A One Stop Guide to English Pancake Recipe

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Guilty for this tasty English pancake recipe which hypnotizes you entirely with its delicate texture and fantastic taste. It can be served with maple syrup or your favorite filling. There is the chocolate sauce, strawberries, some apples with a bit of butter and some lemon and sugar.

Pancake Day is celebrated by the British and is quite popular. This dish has history and culture to it and attracts a large crowd not only in Britain but all across the world.

The classic English pancake recipe involves just basic ingredients like an egg with plain flour and milk, which then, later on, has involvement or improvisation depending on the individual.

The English pancakes or British pancakes are compared to french crepes, which are thin and nice. The taste is great with different experimental minds around. When you try something out with your pancake, the taste and ingredients change, but the base remains the same, so let us see how these fabulous English pancakes are made.

Pancake Day

Pancake day, also known as shrove Tuesday, is the day that marks the start of lent, also called the 40-day time before easter day. Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day is about 47 days before Easter, and the date always changes between February 3 and March 9.

This day was the last moment to use all the eggs, flour, and fat, so they saw hope in pancakes, warm, tasty eggs, and all the ingredients they wanted to use before they went for the fast.

Pancakes have history and many stories related to this day, but overall, the point is Pancake day is important, and it lives in the hearts of people and is celebrated and rejoiced.

It is just that before making pancakes, it is nice to know the food we eat has a nice history related to it, and there is a reason for the way it is.

English Pancake Recipe

We will start with the classic British pancakes recipe or English pancake recipe. This is among the traditional British recipes, and it tastes great. It is simple to make, which you will see and enjoy. We’ll see how it is done and what all changes or improvisations are made in the latter process.


  1. Plain flour
  2. Pinch of salt
  3. Eggs
  4. Milk
  5. Water
  6. Vegetable oil
  7. Butter

    English pancake recipe
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Pancake batter

  • The first and foremost step is the pancake batter, in which we take the flour and salt in a bowl.
  • We make a hole in the center of the mixture and add 2 Eggs to the center; crack them open right in there.
  • Then we take a different bowl, add water and milk to it, and get ourselves a mixture to be used later.
  • With a wooden spatula, we beat the eggs and the flour, and while we are doing that, we add the water-milk mixture to the bowl while beating the eggs the flour.
  • We keep it up, and we have a smooth batter that we will use for our pancakes.
  • The goal is to get a lump-free batter, thin batter with decent consistency so that when we fry it, there are no complications.
  • The pancake mixture can also be used later if you keep it in the refrigerator, or something can be preserved.

The Frying part

  • In this, we have a non-stick frying pan, and we preheat the pan with some melted butter.
  • The butter should be around 2 to 3 teaspoons and spread evenly along the pan so that all parts of the pan are covered. You can also tilt the pan to spread it evenly.
  • Pour our pancake batter inside the pan and cover it up completely.
  • Cooking pancakes is easy. Flip the pancake after 25-30 seconds with a knife, a wooden spatula, or a spoon.
  • Cook both sides of the Pancake to golden brown and straight to the plate.
  • Use the rest of the Pancake batter and repeat the process to get multiple pancakes for your breakfast table or lunch, if you may.
  • When you flip the pancake, convert it carefully because it counts a lot. The flipping part, if gone wrong, will ruin the texture and shape of your pancake completely, leaving it distorted.
    English pancake recipe
    Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

    The Serving Part

Now all you have to do is sprinkle caster sugar and some lemon juice on those pancakes, and there you have it, the classic British pancake made on Pancake day. You can also have frying lemon wedges as an option to serve with your tasty sweet pancakes.

The pancakes made and served with lemon juice and caster sugar are traditional British or English pancakes, perfect pancakes.

This English pancake recipe can have its twists. You must be ready to explore.

Tips & Cautions while cooking Pancakes

  1. Preheating

    Do not overheat the pan. You are making those extremely tasty pancakes. The pan should be on medium heat throughout the time so that you do not overcook or burn your sweet pancakes just because the heat is too high. Try not to preheat it more than required, or it is not said so. This tip is a generic tip and a caution cause you might do it subconsciously.

  2. Watch out for the Ingredients

    The ingredients which you are using should be there. Before you start cooking straight, be cautious that you do not overuse any elements while making the batter or any other stuff that might make your pancake taste not better for you or your friends.

  3. Do not overdo the Pancake batter.

    Now the batter is the heart and soul of your pancake and while mixing it, try not to overdo it so much it becomes too loose. The consistency of the batter should be smooth but not so soft that it is like water.

  4. Keep a check on the amount you are Adding.

    For the ingredients you are adding, keep a check that you do not add more or less of these. The number of eggs or flour, if any of these things is more than the desired amount, then the batter will be ruined and the hopes of getting a good pancake. It goes with anything like lemon juice, if you add it too much, the taste is destroyed, and less of this can still be controlled later on.

  5. Your first pancake might not be the Best(Keep Trying)

    If you are trying for the first time or any time and your pancake doesn’t come out the way you wanted it, do not be disheartened. There will be many times that it happens even with people who think they know their way, but even they get some hindrances. So, keep trying and check the amount, process, and everything; eventually, it will turn out well.

  6. Keep your utensils Clean.

    Keep your pan and everything clean, not just hygiene but also because if your pan has some grease or anything, then it might change the taste of your pancake, which we do not want; therefore, try to keep everything that you are going to use clean and tidy.

  7. Use a good pan and Enjoy

    Now it is recommended that the pan you are using should be heavy so that the heating process is even, and with it being a non-stick frying pan, everything, the pancake is going to come out just perfect.

    Enjoy the process and have fun while making this dish or any other dish you have in mind. It is very important to enjoy what you are doing. You will face challenges while making pancake batter or whatnot, but you will get through it and have a nice pancake with a nice drizzle of maple syrup or ice cream. Enjoy the pancake day and the pancake.

Different kinds of English Pancakes

Different kinds of pancakes are available, from sweet to savory, and some are listed below. These are of the sweet type and have different kinds of toppings and sauces involved. As I said, every English pancake recipe can have its twists and turns. They are tasty and innovative, and most importantly, these are pancakes. Let us see some of them, which are listed below.

  1. Baked Apple and Cranberry Pancake

    As the name suggests, it has baked apple and cranberry sauce. The pancake layers have this filling, along with different kinds of toasted dry fruits. This one can be a nice breakfast for the whole pack or any individual looking for a sweet escape into the world of pancakes.

  2. Honey and Strawberry Pancakes

    The more changes you see with the ingredients, the more you will love pancakes. This one has Strawberry toppings on itself with a nice glaze of honey, which requests your soul to eat this delicacy as fast as you can. The taste is unrealistic and amazing, something you should have in your morning breakfast, maybe even around lunch.

    English pancake recipe
    Image by tookapic from Pixabay
  3. Oatmeal cookie Pancakes

    Well, this one might become your favorite. This one tastes like an oatmeal cookie which is added while preparing the amazing batter or can be used while garnishing time. Nonetheless, the taste is out of the world, and when served with either honey or some maple syrup, this one will explode flavors in your mouth.

  4. Cranberry and oats buttermilk Pancake

    This one has a fan group of its own. The syrup on top of it is of buttermilk, but the Cranberry and oats inside this amazing pancake make your tastebuds dance around the fulfilled hope of tasty food. The taste is energetic and fantastic, along with the nutritional calories of Cranberry and oats for that stomach of yours. This is the complete package.

  5. Applesauce Pancake with Spicy Apple Syrup

    Following the classic English pancake recipe, this one can get a little messy while eating. This pancake takes the bait for being something. The taste is unreal with that applesauce there layer by layer. The spicy apple syrup adds a rock and roll mix to this symphony, creating a masterpiece of flavor and texture that will make you want more and more and more of this amazing pancake. Try this one out. You might want to have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  6. Oatmeal Pancake with Maple Fruit

    Well, if you are not a fan of sugar but still want to enjoy something sweet, then this pancake is for you. The taste is nice and fruity, the maple syrup used is sugar-free, and the taste is delicious, as always. The goodness of maple syrup and other ingredients that you can choose to stay sugar-free make this pancake a tasty and healthy option for a nice Tuesday.

  7. Rice Pudding Pancake

    If you want to enjoy something tasty and unique, this can be the one for you. This English pancake recipe has the flavors of Vanilla extract and everything with a rice pudding cake. These nice little pancakes have nice blueberry syrup all over them. The taste of this pancake is not lower than any other mentioned above, and the blueberry syrup makes it irresistible. Amazing and unique flavor, a must-try.

American pancakes

American pancakes are served traditionally with maple syrup, and like British pancakes, they also can have sweet and sour ingredients imbued in them. Not only this but the American-style pancakes are a staple for Mardi Gras which is a Carnival celebration even celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday.

The main difference between them is that British pancakes are thinner and lighter, while American-style pancakes are fluffy due to the addition of baking powder and baking soda. Because of these two ingredients, the pancake batter is more on the soft side, and when it is made, it is more fluffy and bouncy than British pancakes or English pancakes.

They are served breakfast in America, and there’s no special day. The taste, though, is almost the same. The texture is completely different. British pancakes or English pancakes are on the thinner side, whereas American pancakes are more on the fluffy side. The classic English pancake recipe is better. The taste is more profound in English pancakes.

Both taste great, though, and you should try both of them whenever you get a chance. With some drizzle of caster sugar, some syrup, and toppings, there will be heaven in your mouth.

English pancake recipe
Image by Katarzyna Dziemidowicz from Pixabay

French crepes

French crepes are like British pancakes. Both are almost made in the same way. The difference is that French crepes are slightly thicker than British pancakes.

The difference is not that noticeable to the eye, but the differences are obvious when you taste and compare them. But the taste of both of them is identical.

The English pancake recipe is more simple than this. The way both of them are made is also quite similar. The ingredients later used to get different kinds of Pancakes or crepes are also quite the same. The taste of both is out of the world, so if you get to try any, do not hesitate.


The English pancakes are just amazing: thin layers with so much culture inside them, lemon juice, and caster sugar.

The variants are amazing, too, and with different ingredients coming every day, pancakes are becoming more and more exciting for anyone who enjoys them. There are lots and lots of different kinds of toppings and sauces.

The pairing of these many toppings and everything makes so many pancake options come in day by day. And these are not just sweet options. We have savory options, too, when we have some bacon and cream cheese in our pancakes, making it a whole lot better.

Other than that, Pancake day or shrove Tuesday is just an amazing event that shows culture and history, how amazing food is celebrated, and its classic English Pancake recipe. The taste is amazing. The blueberry sauce, that apple sauce, all of it makes this pancake, and so much more, thanks to the classic English pancake recipe and those amazing chefs.

This English pancake recipe gives off a completely different vibe. Amazing pancake day, fabulous pancakes, lots of history and feels. A must-try food with options and amazing improvisations, it just makes you want to eat more.

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