A high school graduate from Pope John XXIII Higher Secondary School working towards making a career in Mass Communication and Journalism, has always been incredibly passionate about writing and creating content. An exceptionally smart working and right brained individual who is usually the leader of a lot of activities and loves travelling. Vanida has always been keen about discovering the the little things about Europe, she might be a current resident of India but her heart always yearns to be a part of the life spent in Europe. Based on her research and studies, she has put down the information that will be relevant to your goals as well.
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Hot Places to Visit in December to Celebrate Christmas

The Christmas season is probably the one event that is celebrated and

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All About The Disney Castle In Germany – A Complete Guide

Disney fans and non-fans both are fascinated by the design and appeal

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22 Best Places To Visit In the USA In October – A Complete Guide

Picture this: you're sipping a warm and creamy hot chocolate while staring

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25 Best Places To Visit In Europe In May – A Complete Guide

The atmosphere in Europe during May is well talked about, with calm winters

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