Looking For Asha’s Birmingham? 7 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Asha’s Birmingham

Image Source: Asha's Restaurant Website

Asha’s Birmingham has been the best-known Indian restaurant in Birmingham since its opening in the year 2006. Asha’s Birmingham celebrating Birmingham’s booming economy and the culture of this city with a sensational tasting menu will surely catch your mind. So, let us know everything about Asha’s Birmingham restaurant in this piece of writing.

Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle is an Indian playback singer, women entrepreneur, and television personality who predominantly works in Indian Cinema. She is very well known for her versatility and has been described in the media as one of the most influential, successful singers in the world of Hindi Cinema.

In her eight decades career, she has recorded a long list of songs for films and albums in various Indian languages. For these beautiful songs, she has received several accolades that including two National Film Awards, four BFJA, eighteen Maharashtra State Film Awards.

By Firoze Edassery/Wikimedia.org.Copyright 2022

You will be amazed to know that Bhosle has been nominated for two Grammy Awards. Her award list also includes nine Filmfare Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award. Apart from this, she is a record holder for seven Filmfare Awards for Best Female Singer.

Asha’s Birmingham

Asha’s Birmingham has its very own brimful of Asha right here on Newhall Street, UK. Asha’s Birmingham is the latest addition of restaurants to the legendary Hindi singer Asha Bhosle’s empire. Following the success of her restaurants in Kuwait and Dubai, Birmingham has become a place for fans of Indian music and Indian food to combine their passions.

Asha’s Birmingham is located at 12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham B3 3LX, United Kingdom, in the center of Birmingham. You will have a memorable eating experience in the bustling center of the UK’s curry capital. For a family get-together, an office party, a pre-theatre dinner, a post-movie curry, or an after-work get-together, Asha’s Birmingham is the ideal location.

Source: Asha’s Restaurant Website

Its signature cocktails & spectacular food that Indian food should be, with truly opulent surroundings, are beyond stunning. You will enjoy the finest Indian food with Indian Culinary traditions in this beautiful Indian Food restaurant.

Here you will cherish the award-winning dining experience with very good service. Since the opening of Asha’s Birmingham restaurant on Newhall Street in 2006, it has become the favourite restaurant for world-famous celebrities as well as for the people who visit Birmingham.

1. Celebrities Visiting Asha’s Birmingham

This multi-award-winning restaurant has been a favourite spot for Brummies and visitors from across the world, and it is a complete host of various celebrities from around the world. The list of celebrities visiting Asha’s Birmingham includes Sir Mick Jagger also, who recently joined Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s birthday celebrations at the Asha’s Birmingham restaurant.

Famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise also visited the restaurant on 23rd August 2021. And he shared his dining experience at Asha’s through his official Instagram by posting his picture smiling outside the restaurant.

Asha Bhonsle also acknowledged the presence of Tom Cruise in her restaurant and said that he loved butter Chicken and even loved it, therefore ordering it twice.

2. Asha’s Birmingham Menu

The experience of Asha’s food is mouth-watering. The six-course menu of Asha’s restaurants offers opportunities to indulge in a journey through Asha’s one of the most delicate dishes at the table. Diners are motivated to discover new ideas and recipes in the ultimate Indian culinary.

Image Source: Asha’s Restaurant Website

Asha’s Treasure Chest, a show-stopping centrepiece of delicacies, can be enjoyed along with this mouthwatering eating experience right here by you.

Two cocktails are available on this meal’s centrepiece, which was created specifically to go with the proposed full menu. The ideal opportunity to share all significant Instagram photos on Instagram is provided by this main attraction.

Asha’s menus are a reflection of her life experiences, from her early years spent touring with her father’s travelling theatre company to her later years spent around the globe as a performer.

In addition to being influenced by the meals she eats with her family, royal feasts, and the diversity of civilizations, Asha’s culinary philosophy is entrenched in tradition.

Its vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are inspired by the cuisine of the North-West region and combine conventional cooking methods with modern ones.

Asha’s Experience

Asha’s experience includes a six-course meal, starting with a welcome drink, then papadums and dips in the first course, then soup shots in the second course, Mini Presidents’ platter in the third course, Lemon Sorbet in the fourth course, an exclusive main course in the fifth course, accompanied with the choice of bread, and last but not the least dessert platter in the sixth course.

Image Source: Asha’s Restaurant Website

The concept of ‘The Asha’s Experience’ is the brainchild of the chairman of Asha’s group Paul Bassi CBE. Mr Paul jointly owns Asha’s and other Birmingham restaurants with his lifelong friend, known as Pawan Kenth.

Mr Paul Bassi said during an interview, “Everyone knows Asha’s like the fine dining Indian restaurant of their own choice. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just calling in for a midweek fix of the best Indian food in town, it is the perfect place to dine in. What we wanted to do was to pull together a tasting experience menu that provides diners with a snapshot of the best that Asha’s has to offer to its diners.”

Launching The Asha’s Experience

Mr Paul Bassi further said, “When we launched the famous platter known as the “President’s Platter” a few years back, nobody had heard of the concept before. But soon after its launch, it quickly became our best-selling favourite. The same is true with The Asha’s Experience, which has rapidly become our diners’ most requested meal option. It happened so, as our diners appreciate what this meal offers and enjoy a leisurely stroll through all that is best in Indian cuisine.”

The Asha’s Experience combines the theatre of fine dining with our signature flavours from the Indian subcontinent, our exclusive new dishes, and a few surprises to create an unforgettable evening for our guests. The Managing director of Asha’s Birmingham, Pawan Kenth, added, “As a team, we are always looking at new ways to enhance our offerings to our diners. The feedback we have received from guests has been phenomenal since our launch, and we are really happy about it and looking forward to gaining the same response in coming years too!”

Executive Lunch Menu

The executive lunch at Asha’s will cost you somewhere around £23.95. It comes in two options to choose between. The first one is a Kebab platter with Chicken tikka kebab with spices, Lamb seekh kebab, and King prawn kebab, and the second one is a Vegetarian Platter with Paneer Ka Sola, Aloo Tikki Papdi Chaat.

The main dish, which includes options like Chicken tikka masala, Lamb Rogan Josh, Panjim fish curry, Kadhai paneer, and Amritsari chole, is soon after the starters are finished. These come with a variety of bread, papadoms, vegetable raita, and pulao rice.

Punjabi Lunch Menu

In the Punjabi Lunch menu, you will get options including, Vegetable samosa chaat, saag Wada with pav, Gol Gappa, Zafrani Chicken Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Mini Raan, Aloo Baigan Masala, Sindhi Kadhai Jinga, Murg Makhanwala, Aaloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Garlic Naan.

Vegan Menu

The vegan menu of Asha’s includes five ranges of meals: Appetisers, Main Course dishes, accompaniments, vegan salads and desserts. The main course includes Gobhi Matar Kheema, Bhindi Do Pyaza, Aaloo Matar Gobhi, Vegetable Jhalfrezi, and Aaloo Palak. Appetisers include Classic Samosa, Aaloo Matar Ki Tikki, Onion Bhaji, and Vegetable Seekh Kebab. Accompaniments include Steamed Rice and Tandoori Roti. Vegan salad includes Chickpea salad, Three Beans Salad, Mango & Avocado salad. Dessert includes Chocolate cheesecake, Duo of Sorbets.

Drinks at Asha’s

Asha’s Birmingham also offers a wide range of drinks at its stunning and exotic bar facility.

Image Source: Asha’s Restaurant Website

3. Asha’s Spectacular Food

Fabulous Tandoori Kebabs

The speciality of Asha’s Birmingham is its fabulous Tandoori kebabs. These fabulous Tandoori kebabs are one of the special dishes to die for, and hence it is one of the specially ordered dishes by diners in the Asha’s.

Apart from the speciality of the restaurant, you will also get special diets that include Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, and Gluten-Free Options too.

4. Interior of Asha’s Birmingham

This amazing restaurant provides you with an exotic décor with a large sitting area and an intimate setting, decorated in a warm, welcoming style. It provides a stunning setting along with excellent food. If you are concerned about theme Ish menus, worry not; they offer amazing theme Ish menus here at their restaurant.

5. Price of Dining at Asha’s Birmingham

Talking about the price range of the food and amazing ambience you will enjoy here is somewhere between £15 – £60 that too with great service.

Asha’s Experience

Asha’s experience will cost you £69.95 for the five-course meal you will be enjoying here.


The unmissable curries will cost you around £14- £15.

  • Chicken curry will cost you £14.95,
  • Vegetable curry will cost you £13.95, and
  • Lamb curry will cost you £15.95).

Special Lunch Menu

The special lunch menu will cost you around £11- £15.

Punjabi Lunch Menu

If you are visiting from India and a Punjabi, then you must be willing to have authentic Punjabi food; try the Punjabi lunch menu here that will cost you somewhere around £6- £ 20 with a wide range of options available to you.

Image Source: Asha’s Restaurant Website

In Punjabi Lunch Menu,

  • Vegetable samosa chaat will cost you £9.95,
  • Saag Wada with pav will cost you £9.95,
  • Gol Gappa will cost you £6.95,
  • Zafrani Chicken Seekh Kebab will cost you £15.95,
  • Tandoori Chicken Tikka will cost you £18.95,
  • Mini Raan will cost you £22.95,
  • Aloo Baigan Masala will cost you £15.95,
  • Sindhi Kadhai Jinga will cost you £25.95,
  • Murg Makhanwala will cost you £20.45,
  • Aaloo Paratha will cost you £6.95, and
  • Gobi Paratha will cost you £6.95.

Vegan Menu

The Vegan Menu will cost you somewhere between £3- £15. In the Vegan menu,

  • Classic Samosa will cost you £9.95,
  • Aaloo Matar Ki Tikki will cost you £9.95,
  • Onion Bhaji will cost you £8.95,
  • Vegetable Seekh Kebab will cost you £13.95.
  • Gobhi Matar Kheema will cost you £15.95;
  • Bhindi Do Pyaza will cost you £15.95,
  • Aaloo Matar Gobhi will cost you £14.95,
  • Vegetable Jhalfrezi will cost you £14.95,
  • Aaloo Palak will cost you £13.95;
  • Steamed Rice will cost you £4.75;
  • Tandoori Roti will cost you £3.95.
  • Vegan salad includes Chickpea salad, which will cost you £10.95,
  • Three Beans salad will cost you £11.95,
  • Mango & Avocado salad will cost you £12.95.
  • Dessert includes chocolate cheesecake, which will cost you £8.45;
  • Duo of Sorbets will cost you £6.95.

6. Asha’s Feedback and Review by Diners

Asha’s Birmingham is an awesome blending of the authentic taste of Indian food with the contemporary taste of the world. The unique culinary philosophy of Asha’s Birmingham has won widespread international acclaim.

Image Source: Asha’s Restaurant Website

According to food critics, industrial bodies, and the most rewarding of all the Asha’s Birmingham’s customers, the restaurant offers the ultimate dining experience of Indian subcontinent food in this Indian restaurant.

The official authorities of Asha’s Birmingham say that the feedback they receive from their valuable customers endorses their ongoing efforts as they continually strive to set new standards and achieve the ultimate dining experience.

The Indian MICHELIN Guide describes it as a chic, lovingly run Indian restaurant with distinctive and lovely furnishings. With everything being prepared to order, its broad menus include items from the majority of the Indian Subcontinent.

7. Table Booking

To book a table here at Asha’s, you can simply complete the boxes asking for your details at Asha’s, and they will send you an email to confirm your reservations.

And to enjoy your Sunday with your friends and family, there can be no other possible way apart from visiting Asha’s Birmingham and Solihull restaurant.

Right from the fabulous Tandoori kebabs to the delicious curries, you will get crazy for the taste you will receive here. After your dining experience at Asha’s, you will start building the bridges of praises of Asha’s food.

So, come and visit this outstanding Asha’s Birmingham and experience the finest Indian culinary traditions in this amazing restaurant that offers the best food quality. Do let us know your Asha’s experience and the menu additions you want to suggest a menu.

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