Aquarium in Liverpool: 5 Famous Ones to Checkout There

Aquarium in Liverpool
Photo by Abdulmomen Bsruki from Pexels. Copyright 2018.

Meet the underwater fish and aquatic wonders in the gorgeous land of Liverpool. This small city in the United Kingdom has consisted of different types of aquariums to blow your mind. From marine to tropical and sharks, the aquarium in Liverpool is the best place to explore the world of maritime.

Each aquarium provides you with a unique experience of underworld creatures. Liverpool is a main attraction for tourists and locals because of its huge collections of marine and tropical fish, sharks, seahorses, and aquatic plants.

Whenever you travel to the UK, don’t forget to take a tour of the World Museum of Liverpool as well. The museum collections in Liverpool will shed some light on the aquarium’s natural history.

Therefore, get ready to plan your next destination in the world of Marines and learn about these sea creatures. Take a quick view of the lovely aquarium in Liverpool.

1. Merseyside Aquatic Warehouse

A good place for those who are interested in learning about fish: set up by a small family by renovating their warehouse into an aquarium and getting a lot of visitors.

The place is filled with a fine collection of dry goods, aquatic accessories and fish, for example, tropical and marine fish, and Cichlids.

To enjoy a good time, you must visit it for sure. They have arranged eco-friendly aquatic housing structures which take the heat from the atmosphere and convert it into water.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of marine, you will be given a guided walking tour by the staff.

2. Blue Planet Aquarium 

Do you want to take a close look at bloodthirsty sharks? This place will raise your anxiety level because you’ll be surrounded by some deadly sharks. It is located in the city centre and is good for Liverpool sightseeing because of the tourist crowds.

One of the most visited aquariums in Liverpool consisted of more than 1000 species of aquatic animals, fish, and amphibians.

This is the United Kingdom’s largest underwater Shark Tunnel, where you can observe the moments of sharks going above your head.

The Blue Planet aquarium has included more than 100 live displays of fish and deep-sea creatures. Along with the underwater sharks, take a look at the bits of flooded forest, northern stream, Caiman Crocodiles, Coral caves, Rock pools and Pelican Cove while learning about their attributes.

Furthermore, don’t miss munching delicious food directly from the Nautilus Kitchen of Blue Planet Aquarium. The good part is that you can relish the taste of savoury ice cream from their ice cream parlour to make your underwater tour wonderful.

3. Maidenhead Aquatic Liverpool

Located in the northwest, Dobbies included a huge collection of marine, tropical and cold-water creatures. Many people find these affordable quality water creatures. Moreover, they provide services like cleaning tanks, fish pet accessories and other products.

All the employees are nice with a good understanding of marine. With the help of their workers, you can learn about aquatic creatures.

Therefore, if you want to purchase aquatic animals, must add this location to your travel list. Due to hygiene maintenance, nobody has ever found any blunders in any of their products. They take good care of fish by cleaning the big or small tanks and feeding them on time.

In addition, there is an activity space where you can have some marine activities for entertainment. Besides, you can feed fish by taking the help of a staff. This place can make an amazing Liverpool visit.

4. Finest Aquatics LTD

The Finest Aquatics Aquarium in Liverpool is a modern aquatic centre. Whether you have some dedicated learning environment or just visit there to say hello to those pelagic creatures, this place is all you need.

Finest Aquatics Aquarium in Liverpool
Screenshot from the official website of the Finest Aquatics.

From marine accessories to marine treatments to livestock, you can access everything in this single place. With highly selective information on the maritime, many of them visited just to witness how captivating it looks from the outside.

How cool is it to get your marine accessories to your doorstep? Well, the good news is they provide hassle-free door-stop delivery within a day. With the help of experts, they guarantee quality assistance. Furthermore, they have an easy return policy.

Therefore, if you receive a defective item, contact them and get it returned within 24 hours.

5. Lister Fisheries and Pet Centre

The Lister Fisheries and Pet Centre gives you a combination of marine and mammals in one single place. Starting from pet food to aquatic food, you can get everything for your lovely pets.

They offer the service of cleaning marine tanks, and free coffee for visitors if they get tired. They also allow free entry couples on some occasions, so don’t lose this opportunity love birds.

Furthermore, they have a wonderful collection of marine, tropical, and African Cichlids. Due to knowledgeable and helpful staff, you can learn about maritime and their livelihood.

The aquarium is usually packed with locals. However, with her exotic fish, coral and amphibians, a lot of tourists find it attractive.

As the price of their products is reasonable, people find it adequate to purchase whatever they need. Therefore, when you come, don’t forget to make a list of items you need to get it from here.

They have their schedule of opening time, sometimes they make some alter in the timings due to holidays, but most of the time it remains open every day.

For any changes, you can contact their service number available on the Internet.

FAQs –

1. Is It Safe to Take Children to Each Aquarium in Liverpool?

Yes, it is completely safe to take kids to an aquarium in Liverpool. Most of them have separate kids’ sections where they can spend their time with toys and learn about marine creatures.

Family with even very young children visit here without stressing. Parents with toddlers shouldn’t be worried about them because the team at the aquarium is here to take care of them.

2. Does the Aquarium in Liverpool Provide Educational Programmes?

Few of them do conduct educational programs for all age groups. These are mainly concentrated on the protection of marine aquatic creatures. You can watch presentations on various types of marine creatures about their lifestyle.

3. Can We Feed Fish in the Aquarium of Liverpool?

Feeding a Fish sounds cute and everybody loves watching those fish chewing their food. Well, good news for you, there are aquariums in Liverpool, which provide a chance for visitors to feed these cute little sea critters.


Liverpool is situated in northwest England of the United Kingdom near the two connected rivers named Mersey and Irish. Every year, the city welcomes more than 100 tourists.

Due to its fascinating maritime origin, the city has gorgeous aquariums that consist of more than 1,000 species of fish and marine animals.

Furthermore, you can experience a real aquatic ambience once you enter the world of underwater.

The aquarium in Liverpool provides you with amazing memories you will remember forever.

Aquariums are safe and good destinations if you come with your family or kids, so get your backpacks ready and dive into the marine world.


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