8 Safest Areas in London


London is the beautiful, thriving, and popular capital city of England. It is unlike any other destination on the globe. Being in London is a wonderful experience and wishes come true for many because of the nonstop buzz, the worlds of opportunities, the cuisine, and the fashion. But as many people wonder, what are the safest areas in London?

Fortunately, Icy Europe has done its homework and identified the eight safest areas in London. But, is London safe and secure?

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If you are yearning for culture, safety, vibrant nightlife, and more career opportunities, the safe city of London could be the destination for you. Nevertheless, if you are looking for peace and quiet, you might want to contemplate moving to the outskirts than the metropolitan green belt area.

There is never a shortage of modern and ancient buildings, monuments, theatres, and even the lovely Thames, London Kensington, London Victoria, and several landscapes to enjoy in London.

The city is by far the most cosmopolitan in the world, with over 100 nationalities. The safest areas in London appeal to visitors from all over the world stems from its melting pot of ethnicities, nations, and dialects. It has been a popular tourist destination for years, and numerous major events, such as the 2012 Olympic Games, have actually happened there.

Aside from that, England’s capital city is a lovely city with enough safest areas in London to reside, to see, and tour both during the mornings and in the evenings. You can understand why so many people from all over the world flock to this beautiful city because it is the capital of England and the largest urban region in the United Kingdom.

It is beneficial for both visitors and those who choose to live here. If you want to know more, have a look at a Guide to stay safe in London.

Many love the green spaces, vibrant arts scene, and quiet, right? Estate agents in London can assist you in locating your ideal home for rent or sale. It is a city of lofty ambitions and even loftier structures. It is abode to some of the world’s most well-known companies, fashion designers, artists, and celebrities.

Whether you decide to move or travel to London or shift your home inside the city, it is a good idea to do some research on the area, particularly in terms of crime statistics and the safest areas in London.

Among the most essential criteria in determining where to reside for the majority of individuals is their security. With so many districts to choose from in London, determining which is amongst the most dangerous borough and which one has a low gun and knife crime, a good ranking on economists safe cities index, cheapest rent with security can be difficult.

Read on to determine the safest areas in London as compared to other popular European cities.

8 Safest Areas in London

1. Lambeth in South East London Borough

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Ranking first on the list of safest areas in London is Lambeth. It is among London’s cultural hotspots, featuring a diverse range of operas, museums, and historic monuments, along with various renowned museums, film theatres, and more.

It is also host to London’s busy Southbank and bustling Brixton. Lambeth is a riverbank district that is abode to Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s residences, as well as a 13th-century cathedral.

The nearby Garden Museum houses horticulture displays in an old church, while the Albert Embankment is a favourite spot for Thames’s long walks. The Imperial War Museum, set in calm greenery amongst parklands, has exhibits on both various wars and the Atrocities, as well as planes and tanks.

Lambeth is primarily residential, despite its riverfront projects which are across the Thames from the City of Westminster and Houses of Parliament.

Lambeth is an extremely youthful area, and the vibrant culture here is characterized by the high pace of the millennial population as well as the big population of working adults who flock here in search of efficient transportation, a multicultural social scene, and reasonably priced property.

If you are looking for a diverse range of eateries, Lambeth has you handled – from traditional Ghanaian cuisines in Brixton to bars and pubs on the Southbank, there is plenty to suit everyone’s tastes.

Also,  Hollywood blockbusters provide a plethora of options for moviegoers. The district does have a proactive police force that is aiming to reduce crime statistics.

In 2021, Lambeth’s rate of violent crime was 96 crimes per 1,000 individuals. Although many of London’s districts face the city centre, Lambeth faces the south, with restaurants, taverns, and nightclubs lining the bustling South Bank.

Lambeth boasts a vibrant nightlife and a diverse cultural mix, making it an attractive location to reside. The average price of a home in Lambeth is $1.17 million (£835,000). The residences in this neighbourhood range in design and vintage, with modern waterfront complexes being among the most luxurious.

2. Muswell Hill in North London Borough

Muswell Hill
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Muswell Hill is amongst London’s highest affluent areas and safest areas in London, perched on one of the city’s greatest hills, with panoramic scenery overlooking the city on a bright, beautiful day. Muswell Hill is a pleasant urban neighbourhood with delis, trendy stores, international eateries, and quirky cafes lining broadway.

Alexandra Park features a recreational lake, gardens, and the towering Alexandra Palace- a 19th-century building with spectacular city views that organizes concerts and cultural events.

Highgate Wood, which is host to sports fields and eateries, is crisscrossed by strolling pathways. Muswell Hill is a predominantly Edwardian north London neighbourhood located near Highgate Woods and Alexandra Park. The antique aspect of Muswell Hill’s principal shopping districts remains retained, with most of the old buildings restored above major intersections.

Residents of Muswell Hill will not be stunned to discover that their neighbourhood was named by the prestigious Sunday Times in the ‘Best Places to Live in London’ ranking. It is a gorgeous place to the northern part of Hampstead Heath and slightly towards the south of Alexandra Palace that has long been perfect for people planning to start families as it is also one of the safest areas in London.

Muswell Hill has a minimal violent rate of crime but a higher property crime level than the rest of London.

It also has a lot of natural outdoor places and it boasts the highest density of Ancient Woods in London, notably Bluebell Wood and Coldfall Wood, but it is also close to Queen’s Wood and Highgate Wood. Alexandra Park and the Castle are also close by. It is a great place and a desired, family-friendly community.

As per official crime statistics, the average crime rate in the Muswell Hill neighbourhood is 166.55 per 1000 people. The absence of a subway, train, or commuter rail station seems to be the only drawback to residing in Muswell Hill.

Depending on your region, you may be able to walk to East Finchley railway in about half an hour if the conditions allow. Buses are the only mode of transportation accessible in the centre of Muswell Hill.

3. East Finchley in North London Borough

East Finchley
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Amongst the safest areas in London, ranking next is East Finchley. It is a lush northwestern London suburb filled with chic cafés, fine-dining establishments, welcoming village people, good grammar schools, and gardens. Residents in East Finchley can make use of Northern Line Subway stations, which make getting to and from Inner London a breeze.

East Finchley is a North London neighbourhood and a culturally diverse area is located just towards the north of Hampstead Heath. Like Muswell Hill, it spans the London neighbourhoods of Haringey and Barnet, with the majority of East Finchley lying within Barnet’s jurisdiction.

Finchley is among the safest districts in Barnet, with a few of the lowest crime rates. As well as the district has witnessed the 9th lowest rates of crimes of all Parts of London in recent times, which is encouraging for potential homeowners.

Owing to its excellent residences, good universities, weekly farmers markets, and multi-cultural society, Finchley has since very long been the primary choice for individuals wishing to move north of the river. East Finchley is by far the most costly area in the neighbourhood in general, with Finchley Central slightly after.

The average value of the property, although, is less than in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Given its tranquil ambience, this rapidly growing neighbourhood is amazingly well-connected to greater London.

You will be convenient enough just to travel into the city but also far enough at the end of the day to evade the hustle and bustle of London. East Finchley is a desirable neighbourhood to live in in Northwest London because of its diverse range of bars and clubs, residential location, and excellent transport connections.

4. Bexley in South East London

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This lush south-eastern London district is a popular option for families and elderly couples searching for a calm place to reside in the safest areas in London. It is one of London’s nicest and safest boroughs.

In terms of employment and delivery of services, Bexley is dedicated to the notion of fair treatment for all. The residents are proud of their growingly varied population and the cultural diversity it provides to the area.

Bexley ranks as the 3rd safest place in London overall out of 33 townships, villages, and municipalities. In 2021, Bexley’s total rate of violent crime was 60 offences per 1,000 residents. This contrasts well with the general rate of crime in London, which is 45 per cent lower than the London figure of 87 per 1,000 people.

Bexley was a historic township in Kent province. It grew in population and became a civic region as an aspect of London’s suburbanization in the twentieth century. Bexley is a district of the London Borough of Bexley in southeastern Greater London, England.

To distinguish the neighbourhood from the rest of the area, it is often referred to as Old Bexley or Bexley Village.

It is 13 miles south of Bexleyheath and 13 miles southeast of Charing Cross. It also features a large variety of gardens and was named one of London’s safest neighbourhoods in 2018.

Bexley was historically a province of Kent, although some inhabitants still identify as Kent, and it has been a London district since 1963. Bexley is among the top ten safest cities in Wales, England, and Northeastern Ireland, and the 2,203rd greatest dangerous area of all townships, cities, and municipalities.

5. The City of Westminster in Central London Borough

City of Westminster
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The City of Westminster is home to several of England’s most beautiful and culturally significant structures, as well as some of the most desired residential homes. The City of Westminster is an area and city in Inner London that is located in the heart of the capital. The United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament along with much of the British government is located there.

Westminster is a desirable location, ranking 24 on Money magazine’s Top Locations to Live list in 2006. Spectacular mountain landscapes, plenty of recreational possibilities, and convenient access to Denver await those who relocate to Westminster.

Westminster is among London’s most well-known districts as it is home to the United Kingdom’s government.

One of the most appealing aspects of residing in Westminster is its central location and the fact that it is amongst the safest areas in London. There are numerous pubs, cafes, entertainment, and transportation options.

There are 27 tube stations in the neighbourhood, as well as several bus routes, cabs, and then even bike hires, so you will have plenty of alternatives to get where you would like to go.

Westminster is surrounded by such a lovely landscape, so it is no wonder that it has a thriving community. Westminster residents enjoy hiking, riding, and organized sports. The City of Westminster is London’s most affluent place.

Buckingham Palace, the prime minister’s residence, and the Parliament building are both located in the area.

Westminster is among the most highly populated areas in the UK, although being one of the tiniest. With about 1 million people and visitors entering the area daily, inhabitants make up only 250,000 of the region’s midday populace. Westminster has the distinction of being Europe’s most populous nightlife economy.

Burglary makes for 6% of overall crime in Westminster, whereas robbery counts for 3%. In 2021, Westminster’s rate of violent crime was 189 offences per 1,000 people. Dwelling in Westminster provides exceptional access to the rest of the city.

Westminster has maintained its stand as one of London’s most desired locations due to this, as well as several other appealing factors.

6. Peckham, Southwark in East London

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You will relish the hustle of the city while also having peaceful areas to unwind to straight on your doorstep if you live in Peckham. To begin with, this South London suburb is one of the safest areas in London and has a vibrant artistic scene. It does, meanwhile, have a plethora of independent enterprises and a large grassland.

Peckham had a bad reputation for the level of safety in the past, but that is no longer the case. The region’s redevelopment has tremendously assisted in the reduction of crime and improved safety. Because few tourists venture as far as Peckham, there is next to no minor crime.

Peckham is host to Goldsmiths University, which is worldwide renowned for its innovation and creativity. The university boasts an outstanding ecosystem of intellectual graduates, notably seven Turner Award winners and BAFTAS, Oscars, and Mercury Music Award winners. It is a region in the London Borough of Southwark in South London, England.

It is around 3.5 miles from Charing Cross and the Peckham ward has a populace of 14,720 people according to the census conducted by the government, many residents also think it is the safest area in London.

Peckham is a highly desirable area that includes elegant pubs, boutiques, and restaurants, award-winning landmarks, and a tremendous community spirit. It was voted as having one of the highest standards of living in London in the year 2020 by The Sunday Times and as the 11th nicest neighbourhood in the world in 2019.

While Peckham is a vibrant area in South London, it can have a ‘villagey’ vibe in some areas owing to delightful coffee shops, classic bakeries, and gourmet cafés. It is ideal for someone who wants to live in a bustling suburb but also loves relaxing in the middle of it.

Real estate investment in this area is an excellent idea because the properties will always be in demand. Peckham has a rental return of 4.4 per cent and a typical home price of £532,706. Its local facilities and leisure activities are superb like one would anticipate from an area chosen one of London’s greatest places to reside.

7. Richmond Over Thames in South West London

Richmond upon Thames
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Richmond is among the safest areas in London, London’s most upscale neighbourhoods and is widely regarded as posh. It boasts a few of the most costly real estate of the districts in the suburbs of the capital, and you will frequently see celebrities and the wealthy shopping in its stores.

Richmond upon Thames, in southwestern London, seems to be the only London district along both the sides of the River Thames and is the core of Outer London.

Under the London Government Act 1963, it was developed in 1965 when three distinctive smaller council areas merged. Richmond is known for being a reasonably safe neighbourhood, with amongst London’s lowest crime rates in contrast to the most dangerous boroughs.

Richmond is a picturesque Thames-side community with magnificent beauty, cruising boats, excellent shopping and restaurants, and convenient access to downtown London. It is both a good destination to visit and a wonderful place to reside. Dwelling in Richmond Upon Thames provides incredible advantages, good people, and unforgettable adventures.

The housing regions, which are 10 miles southwest of Greater London and borders the River Thames, attract many visitors and aficionados to Richmond Park and Kew Gardens.

The downtown area of the Quadrant and neighbouring roads have a wide range of stores, cafes, and pubs. Its lovely green area provides plenty of options for fun and rest as well as a sporting activity. Culture is abundant, and the shopping is terrific, then why not move here?

Richmond upon Thames is the safest city in London, and among London’s 33 towns, villages, and cities, it is the safest overall. In 2021, Richmond upon Thames had a crime rate of 56 offences per 1,000 people.

For the sixth year in a row, Richmond upon Thames has been voted the best place to live in London. The riverfront location is not only London’s happiest but also the 10th happiest in the United Kingdom.

8. Wandsworth in South West London Borough

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The Surrey Iron Railway, England’s and arguably the oldest known commercial railway, is located in Wandsworth. Wander out about the district’s many sections, such as Battersea, Balham, and Putney, and you will notice that it is a highly prosperous place, with most of that income spent in sleek residences, chic fashionable boutiques, shopping stores, and appealing cafes.

As one of the safest areas in London, Wandsworth is a London district located in southwest London. It is a portion of Inner London and has a populace of 329,677 people. Putney, Battersea, Tooting, and Wandsworth Town are the principal localities.

Wandsworth Town’s outstanding public transport, gorgeous riverside setting, excellent schools, and a profusion of green, outdoor area, not to forget Wandsworth Council’s some of the cheapest council tax rates in the capital, are attracting residents today.

Wandsworth is the finest area to reside in London, even if it doesn’t attract backpackers or bar louts. Within the borough, you will find everything including craft brewers to Michelin-starred eateries.

Wandsworth’s rate of violent crime in 2021 was 75 offences per 100 inhabitants. This contrasts positively with London’s general crime rate, which is 15% less than the city’s average rate of 87 per 1,000 people.

As per a research and strategy consultant, Wandsworth seemed to have the lowest crime rate in inner London, with the percentage of infractions continuing to decline, reinforcing the borough’s status as a safe region desirable to both incoming investors and inhabitants.

For those unfamiliar with the safest areas in London, the beautiful, candy-coloured fantasies like Covent garden with majestic green space, lovely Victorian streets, Kingston upon Thames may appear to the onlookers, but there are some harsh truths hidden beneath the glamour and glam.


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