9 Best Places to Visit in City Park Budapest

city park budapest
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A popular option for a nice stroll, City Park Budapest is the largest park and surely gives you a nice spot to chill and hang out with your friends and family.

The City Park Budapest has all the romantic and peaceful sites which you are looking for.

The whole area is a complete package and you can spend an entire day here, the restaurants are great with exceptional food to explore and cuisines to try.

From the exotic lake to the huge castle, the City Park Budapest offers many things as sightseeing for a nice stroll in the park. About a day is enough to explore this amazing and beautiful park.

1. Some History of City Park Budapest

The present-day City Park being the first Public park that was opened in the world surely put a smile on people’s faces. Previously a hunting ground with some nice trees being planted now has perfectly planned lanes.

You can simply get here through M1 Millenium underground entrance on Heroes square. The former name was Ökör-dűlő (Oxnmeadow) with its mention in the archaic form.

It was around 1241 when the name has its first mention in the archaic form. The official name has been changed sometimes and once the official name was Batthyány-erdő after the Batthyány family. In German, it was called Ochsenried.

It was called Ochsenried, it was called Ökör-dűlő and no matter what nobody expected this much popularity with guided tours and being one of the first public parks.

With museums having the first Hungarian astronaut and a nice place to eat, with cafes and restaurants, this place is now one of the most popular places in Europe.

2. Best Places You Must Visit in City Park Budapest

Let us look at some of the attractions which are worth your time and must be checked out here:

2.1. Heroes Square

A lot of history is embedded in this place. The Heroes Square is for the soldiers who died and how they helped in the national independence.

This whole place is rich with history from the Austrian rule and shows the depths of the struggle of the soldiers and the people.

When you are seeing this historical square your eyes will point towards the Millenium Memorial which is the site representing the history of Hungarians.

The archangel Gabriel Statue is also one of the main attractions of this place with Hungarian’s first king’s crown in his right hand and apostolic crosses in his left.

The statue of the seven chieftains of Hungary is also present here in heroes square.

The heroes square tells you the story of Hungary through statues of Hungarian kings and heroes.

A great way for you to experience the history for a nice stroll around the City Park of Budapest.

City Park Budapest
Image by Varga Jozsef Zoltan on Shutterstock

2.2. Andrássy Avenue

So, if you want to start your tour of Budapest City Park from more of a history kind then heroes square should be your starting point. Andrássy Avenue which is about 2 stations back can also be your first step for this walk.

It can be a little more fun if you want to have some opera or enjoy a nice restaurant. Nice and amazing shops are also available for you to have a nice time shopping. The exotic building present here are also a sight to behold.

The café houses can also be a fun place for you to hang out with your friends and family. This avenue is great with a little calm and intense vibe which is surely gonna make this place worth visiting and maybe a nice start for your walk.

2.3. Budapest Zoo

This one can be one the best experiences of the park. The City park in Budapest has this huge zoo showcasing various varieties of plants and animal species.

The whole zoo is pretty huge and covers quite a wide area of the City Park.

It is fun and exciting and should be considered a must place for you to go and have a fine relaxing time with your friends and family. With around 700 species of animals, there will always be something different to watch for some time.

The elegant Palm House of the zoo has all the reptile species consisting of different types of lizards and yeah that is a lot of fun to watch.

Next, we have the Monkey House and this house part of the zoo becomes even better with different kinds of species of monkeys to watch for.

If you want to look at elephants there is an area dedicated to that too where you can enjoy a nice walk and look at the magnificent and cute elephants around.

2.4. Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts has art pieces not only by Leonardo Da Vinci but many other famous artists like Raphael. With more than 100,000 pieces of art, this museum is surely ganna quench your thirst for a nice place with art.

With this many pieces of art and the constant addition of many more art pieces, this is a true marvel for any person visiting and having an interest in art.

The museum is truly a poem with art and history clinging to the minds of the people watching it. It even ranks second in the largest Spanish Art exhibitions. This museum should definitely be visited at least once if you come to City Park Budapest.

2.5. The Great Circus

Well, a good park sure has something to offer for the children and this one does too. The great circus has its own building which is the only one in Europe with a permanent residency is holding a circus since 1891.

The place is exceptionally fun for the kids offering clowns and jugglers of all sorts. The place has a nice and fun vibe and is a must-visit if you have a kid or want to enjoy some fun circus time with your friends and family.

2.6. The Széchenyi Baths

The Széchenyi Bath being one of the best spas is a must-try for anyone visiting Budapest City Park. The city park has nice attractions and this is one of them.

A nice relaxing time in this Spa is surely gonna make it worth your time and also quite peaceful for your body.

The swimming pool and the warm baths surely gonna be one hell of an experience besides it is also said that the water is medicinal. You can get warm water from this place and drink it which is supposed to benefit your body.

So, overall the whole Széchenyi Baths is surely a place you want to try when visiting Budapest City Park.

2.7. Ice Rink

The best Ice Rink in the whole of Europe, this is one of a kind experience with a nice winter and some good festivals specifically happening around this time is truly a joyous experience.

The Ice Rink has options for skating and sometimes even hockey.

With a nice summer, the Ice Rink turns into a lake where you can have a nice boating experience.

Overall the whole place is a vibe of its own, the lake with a soulful experience during summertime and a nice adventure for the hearts during cold winter is just spectacular.

2.8. Museum Of Hungarian Agriculture

Not the best of the museums but a must-visit with a spectacular view of the presented building. The Museum of Hungarian Agriculture showcases history and beauty with its beautifully crafted building.

This museum is surely gonna be a totally worthwhile experience for your time and money. The inside is nice and gives you an old and yet not shabby vibe.

The whole place used to be a house and well visit it and experience the history and the beauty with your own eyes, it is amazing.

2.9. Vajdahunyad Castle

Vajdahunyad Castle
by Varga Jozsef Zoltan/Shutterstock

Welcome to the Gothic vibe of the Vajdahunyad castle, the castle which is definitely gonna rule your heart with its amazingly beautiful architecture and picturesque view.

This castle as a whole surely takes your breath away with its gothic buildings and the Hida Gate.

The summertime with a lake in front of a castle and some wind around you will make you feel really heavenly.

The entrance is amazing, the architecture is great and the mood will be nothing but great when you visit this place.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What Is the Name of The City Park in Budapest?

The name is Budapest City Park (Városliget) formerly called Ökör-dűlő. This city park is a nice place to hang out and explores more of Hungarian culture and history.

Q.2 What Is the Main Entrance to The City Park?

The main entrance to the city park is the heroes square or Hősök tere. The place is truly great with statues of heroes and soldiers who helped in the independence of the nation.

Q.3 Is the City Park Free to Enter?

Yes, the City Park Budapest is free to enter but some of the places in the city park are not free like the zoo or thermal baths. Overall entering the city park is free.

Q.4 What Are the Timings of The City Park Budapest?

The City Park Budapest is open 24*7 for all 7 days all year round. There are opening hours for the zoo and the thermal baths so make sure of the particular opening hours if you are planning to go there.

Q.5 Is There Parking Available for City Park Budapest?

Yes, there is parking available. The parking facility is available within the park with parking garages as well as near the City Park Budapest as well. The parking is not particularly free and might cost you some money.

City Park Budapest
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4. Conclusion

Great for kids, amazing picnic spot with amazing museums having contemporary art and so many different styles.

The Lake, Vajdahunyad Castle, the Ice Rink, the Agriculture Museum, and everything about the City Park Budapest just make it the perfect spot to hang out in Hungary.

The cafe presents amazing food with decades of experience in the middle of so many changes happening around.

The place is so romantic with amazing spots for couples and with the sun and the trees there is no way you are not gonna love this romantic and adventurous place with amazing Budapest sights.



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