A Guide To Christmas Markets Berlin

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Berlin is renowned for being an exciting, pulsating city with something to satisfy every type of traveler. The same is true of its Christmas Markets Berlin. In a manner, Christmas markets are the most well-liked tourist attractions in all of Europe. These markets follow an ancient German custom. They can trace their experiences back to the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

It should come as no surprise that Berlin has a sizable selection of Christmas markets given that it is the largest city in the nation that invented them. Throughout the holiday season, one can visit more than 60 different business sectors in Berlin.

December is a magical month! Also, this is particularly valid for Germany due to the Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte).

When Does The Christmas Markets Berlin Start?

A Guide to christmas markets berlin
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The principal Weihnachtsmärkte begins toward the finish of November and goes on during the month of Advent. There are not many that one can visit after December or in January.

Christmas Markets Opening Dates 2022

The holiday marketplaces The dates for each of Berlin’s more than 60 markets will differ because there are so many of them. In order to organize the trip, a subset of the Berlin Christmas markets’ dates is provided.

November 21 to December 26 will see the opening of the Berlin Christmas Markets. Between December 26 and December 31, just the Weihnachtsmärkte and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church will be accessible.

Many of these Christmas markets Berlin is only open for a single day and a short period of time! In Berlin, several Christmas markets only open at the end of the week, and certain industries have unusual closure dates.

Stay For Christmas Markets Berlin

For the Berlin Christmas markets, the southern portion of the Mitte and the areas near Checkpoint Charlie and Alexanderplatz are ideal.

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Also, a large portion of the principal Weihnachtsmärkte is inside this area within a short walking distance. However, to be near the best Christmas market in Berlin, remain close to Checkpoint Charlie. One can find the best hotel deals within the budget from mid-range to luxurious hotel availability

Christmas Markets Berlin – Where To Find?


What to Eat at Berlin’s Christmas Markets?

A Guide To Christmas Markets Berlin
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The sheer amount of Christmas markets in Berlin is overwhelming, and arriving at one of them and trying to decide what to eat, out of the dozens of lovely stalls, can seem like an impossible task.

Holiday Market The neighbourhood around the church begins to smell like hot cocoa, sangria, handmade eggs, and roasted nuts every year in November or December. German cuisine and beverages are well-known worldwide. Visitors can sample this treat while strolling around the Berlin Christmas markets.

What To Do In Christmas Markets Berlin?

Visit an Ice Bar

Berlin Icebar put one on Wow with its mixed drink and the interior of the bar which is made out of ice including furniture, and glasses in which drink is served.

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Icebar tickets are booked ahead of here.

Address: Spandauer Str. 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Take a Christmas Boat Voyage

Take a boat voyage on the Spree River and respect the happily embellished city center and become familiar with the captivating history of the city.

Visit the Christmas Garden in Christmas Markets Berlin

From November to January, the Botanical nursery walk takes visitors to a mystical fantasy. Drench oneself in an immense ocean of lights while walking around.

Supper With a View

Appreciate incredible perspectives on the happily enlivened town from the Sphere café. The café possesses the notorious TV tower, arranged squarely in the core of the city. It’s the ideal spot to partake in Christmas lights while one feasts.

Christmas markets Berlin the most famous main attraction is Berlin TV Tower. Booking tickets for the Sphere café in advance is prudent.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas spirit begins with Christmas shopping There are very nearly 70 malls in Berlin. It’s a paradise for each shopping sweetheart, particularly during the Christmas deals.

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Berlin also contains Friedrichsstraße, Kaufhaus des Westens, and the renowned shopping centre Alexa Shopping Center. Kaufhaus des Westens is one of Continental Europe’s largest retail conglomerates.

Christmas Markets Berlin, How To Reach?

Via Train

The Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) is in the Mitte locale, solidly in the city centre. It’s associated with the open vehicles to all aspects of the city. Check plans and book tickets online at Deutsche Bahn’s official webpage.

Via Air

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is found 18km southeast of the city. One can fly from Glasgow, Newcastle, and numerous other European urban communities.

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One can reserve a taxi to travel comfortably to the hotel from the Brandenburg Gate air terminal.

Christmas Markets Berlin Food Market Stalls

Visitors can have roasted nuts, roasted sausage, ginger cookies, red wine, hot chocolate, and more for a fair price.


A guide to christmas markets berlin
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German Beer the Glühwein keeps visitors warm. Glühwein a red wine, is available in many different flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, citrus, and sugar.

Wine varieties, for example, cherry or blueberry can be found. Glühwein mit schuss, is a mulled wine with a dose of alcohol.

Glühwein arrives in a beautified mug. One needs to pay a couple of euros store furthermore for the mug. Visitors can keep the mug as a gift or return it. Each market has an alternate mug. Before purchasing investigate the market and choose a favourite one.


Eierpunsch is one of the most famous during winter. Visitors will be surprised to be served egg-based cocktails like egg nog.


Poppyseed stollen, Nut stollen, and Marzipan stollen are actually sweet bread covered with crushed sugar powder.


A heart covered with dull chocolate gingerbread incorporates shaded icing engravings.


Schmalzkuchen looks like doughnuts decorated with powdered sugar and serve in a paper box.


A guide to christmas Markets Berlin
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Bratwurst is a delicacy of the hotdogs and it’s worth visiting Christmas markets.

Best Christmas Markets Berlin

It’s difficult to conclude which Christmas markets Berlin to visit, here are a few berlin Christmas markets to help visitors. This rundown incorporates the famous Christmas markets in Berlin.

Winter World or Winter forest on Potsdamer Platz

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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Consistently Potsdamer Platz transforms into an Alpine winter world, including a wide range of fun exercises. The feature is the monster sled run with a perspective on Brandenburg’s door. What’s more, there are a 500 square meters outdoor ice arena.

Lucia Christmas Market

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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The charming Kulturbrauerei’s courtyard is where the Lucia Christmas Market, one of Berlin’s largest indoor New Year’s Eve celebrations, is located. The Kulturbrauerei is a former brewery that has been transformed into a cultural hub.

It’s a Nordic Christmas market, named after Saint Lucia. Holy person Lucia is a goddess of light, revered in the Nordic countries. To experience the coziest air out of the Christmas markets Berlin, with enchanting wooden lodges and a diverse blend of stalls.

This Christmas market offers a wide assortment of global treats, going from a small truck offering absinth to slowing down selling Finnish strengths, French salami, Icelandic desserts, and Sami gems.

Spandau Citadel

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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The Largest Christmas market in Berlin happens in the beguiling Old Town of Spandau. There are more than 250 slows down during the non-weekend days and north of 400 at the ends of the week.

Spandau Citadel is a suburb on the city’s edges. It might look far on the guide, however, one can undoubtedly arrive at it from Alexanderplatz (or Zoologischer Garten) with the S-Bahn.

A great many shimmering lights make a festive atmosphere. Furthermore, at the core of the market. Wednesdays are family days and this is ideal for a photograph with Santa Claus. Each Friday there is a stage performance, beginning at 06:00 PM.

Christmas Magic at Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market Berlin

A guide christmas markets berlin
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Berlin’s most popular Christmas market is Gendarmenmarkt. Situate near the Checkpoint Charlie and to a most impressive selection of buildings like the Concert Hall, the German and French Churches

Christmas tree with a phase with live ensemble exhibitions. It is truly mysterious around evening time.

The wooden slows down offer exceptionally high-quality items by craftsmen as gifts or for keepsakes. One can find hot refreshments, connoisseur treats and fine wines can be found at the WeihnachtsZauberBar.

With a DJ party on New Year’s Eve and an enormous light show market gets close. There is an entrance fee of 1euro, to avoid extra cost, visit it between 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM. As of now, the affirmation is free (just non-weekend days, except 24, 25, 26, and 31 December). The ticket costs €6 on New Year’s Eve.

Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Markets Berlin

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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Charlottenburg Palace Christmas market with its rich setting inside the royal residence patio, and a bigger external market loaded up with wonderful wooden chalets selling bubbly treats, makes it one of the most festive spirit Christmas markets in berlin.

Put out in a few hours at this heartfelt location, reaching here is a marvelous and heartfelt experience. For a lovely view over this Berlin Christmas market try to use the stairwell up to the free perspective on top of the Hungarian cabin.

One can visit Bröhan Museum to avoid crowds. Bröhan Museum, which offers its little market (open on specific dates), with a couple of slows down selling truly reasonable nibbles and far fewer groups.

Alexanderplatz Christmas Markets Berlin

This is one of the best Christmas markets in Berlin to consolidate the Christmas villages. Market under the famous TV Tower lies between the Galeria Kaufhof retail chain and the Alexa shopping mall.

The market has an outdoor ice arena, with a carnival ride, and a Santa Claus party house. Ore Mountain pyramid is the biggest in Europe (with more than 5000 lights) and is a major centre of attraction.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Christmas Markets Berlin

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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This Weihnachtsmarkt is set in the scenery of the lovely Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It is the nearest market to the Berlin Zoo. The 25 feet high Christmas tree and merrily beautified stores with Christmas lights put visitors in the right occasion temperament.

Over 170 wooden slows down offer carefully assembled tree decorations and toys. Christmas Markets Berlin is an incredible spot for gifts and trinkets.

On New Year’s Eve, there is a Christmas lights show at 06:00 PM, 08:00 PM, 10:00 PM, and 12 PM.

Traditional Christmas Market at Klunkerkranich

To experience the traditional Christmas markets in Berlin, go to the most famous Christmas market at Klunkerkranich. The best way to get there is through a lift this Berlin Christmas market is situated on the rooftop of a retail outlet.

It resembles a little Christmas mission! Toward the finish of the mission, one will be awarded a beautiful panoramic view of the Christmas market on Berlin’s horizon.

This interesting Berlin Christmas market is full of foods and drinks, with a variety of Christmas artworks, selling things as peculiar as inked oranges.

In very Berlin fashion, individuals can expect some workmanship establishments sprinkled all through the happy market.

Christmas markets Berlin at Roten Rathaus

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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50m high Ferris wheel wow everyone at Berlin Christmas market. From the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz, one can enjoy 600 square meters of ice arena and zoo with animals like jackasses, sheep, and horses at these Christmas Markets Berlin will give an amazing experience.

At 04:30 PM, 06:30 PM, and 08:30 PM everyday little one gets an opportunity to see flying Santa Claus through the skies on his sled.

Friedrichstrasse Christmas Markets Berlin


This market is a comfortable size and can be covered with a short walk. the not entirely obvious area that works everything out such that unique.

Found just external one of the city’s most active train stations, it’s unexpected how serene this Berlin Christmas market feels, with its romantic glow of lights establishments and exceptionally one-of-a-kind seating region — hi, underground comfortable chalets!

This specific Christmas market in Berlin is characterized as “inconspicuous”, try to visit this Christmas Market Berlin.

Christmas Markets Berlin – What to Buy?


Here are a few of the top souvenirs and presents that visitors may buy at the Christmas markets Berlin.

Bear-Themed Christmas Decorations in Christmas Market

Because the bear has been a part of the town’s ensign since the 1200s and later evolved into the adorable “Berlin partner bears” in 2001, bear-shaped statues can be found all over the town.

For this reason, there are many Christmassy souvenirs that pay homage to the well-known city mascot in some way or another as one wanders about the Christmas markets Berlin.

Make it a point to purchase a bear-themed gift to commemorate your visit to this exciting city because you won’t find them at any other German Christmas markets.

The Iconic Mugs Of Christmas Markets Berlin

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Christmas Markets Berlin is extremely famous for keepsakes one can buy a mug at a reasonable price as well.

Lebkuchen (Gingerbread Cookies) of Christmas Market

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In Christmas markets Berlin, German gingerbread cookies are very well-known. At the Berlin Christmas market, you may discover these eye-catching goodies in a bear-molded structure or with bear icing improvement, making them unique to the town! These eye-catching delights are as essential for a German Christmas market as the lights are to the Christmas tree!

Bona fide German Christmas Ornaments

Multifaceted handcrafted Christmas trimmings are common in most Christmas Markets Berlin and something extremely customary to these happy fairs. That is the reason they make the ideal keepsake to bring back home and draw out each memorable Christmas visitor excursion abroad.

Novel Berlin Christmas Market Finds

From these Christmas markets, one should get something that honestly proclaims, “I was in Berlin.” There are many odd items in Berlin that one may find at a Berlin Christmas market.

These kinds of peculiar items, when combined with a dash of humour, would create a truly amazing memento or even gift, are abundant at Berlin’s Christmas markets.

Paper Stars in the Christmas market

A guide to christmas markets berlin
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The sentimental paper stars in the Christmas markets Berlin are a gift that is easier for everyone to understand the significance of. which slows down at the Berlin Christmas markets while swinging from the tops of several.

A beautiful gift that will provide a smidgen of cosiness and warmth to any area is made possible by these alluring paper patterns. Since they can be stacked on top of one another and easily stowed in luggage, they are also incredibly easy and lightweight to pack.

Porcelain Christmas Village House in the Christmas market

This is probably not the most sensible item to pick up in the Christmas markets Berlin. The trouble will be more than worthwhile if one can return home with it intact.

These wildly decorated porcelain Christmas houses can be found throughout Berlin’s Christmas Markets, and while they are beautiful to behold while passing, they also make for a truly wonderful holiday present.

These will make incredibly thoughtful gifts for anyone who enjoys getting into the holiday mood.

Neighbourhood Liquor from the Christmas market

Christmas markets in Berlin are full of plenty of little shops selling remarkable distinctive merchandise, from specialities to palatable products and mixers. One can bring back a sample of German local liquor, while likewise supporting a private company.

Customized Items from the Christmas market

A unique gift for someone special or a fantastic way to honor one Christmas trip abroad are both possible with a personalized item.

At Berlin’s Christmas markets, a broad variety of personalized items can be purchased, ranging from hand-painted cups to modified hardwood covers. These items can be personalized right away with a name or message to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift!


Opening dates for traditional Christmas market is released one can plan their trip to old town and Christmas markets in Berlin accordingly and experience the festive atmosphere from November to December.


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