A Complete Guide to Visit The Eagles Nest this Year!

eagles nest
Image by Thomas from Pixabay

A reminder of Adolf Hitler, the Eagles nest is a piece of history and a beautiful tourist spot for anyone visiting Germany. The Eagle’s nest is high up in kehlstein mountain and is known as kehlsteinhaus. The place used to have Nazis come over in the past for a cup of coffee and government meetings.

The Eagles nest is an amazing tourist attraction that you will love to see and have a cup of coffee high up in the mountains with a view that traps your heart with beauty and history.

The place has its historical significance as it is one of the houses Hitler survived, and the site is in good condition for you to go there and enjoy. Let us see how history has changed the place and why you should visit it if you go to Germany.

The Eagles Nest

The Eagles nest is not just any historical place but a reminder of Adolf Hitler and that this place was only one of the very few left unscathed by the public and the revolutionaries when Hitler’s houses were being burned down and getting destroyed.

At the top of kehlstein mountain lies this beauty which leaves you amazed by its beauty and breathtaking panoramic view. The Eagles nest is an amazing escape for you. If you plan to go to Germany and want to experience history from the third Reich, you have come to the right place.

The place is some kilometers above Hitler’s Berghof, which is summer house of Hitler.

The place is not reachable around winter, the roads are blocked, and the mountains make it tough for you to venture.

Anyone who visits the Eagles nest dives into the panorama view at the top, engulfing their heart from the picture.

You can reach this place either by bus or on foot which might be a little tedious, but if you are a fan of hiking and want to enjoy some decent leg workout, it is a 2-hour walk, or you have the bus tickets for the Eagles nest.

The number of buses from Berchtesgaden is 2 and Salzburg is 2, the tour is beautiful, and you should go for it.

The place is now a restaurant, and outside you can get good beers with your friends and enjoy it fathomlessly.

When does Eagles nest Open?

Around mid-May, the Eagles nest is accessible only around this time of the year. The outcast weather of the place makes it not so reachable for the people; the snow is harsh, and it will probably be impossible for you to reach the site after October.

eagles nest
Image by Ralf Siebeck from Pixabay

Eagle’s Nest Restaurant

The Eagles nest turned into a restaurant with a good vibing beer garden. This place in the bavarian alps gives you a view of Austria and Germany simultaneously.

The place offers good food and has a more aesthetic and classic vibe. The upper part of the Eagles nest is used as a restaurant.

The basement rooms are not the place to serve food. You can but get a tour of the site, the way the olden times of Adolf Hitler.

The time of the Third Reich can be experienced which smells of history and private tour of the place can be done now with lots of german tourism companies might be offering.

The place was, though, at some point after 1960, didn’t allow outside guided tours because of the nazis and new influencers of the old regime.

The Eagles nest is also the place for the wedding of Eva Braun and served quite the german officers and important people under Adolf Hitler.

The Bavarian government spared the Eagle’s nest and was handed to a charitable trust that now runs the course around this amazing historical piece.

A charitable trust maintains the staff and everything around the place, and the site will make you experience your knowledge from the old era.

eagles nest
Image by Charles from Pixabay

Eagle’s Nest Amenities

Now in this modern era with so much advancement, we have a parking lot for the infamous Eagles nest.

The place is convenient for people with their vehicles going for a good hike or just german folks going for a nice historic session with their friends and families.

The vehicles which are having trailers are not allowed in this parking space. The place also doesn’t enable ATVs, so be careful if you have any of you going with your vehicle.

The Eagles nest offers you an experience of its own. The place is more of a tourist spot with a restaurant around which some good soft music is in the air. With its historical vibe, the site will quench the thirst of all you historians to look at a piece of history so closely unscathed.

Even though most of the things which were originally present back at that time were either sold or stolen from the time of world war ii and only Mussolini’s gift remains, which was given to Hitler by him.

Important Things to Remember before Heading!

1. Guided Tour

If you think that you need someone to help you with all the stuff and guide you, there are lots of people and organizations that offer you packages that might you might be interested in. Even though this tour can be completely done by yourself, if you insist, there are options for you available.

Before you go, check the terms and conditions regarding the fare charges and how they are being divided by the agency you are booking from. Some might not have the fare included in your Bayern ticket, which happens sometimes, so do remember to check.

2. Stations nearby Eagles nest

Well, this is the stop where you get the bus ticket for Eagles nest, and somehow you don’t want to go for the buses and want to skip on this part, it’s ok. Now it is like time for you where about 2 to around 3 hours have to be given for climbing up to this beautiful site.

The hike is not that easy if you are going around with your hunch but if you have experience and have the strength to do it well, do it, else you have the option of the bus where you can buy tickets for a round trip and arrive on time from the top.

3. How to go

If you are going with the guides, your package will cover the entrance fee for the place along with the bus and everything, depending on the policies of the tour company.

Get to Berchtesgaden, the closest town to an eagle’s nest. No matter if you are traveling from Munich or Salzburg, get to this one first, this one is the most intimate, and this is the stop from where you will be headed for the next step of your destination.

eagles nest
Image by Felix-Mittermeier.de from Pixabay

Get a Bayern ticket; make sit super easy for you to travel across Bavaria, which is convenient and eases up on your pocket.

Buses are available for Berchtesgaden from Munich and Salzburg, which are covered in Bayern tickets, and pocket friendly. The place Berchtesgaden can be enjoyed individually as well if you can take a day off and just the same town. The site is beautiful. You might like it.

Visit the documentation center. The place shows you the history and if there’s a historian inside of you, visit it. The documentation center will not disappoint you at all.

Again if you want to avoid that walk up that hill, go for the bus.

Kehlsteinparkplatz, from this place, you’ll be going through the tunnel and then later on the elevator, which will stop at the Eagle’s nest, which is finally your destination.

Parking space, which was chiseled through a good solid rock, is available, so if you own a car and are up for a hike, you have options.


Enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains and diving into the pool of deep-end history of Hitler is nothing better than visiting an eagles nest with a glass of beer and good food in front of you. The place is a treat for the eyes and the tongue, with all that knowledge running around the edges of that beautiful architectural wall, a treat for that amazing mind of yours. The place has a long wait for everyone waiting for it to open, and tours are just worth all your time.

The trail of old times with a steep road and great photos, a good time with family and children. It is a nice catch for a tourist spot; the location is just stunning with beautiful views. It is a must-visit for you, amazing for children or anyone who wants to see experience high places with just breathtaking views. Visit Eagles nest, and you won’t be disappointed.












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