8 Best UK Attractions for Families

UK Attractions for Families
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What is the world’s most stunning country? A challenging topic that is sure to elicit discussion and possibly intense argument. But bring it on because people say it is the United Kingdom due to the presence of UK attractions for families.

The country’s allure derives in part from its diversified landscape and rich cultural past. Gorgeously preserved rural mansions and castles, as well as world-class artwork museums and galleries, are among the top sites to visit in the United Kingdom. But when travelling with family, you have to do your research on UK attractions for families. Let the article save your time and assist you with that.

United Kingdom
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The United Kingdom is a spectacular country in northwest Europe composed of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Classic Stonehenge, a Neolithic monument, Bath’s Roman spas, and the centuries-old institutions of Oxford and Cambridge are all situated in the United Kingdom.

Pubs, cuisines, UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Lake District and Stonehenge, and the British Royal Family are all well-known throughout the United Kingdom. It is also recognized for cities like Liverpool, London, and Manchester, as well as age-old customs like tea consumption and playing football.

In the United Kingdom, there are many wonderful destinations to visit. The country is rich in the most fascinating places to visit, from quaint villages to calm beaches. So, the next time you travel, take the liberty of venturing outside of the cities to see some of these magnificent sights.

Rough Guides recently conducted a reader survey that ranked England as the world’s seventh greatest beautiful nation, beating Finland, Iceland, and the United States. Alluring beauty, ranging from lush green forests to undulating hills, can be found all around England. All of them are surrounded by beautiful terrain that begs to be discovered.

The breathtaking sights you will see on a trip to the United Kingdom will make an everlasting impression on you. Although the English countryside has been heavily mocked in popular culture, notions of quaint villages, lovely rivers, and lush greenery do exist in some sections of the country.

When touring the UK attractions for families, you will grasp why the UK was chosen as one of the top ten most beautiful countries in the world if you explore the Forests of Bowland, the Southern Downs, or any other region of remarkable natural features. If you want to save a little money on the side, explore the 50 Best Family Friendly Hotels in the UK for better insights on deals.

This small but powerful nation, which is part of the lovely British Isles, is full of rich history, fascinating cities, and rich cultural customs. Historic landmarks proliferate, ranging from prehistoric megaliths and old Roman structures to centuries-old fortresses and Middle Ages town centres.

8 Best UK Attractions For Families

Listed below are the 8 best and most beautiful UK attractions for families which you must not miss.

1. Folly Farm Adventure Park

It is understood that everyone in the family enjoys different activities and the moments you have together are quite valuable. So, at Folly Farm, you will come across four major attractions in one great location. What do you think will make your ultimate best day in the UK?

Listing the first on the roster of UK attractions for families is The Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo, which is located in the northern area of Tenby and Saundersfoot in Pembroke shire.

It is a popular tourist destination in Wales, attracting approximately 500,000 guests each year. Penguins, zebras, lions, bongos, Bactrian camels, lemurs, meerkats, Barbary macaques, tapirs, squirrel monkeys, and the roster is endless.

How to Have a Great Time Here?

You will see distinct enclosures, which are home to a variety of unique species. A few of them, such as owls, parrots, cranes, pelicans, and herons, may be familiar to you. They have always been farmers, but there is a lot more to them than that.

At the zoo, you will see over 750 species of animals and get up and closer to furry and feathered farmyard creatures in their barnyard. In its historical fairground, there are 17 various rides to choose from, as well as eight adventurous play areas. There are 120 acres of fun to be had, so there is plenty to go around.

You can engage in checking out their daily schedules and plan your day with close encounters and activities as part of your pass booking. Since timetables differ regularly, it is advisable to check the schedule when you visit to determine what extra activities you would like to perform that day.

The UK’s biggest indoor retro funfair is also located at Folly Farm. To enjoy the rides, you must buy tokens, which are not included in the entrance ticket.

Amongst the best UK attractions for families, Folly Farm also offers a large indoor soft place to play, as well as outside playground sections, go-karts, and a massive Ferris wheel. There is also the chance of becoming a zookeeper for the day (at an additional cost)  and trying to feed Giraffes, Rhinos, Penguins, or Lions.

There are numerous specialized outdoor activity parks to choose from. You will be shrieking arrrrggghhh moommmmm at Pirate Adventure one moment and then playing on the excavators in their Destruction Playground the very next. But one fact is certain: with all that cool air, your toddlers will fall asleep on the journey home.

Even better, there is the beautiful Carousel Café, in which you can relax with a cup of coffee and a slice of a piece of cake while your kids run around. There is also free Wi-Fi. They have considered everything to make your day perfect.

Folly Farm Adventure Park
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2. Thorpe Theme Park

Thorpe Park Resort is the ultimate family attraction and the ideal location for thrill-seekers, boasting some of the UK’s most admired roller coasters and fairground rides, as well as exciting rides, entertainment, special shows, and a specialized hotel.

Thorpe Park Resort, sometimes renowned as Thorpe Park, is one of the best UK attractions for families, it is a theme park in the hamlet of Thorpe in Surrey, England, amid the cities of Staines-upon-Thames and Chertsey. Merlin Entertainments operates the park, which features rides, designed cabins, live shows, and Stealth, the UK’s most thrilling and fastest rollercoaster.

What is Special About Thorpe Park?

Thorpe Park is the UK’s finest exhilarating theme park, with over 30 rollercoasters, sights, and live events. The Black Mirror Labyrinth, Thorpe Park’s latest experience, will transport you to another world. This fascinating maze employs cutting-edge visual technologies to explore your perceptions of reality.

The UK’s steepest roller coaster, blasting passengers to 205 feet at 80 mph in just 2.5 seconds, will take you to greater heights. Reach the skies on The Swarm, the UK’s 1st winged rollercoaster, or confront one of Jigsaw’s wildest twisted tricks on SAW – The Ride, the world’s prime horror-themed rollercoaster ride with a 100-foot “beyond-vertical” plunge.

A really mind-bending adventure is one of the park’s major features. Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, created by the maestro of mind control himself, will make you reassess your own thoughts.

Everyone’s reaction to a 13-minute spooky train ride is different, driven by their own fears and anxieties. This is a rollercoaster that will drive your mind to spin, with simulations, virtual environments, and special effects all playing a significant role. So don’t miss out on this theme park when visiting the UK attractions for families.

3. Camera Obscura and World

Is illusion anything that interests you? Are you a guest service aficionado? Are you enthusiastic about providing world-class adventures? Then a visit to Camera Obscura & World of Illusions might be perfect for you.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is a popular tourist destination in Outlook Tower, adjacent to Edinburgh Castle, on the Castlehill part of the Royal Mile. The first attraction, which was shown on Calton Hill, was developed by businesswoman Maria Theresa Short in 1835.

The camera obscura has been used to observe eclipses without risking eye damage by staring directly at the sun. It was notably valuable as a simple technique to get a perfect graphical viewpoint as a drawing aid because it permitted trailing the projected image to make a fairly accurate depiction.

If you are a shopping geek, check out the 10 Best Shopping Centres in the UK and get ready for a fashion haul. You can also visit the gift shop and shop for your pals back home when you are visiting the best UK attractions for families.

A Must Visit For Families of Every Age Group

From the 17th century forward, it was embraced by some artists as a graphing aid. The camera obscura was basically a lens mounted on the side of a covered tent or box with an aperture. They have something for every age group with five floors and over 100 engaging, hands-on exhibitions.

Without wasting time, take a stroll through Edinburgh’s streets, put your intellect to the test by attempting to interpret mind-bending tricks, and from their Rooftop Terrace, take breathtaking cityscape photos. It is all part of the Global of Illusions and Camera Obscura adventure.

Experience the first-ever aim was to be a visitor attraction in Edinburgh, located just a short stroll away from Edinburgh Castle at the pinnacle of Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile, and experience history and contemporary marvels combined under one dome.

4. The Eden Project

For all the nature lovers reading this article, the article has found your perfect location. The Largest global Indoor Rainforest could be found at the Eden Project. Eden’s tropical ecosystem is home to an astounding variety of plants that produce the world’s largest beautiful and refreshing indoor rainforest.

The Eden Project is a tourist destination in Cornwall, England, in the United Kingdom. The project is situated in a restored china clay pit 2 kilometres from St Blazey and 5 kilometres from St Austell, Cornwall. Spending a  day at Eden is an adventure in itself.

The outer gardens and the inside Biomes comprise around 30 acres and require about 4 hours to tour. The facility is packed with amenities that will make your visit amazing and pleasurable. They are both a charitable organization and a social enterprise.

The Aim of This Beautiful Sanctuary

Their global aim is to start a movement that fosters connections between people and beautiful nature in order to demonstrate the strength of working together for the good of all living creatures.

They are now a growing movement that is working on and making projects on a local, national, and worldwide level. One of the greatest things to do in Cornwall is to visit the Eden Project. It is a destination in the English countryside where you can observe flora and wildlife from all over the planet in futuristic-looking conservatories.

They will walk your family through the greatest wonders of nature. The Eden Project is a spectacular display of exotic and rare species of plants from all over the planet. Plan a day here on your trip to the UK and don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to explore horticulture and ecology. It is a treasure amongst the UK attractions for families that must be toured at least once.

The Eden Project
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5. Yorkshire Dales National Park

As one of the educational yet beautiful UK attractions for families, Northern England is host to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Tens of square kilometres of moorlands, valleys, hillsides, and settlements make up this region. The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a fantastic destination to visit with plenty of things to see and do.

Plan a family field trip — while you are here, explore one of the area’s popular attractions, such as open farmland, ice cream shop, or cheesemaker. They have a large number of inns, and most communities still have a bar in the centre. They are fantastic venues to interact, meet new people, and take part in country life.

Many feature summer gardens spaces with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. When the nights draw in, cosy bar lounges with log fireplaces and wood-burning heaters are perfect.

What to do in the National Park?

Ice sculpted this magnificent terrain over centuries, making a place for it on the list of the UK attractions for families. This resulted in a rolling scenery of lush ravines, windswept highlands such as the Three Peaks, and large stretches of heather-covered moorlands. People’s interactions with wildlife over the millennia have resulted in breathtaking scenery.

The National Park, which spans 1,762 square kilometres (860 square miles), is rich in unique features. Steep ravines such as Gordale Scar, the rising limestone amphitheatre of Malham Cove, amazing cave structures such as Gaping Gill, the wetlands of Semerwater, and Malham Tarn, and breathtaking waterfalls such as Aysgarth Falls and Hardow Falls can all be found here.

On the outskirts of the Dales, you will discover one of the region’s main towns, with classic stone houses and pubs, as well as plenty of great local treks.

Yorkshire Dales National Park
Photo by Dave_S on Flickr

6. Chessington World of Adventures

From watching monkeys at the Zoo to taking a steamboat ride with The Gruffalo, there is a lot to do at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. Chessington is an amusement park, zoo, and hotel complex located 12 miles southwest of Central London in Chessington, Greater London.

This adventure playground is ideal for visitors of all ages for outdoor fun, particularly families with small children, making it a top choice among UK attractions for families. The majority of attractions and thrilling rides are only limited by the passenger’s height. Younger children must generally be escorted by an adult over the age of 16.

A must Visit for Animal Lovers

You will require two days to do everything, including all rides, the marine wildlife centre, the Zoo, the petting zoo, interacting with farm animals, and the entertainment shows. Get up close and encounter lions, leopards, ducks, gorillas, elephants, meerkats, and rhinos.

That is only a small portion of the 1,000+ creatures at Chessington Zoo. No less than heaven for animal lovers visiting the best UK attractions for families.

If you are looking for major excitement, the Chessington World of Adventures Resort is the place to go. You will sleep soundly at night with the whirling KOBRA, heart-pumping Vampire, and majestic Rameses Revenge. Make your stay even more memorable by booking one of their artistically themed rooms.

The Gruffalo rooms are the newest addition, where you can stream your favourite animated flicks from the series, skip the lines on select attractions with FastTrack, check-in early starting at 2 p.m., and park in your own, distinctive parking space.

There is always something going on at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, no mind the weather. From Zoo and Stay Days in the winter to seeing the animals in March, thrill-seeking through the Campground in August, and Father Christmas Playdates in December, there is something for everyone.

Chessington world of adventures
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7. Zip World Bounce Below

In this massive subterranean net adventure, let your true thrill-seeker wild. On the best underground playground ever, bounce, jump and glide your way through this old mine. Zip Bounce Below at World Slate Caverns is a one-of-a-kind adventure that lets you plunge into a realm of hidden adventures.

So, whether you are a big child searching for a day of the most excitement you will ever have on the internet or a parent with small children looking to have a good time, Bounce Below is for you.

If all that jumping around is too much for you, there are also spectators seats available. There are lots to see and do in this underground wonderland, which has six trampoline-style nets carved into a space twice as big as St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Where to Find This Amazing Place?

This wonderful spot will be found in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, in a disused slate mine. Bounce Below is not the only experience available at Slate Caverns. If you want to have more fun, try the Titan 2 zip line or travel the subterranean course and discover Caverns. Take a huge slate cavern and top it with gigantic trampolines and nets.

Voilà, you have crafted a one-of-a-kind underground adventure. There is also a subterranean zip line. Visitors explore a network of massive caverns hidden beneath, originally home to a thriving Victorian mine and now reopened as the only underground playground type in the world, providing a unique experience in a beautiful, historic, and fascinating setting.

Zip World
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8. Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye

Last but not least on the list of best UK attractions for families is The Fairy Pools, nestled at Glenbrittle at the foothills of the Black Cuillins. They are lovely beautiful turquoise pools on the Riverbed Brittle which also have a free entry, luckily. These well-known pools attract people from all over the globe because they provide excellent ‘Wild Swimming’ opportunities for anyone courageous enough to dare the frigid water.

These lovely Fairy Pools make for wonderful photographs for the less intrepid. The first cascade has the widest pool and the highest fall. There are some fantastic high leaps available exclusively to the daring. Thereby, it is a perfect place to spend a family day.

On the other bank of the waterbed from the trail, there is a deep blue pond where you can jump. The hike to the first large cascade and pool is 2.4 kilometres long and takes an average of 40 minutes to finish.

The Story Behind the Majestic Fairy Pools

According to folklore, a local Clan MacLeod chief wedded a fairy princess in the past, giving origin to several fairy street names on Skye. Fairy Pools are also reported to entice selkies. Most visitors will spend a bit of time discovering the many pools as they make their way up the river from the very first cascade. The forecourt offers spectacular views of the Black Cuillins, which are the origin of the River Brittle.

This quick walk to the springs follows a well-maintained gravel route for the most part, but it does include crisscross river crossings over stepping-stones. The first and biggest waterfall, which marks the beginning of the springs, takes around 20 minutes to reach.

Fairy Pools
Photo by Stewart Williams on Flickr

A Message to Take Away about UK Family Attractions 

Travelling the world and having fun with the people you love the most is a dream for many. So why wait to take a family vacation when the school holidays come along or when you are seeking some Halloween fun? If there is a country you must visit at least once in a lifetime, it is the United Kingdom.

With many UK attractions for families, it is for sure that you will not be bored here and every penny will be worth it. From thrilling theme park rides also designed for younger kids to the natural history museum where all the family can learn something, there won’t be anything less than family fun.

Whilst you are here, you can visit the science museum, world museum, interactive exhibits, the first vertical drop rollercoaster at the Alton, boat ride in the city centre, and various national parks, otherwise, you can stick to this list of UK attractions for families and get ready to have fun.






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