A Complete Guide to Astonishing Whitsunday Islands

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Whitsunday Islands is a popular holiday and tourism destination. It lies between the great barrier reef and queens island, Australia. Most of the islands here are uninhabited. It is a dream place for campers, resort-loungers, boaters, fishers and divers.

Whitehaven beach is one of the finest beaches in Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Airlie beach is the main gateway to all Whitsunday islands. You can also find a ferry, flight and other means for travelling to other islands from Airlie Beach.

These islands are mostly popular for eating, sleeping, partying, and tourism. Let’s take a look at different beaches and various Islands that are part of the Whitsunday Islands.

Note: There are no volcanoes or volcanic activity in the Whitsunday Islands area.

Different Beaches in Whitsunday Islands

1. Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Islands

The Whitehaven beach is a 4.3-mile-long sand beach on the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. It lies across stockyard beach. The island is accessible from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island via boat, seaplane and helicopter.

whitehaven beach
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Reach from Airlie Beach

Pay a day trip to Whitehaven beach with yachts, powerboats, ferry, scenic flight and luxury cruise departing from Airlie beach. This beach is naturally decorated with brilliant white silica sand making Whitehaven beach look stunning.

People enjoy scuttling their legs inside the sand and the waves of water on Whitehaven beach. Stay at Beach Club and enjoy a private beach area or choose to stay at Beachfront Hamilton Island to enjoy a sea view balcony.

2. Hook Island in Whitsunday Islands

Welcome to the 53 square kilometres wide Hook Island to spend your vacation. It is the second-largest island in the Whitsunday Islands group and it comes within the national park territory. It is one of the must-visit places in Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

hook island
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Your tour is incomplete without witnessing the beautiful natural surrounding waters off Hook Island. It offers fantastic diving and snorkelling sites. Its secluded beach, fringing reefs, safe anchorages, multiple moorings, and sailing conditions makes it the perfect destination.

Ideal kayaking, deep inlets, picturesque bays and natural shelters are the major attractions on Hook Island. The Picturesque Stonehaven beach is the perfect spot to stay overnight, whereas Luncheon Bay and Maureen’s Cove feature quality snorkelling sites.

3. Lindeman Island

It is one of the best-known islands in the Lindeman national park area, Australia and it is also popularly known as the Yara-Kimba. The island is named after the sub-lieutenant George Sidney Lindeman of the Royal Navy. It is a tropical island and one of the most spectacular islands in the Whitsunday Islands.

Lindeman Island
Photo By Theo from Flickr

Rich in Natural Beauty

Such is its natural beauty and amazing scenery that you wish to live here forever. The rare snapper-bream fish is found on Lindeman Island. It is a part of the Whitsunday Islands and is mostly a national park. that is why it is also called the bushwalking paradise.

Walking Tracks, Hill View and More

It provides more than 20 km of walking tracks throughout the valley. Climb Mt Oldfield to view the stunning lookout of Lindeman Island, Hamilton Island and Whitsunday Island. The only resort available on the island is rendered unusable but a new resort is about to be prepared in the upcoming years.

4. Armit Island

It is a little-visited island in the north of the Whitsunday. It boasts a fringing living reef, secluded anchorage, and nesting birds from October to March making visiting Armit Island a worthwhile visit.

armit island
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Watch BirdLife

This island of Australia is known for its amazing birdlife. It is a peaceful site for sailing around and suitable for camping. They don’t have any resort or any other facility on this island and that is why it is the least visited island.

Nonetheless, the natural beauty is worth a visit to Armit Island. Abundant birdlife viewing, photography, kayaking and snorkelling are the major attractions here.

5. South Molle Island

The island is located at the centre of the Whitsunday Islands. There is a raised road to walk across the low tide Molle Island midway.

armit island
Photo by Theo from Flickr

Camping Site

It is a hilly island with secluded bays, fringing reefs and grasslands. You can access Molle Island from Shute harbour. It is a great spot for camping and viewing great colourful birdlife. The camping grounds are found at Sandy Bay and Paddle Bay. 

You can find here currawongs, lorikeets, and bush stone curlews the endangered bird species as these are the popular animals of Australia worth seeing.     

6. Escape Beach

Joint with the Hamilton Beach, Australia, Escape beach is one of the most beautiful beaches with natural beauty. It is a completely different side of Whitsundays Island.

Walk on Tracks

The tracks on Escape Beach go a long way to 20 kilometres with varying intensity. The clear calm waters from the ocean lapping onto the sand gives a magnificent view that you had never seen before.

Take a scenic trail on Escape beach preserved by huge outcrops stones. On your journey through Saddle Junction, you will be amazed to see a giant hammock of timber.

7. Hayman Island

It is one of the tops and high priority islands in all of the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. You can explore coral sea reefs, sink into waters and sink into luxury digs at the end of the day. Stay at an Island resort on Hayman Island that offers an infinity pool and much more to enjoy.

View of Great Barrier Reef

The resorts here have an astonishing view of the Great Barrier Reef of Australia from the backyard of the resort. Visit here between November to February to outlook the spectacular turtles nesting on the beaches and enjoy the widespread island in an area of 400 hectares.

Hayman is a Long Island and has a lot to offer for anyone looking to spend some peaceful and quality time on the secluded beach hideaway.

8. Conway National Park

national park
Photo by cattan2011 on Flickr

Welcome to Conway National Park. It is rich in scenic sights and secluded beaches. The rainforest-clad hills always covered in greenery have an awesome look. Respect the place as you be pleased with the beautiful prospect all around.

Limited Sites for Camping

You can walk along the long walking track all day long and camp in the popular hoop pines and bush campsites. You need to take permission for camping and there is a fee which you need to pay as there are limited sites available for camping in this part of Australia.

Enjoy Cycling

Cycling is too much fun on the mountain bike rides and pretty challenging overnight cross country hikes. You can stay at the Whitsunday area of Airlie beach resorts. Ferry, private charters, direct flights and motorboats are available from Whitsunday island group and Airlie beach.

Other Places to Visit in Whitsunday Islands

Given above are the major beaches and islands around the Whitsunday Islands. But that is not all because Whitsunday Islands has many islands and much more to offer. Here is a list of the other places that you can visit in Australia.

1. Bondi

It is one of the iconic beaches because the white sand and crystal clear water waves attract surfers. The locals keep swimming in the area all year round and walkers and joggers drop in on Bondi to take a view of Coogee coastal walk.

Something for Everyone

A laid back café is near Hall Street for health-conscious people while backpackers hit the local pub. The place can remind you of Maltby street market. Bondi Beach has steady waves and is great for a swim in the ocean but those who don’t like to swim can visit the saltwater sea bath constructed at both ends.

Enjoy hot barbeques over the grass at the northern end of the beach. You must know that alcohol is prohibited on the beach in Bondi, Australia.

2. Esperance

Photo by DON PUGH on Flickr

It is an Australian town that is home to calm Blue Haven beach and West beach. These offshore archipelago islands provide shelter to sea lions and seals. A pink lake nearby is truly astonishing as it is sometimes visible in the pink colour.

Stay Comfortably

The town itself is among the most visually attractive areas of Australia. There are plenty of places to stay- you can stay at the Comfort Inn Bay of Isles with a swimming pool or at Hospitality SureStay.

Stay with a View

Esperance seafront holiday with apartments and cottages are another great options to stay in. For example, Island view apartments are great with a view of the Island. Esperance Bay Holiday Park is the number one choice for spending a vacation for all these reasons.

3. Mornington Peninsula

It is the number one choice for tourism for millions of people. Experience a number of venues, fresh flavours, glorious gardens, seasonal produce and much more in the southern part of Australia. You can visit this place to have a vacation any time of the year.

Visit the wild and enjoy the wildlife. Sail all around to explore most islands and beaches, walk in the tracks to have an adventurous journey and have a breathtaking experience in the ropeway container in the mid of the air.

Natural attractions like sheltered beaches or the open seas attract most visitors. Crystal clear water of port Phillip and Western port are must-visit places in the Mornington Peninsula.

4. Noosa

It is a place with friendly and loving locals ready to make friends with you. Noosa is an Australian resort area known for its surfing. The Sunshine Beach in Noosa is crowded with boutiques and cafes.

A coastal trail connects the beaches to the Noosa national park. Spend your vacation on the slow beach days under the blue skies and the relaxing and calm seaplane with rolling waves of water will make you feel like you are in heaven.

Here world-class chefs will prepare the amazing and delightful local seasonal food. The native wildlife and amazing natural surroundings will make your holiday a memorable journey.

5. Jervis Bay

jervis bay
Photo by Leon Wilson on Flickr

It is an oceanic bay on the New South Wales South Coast with a village. A 70 square kilometre area of land is popularly known as the Jarvis Bay Territory. Sea sites are perfect for spending a day watching whales and dolphins.

Sail on a cruise in the mid of the ocean because watching the dolphins and whales is a completely amazing experience. Jervis Bay is home to seals, penguins, dolphins and sea birds.

Walk on the amazing white sands from Greenfield Beach to Hyams Beach. National parks like Jervis Marine Park and Boodereee National parks add to the beauty of Jervis Bay. 

6. Port Douglas

It lies in the far north of Queensland. Port Douglas is popular for its beach resorts which provide all facilities and a base place for the great barrier reef.

It is a gateway to Daintree National Park, which is home to biodiverse rainforest. Macrossan Street in Port Douglas is filled with restaurants and boutique shops, hence you can eat plenty and shop a lot when you are spending your vacation in Port Douglas.

Sightseeing around all beaches and reefs on a cruise or do sailing on a yacht all week long while exploring the low isles that are at a distance of 15 kilometres and is home to more than 150 species of coral.  

7. Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island
Photo by John Morton on Flickr

Towards the Southwest of Adelaide, Australia lies Kangaroo Island. It is a destination for natural wonder and nature-loving people. And, one-third of the island is covered by nature reserves.

You can reach here by taking a 45-minute ferry ride from Cape Jervis or taking a flight from Adelaide airport. Visit Kangaroo Island to look out for amazing wildlife like sea lions, koalas and a variety of bird species in their traditional home.

Explore the Flinders Chase National Park that lies west of Kangaroo Island. The penguins’ colonies found on this island are popular among visitors and the coastal rock formation on the east coast side provides an amazing scenic view.

8. Rottnest Island

Rest in the lap of nature in this nature reserve in the west of Australia. The amazing white sand beaches at sea level will take your breath away. The secluded coves are worth a visit because the basins and their shallow-water present a magnificent view.

Thompson Bay in the Rottnest Island is the ferry port where you can hire a yacht and motorboat for sailing and exploring around. Stickland Bay is the number one choice for surfers and the oceans around Rottnest Island have amazing snorkelling opportunities.

Enjoy the white sand and clear turquoise waters on the beaches of Rottnest Island and stay in a natural environment by cycling on the riding paths without any cars at all.

9. K’gari (Fraser Island)

K’gari Island also known as the Fraser Island lies in the southeast of Queensland, Australia and the island got its name after its traditional owners. It is a world heritage site and is listed as one of the largest sand islands. 

Visit this adventurous place where a surprise is waiting at every turn. The site is popular for tall rain forests, and perched lakes that are filled with rainwater throughout the year. Lookout for admirable marine life while sailing on a yacht and swimming in the crystal clear water.

Drive on the beachside in the open and feel the fresh air on your face. Witness the stunning shifting sand blows on beaches to feel the magic as soon as you will land on Fraser Island.

10. Hamilton Island

A close island to the Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island lies in Queensland, Australia. The coastal side is fringed by coral reefs and most of the land that is free from car rides is covered in bushes and lush vegetation.

Peak hills on the east side are the highest point and give a magnificent view of all the Islands around. Tour the site to sight the Kangaroos, Koalas and Kookaburras and stay in hotels with amazing views of Hamilton Island.

Choose the Palm Bungalows for a spacious place, pick the Reef View hotel to get a view of reefs from your stay or book a beach Club to enjoy the beach where you stay.

Activities to do in Whitsunday Islands

whitsunday island
Photo by Tom Reynolds on Flickr

The crystal clear preserved waters around the islands are perfect for activities like rafting, jet-skiing, snorkelling, sailing, swimming, diving and spotting whales and turtles.

Whitsundays Guided Jet Ski Tour

Ocean Rafting Tour to Hill Inlet – situated on the northern side of iconic Whitehaven beach, Hill inlet has a beautiful colour fusion with the shifting sands and water. People claim it to be the most beautiful scenery ever.

You must visit the tongue point when you reach the hill inlet to view the most spectacular view of the hill inlet through the Whitsunday Passage.

Whitsundays Sailing

Whitsundays islands biggest attraction is sailing. Get into a yacht or hire a houseboat to enjoy an adventurous quiet and peaceful vacation with your family.

Final Words

Whitsunday island is a popular tourist destination and a number one choice of many for spending their vacation. Million people visit here every year to enjoy the island and nature around.

The great barrier reef, white sands, crystal clear waters and other reefs are major tourist attractions. There are many activities that can be done like skiing, snorkelling, swimming, and watching whales, turtles and wildlife while exploring Whitsunday islands


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