8 Not-to Miss Things in Nuremberg Christmas Market

nuremberg Christmas market
Image by Gerhard from Pixabay

Christmas is now knocking on the doors. With just a month away. So, it’s time to do your holiday shopping, buy gifts for your loved ones, and stash up on all the Christmas goodies.

Well, if you are traveling and want to feel the Christmas joyousness, lights, trees, and all the holiday spirits. You can visit the Christmas markets that pop up around Christmas time all over the globe.

So many famous Christmas have their spectacle of festivals. You experience new things, eat great foods, and have a happy vibe. One of the Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte) is in Nuremberg city of Germany.

There is also a big enough x-mas tree with shining lights and the infamous Christkind. There is even private parking for almost everyone.

1. Nuremberg Christmas Market

Let us know more about the basics of the Nuremberg Christmas Market. This market was also called Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt. It takes place from November 25- December 24 yearly. It happens in the central square and the streets of one of the old towns in Nuremberg, Hauptmarkt. Christkindlesmarkt means ‘ Christ child market’ in German.

It is a 5-minute distance from the main market center; you can go to the other three Christmas markets- the Original Regional, the children’s market, and Sister Cities market. You see the Nuremberg marketplace map in google maps.

As mentioned above, it is attended by almost 2 million guests, and it is one of the world’s most famous Christmas markets. It is also one of the oldest. One of the reasons why this market is so famous is that it is easily accessible and quite affordable.

Nuremberg Christmas market has become a synonym for Christmas. This market has a history of many centuries. It dates back to the 17th century. Nuremberg Christmas markets give you the whole German Christmas Market feel. This largest Christmas market is also one great Christmas market.

This place has everything Christmassy with a German touch to it. There is the famous gingerbread, nutcrackers, little quirky prune people, and the German delicacy, their little sausages grilled in front of you as per your wish. It is one such picturesque place for your postcards.

It is the perfect place where you can buy gifts for everyone. It is so victorious because the government and the locals monitor all the products sold here.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

A famous ancient tradition of the Nuremberg Marketplace is also known as the Christkind. It is a traditional Christmas angel with a twist. To know more about her, read below.

Nuremberg is so famous because of its history and accessibility. There is Nuremberg airport, port, and train station. You can always travel by road, via train or water. There is always a bus, train, ferry services, and many other options to reach here.

2. History of Nuremberg Christmas Market

Well, in some places, the history is stated as not clear. But the official website of the Nuremberg Christmas markets states that the first record of a Christmas marketplace in the town goes back to 1530.

It is a private letter written by a town council member and referred to a market that took place at the Advent of that year. But the concrete evidence of the markets goes back to 1628.

A wooden decorated box was found from that year with an inscription stating, ‘Sent to Regina Susana Harẞdörfferin by Miss Susanna Eleonora Elbsin on the occasion of Kindle’s (Christmas) Market of 1628’. Nuremberg, with this proof, states that this makes this one such oldest Christmas mart in Germany.

According to history, all the German Christmas markets opened on 4th December, Thomas’ day. But it was later changed to the start of advent because of the many people who visited it in 1973. There were no Christmas markets between the period of 1939 – 1948.

The location of the Nuremberg Christmas Market has also been changed in the past. The German Christmas market was relocated to other places between 1898 -1933, such as Schütt Island and Fleischbrücke. But in 1933, it was relocated back to its original place, i.e… Just next to Frauenkirche Church.

3. What is Christkind?

There is a tradition specifically in the Nuremberg Christmas marketplace that is unique. It is known as Christkind or Christmas Angel. Christkindlesmarkt means Christmas market in German. This has become the signature of the holiday Marketplace and regional holidays.

Kids are very excited about this angel. While most children worldwide believe that an older man in red clothes brings you gifts, kids here believe Christkind, a blonde angel with beautiful curls, brings gifts.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Image by Gerhard from Pixabay

The story of the angel is deeply connected to the Reformation of Protestant. During the time of Martin Luther, it was believed that Saint Nicholas used to bring gifts to the children on the 6th of December. But Luther wanted to change the theory of catholic saints for his followers. Thus he came up with the Christkind.

With time, Christkind became an angel with a cute and beautiful female appearance. This angel plays a major role in this Christmas market.

Initially, an actress used to present the angel, but since 1969, one of the local girls aged between 16-19 years is elected once every two years.

4. Don’t miss these 8 Things in Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg is a great Christmas market with a great variety of things to do. There is so much to do in all the Christmas markets. You can also see so many spectacles that can amaze you.

While You can visit the main market in Hauptmarkt, where you can buy many things, you can also visit the Original Regional Market, Sister Cities Market, and the Children’s Market.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay

5.1. Take a Stage- Coach Tour

The best way to see this city is to have a tour on a stagecoach. Heins Lehnis lead the stagecoach tours. You can hop on the coach and have a 15- minute tour of the town’s old streets.

This coach first came into existence in 1939 as a nine-seater berlin with two coupés; two Rhineland horses pulled it. Riding these coaches can be fun and make you feel like a celebrity.

5.2. Drink Gluhwein in Souvenir Mugs

It is a mulled hot wine cooked with spices, which is the official Christmas drink in Germany. While Gluhwein is a necessary drink in any Christmas market in Germany, the drink you get in Nuremberg is different.

You can get the flavored and non-alcoholic versions of Gluhwein in the region. The uniqueness of the Gluhwein stems from the use of Pure Blueberry wine in it. When mixed with various spices like Cinnamon, Anise, and Cloves, this drink is a must in Nuremberg Christmas Market.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Photo by Alina Belogolova on Unsplash

It is also a great drink in winter. It gives warmth to the body. You can even take the ceramic mugs you get to drink gluhwein to take home. It is a great souvenir and also works as a gift.

One of the interesting things about these mugs is that they change the design and style of the mugs every year, and according to the vendors, almost 80% of mugs are taken.

5.3. Eat the Infamous Rostbratwurst & Gingerbread

You will see these sausages as ‘Drei im Weckla,’ which translates to ‘three in a bun.’ These Nuremberg sausages are good enough to keep you warm in winter.

You can add a bit of Senf, aka German Mustard. These sausages are called Nurembergers because of their 3 tiny finger-sized sausages placed side by side in the roll. This dish is so special that the EU has awarded it Protected Geographical Indication.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Image by kalhh from Pixabay

The city of Nuremberg is also known for its delicious gingerbread treat (Lebkuchen). It has been in the city for almost 600 years. You can find many stalls throughout the Christmas market. You can find these in various shapes. You can even find it with different icing on it.

Remember that when you buy gingerbread, always buy decorated tins along with it as it can be very convenient to take with you and collect the tins. You can also gift these tins. It is one of the vegetarian options for vegans.

It is one of the finest gingerbreads you can find there. It is a flourless version with many nuts, spices, and honey.

5.4. Visit the well-known Christmas Decoration store

There is a world-famous Christmas decoration store in Nuremberg. It is known as Käthe Wohlfahrt. You can find almost everything related to characteristic German decorations in this store; all the ornaments and decorations are top-quality. This store is open all year round.

This store and Nuremberg have had a strong relationship for many years. It was opened in 1999 at Königsstraẞe 8, between Hauptmarkt and St. Lorenz Church.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Please remember that the store can get crowded during the day, so make sure to reach it early or as soon as it opens.

You can see all types of Christmas ornaments ranging from glass baubles, nutcrackers, Christmas pyramids, and advents. You can also buy decorative figurines like angels, Santa Claus, and baby Jesus.

5.5. Visit the churches

There are many churches near the Nuremberg Christmas Market. These churches get adorned with lights, decorations, choirs, and gospels. All of these churches are noteworthy and have historical importance.

These churches include the St. Lorenz Church, Sebald Church, and Frauenkirche. Right next to the main market is the Frauenkirche, which a roman emperor, Charles 6th in 1352, made.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

The St. Lorenz church goes way back to 1250. Sebald Church is the oldest church in Nuremberg, with frescoes dating back to the middle age.

5.6. Visit the Feuerzangenbowle Village

It holds almost 9000 liters of this drink and takes almost 40 kWh of electricity and two days to heat it. It is Gluhwein that puts ups a bit of a show.

The mulled wine is poured into a glass, sugar soaked in rum is set on the blaze, and the fire melts the sugar cube into the glass. Punch bowls that are one of a kind are constructed specifically to hold the drink. It is 3.4 meters high and 2.5 meters in width.

The region has 1944 feel to it. This infamous village is just next to the main Christmas Market, so you can quench your thirst and hunger when you get tired of your shopping. Right next to the drink, six huts offer food along with the drink.

5.7. Buy the Prune Men & Crafts

Prune figurines, aka Nuremberg prune people, might be one of the best souvenirs to buy from the Nuremberg Christmas Market. According to the legends, these toys were invented in the 18th century and were sold in this Christmas market for a long time. You will find these prune men in the souvenir booths.

These Zwetschgenmännle figures are made of Walnuts, prunes, and figs. Even though it contains edible items, don’t try to eat it. They are then mounted on a plank of birch wood with wires. It was initially made with a Nuremberg wire drawer and plum tree.

You can find these cute yet ugly figures playing real-life scenarios, and you will find a couple, singers, farmers, vendors, and many more.

nuremberg Christmas Market
Image by Gerhard from Pixabay

5.8. Explore the markets near the Main Nuremberg Christmas Market

The nearest market to the main one is the Original Regional Market. It is often considered an extended area of the Christkindlesmarkt. It is just a 1 min walk.

There are vendors with booths who sell quality local traditional goods like lavender honey, bee-wax candles, jams, wool, and many more. It opens like the main market, next to the Sebaldus Church.

The Sister Cities Market is on the north side of the main center. It is different from the previous one. The vendors sell items from some cities across the world. These cities include Glasgow (Scotland), San Carlos (Nicaragua), Shenzhen (China), Kharkiv- Ukraine, Antalya- Turkey, and Nice- France, Atlanta, Prague, Krakow, and Skopje- North Macedonia.

You can buy almost everything from Nicaraguan coffee to Whiskey cake from Scotland to cider drinks from Atlanta. Some of the booths in the sister cities market work for non-profit charities.

Nuremberg Christmas Market
Image by Joachim Mayr from Pixabay

The third and fun-filled market is the special children’s Market (Kinderweihnacht) in Hans Sachs Platz. As the name suggests, it is for children and is filled with fun rides and stores with goodies for kids. This market is just 3 minutes away.

Some rides include a steam train, Ferris wheel, carousel, and many more. Even if you are not with children, visit it, as it is fun. Children can make candles, and honey cakes, create gifts, decorate personal cards for a holiday, and bake.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Why is the Nuremberg Christmas area so famous?

This market is so famous because of the feel, decorations, and goodies. It is famous for the Christkind, Sausages, gluhwein, and the historic ambiance of the place.

Q.2. What can you buy at the Nuremberg Marketplace?

You can buy gingerbread, sausages, wool, cloth, Christmas decorations, and many more…

Q.3. What food is famous in the Nuremberg Christmas Marketplace?

You can eat bratwurst, cookies, and gingerbread and drink gluhwein are widely loved in the Nuremberg Market.

Q.4. How to reach Nuremberg?

You can reach Nuremberg via ferry, train, bus, and air. It’s according to your comfort.

7. Conclusion

Christmas is about love, family, gifts, smiles, happiness, and togetherness. This holiday brings people together from all over the globe. This makes this holiday all the more perfect and loving.

Nuremberg Christmas Markets serve the same purpose. This makes the market the great Christmas Market. They have big, decorated trees, lights, choirs, and gospels across the streets. While there is so much more to do in this market, like visiting the historic city hall in the imperial castle, these are the things most people love to do.

Nuremberg Christmas Market gives the children all their favorite things, sweets, fun rides, and gifts. It gives adults a great time to relax and be happy in the chaotic world.

This is one old market for Christmas which makes it all the more traditional and historic with great traditions like the Christkind and Gluhwein and many more.

Hence this place is very much recommended, and people have given this great market a star rating of 5 stars.


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