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amusement park newcastle
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If you are looking for the best amusement park Newcastle, we’ve got you!

Newcastle is a stunning and vibrant city in the northeast of England. Located along the banks of the River Tyne, it is a huge metropolitan city with a rich and diverse history. Let’s discuss its history before jumping into the Amusement Park in Newcastle!

The history dates back to Roman times, along with architecture that blends modern and historic landmarks. The old-world charm atmosphere, friendly locals, and amazing sightseeing opportunities made it a popular holiday destination for visitors, families, and friends.

It did not have any large-scale amusement parks, but it had several small parks and other sightseeing spots that people could visit and have a gala time. 

amusement park newcastle
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1. Places To Visit In Amusement Park Newcastle 

1.1 Jesmond Dene Amusement Park Newcastle

This park is not an amusement park. However, it is a beautiful and serene spot with different kinds of waterfalls and scenic areas where children and families can picnic and have fun.

It is a great place for a relaxing day out with your family and friends. Located in the suburbs a couple of miles from the North of Newcastle city center, the park has a rich history that goes back to the mid-nineteenth century.

It is very beautiful and has many deep wooded valleys carved by different rivers. The park also has several trees, plants, and wildlife, making it a wonderful place for photographers and people who love nature.

There are also several facilities and amenities for people who are visiting the park. It also has cycling paths where people can rent cycles, and there are also walking paths that visitors can use to explore the park’s beauty.

There are also different play areas for children where they can have fun while the parents have some alone time.  It is also a pet-friendly path, and people are allowed to bring their dogs or pets for walks.

Also, it is home to several different wildlife, for example, squirrels’ birds, and other small animals.

1.1.1 What Is Special About This Park?

Within the grounds, you will find Jesmond Dene House, a beautiful restaurant and popular spot for special occasions and dining. It serves some of the best delicacies available in that area.

There are also, throughout the year, a number of concerts, fares, and other celebrations held in the park, which attract both tourists and locals of the area. Music celebrations, parties, and other such events take place here.

The park is also accessible from Newcastle city center and has ample parking. It is also well connected by trains, metro, and buses.

Overall, we can see that this park offers a serene hangout spot for you and your family. It is the perfect escape from the tortures of the city to some quiet time in nature.

1.2. The Hoppings 

The next place is the Hoppings, one of Europe’s biggest traveling fairs occurring during the summer months of May, June, and July.

It is a grand event with games, rides, and food stalls. The Hoppings is an annual fair and a traveling amusement park which is in England and one of the most famous traveling fairs in Europe.

Its history dates back to the 1880s when it started as a normal festival but gradually evolved into an annual fair that conducts various activities such as different rides and attractions.

The location is the Town Moor, a big park in the middle of the city. This park has ample space, which is perfect for the fair’s large number of attractions.

Each day it had a variety of attractions such as thrilling rides, fairground games, a variety of food stalls, magic shows, dances, entertainment, and other such attractions.

The entry to this fare is free, and the visitors only need to pay for their rides and games. This festival is very popular and has a large number of people visiting it each year, both from around which are local and from abroad as well.

The tradition is that it is a part of the New Castle’s cultural heritage, and it holds a special place in the hearts of the locals. Many families have a tradition of visiting this fair with their families each year.

So, if you visit Newcastle during these months, run to this amazing fair for unlimited fun.

1.3. Ocean Beach Pleasure Park 

Situated along the coastal areas in the backdrop of the South Shields seafront, this amusement park is the best and ideal place for children and adults. This park has a variety of different kinds of rides available for all people.

It has thrilling roller coasters and fairground rides. The area also has many arcade games; visitors can choose whether to play classic or modern games.

There is also a lot of food and refreshments available in the park. Also, they provide a wide range and selection of treats, refreshments, and snacks that energize visitors during their trip.

The setting is along the coastal areas, and the amusement park benefits from it as tourists find it a place for amazing photo opportunities.

It is open seasonally during different months, with opening times depending upon the time of year and local events. The visitors must pay an entry fee to access the park, and for the individual rides, they require a token.

1.4. Lane7 

It is not your ideal amusement park but more of a bowling alley offering various activities. This includes mini golf, ping pong, karaoke, and other cute small fun activities.

With the decor styled around the time of 1950, this bowling alley will take you back to an old-world era. Accompanied by American dining and lavish suites, this Lane will capture your heart. 

They also have a lot of current and trendy activities, such as beer pong and darts. The cuisine is completely authentic and different from the food usually served in restaurants.

1.4.1 What Is There In Lane7

This Lane 7 tries to capture the authenticity of the surroundings and incorporate it into their food. There is no season or time for this place to function. It is open throughout the year for everyone, whether locals or visitors. Tourists can enjoy several attractions nearby and can retire here when tired.

Some light evening fun activities can be enjoyed here, along with delicious meals in a candlelight atmosphere. Bowling and mini-golf are activities that people of every age enjoy. Sliding a bowl down the lane to hit several pins together has a different thrill altogether.

Accompanied by karaoke, which is the art of singing freestyle without any proper music or background help. Patrons in restaurants enjoy such activities thoroughly since it is a good way to mingle and meet new people.

amusement park newcastle
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1.5. Namco Funscape Amusement Park Newcastle

Located in Newcastle, around The Gate entertainment complex, this Funscape contains a dynamic range of activities. This includes bowling, arcade games, bumper cars, and other such rides, making it the best option for indoor fun.

Who doesn’t like challenging themselves and others to a race in a virtual world of bikes and cars? This Funscape had bumper cars and video games with virtual reality not just for children but for grown-ups, too. Virtual reality is too good and gives a real-life feel to it.

Arcade games, including bike and car racing, wrestling, football, cycling, swimming, etc. are all present for people to enjoy themselves thoroughly. The technology had been constructed so that the person would not believe he was not present there.

Without having to sweat in the sun, you can experience these activities from the cool interiors of the Namco Funscape. Bumper cars are another fun activity wherein people sit in small, colorful cars and try to knock each other off. 

Namco Funscape is known for its snacks, treats, and juices between the games. You can have it all – the fun and the games! This should be on top of your list for those visiting places in and around Newcastle.

amusement park newcastle
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1.6. Adventure Valley Amusement Park Newcastle

A little further away is an outdoor adventure park called Adventure Valley. Situated in Brasside, Durham, it has fun activities such as play areas, animals for rides, and other outdoor activities.

Many children and adults dream of an adventure park with rides and activities. Starting from roller coasters to carousels, this park had it all. The entertainment at this park is top-notch, matching up to the level and expectation of every person.

The roller coasters are meant for the bravest of the brave, not for the faint-hearted. Also, the speed and the gush are something not meant for the weak-hearted.

Adventure seekers and thrill enthusiasts had the perfect source of fun in this park. The carousels are colorful and lively and perfectly balance fun and thrill. 

In this park, you will also find animals for rides, such as horses. It is the perfect entertaining opportunity for children. Parents do not have to worry about their child’s enjoyment.

2. Conclusion 

Newcastle is a place that will be remembered for its beauty and attractions. Here, everything can be done; your bucket list can be ticked. However, the activities ensure that no one has ever been bored or did not have a memorable experience.

The activities here can be enjoyed with your family and friends on a quaint summer evening. Sing along to your heart’s content, play mini golf, or enjoy rocking a ball up and down the table. It’s up to you.

It is also always a family-friendly park and does its best to cater to families and tourists looking for a day of amusement and enjoyment. You can have a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature’s wonders.

Whether you’re a traveler, a visitor, or even a local to Newcastle, places are a must-visit!

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