. Gwithian Beach

Gwithian beach is a lovely beach near the St gives, usually less crowded than its neighbouring Cornwall beaches. One can hike to the end if one wants to take beautiful views of St Ives bay; there is also a café which is partly a surf school and partly a café.

Some of the facilities available at this beach are mentioned below. 

  • Dog-friendly 
  • Area for parking 

  • Presence of Lifeguard 

3. Praa Sands

Praa sands are finely golden, stretching over long miles, closely to Penzance. The waves here are relatively more powerful than on other Cornwall beaches. It further offers a magnificent view of Mount Bay and The Lizard Peninsula. It also serves Mediterranean-inspired cornish foods. Along with that, there is a sand bar.

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The facilities available are mentioned below. 

  • Dog-friendly 
  • Area of parking 
  • Presence of Lifeguard 

4. Cabris Bay Beach

A short walk from St Ives, Cabris bay beach is mesmerizing and a day attraction to visitors. It is a sandy beach and is famous for family vacation spots. With St Ives being close, there is no limit to drinks and food; hotels offer water sports, food and many beach shops.

The facilities provided by this beach are

  • It is dog-friendly but does not allow dogs from the 15th to the 30th of September. 
  • It has a car parking facility.
  • Lifeguard is available from 9th July. 

South Coast

The beaches on the South Coast of Cornwall are mentioned below. 

5. Kynance Cove

It is located on the west side of the Lizard peninsula in southern Cornwall. It is considered an amazing beach in Cornwall, with a national trust car park 10 minutes from the beach. It is a sandy beach and an ideal place for one to escape from reality.

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The facilities available at this beach are mentioned below. 

  • The beach is dog-friendly but does not allow dogs on the beach from 1st July to 31st August. 
  • It has car parking facilities. 

6. Lantic Bay

 Lantic Bay is sandwiched between the cliffs and is located on the south coast path of Cornwall. It is a gorgeous sandy beach but also a dangerous one. And while swimming, one should take into consideration that there can be ribs and there are no lifeguards.

The beach provides the following facilities. 

  • It is dog-friendly.
  • It has a car parking facility. 

7. Porthcurno Beach

What adds to the beauty of Porthcurno beach is its Caribbean blue waters and beautiful silky golden sand. It also provides shelter from the wind due to its high cliffs. Porthcurno beach gets crowded due to its proximity to Land’s end and the Minack theatre, an extraordinary open theatre, is close by.

Photo by Simon Godfrey on Unsplash

The beach provides the following facilities. 

  • It is dog-friendly except for Easter to October. 
  • It has car-parking facilities. 
  • It also has the facility of lifeguards. 

8. Readymoney Cove

It is a sandy beach, a short walk from the town centre of Fowey, situated in southeast Cornwall. It’s a fishing port, surrounded by quaint houses and a colourful café. It is one of the mesmerizing cornish beaches, which is usually not much packed as the other beaches.

  • The beach does not allow dogs from 1st July to 31st August. 
  • It has limited space for car parking. 
  • There is no lifeguard available at this beach. 

9. Gyllyngvase Beach

Gyllyngvase beach is a blue flag status beach located at Falmouth town centre and considered one of the beaches in Cornwall. Also, it is a great spot for a family vacation with all the facilities, whether it is public toilets or beachside showers.

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  • The beach does not allow dogs from 15th May to 30th September. 
  • A full-time lifeguard facility is available. 
  • It also has car-parking facilities. 

North Coast

The beaches found on the north coast of Cornwall are mentioned below. 

10. Holywell Bay

Holywell bay is situated about three miles from the west-southwest of Newquay; it is a gorgeous beach backed by dunes. It has its cave where people made pilgrimages to cure their ailments for centuries. It is easily accessible, with a car park and public toilets.

This beach also has all the other facilities mentioned above. 

11. Summerleaze Beach

Summerleaze beach is nearby Bude, and it’s the perfect spot for the sun soakers and the surfers. It is accessible to all age groups, surrounded by beach huts, and has a swimming pool that fills up when the high tide comes and retreats when the water level goes down.

  • It is a dog-friendly beach but has some restrictions. 
  • They have the facility of lifeguards and parking. 

12. Fistral Beach

Fistral beach is located close to Newquay, in north Cornwall, and it’s the biggest beach in Newquay. It has mostly consistent waves with lots of surf schools giving out surf lessons; if you want to be part of Europe’s largest surf and skating festivals, it’s the perfect spot.

  • The beach allows dogs throughout the year. 
  • They have limited parking slots. 
  • They also have the facilities of lifeguards. 

13. Watergate Bay

Watergate bay is a sandy beach between Newquay and Padstow in north Cornwall. It is an ideal place for all age groups during the summer months, with rock pools and swimming zones managed by the lifeguards.

Waves from the Atlantic ocean make it the perfect destination for surfers. You can find here various water sports such as kitesurfing and wave skiing.

The following facilities are available at this beach. 

  • It is a dog-friendly beach.
  • It has parking facilities. 
  • It also has the facilities of lifeguards.

14. Godrevy Beach

Godrevy beach is located in the northeast part of St Ives bay. When in the right conditions, this cornish beach has impressive waves. Sandy and clear water with rich wildlife offer a beautiful view of the Godrevy Lighthouse. Lifeguard is available along with the National Trust car park.

  • Dogs are not allowed here from 1st July to 31st August. 
  • Lifeguard is available from 14th May to 25th September. 
  • It has car-parking facilities. 

15. Perranporth Beach

Due to the sands that the Atlantic Ocean washes, Perranporth beach is considered the best beach in Cornwall. It is situated in north Cornwall, not too far from Newquay. Ts also becomes the only beach in the UK to have a beach bar.

It offers a panoramic view, has dramatic cliffs, and is one of the region’s longest beaches.

  • The beach does not allow dogs from 1st July to 31st August. 
  • Lifeguards are available from 9th October to 31st September. 
  • It also has car-parking facilities.  


Want to check the best beaches in Cornwall? This article got your back. Cornwall offers you a great variety of beaches for having vacations or spending the summer under the sun and having rivers right by you. From sandy, peaceful to adventures, it got all.

It offers mesmerizing views all around you and makes your visit worthwhile.



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