Affordable Restaurants In London: 9 Best Restaurants

affordable restaurants in London
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In London, eating out is pricey. Nothing can escape that some of the hottest and greatest restaurants in London, the places you see all over your Instagram feed or that have been acknowledged by the guide, may be quite pricey.

It is not wrong to state that every Londoner has, at least once, found themselves in the predicament of meeting a buddy for a quick drink and a few small plates, only to cost £100 after the evening.

Street foods are the first thing that pops up when discussing cheap eats. You might not be aware of it, but you can spend less than £10 on a fantastic supper even in London restaurants. You might be eating delicious food, like classic French dishes, Chinese buns, fresh spaghetti, big bowls of ramen, or perhaps a slice of real Neapolitan pizza to steak frites.

Even in London, there is a fine dining establishment where you can have an affordable meal. Let us explore some great affordable restaurants in London!

Affordable Restaurants In London

Suppose you are a commoner or a visitor and want to escape the high prices charged by the fancy and luxurious restaurants in London. No worries! We have listed some of London’s affordable restaurants that give you value food at cheap rates.

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1. Bao London

Expanded from small restaurants to many branches across London, Taiwanese steamed buns here have gained popularity in the city. Bao is among the best restaurant in London when it comes to buns.

You can buy some delicious mouth-watering dishes filled with lamb shoulder, pork belly, and radiational pork with a few pounds.

  • Borough Market, Several branches across London

  • Contact:

  • Opening hours vary across departments.

2. C&R Café

For about two decades, this Malaysian café- the restaurant has been offering delicious bowls of noodle and noodle soup. It is one of the cheap restaurants where you can expect a modern practical vibe as all the dishes are rich in umami.

  • 4-5 Rupert Ct London W1D 6DY, UK

  • Opening and closing hours may vary. 

3. The Cheese Bar

The Cheese bar is one of the great affordable restaurants in London that offers mouth-watering dishes at affordable prices. The grilled cheese sandwiches are popular, but along with the small plates, they offer you big containers, including five cheese macaroni and a truffle burger.

  • Unit 93/94 Camden Stables, NW1 8 AH

4. Bun House

Nearby oxford street, Bun house offers you warm, stuffy steamed buns, starting from a very affordable rate. They offer a filling of lamb with cumin and chicken curry with lemongrass. BBQ pork is the best to have here! It is one of the cheap restaurants you will find in London.

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  • 26-27 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA, UK

5. Brasserie Zedel

Exactly Brasseries Zedel is a cheap restaurant but with fancy looks. Choose the three-course prix-menu, which has dishes that include steak frites and chocolate tarte.  

  • 20 Sherwood St, London W1F 7ED, UK

6. Berber & Q Shawarma Bar

Popular for a catch-up over some dirty cocktails and spit-roasted meat along. If you want cheap eating, say for less than 10 pounds, try lamb kofte, lamb shawarma, chicken thighs, or cauliflower topped with pickles and herbs.

  • 46 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE, UK

7. Dumplings Legend

Around central London, the dumplings legend in Chinatown is a great place to loosen your appetite. Steamed buns packed with delicious fillings of chicken, pork, fish or vegetable is the favourite here.

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  • W1D 6JE, 15-16 Gerrard Street

8. Homeslice, Covent Garden

Homeslice in Covent Garden sells enormous wood-fired Italian-style pizzas and bottles of wine. Salami, rocket, and parmesan are classic toppings. Spiced lamb with cabbage and yoghurt is an experimental topping. Bargain!

  • 13 Neal’s Yard. WC2H 9DP

9. Pizza Union, King’s Cross

Best cheap eats option one could get! Nearby King’s Cross in north London, even a tiny restaurant, Pizza Union, offers you priced dishes, including a 12-inch pizza for five pounds. The basic Margherita, the least expensive item on the menu, will only burn a hole in your wallet the size of £4.25 in this establishment.

It also has some amazing small dishes and desserts.

  • 246-250 Pentonville Road London, N1 9JY

Cheap Eat Fried Chicken And Chicken Burger

The options for eating fried chicken and burgers in a moderate range are listed below. 

1. Chick ‘n’ Sours

Chick ‘n’ Sours works intend to establish a unique fried chicken restaurant. A friendly greeting, great cuisine, wicked music, and positive feelings.

Along with the fried chicken, it also offers the best sandwiches and the famous Korean fried chicken, which is, a fried chicken thigh covered in gochujang mayonnaise.

Along with that, cocktails are the perfect crime in partner to chicken. The side dishes, like the pickle and watermelon salad, are also worthwhile.

2. Chicken

Behind Chick ‘n’ Sours, Chicken is one of the best restaurants for chicken. It is worth all the hype. If you are craving some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), visit chicken located at baker street to have happy hour.

Photo by Shourav Sheikh on Unsplash

Moreover, this also offers you fancy riffs, and if you are after vegan chicken, they offer you that too. You can visit their other branches located in Soho and Islington.

3. Sam Sandwiches

Sam Sandwiches is a true hidden gem in Shepherd’s Bush Market, serving up some of the tastiest sandwiches around with a menu influenced by the flavours of Algerian street food.

You will find the best fresh meat dishes, from marinated chicken sandwiches to lamb’s liver. For a great value of sandwiches with hot sauce, visit Sam Sandwiches.

4. La Barra

The Best fried chicken at affordable prices in London can be found under the Arches in Elephant and Castle. Get five large, shallow-fried pieces of strongly spiced drumstick, chicken thighs, and wing for £15, as well as pig belly and lung jerky.

It is a Columbian restaurant that is constantly crowded with groups. Perfect spot for having a date night! Wait until these are cool before eating them, or you can end up nursing a burned top lip for a week.

5. Bleecker

Bleecker wins over London’s meat-crazed masses. The oozing bacon cheeseburger is a dream when covered with loads of ketchup and when you add angry fries topped with spicy hot sauce and blue cheese, it just adds to happy hour.

  • 205 Victoria St, London SW1E 5NE, UK

Cheap Eats Indian Foods In London

If you are searching for affordable Indian food options in London, then worry no more. Here you will find some of the best Indian food outlets in London. 

1. Roxy New Asian Tandoori Centre

This Southall institution, formerly known as Sagoo & Takhar, used to be the most well-known Punjabi eatery in the neighbourhood. The place is quieter now, although the standards are variable.

Sarson ka saag aur Makki di roti, a traditional dish this restaurant serves better than any other, is worth visiting. With turnips or kohlrabi and plenty of ghee, the leafy greens are mashed into a thick paste, then boiled with a sprinkle of ginger juliennes to balance out their bitterness and peppery.

2. Dosa Express

Dosa is one of the typical south Indian breakfasts, loved all across India. It can be extremely nostalgic for Indians residing in London. Situated in northwest London, dosa express can be the ideal place for one to have a quick breakfast.

Settle down and try the traditional – from almond chutney, butter or ghee to mashed masala aloo potato, it is worth the craving. It’s 4 stars rated restaurant!

3. Delhi Grill

This lively Punjabi pit stop on Chapel Market has a “Slumdog Millionaire” look and Bollywood posters that cover the walls. It is among the best restaurants in London that offer you Indian foods.

Photo by Andy Hay on Unsplash

It has a fine dining room, and bhangra beats add more to the flavours. From railway lamb, chilli paneer, Rogan josh, and chicken tikka makhani to sev puris and fish pakoras, the cuisine specializes in street food appetizers and slow-cooked curries.

  • 21 Chapel Market London N1 9EZ

5 Areas Of London That Are Best For Foods

Confused about where to begin when looking for the best places to eat out in London? Whether it is north London or south London, we’ve got you covered with the best places to eat in London.

Photo by Jeena Jeong on Unsplash

1. Soho

Soho is popular with visitors and locals in London and is unquestionably one of the best neighbourhoods for dining out. It is also rich in history, nightlife and theatres. Without Soho, London wouldn’t be the same.

Soho offers you some delicious steamed buns, custard buns and many more dishes with bold flavours.

  • Pizza Pilgrims Soho- Want to have cheap pizza with great value? Pizza Pilgrims Soho is worth visiting. They offer you reasonably priced dishes with plenty of other options.

  • Flavour bastard and Zelman meats are the other great restaurants you can look forward to visiting in Soho.

2. Camden

Want to visit affordable restaurants in central London? Camden should be on your list. Camden is located in central London and is one of the greatest and tastiest neighbourhoods in London for eating out.

  • Band of burgers and Jamon Jamon Camden are worth visiting in Camden.

3. Islington

The Islington road between Angel and High bury is affectionately referred to by residents as “Supper Street,” even though it won’t be on the top of any tourist’s list of the best places to eat out in London. In Islington, there are excellent eateries to visit at any time.

  • Delhi grill is best for cheap eats while in Islington.

  • Johnny Bruschetta and Nao restaurant should be on your list regarding Islington.

4. Spitalfields

It is one of the great affordable restaurants for spice and curry. Be it sour curries or hearty bowls of noodles; you will find them all here. There are a lot of choices, so beware.

  • Aladin Brick Lane, Nazrul Brick Lane and Brick Lane Brasserie should be on your top list.

5. Brixton

Visit street food vendors, but do not miss the Caribbean restaurants in Brixton. The Caribbean touch makes Brixton one of London’s best places to eat.

  • Negril, Three little birds and Kata Kata are the favourites here.

The Brixton village market offers you more than 20 cafes and little restaurants offering dishes worldwide.

We have looked at some cheap eating outlets in London; now, let us dive into some rooftop bars; Madison St is among the best rooftop restaurants and bars in London. Madison offers spectacular panoramic views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Thames and Millennium Bridge.

Photo by Wilf Luck on Unsplash

Madison St, situated between Leicester square and Covent garden, is an ideal place for having classic British dishes. They also have a great range of meats and cocktail bars. Spend your happy hour here!


To conclude, London on the outside is a fancy and luxurious place, where one thinks twice about settling down, and when it comes to food, people’s first question would be, where are the affordable restaurants in London?

When you look inside London, there are many cheap restaurants for cheap eating, offering many street foods, be it crispy onions, slow-cooked pork belly, KFC or the buns and many more.

Search and explore, and maybe you will be amazed to find a cheap restaurant in London at the next step!


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