A Guide to 11 Best Bars London Bridge

Bars London Bridge- Shard
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A surprising amount of tiny Bars London Bridge are tucked away on London Bridge. An area that was previously very dull has been busy decorating itself with some pretty hip bars. You can be sure that you’ll find a respectable drinking establishment at Bars London Bridge whether you’re taking your normal walking route to South London or just passing on a weekend city vacation.

Unseen and other chic little pubs can be found around the neighborhood. There are London bridge pubs for every taste, from Italian bars & sunny cocktail terraces to hip drinking dens and vintage hideaways. You can find the historic pub just a stone’s throw from bob’s lobster wine bar to London bridge’s best bars.

Bars London Bridge & Best London Bridge Pubs

The ideal location in the city to change for a train is London Bridge, which is something of an icon in the city. We’re talking about some of the best bars & pubs on London Bridge, from obscure antique treasures and sports bars to quaint gastropubs and cocktail lounges tucked away down cobblestone lanes.

1. Nine Lives London Bridge Bars

Who doesn’t adore a cozy, small-town cocktail bar with a tonne of distinctive personality? Nine Lives offers something unique amid a sea of slick London Bridge bars, and we adore it for that reason.

It proudly advertises itself as a “neighborhood pub” with a mission to do good for patrons and the world and is only a short stroll from London Bridge station.

The first indication that this is a little exceptional is entering a basement that is loaded with tropical plants. A moment later, the vintage-chic music. However, Nine Lives really shines because of its cocktails.

Their cocktail menu, which was painstakingly created by “giving a sh*t about anything,” is exquisite. There are a few well-known people there, but going for the specials is half the excitement. A weird but oh-so-drinkable concoction of rum, pineapple rum, bitters, lime, and egg white, Tropicalifornication is one of those drinks that makes you want to order another before you’ve even finished the first.

Nine Lives has a generally laid-back atmosphere, but on Saturday nights, it comes to life and hosts a massive celebration. Jugs of cocktails and dancing? Please, yes.

It’s one of the only bars we’ve ever seen completely packed on a Tuesday night, so reserve a table in advance no matter what night you attend. We’d even add that this bar offers the finest cocktails London Bridge has to offer.

2. Gong Shard

The other Bars London Bridge is Gong Shard. Sometimes you want a drink, and other times only the most expensive beverage will do. When it happens, you ought to go to Gong at the Shard.

How many places let you enjoy your drink while feeling pretty fantastic while taking in the scenery? One word comes to mind: Gong. The Shard, London’s tallest structure, is home to the city’s highest bar, which, surprise, boasts views to match.

This isn’t your typical bar serving champagne and mixed drinks. The drinks menu offers a variety of Asian-inspired cocktails, from the Singaporean Temasek to a deliciously bitter Chinese Jianguo. Of course, the views from the 52nd level and the upscale drinks are not free.

Save it for a big night out because the last time we stopped here, cocktails were around £20 each. At these costs, you want the wow factor, so we advise making reservations in advance to secure a table with a view.

The views from the Atrium Bar maybe even better than those from Gong, which is located on level 31 of the Shard. There is a great wine list with top wines from all over the world, and the cocktail menu is just as spectacular as you’d expect.

It’s one of the greatest drinking spots on London Bridge because of the outstanding beverage menu, which is located over the city’s skyline. Oh, and the views, which are both better and cozier than those of any London Bridge rooftop bar.

Shard Bar and Pub
Image from Shard

There is a great wine list with top wines from all over the world, and the cocktail menu is just as spectacular as you’d expect. The elements are the inspiration for the drinks, which range from the hot sake-based Coalescence to the water-inspired Heavenly Punched, which combines gin, vodka, peach, tangerine, cardamom, Norfolk sage, and a sprinkle of black pepper for good measure.

At the bar, reservations are not possible, so all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for a window seat to open up. If you’re looking for a late-night pub in London Bridge, it’s a great option because it’s open till 3 am on the weekends.

3. Atrium Bar on London Bridge

The views from the Atrium Bar might be even greater than those at Gong on of the Shard, despite its slightly lower elevation. You can find craft beer, classic cocktails, signature cocktails, Spanish food, craft beer, and post-work drinks here.

Due to the outstanding drink menu, it’s one of the greatest spots to drink on London Bridge while looking over the city’s skyline. Oh, and the views, which are cozier than those at any rooftop bar on London Bridge.

A fantastic wine list with top selections from across the world is available, and the cocktail menu is just as impressive as you’d expect.

The elements are the inspiration for the drinks, which range from the hot sake-based Melding to the liquid Heavenly Punched, which combines gin, vodka, peach, tangerine, cardamom, Norfolk sage, and a sprinkle of black pepper for comparison purposes.

Since reservations are not accepted at the bar, all you can do is hope your fingers & toes that a window seat will become available. It’s a great option if you’re searching for a late-night pub in London Bridge because it’s open till 3 am on the weekends.

4. Hide Bar

Given that the Hide Bar is right adjacent to the Wine & Spirits Education Trust, it’s hardly surprising that they have such a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, with a strong focus on regional options. In actuality, most of the drinks served at Hide Bar come from locations less than 2 kilometers away.

The Hide Bar
Image from The Hide Bar

Most of the drinks are based on well-known London landmarks & icons, like the Chiswick Flower Market, in keeping with the regional theme. Vodka, flowers, lavender bitters, lemon, and honey cloud combine to create a silky-smooth drink that is just divine.

The emphasis on regionally produced spirits sets Hide Bar apart as one of the top cocktail bars close to London Bridge station (it’s only a five-minute walk).

5. Tonio Bar

When does a bar turn into a restaurant? To be perfectly honest, Bar Tozino excels at both. Although it is a tapas bar, we bet that even if you removed the food, customers would still flock there in droves since the wines are so excellent.

Fortunately for all of us, you can have both drinks and food at the same time. And that’s a very wonderful thing because the tapas at Bar Tozino is as delicious as the wine, champagne, and cervezas (beers), OMG.

The majority of tapas in London are subpar imitations of Spanish cuisine, lacking the joy & flavor that make Spanish cuisine so alluring in the first place.

Unbeknownst to us, Bar Tozino deftly avoids all of that to provide you with a true tapas bar with all the zing and taste of the real thing.

6. Prosecco House

Prosecco is loved by everyone. It’s all bubbles and glitz and making you feel like you’re in the spotlight. Perfect for a fun night out with your pals or a special occasion.

Really, it was only a matter of time until you learned that London Bridge had a prosecco bar. Come inside the Prosecco House, a proud champion of the art of sparkling wine.

The straightforward bar is chic but not ostentatious and is situated at One Tower Bridge. Prosecco is the focus here instead, with carefully chosen options from around the globe. There are several traditional selections as well as some novel ones, such as a 26° Brut with no added sugar.

Even for London Bridge, the rates are a bit high, but after a few glasses of prosecco, you won’t really notice.

7. Whiskey Ginger

Although there are many excellent bars on London Bridge, Whiskey Ginger stands out. It has a fantastic position right near the busy Borough Market with a huge, huge selection of whiskies. The team is available to offer suggestions and guidance on how to better taste & enjoy the dark spirit for those who are new to drinking whisky.

If you prefer the beverages mixed, there is also a sizable cocktail menu. There are additional possibilities besides the majority, which are made with whisky.

Whiskey Ginger
Image from Whiskey Ginger

We’ll be honest now. Both blessings and curses come with the site. In one sense, it’s ideal for a cheeky drink.

On the other side, if it gets crowded, you can find yourself drinking while someone’s purse is in your face. Don’t be deterred by it. The whisky makes an effort worthwhile.

8. 40 Maltby Street

Given that a winery owns this London Bridge bar, you would anticipate the wine to be top-notch. It is, of course, but the amazing food almost surpasses it.

Among the best bars in London Bridge, in our opinion, is 40 Maltby Street because of the combination of wonderful wine and delectable food.

Both adhere to the principles of the proprietors Gergovie Wines, who support fuss-free winemaking that minimizes the use of additives.

You can purchase a couple of bottles to take home if, as is extremely likely, you fall head over heels for their wine. This becomes risky after a few drinks.

Their meal likewise matches their no-frills philosophy. Amazing charcuterie boards make a wonderful addition to some evening beverages, but the main courses are delicious. It’s the kind of spot where you could easily stay all night.

9. The Boot & Flogger

Sometimes all you want to do is go to a bar and feel incredibly upscale. The Boot & Flogger may very well be that location.

Although its moniker may not immediately conjure images of “prim and proper,” its wine list most certainly does. Make no mistake; this is among London Bridge’s top wine bars.

 Boot and Flogger
Image from Boot and Flogger

Keep in mind a few varietals so you can name them later and wow your affluent friends; the Valserrano Gran Reserva ought to do the trick.

Surprisingly, Boot & Flogger’s rates are quite affordable despite the fact that it may be London’s first wine bar and has a superb reputation.

10. Doodle Bar

A pub where you could write on the walls may have seemed like a passing fad to some. Even after a brief shutdown, Doodle Bar continues to be a popular spot for cocktails near London Bridge.

To the joy of both residents and guests, the bar is now permanently open. Yes, you may still draw on the walls; in fact, they even supply the chalk.

Additionally, there is ping pong and cocktails, of course. Although they’re tasty and reasonably priced, the activities are what really set Doodle Bar apart.

In addition, they often schedule seminars and activities, such as screenings of movies and screen printing. Sports events are frequently shown on the large screen as well.

On game day, it’s not exactly a sports pub in London Bridge, but it’s fairly close.

It’s an enjoyable and distinctive product that is a well-loved gem for a good cause, without question.

11. Alexander Pub

The last on the list of Bars London Bridge is Alexander Pub. Their Tooley Street establishment, which has a lovely design, is among the greatest bars near London Bridge. You are reminded of London Bridge by the arched ceilings.

The bar boasts its own petanque pitch, which may not be as well known as the rest of its outstanding features. Because having a glass of wine while playing petanque, a variation of boules is something that each Londoner needs to do once in a while.

It’s a cozy, elegant spot to savor some amazing wines just a short walk or totter from some of London’s most famous landmarks, including The Shard and Tower Bridge.

Additionally, they prepare some delectable meals in association with local butchers Ginger Pig, such as a steak pie made using meat from the North Yorkshire farm of the owners. The bar is open during the week but is only open for private bookings on the weekends.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on Bars London Bridge. We hope you like it. The area covered by London Bridge is surprisingly large, with Southwark at one end and Maltby Street & Tower Bridge at the other.

If you want to go bar hopping, Bermondsey Street & Maltby Street are fantastic places to start because they are home to a lot of Bars in London Bridge.



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