A Guide To Having Fun Buckingham Palace Picnic – 10 Guidelines

Buckingham Palace Picnic
Photo by Craige McGonigle from Pexels

Picnic is the most exciting part to plan at the end of a weekend. Whether it be with the family or buddies or that one someone special, having to go on a picnic makes it all fun and dreamy. To sit on a mat, closest to the grasses, lying down watching the sky, and in between having the meal of your choice. A Perfect treat to your soul after long weekdays work and load.

Take everything to a different level, to make this more fascinating. What if the picnic spot is none other than The Buckingham Palace Picnic, London. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, isn’t it? A place where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert resided once!

Belonging to history from 1703, Buckingham Palace is house to the royal crowns and collections and many secrets ordinary people don’t know much about.

A Palace consisting of a whopping number of rooms, moving chandeliers, a secret river, a royal collection trust, a rose garden, horse chestnut avenue, sweeping lawns, a summer house, 156-meter herbaceous border, the largest private garden, and many more interesting things in the garden, making one go all awestruck just in a moment in Buckingham Palace Picnic but this is not just it.

Having time there, and being able to experience it closely, who would not want to be a part of this? Of course, everyone would!

10 Guidelines For Buckingham Palace Picnic

Photo by S Migaj from Pexels

1. Do A Small Research Beforehand

By searching about the Buckingham Palace Picnic surroundings and to know exactly where permissions are granted in and around the Buckingham palace garden. This will help in keeping things prepared as it’s a big deal to be inside Palace premises.

Be intact with all the necessary formalities that need to be done before visiting the Buckingham palace garden. Know about the ball games, airport-style security of London, national collection, palace gardens, herbaceous border, and everything about Buckingham Palace garden to fully prepared.

2. Take Blankets, Own Food, And Lawn Chairs

By keeping this handy while on Buckingham Palace Picnic, the view sighting becomes easier as all one has to do is sit and get mesmerized by the beauty of this dreamy spot.

Photo by Ashleigh Robertson on Unsplash

Taking own food, sitting in the garden of Buckingham Palace, and watching mulberry leaves around the corner. 

3. Walk Around

To make this picnic more memorable, don’t just be on the sheets but walk around the private areas with a tour guide and engulf as many things as possible. Who doesn’t wants to see what it feels like to be on the street of royal chambers?

Be with the guided tours as they are the only ones allowed inside the private premises and on the Buckingham palace road. See the plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Have eyes on the rose garden at Hyde park corner. Watch the sweeping lawns overlooking the walled oasis.

4. Don’t Engage In False Activities

In between fun and joy, crossing the limit is never an option. Abstain from doing anything that could be of penalty or even larger fines.

Queen’s official London residence is no less than the house of royal collection trust, hence obeying entry time and having a guided tour will be useful.

5. Don’t Touch Or Pluck Anything

In order to have fun, remember that everything involve is in the royal collection and shouldn’t be touched or plucked by the public when in Buckingham Palace Picnic. A 156-meter herbaceous border and bay leave everywhere, making one fall for every beauty the eyes witness. Any discrepancies could lead to making your fun trip not so fun anymore!

There are mulberry trees planted by Queen Victoria and hawthorn berries, a wildflower meadow, and of course, the royal garden. These are for appreciating and not for plucking, twisting. Going on your selected dates helps you to enjoy things at your own pace.


Photo by Roméo from Pexels

6. Witness The Museum

There is a museum inside the Palace open for the public to come and watch. Don’t miss this spectacular part while being at Buckingham Palace.

It will add value to already existing valuable memories of fun Buckingham Palace Picnic. Elizabeth II and her favorite piece of art. Being able to look closely at all these things is magical within.

7. Garden At Buckingham Palace

Explore Buckingham palace and the garden at Buckingham Palace where the majesty queen has her home and plane trees are to be found. Glare at as many things as your heart allows you to and just don’t stop admiring this moment’s picturesque beauty.

8. Famous Lake View

Not many know that there is a secret riverside in the Buckingham Palace Picnic premises. Having a glance at where the majesty queen Elizabeth II 2021 walks around is an enthralling rush in itself. John Campbell had added essence by taking a picturesque click of the waterfall.

Winding paths make sunny days also refreshing and the garden at Buckingham palace adds beauty to everything. A famous lake is in between the Buckingham Palace gardens and a secret place for Buckingham palace bees.

9. Most Importantly, Make Plans On Selected Dates

Keep the calendar in mind while planning to go for Buckingham Palace Picnic. It can be a self-guided tour too if one doesn’t want to have a guided tour instead in Buckingham palace.

10. Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2021 And Her Palace Gardens

Seeing a garden that is full of hawthorn berries, mulberry trees, a picnic spot, and being able to take this all at its own pace is desirable and worthy of every minute while on Buckingham Palace Picnic.

Plane trees planted by Prince Albert and the rose garden combination are a rare sight to be looked at in one go.


Royal collection trust makes everything more precious and maintainable. There are always never-ending things to be included if Buckingham Palace Picnic comes into the picture. Having fun all day around the Palace with the near/dear ones can be a great treat.

Avoid unnecessary violations to keep the day bright and happy. As the airport-style security makes this a bit tough to carry certain things, avoid littering in the gardens and abstain from doing unnecessary screaming.


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