8 Best Places for Edinburgh Ice Skating


Edinburgh is the beautiful hill capital of Scotland. It is a charmingly aesthetic place to visit during the whole year. Fine dining, restaurants, art festivals, and rich history are attractions. Edinburgh is considered Europe’s finest city to enjoy everything, including Edinburgh ice skating.

Its great architectural mix involves medieval houses, the Old Town, and Georgian-era buildings in New Town. This visitor destination has a lot of historical charm to make a spell on its visitors. And making it an ideal city to explore the Scottish heritage. Apart from its recorded existence, the city is also known for its fun and leisure grounds.

Let’s look at some great places to try Edinburgh ice skating.

1. Murrayfield Ice Rink

It is among the best ice pads to enjoy ice skating with your family and some leisure activities. It is situated at a near distance from Murrayfield stadium. There are several sessions for public skating, including family sessions. And you can also rent skates from over 1,000 pairs ranging from a child’s size 4 to an adult size 14! A welcoming and secure environment with cloakroom and locker facilities.

In the general ice skating session at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield ice rink, they teach you the basics of Edinburgh ice skating at a slow pace. And surely these sessions will help you build confidence and balance to win at skates. Then they offer leisure skating sessions for adults, which are much calmer. Then comes the disco sessions with kids to enjoy at weekends.

Or you can watch the Murrayfield juniors under the Scottish ice hockey association for their professional club, gaining scores. Visit Murrayfield ice rink during winters to enjoy more as this ice rink opens after a long period.

2. Livingston skate Park

Now we come to the proud possession in Europe as it’s the most lovely and fantastic place for kids to skate. Two deep balls are at the far end separately by a small curve for the box in the center of the extension. However, there is no security, all concrete floors, and supervision, so taking kids and beginners is dangerous if you try it.

And also a double drop-in to the reservoir from both sides, one aimed straight at the bowls and the other sideways at the molehill. Please supervise your children and ensure they wear adequate padding and a good helmet to save your coconuts from concrete floors!

3. Dewars Center

One of the great ice rinks for skaters to enjoy is the fun programs on the Olympic standard ice rink. It welcomes people of all ages with open arms and offers to try your skates! This Edinburgh ice skating ground also hosts international ice curling, and figure skating is contested worldwide, so you have the opportunity to learn with coveted players.

edinburgh ice skating
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There are rails around the majority of the rink, so beginners can hug the rim if they want, but you can only do that for so long before you have to get out there! Edinburgh ice skating activities include training sessions like Penguins and Snow babes for the kids to try out. These sessions are super easy for kids playing hockey and enjoying.

4. Dundee ice Arena

Dundee ice arena is a wonderful place for your family and kids to enjoy the skating sessions. There are many skating lessons with supportive coaches to learn ice skating easily. If your little ones are interested in ice skating, then snow baby is a wonderful playgroup to enjoy. So your little snow babies can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

And grown-ups can also enjoy different sports like ice hockey, figure skating, and ice curling with their friends. The Dundee is also a ground to CSS stars ice hockey team that plays in the elite ice hockey league, which you can enjoy.

5. Princes street Gardens

Even when you are not interested in ice skating, you can see the magic that unfolds in the prince’s street gardens on Christmas morning. The best place winter wonderland is loaded with wine, music, a temporary ice rink, and happy faces. There is more than skating to the place as you can see stalls selling crafts, wines, local ornaments, roasted chestnuts, and much more. You can also witness the Scott monument, St Andrew Square, and Christmas lights dwindling, making it a truly magical place to enjoy.

6. Border ice Rink

This ice rink venue has a very short open time for skating and curling. You can avail of excellent facilities and help coaches to guide you to be a pro! Dress warmly, with long trousers that allow movement and a long-sleeved top under a jumper, though some sessions may be colder than others, bring your coat as well! Gloves aren’t required, but they will keep you safer if you fall. There are also sessions for wheelchair users to have equal fun.

7. East Kilbride ice Rink

This permanent ice rink offers various activities to skaters, whether they are amateur or professional. They also provide family sessions to have all the fun. The skate hire is free here; you could even sharpen your skate blades. There are also some special Friday sessions to enjoy with your family or friends. The warm staff and excellent facilities make you feel comfortable even when you are learning ice skating for the first time.

edinburgh ice skating
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8. Rollerstop roller Rink

Put on your roller skates and get ready to show off your moves! Lights and music are all up for you to skate and where anyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are shy or a pro dancer. It is just about having fun.

Helping staff is there to help you with everything for people who can’t be flawless. You can rent skates and other protective equipment to ensure everyone’s safety while having fun.


Edinburgh is a great place to have fun with your family, whether talking about the historical sites, infrastructure, villages, etc. Edinburgh Ice skating is a great sport for active families to do together because it is fun and improves fitness, grace, and balance. You will love this place for vacation.

And confidence once you’ve mastered it! Everyone starts moving flawlessly, but most kids take to it just as quickly as roller skating. And with the additional activities available here for the experienced, they have room to develop those skills further here too!

I hope this article will help you have a good time on the ice rink!

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