Autumn In London – 21 Best Things To Do

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London typically experiences lovely autumn days. In general, this is still a season where you can still enjoy being outside in the evening. There may be some rain, so dress in layers at night.

The biggest attractions may be a little bit calmer when family vacations end and the kids go back to school, but it is still worthwhile to make plans and take action to avoid lines.

The London Underground is a great way to navigate this crowded metropolis, plus there are overland lines that go farther from the downtown regions. Make reservations for the events and attractions on your schedule in advance. Once you’re there, it will help you save time.

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Don’t miss the Autumn events such as London Cocktail Week, Open House London, Halloween, London Restaurant Festival, World food day, and many more in London. It is great to watch that.

21 Best Things To Do In Autumn in London

The 21 suggestions listed below include cultural events, visits to famous sites, and nightlife to give you some ideas of what you might do in autumn in London.

1. Aboard And Debare An Open-top Bus

There are numerous bus tour choices available for exploring central London and all of its highlights. It’s a terrific way to get acquainted with London before devoting more time to your top attractions.

The open-top double-decker is the best way to explore the sights in London during the autumn if the weather is good. Along the way, you’ll receive a commentary in a number of languages.

Usually, you’ll be travelling along the banks of the River Thames. The London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament, and St. Paul’s are among the top sights. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

The “hop on hop off” approach allows you to choose the sights you want to visit that day and use the bus as your mode of transportation, even if you are already familiar with London.

2. Visit a Beautiful Park in London to Witness the Changing Leaves

There are plenty of green spots in London. As the season transforms the green leaves into nearly every colour on the red, orange, and yellow spectrum, perhaps russet spaces would be a better name.

Visit the site later in the day to see the sun cast its glow among the kaleidoscope or get up early to see the seasonal mists that hover over the landscape casting their magical spell over reality.

Park, Autumn in London
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Where can you see the greatest hues of the forest? The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park should be at the top of your list of places to visit in London in the fall because of the magnificent weeping Acer trees there, and the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park explodes with a variety of golden hues because it’s rutting season for the deer that roam the park.

Another beautiful park to visit is St James’s park. So lovely to watch the Autumn colour in that park. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

3. Walk Through Hampstead Heath

Autumn is a season of transition when leaves start to change colour before falling from the trees (fall foliage). Hampstead Heath is a well-liked open area where locals and guests can take a stroll and admire the changing foliage.

If you don’t opt to pause along the way to take in the autumn leaves, one intriguing walk takes two hours to complete and begins at one local bar and ends at another.

On the Heath, it is easy for visitors to become lost, therefore taking this specific route has several benefits. Your starting point is the Southampton Arms in Kentish Town; once in the Heath, proceed upward to Parliament Hill lido.

From there, it’s all uphill until you take the trail that runs through a forest and through a sizable pond, after which you’ll pass Kenwood House on your way to the Spaniard’s Inn. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

4. Fall In Love With Autumn Colour of Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew have an outstanding collection of plants that rivals any similar facility in the world. Close to 100 different nations collaborate at this research institution.

More than 1,000 employees are working on this one-of-a-kind initiative, which shows how important it is and how much work it does. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy here, and autumn is a lovely time of year to go.

Kew Gardens
Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

As you move about, you’ll be taken to humid savannahs and exotic jungles. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

Your imagination will run wild at Kew, as well as the two million other visitors who come here annually.

5. Join In The Celebrations of Bonfire Night

Early in the 17th century, Guy Fawkes made every effort to blow up the Houses of Parliament. He intended to support the Spanish against his Protestant nation because he was a Catholic.

The Gunpowder conspiracy, which attempted to assassinate King James I and members of parliament but was unsuccessful, is still remembered by many.

Two of the most well-known are Blackheath and Battersea; while both are without a doubt excellent, Blackheath may edge it out because it is also free. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

Other great locations are Royal Parks, Alexandra Palace, Crystal Palace Park, Wembley Park, Ealing Cricket Club, and Victoria Park. On November 5, fireworks will be set off in celebration of Bonfire Night, and many of them will be brilliantly coloured.

6. Enjoy the Autumn Vibrant in Greenwich Park

Kick your way through the numerous horse chestnut tree’s fallen leaves in Greenwich Park.

After stocking up on conkers, take in the picturesque views of the Thames and the stunningly dressed red deer in Deer Park.

Greenwich Park, Autumn in London
Image by Nikola Filipová from Pixabay

Ivy grows brightly red in hidden corners, while trees become gold as they get ready to shed their leaves. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

7. Explore Royal Albert Hall

Amazing curriculum and a fantastic location.

The best versions of some of the most well-known classics, include Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem, the Royal Phil Choir, and the Imperial Servicemen’s Band. Baritone, violinist, and tenor are all renowned and talented performers.

Royal Albert Hall
Image by AntonTy from Pixabay

The audience joined in the singing and flag-waving. with cannons and fireworks fired by the former servicemen, in 1812. Ballet dancers and can-can dancers are both quite entertaining.

Excellent performance; liked the singing, balloons, and fireworks at the end. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

8. Attend A West End Show

Theater enthusiasts should make the most of London’s West End during a few autumnal evenings.

There are now many uplifting, amusing, heartbreaking, and simply incredible theatre performances running, so you have lots of choices.

We heartily recommend Come From Away, The Play That Goes Wrong, School of Rock, Matilda, and many more recent productions. Drink a glass of red wine, then relax and take in some of London’s best acting for a couple of hours.

West End productions don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Look into last-minute ticket sales, or choose the cheapest seats and discover that they are actually ideal! The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

9. Discover History At Windsor Castle

The history of Windsor Castle dates back to William the Conqueror’s reign in the eleventh century.

A succession of kings, from Henry II to George IV, has made alterations throughout the years, and it is now Queen Elizabeth II’s weekend getaway and the site of various formal occasions.

Windsor Castle
Image by Eduardo Vieira from Pixabay

The beautiful State Apartments and St. George’s Chapel, where Henry VIII was interred, are among the attractions accessible with your ticket. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

During your visit London, you will be in awe of the wonderful art collection. Wear comfy shoes when you visit Windsor because it adheres to that philosophy and is perched on a hill.

10. A Miracle At St. Paul’s Cathedral

The cathedral there was destroyed in the Great Fire of London of 1666, and as London rebuilt, Sir Christopher Wren’s design was implemented.

It dominated the skyline and was still London’s tallest structure until fifty years ago. It is a functioning Anglican church as well as a structure designed for the numerous tourists who come here every year.

St. Paul
Image by Frank Nürnberger from Pixabay

It makes use of natural light to best display the mosaics and paintings. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

If you have the energy, you can climb the 528 steps to the Golden Gallery for fantastic city views.

11. From The London Eye, View The Autumn Trees

The London Eye, which is 135 meters (about 450 feet) high, provides spectacular views over Greater London, especially on clear days.

The Millennium Wheel, as it is known officially, debuted on December 31, 1999, as a part of those festivities. The benefit of purchasing a ticket in advance is evident because it gets you to the front of the line for this popular attraction.

The London Eye
Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

It moves slowly, giving you plenty of time to observe your surroundings. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

Many of London’s recognizable sights may be seen as the wheel rotates in the autumnal scenery.

12. Visit the London Tower To See History Revealed

William the Conqueror constructed the Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the eleventh century.

Numerous well-known people have been detained in the Tower over the years, frequently before being put to death.

London Tower
Image by Tasos Lekkas from Pixabay

Many of them were the result of Henry VIII, some of whom were his wives and others who were only conspirators who had lost his favour. The renowned ravens and the Yeomen are today’s protectors.

The costly Crown Jewels, including the crown itself, which is covered in precious stones, are among the items they defend. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

13. Take a Tour of The Emirates Stadium

By a considerable margin, the English Premiership is the most watched soccer league in the entire globe. Tickets for games involving the top teams are hard to come by, but you could find that touring a contemporary stadium is nearly as enjoyable.

Arsenal, a team with tremendous success over many years, is based in the Emirates Stadium. It has “state of the art” facilities and can accommodate 60,000 spectators.

Emirates Stadium
Image by Pisut Rakwong from Pixabay

More than any other club, Arsenal’s museum chronicles the club’s illustrious history as a 13-time national champion and FA Cup victor. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

The museum’s video theatres enhance the experience of a visit by allowing visitors to hear from former players who made significant achievements while wearing the fabled red jersey with white sleeves.

14. Go To Camden By Cruiser From The Regent’s Canal

Regent’s Canal has always been a significant waterway since, in the past, canals were essential for trade.

Although those times are virtually gone, Regent’s Canal still passes through an area known as “Little Venice.”

Camden By Cruiser
Image by Mariangela RIbeiro from Pixabay

There are indications of riches in both banks, both from the past and present. The majestic mansions and their lovely grounds are now owned by unquestionably affluent and frequently well-known people. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

The wealthy class of London owned these homes at the time of their construction. You might forget you’re in a crowded, hectic metropolis as you travel to Camden and spend some time there.

15. Get lost in Westminster Abbey

Weddings, coronations, and final resting places for kings and notable figures in British history all take place at Westminster Abbey, a Gothic masterpiece.

The renowned coronation chair is one of the items you will witness. Each coronation since 1066 has taken place at Westminster Abbey.

It is the oldest piece of furniture in the UK that is still in use for what it was intended. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, C. S. Lewis, and a long list of other poets are remembered in Abbey’s Poet’s Corner.

16. Experience The Guard Changing

The morning ritual at Buckingham Palace, known logically as the Changing of the Guard, in which the old guard is changed by the new, typically takes place every other day.

The King’s Guard is made up of active members of the Foot Guards of the Household Division, who dress in red tunics and Bearskin hats.

The celebration begins at 10.30 am, and the actual handover happens at 11.30 am. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

There won’t be any “altering” when significant events take place in London, so if you want to be sure, you could choose to reserve a tour that includes this specific activity.

17. Swing At The London Jazz Festival

The London Jazz Festival offers a wide range of events at locations all across the city.

You should be able to find a performance close to where you are staying in London, but the Barbican on the South Bank is the best option because it has been hosting performances there for 30 years.

The event draws artists from all over the world, and if you look online, you might see some of your favorites there. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

18. Watch Street performances on Covent Garden Street

Over the past few decades, Covent Garden has gained a lot of popularity. It boasts fantastic dining options and top-notch shopping, and its inventive street performers have rightfully increased its appeal.

You could believe that street artists just show up and perform. Some cities do, but in Covent Garden, the performances are vetted and organised by a professional management system.

The autumn weather is still rather pleasant, there are nighttime outside performances, and if it rains, just go to a pub or restaurant. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

19. Buy Stuff At The Borough Market

The oldest food market in London is this one.

Since the 13th century, traders have been selling their wares here, and today’s tourists should attend when they are hungry because there are many delectable treats to savour.

In the past, street vendors only sold British food, but today’s cuisine is really global. Be ready to squeeze through a crowd because the market is well-liked and it becomes packed.

After it closes on Sundays and only a few vendors are there for the following two days, you will have an abundance of options for dining out up until Saturday night. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

20. At The Globe, View A Shakespeare Play

Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre near the Thames have a close relationship. While he was there, Shakespeare composed several well-known plays in addition to acting and directing the theatre.

The Globe theater, autumn in London
Image by RGY23 from Pixabay

Following an incident involving a misfiring cannon, the first theatre, which was made of wood, burned down.

Early in the 17th century, that was. The current Globe Theatre was built in accordance with the original plan fifty years ago. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

21. Twickenham Is A Good Place To Watch Global Rugby

Almost often, England plays its international sports in London. The soccer stadium is Wembley, however the schedule of games changes every year. A guided tour of the stadium can be reserved.

With the exception of the World Cup, the English Rugby Union team plays at Twickenham in southwest London every autumn.

In contrast to the 6 Nations matches in the spring, which is typically entirely sold out, there is a chance to obtain tickets through agencies for these “friendly” games against opponents from the Southern Hemisphere.

Though you’ll need to verify with them beforehand, going to Twickenham is usually an experience. The best thing to do in Autumn in London is this one.

Final Remark

All in all, there are plenty of fun things to do in London during autumn. From enjoying the autumn leaves to visiting a pumpkin patch, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Autumn is also a great time to visit London because the weather is not too hot or too cold. So, whatever your plans are, make sure to add the above-mentioned things to do in autumn in London to your list.


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