Bakeries in London: 22 Best Places To Try

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Thinking about which of the best bakery London to visit for your morning meal, mid-evening snack, or afternoon tea can be tiring. The worry about purchasing a flat roll is real.

Make sure to visit the following best bakeries in London that suit your mindset and hunger.

Famous Bakeries in London

1. Anges De Sucre

Anges De Sucre
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Refined pâtissiere Anges de Sucre stands as one of London’s best bakeries if you need a work of art for any special event, including weddings. Additionally, it currently operates its store in North Acton and supplies Selfridges and other retail outlets.

Their cakes are highly point-by-point and decorated with everything from elegant Swiss meringue buttercream and white chocolate pearls to ombré-frosted buttermilk doughnuts.

Furthermore, try not to miss the delicious delights, pastries, macarons and marshmallows in all tones, plans and flavours so on.

For instance, come around for hot cocoa or some espresso if you want something sweet before you shop.

2. Comptoir Gourmand

Comptoir Gourmand
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Comptoir Gourmand is a little family-run French patisserie with locales across London (Bermondsey St, Maltby St, Borough Market and Soho).

Once in a while, get yourself a chocolate contort, americano, pistachio Paris-Brests, leafy foods palet and meander around the roads of the capital.

3. Layla Bakery London

Layla Bakery
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If you’re not finding decoration and classics in Portobello market, why not go to this craftsman neighbourhood pastry kitchen?

Layla Bakery uses wild grains and offers a wide variety of delights. This includes focaccia sandwiches, cheddar toasties, spiced buns, treats, sausage rolls, cakes, and everything sourdough.

Furthermore, Layla’s is a place that is basic yet lovely, and we can’t get enough of it.

4. Aux Pains de Papy, Bakery London

Aux Pains de Papy
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This London branch-off of a family-run pastry bakery chain provides every natural French pastry without laying out for a trip on the Eurostar.

Nearby specialists come here for their daily bread and fulfilling noon sandwiches. It skills in a showcase of works of art – dry loaves, almond croissants straight from the stove, torment au chocolat, eclairs and pain au chocolat.

Also, there’s a supreme presentation of Paris-Brest which are fresh, brilliant, shaded cake rings loaded up with a ruff of nutty praline cream.

Therefore, they also pay special attention to their light, sweet and finely perfumed small doughnuts seasoned with orange bloom water and flaky pastries.

5. Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead
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Recipes are written on blackboards for all to see here in the near-perfect Bread Ahead pastry bakery. Insider facts are transparently shared at their broad studios, school gatherings and bread kitchen classes.

Established by head baker, Matthew Jones in 2013, BA began selling its products on District Market. You can visit their unique slow-down for new sourdough bread, cheddar and olive breadsticks (superb stuff!).

Also, the focaccia sarnies, croissants, and grant-winning doughnuts spill over with plush chocolate, raspberry compote and salted caramel.

Bread Ahead have shops in Chelsea and Soho, as well as an Uber site near Wembley Arena. In addition, the specialities are Sourdough bread and doughnuts.

6. Gail’s Bakery London

Gail's Bakery London
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This bakery is famous among the women who lunch, and those looking for an after-school treat or espresso morning gatherings. Find Gail’s on Chiswick High Road in West London bakeries, a social centre as well as a bakery and bread kitchen next.

Also, in various locations like Victoria Park, Notting Hill, King’s Cross and South Kensington.

Thereafter, the windows are assembled with a variety of top-notch portions. Also, there’s an amazing presentation of cakes as well best bakeries.

7. Dunn’s Bakery London

Dunn's Bakery London
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It is a family-run business and a Hunker End establishment. Dunn’s has been presenting it’s hand-made bread and sweet treats beginning around 1820 in ancient traditions.

The current owner and the head of the best bakeries in London now, Chris Freeman is a fifth-age pastries specialist in addition.

Their Broadway portion spotted with toasted pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds in a light rye sourdough is an exciting line.

On the other hand, it merits paying particular attention to their brioche rolls, cinnamon buns and other non-dairy things made along with ancient grains.

Dunns in addition is known for creating doughnuts, organic grain and organic flour products and delicious. Including cream cake, and birthday cake as large as your face. For every kind of plan and topic for festivities and birthday celebrations too.

Hence, need a morning meal filler? Give a try to one of their bacon rolls.

8. The Dusty Knuckle Bakery London

The Dusty Knuckle Bakery London
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Dusty Knuckle Bakery also known as Stoke Newington Bakery presently has a steamy block and-steel bistro/shop across the yard. Its unique steel trailer home in a Dalston vehicle leave is also branched in green lanes.

Racks of natural rye and sourdough portions (counting a great potato form) line the walls.

The counter is filled with sparkling buns, croissants, chocolate and organic brioches, apple turnovers, pastries and doorstep sandwiches with creative fillings. These delicacies are immediately eaten up toward the beginning of the day.

Dusty Knuckle’s owners likewise have a social heart, by preparing youngsters who have fought to look for gainful employment or experience being in difficulty with the law. They run normal bread-production classes, baking classes and studios as well.

9. Karaway Bakery London

Karaway Bakery
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Karaway is a staple of the District Market and different destinations across town. This area of Eastern European bakery has now had a special interest in a small bistro space outside Waitrose in Westfield’s Eastern Market.

Multi-grant winning rye bread is the claim to fame. Don’t miss the usual dark, thick Lithuanian ‘burnt’ form with its scrumptious caraway lingering flavour.

However, try a fat piece of honey cake or a cut of cinnamon, pecan and apricot portions as well.

Karaway also shows its offerings with different cakes, pastries, raisin loaves, pastries, toasties, and lovely bundles of rolls too.

10. Little Bread Pedlar Bakery London

Little Bread Pedlar
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LBP’s explorers began by going around London on bicycles, selling their bread in different business sectors. Presently they use electric vans and surprisingly have an extremely durable home at Spa End in Bermondsey.

The loyal clients eagerly line up in all climates to purchase their products each Saturday.

Their normally raised, sourdough bread is ‘goodness’, however, that is only the beginning.  They evaluated their soft drink bread, cultured portions, ficelle and ring-moulded Torano.

For example, torments au raisins, brownies and croissants satisfy their standing (LBP demands using just French Lescure margarine). Their Danishes range from fruity occasional plans to flavorful essence and maybe are finished off with sweetened beetroot and ricotta.

11. WA Café

WA Café
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It is a Japanese bakery Londonin the core of Covent Nursery and Ealing Broadway. WA Bistro is an Instagram darling’s fantasy.

Thanks to its flawless interesting Sakura panna cottas, matcha lattes, afternoon tea and chocolate pralines.

Following this should be our top picks accordingly:

  • first, espresso cream rolls (loaded up with sweet espresso and finished off with espresso cream) and
  • second, Sakura berry cake and ruby chocolate croissants (covered in chocolate produced using Ruby cocoa beans that outcome in a prepared taste).

12. Margot Bakery London

Margot Bakery
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This East Finchley-based bread kitchen opened in 2016 and uses natural eggs for its preparations, fair exchange sugar and natural flour for cakes and moral chocolate.

The changing pastry shop menu is directed by what we are excited for, client top picks, celebrations, festivities and occasional produce. It makes sense of web-based, noticing its bread and baked goods, including babka, brioche and croissants are raised with sourdough.

Thus, we can’t get enough of its earthy-coloured sugar pecan load with espresso icing, nor the almond croissants and (obviously) the cinnamon whirls.

13. Nordic Bakery London

Nordic Bakery London
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This is one of London’s best bakeries known for its dark rye bread, solid espresso and most loved cinnamon buns. The moderate-style pastry kitchen in Soho’s Brilliant Square is active with individuals dropping in for blueberry smoothies.

Also, cut off the best Tosca cake (think utter rich flawlessness) you’ve tried without a doubt at any point.

Thus, ensure that you visit during cinnamon bun week (beginning on 30 September) for a whole seven days engaged in praising one of Scandinavia’s highly adored works of art.

14. Söderberg Bakery London

Söderberg Bakery
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It is a Swedish bakery, bread kitchen and bistro, situated in Edinburgh and London.

It always brings clients a mixture of works of art including cinnamon and cardamom buns, Kladdkaka, and chocolate balls. We unquestionably love its Semla buns and cardamom buns loaded up with almond glue and whipped cream.

Söderberg further, serves the entire day the drinks menu of standard breakfast staples (espressos, lattes, morning buns and teas) as well as mixed drinks, wine, lager and spirits.

15. Buns From Home

Buns From Home
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It was established in lockdown by siblings Barney and Gabriel, who took their mum’s kitchen and started making baked goods requests for their nearby neighbours.

The couple further opened their shop on Portobello Street as Buns From Home’s prominence developed. Here you’ll however find their mom dealing with the counter.

Thus, the site’s twofold heated buns with almond frangipane finished off and blackberry and apple pieces must be our #1 pick. Gracious, and did we refer to what they convey across London especially from Wednesday to Sunday?

16. Ole and Steen Bakery London

Ole and Steen Bakery
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It is a Danish confection shop with branches across London Established in 1991 by Chuck culinarians Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebaek.

The confection shop was originally known as Lagkagehuset and has been a centre of social movement later.

For breakfast, on the contrary, we love getting into its tropical coconut and then mango yoghurt, Berry Mallow cake, cinnamon and bomb cardamon whirls. Also, for lunch, it must be the smoked green chilli salmon roll and truffled mushroom toastie without a doubt.

17. Pophams Bakery London

Pophams Bakery
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If you want the uncommonly chased Pophams’ Bacon and Maple Croissant, then you’re a determined person ­and probably you’re ready to fight for your morning mess.

The hit patty, motivated by organizer Ollie Gold’s made with bacon and maple flapjacks in East London, undoubtedly routinely sells out before 10 am.

Thus, every patty has 27 layers of margarine going through the admixture. Making it breakable and rich flawlessly, which are made by a group of chuck cooks throughout the evening. Therefore, try the equally important, tonka bean crème brûlée or for the more rich-toothed, the marmite, Schlossberg and spring onion contort too.

18. St. John’s Bakery London

St. John's Bakery
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St John Bakery is a confection kitchen and wine shop in Covent Nursery’s Neal’s Yard. It’s the family Chuck shop of the Michelin- featured café of a related name.

Get Eccles galettes, raisin portions and the popular doughnuts concluding which French wine. Although, this works out for your pâtisserie de choix in the pictorial Covent Nursery yard.

Moreover, the occasional jam doughnuts are stylish about this spot- St John group. Presumably developed the’ rich’ English doughnut- and the rhubarb specifically is a work of flavourful skilled worker certainly.

19. Violet Cakes

Violet Cakes
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From the lady behind Prince Harry and Meghan’s Amalfi Lemon and Elderflower wedding cake, Violet’s famous goods are an admiration symbol to occasional flavour. The buttercream is good to beat all galettes. It prepares changes as the month progress, with elderflower for spring, berries for summer, figs for pre-winter and clementines for downtime simultaneously.

In brief, this all still appears to be valid given that the Hackney confection shop began life as an open-air request down on London Field’s Broadway request and is known for its seasonal baking.

20. Toklas Bakery London

Toklas Bakery
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This sweet little pastry kitchen near Sanctuary and Somerset House is a family brand of Toklas café offering sweet enjoyments.

Consequently, like porridge Portion, Coca Bread (made with coddled apricot and earthy multicoloured margarine frangipane), torment au chocolates with rod of Ecuador chocolate, stupefied rhubarb, custard buns, brioches loaded up with pistachio and salted caramel cream too.

Whether you need to catch a sandwich during your mid-day break or a pastry after work, you will want Toklas Pastry kitchen on your’ must-visit list’, as immediately as possible.

21. Kapihan Bakery London

kapihan bakery
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Kapihan is a cafe in Filipino which started at SOAS College in Euston, by Filipino- English siblings David and Nigel Diverse. They however enjoy Kapé and Dish Chuck.

Moreover, their new point in Battersea takes a challenge from the simple sheds. Kapé( espresso) is generally from the Philippines and presents exemplary galettes with a Southeast Asian bend.

Although must try would be the kimchi croissants, chiffon pessimists (a light and snug green cutlet made with pandan factory). And cassava galettes (an incandescently wet patty produced using ground cassava with a subcaste of custard on top) as well. They are all stylish yet matched with their interesting espresso made with Liberica.

22. E5 Bakehouse

E5 Bakehouse
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E5 is in the borough market known for its sourdough loaves and pastries. The Hackney Wild is maybe London’s very best bakery near Broadway Market, UK, unquestionably.

Therefore, the confection shop is handed completely with an environmentally friendly power certainly. Also, it is concealed in the rail route angles underneath London Fields Station.


The city has a wide selection of baked goods made with high-quality ingredients and strikes a perfect balance between old and new.

Not only simple English bread shops but also high-quality pastry kitchens and business foundations. There is something to fulfil each craving in the busy roads of London surely.

Thus, exploring London’s bakery scene is again a delightful food adventure that should not be missed, whether you are a local or a visitor in particular.

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