A Super Guide to German Market Birmingham

German market birmingham
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Traveling in Europe must be hard and it is not because one can get lost but there are so many wonderful places, markets, museums, art galleries, destinations and many more things to do and this can make a person confused about where to go. One of the places which have gathered many people and tourists is the German market Birmingham, which is the most popular place to visit during the Christmas festival.

Christmas is a great festival for Christian but it is also celebrated by many other people with respective religions. In the whole of Europe, there are many Christmas markets but the German Christmas market in the main street of Birmingham has stolen the highlight.

Frankfurt Christmas Market

German market birmingham
by Guy Evans/Flickr 2022.

The Frankfurt Christmas market is popularly known for Christmas shopping and is full in the same season and it is a favorite place for visitors and domestic people. In this festive season of Christmas frankfurt’s town hall showcase the biggest Christmas tree. Frankfurt Christmas market is a place for traditional goods including toys, jewelry, and souvenirs.

The sparkling and adorn lights of the Frankfurt Christmas market are enough as a reason to visit this market and enjoy the German tradition. Youngsters can be found largely in the market however, there can be an exception for kids and their toys.

What to find in the Frankfurt Christmas Market/German Market Birmingham

German market birmingham
by Guy Evans/Flickr 2022.

From food to essentials you can get everything here in the German Christmas market. The market glows from the start of November till the end of December. In total there are 80 stalls every year containing food, beverages, jewelry, toys, and many more things. But there is one thing in particular which is the cause of ample amount of tourists gathered is the tasty food and drink.

Yes, food indeed brings people together, and here in the German Christmas market, you will find tasty traditional German food. Here in the below paragraphs are some food that can make your mouth water.

Talking about some souvenirs for your friends and family then you can buy some toys, jewelry, and maybe some home decor too. The market is worth visiting in winter, the market is a famous place for foodies and a cool place for people who love art crafts.

There are so many places to visit in Birmingham, if you want to know more about this do check 20 places to visit in Birmingham

 1. Pretzels

German market Birmingham
by ajay_suresh/Flickr 2022.

Pretzels are German baked bread made from dough and shaped in knots. It is a sweet and tasty bread garnished with lots of dry fruits, sugar icing, and chocolate.

2. German hotdogs and sausages

In the sizzling cold of Christmas above that, you are in Frankfurt’s Christmas market and the smell of freshly cooked hotdogs and sausages is lingering in your head, without wasting your time you will be rushing to the nearest hotdog and sausages stall in the Frankfurt Christmas market.

3. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the best drinks in winter and after a tasty meal of hotdogs, you will feel the heat taking over your body right after taking sips from your hot chocolate cup. There are many restaurants but there is a  restaurant which is a must-visit. To know about the restaurant check for Asha’s Birmingham.


Victoria Square

German market birmingham
by metrogogo/Flickr 2022.

The German Christmas market is located in Victoria Square and is a center of interest for shops, restaurants, and workers.

At Victoria Square, you can find the town hall and council house. It is not surprising that Victoria Square is named after Queen Victoria in 1901 and become a public Square. As the main pedestrian route, it is connected to the new street where the Frankfurt Christmas market is more spreader. But the best part of Victoria Square is the live music programmers.


Apple Store or a museum?

Right there in the Frankfurt Christmas market, you will find an Apple store or more to say it looks like a museum, reason is the store is very big and well maintained with all types of apple products. Here in the Apple store, you can buy any product with provided service of the staff present in the store.

Change in plan

It’s not going to be the same as usual, everything is going to be different but the joy is the same. There are going to be fewer stalls. The timing will be maybe the same but the rush will be deducted. But there is no restriction on people everyone is welcomed in almost every part of the market, but there are few stalls and shops where you need to be 18 or above 18.

Timing and dates

As we know the German Christmas market starts in November but here is the exact timing and date.

The market will begin on 21 November and ends on 22 December. The market opens every day.

From Monday to Saturday the time is 10 am to 9 pm but on Sunday it is 11 am to 9 pm.

Birmingham is one of the best places for someone to spend their holiday in Europe. One can find and explore different places and destinations in Birmingham. It is also a hot spot for tourists. In a survey, it is said that in 2017 Birmingham welcomed more than 40 million people around the world, and yet you will find that the tourists are still millions to visit and explore Birmingham. One of the many attractions in Birmingham is the university which has seized many students.

However, the German market in Birmingham is the most favorite place during the festival season. During the time of Christmas, the market is fully decorated and masked by sparkling lights. From youths to kids and old citizens this market is everyone’s beloved place although some areas are restricted for underaged or below 18 kids you will find everything for everyone.


Birmingham city is an easy-going city and the best place for history lovers. The city itself speaks tradition with a modern touch from food to the history of different spots one can discover everything here in the city of Birmingham.






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