8 Best Panama Festivals To Explore

8 Best Panama Festivals To Explore
Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

Panama although a small country is enormously diversified, as evident through the various amazing Panama Festivals!

Panama, an officially Roman Catholic country, has a long history of ecclesiastical and ethnological harmony, with huge groups from all over the world, including Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, Greece, Nepal, Bogota, and Brazil, to mention a few.

There are several examples of Panama’s profound Spanish heritage across the country. The Azuero promontory dubbed the “cornerstone of legend,” is possibly the most widely known.

There is no finer location for big national events and festivals. Residents and visitors alike throng during the Festive season.

Classical dances are performed to typical melodies, which include yodelling, harmonicas, and miniature guitarists known as mejoranas.

Annually, approximately 750 festivals are held in Panama, therefore you will be able to locate one no matter when you come here. Dancers here wear anything from bright carnival attire to the serene white pollera.

Carnival, occurring four days before Catholic Lent, is the year’s most important celebration. (The dates vary from year to year, although it is generally held in February.)

PANAMA, a three-day celebration of music, songs, and togetherness, has maintained its familiarity while producing international performances from its modest origins in 2014.

Along the road, they were able to exchange innumerable tales, concepts, and dancing experiences.

8 Best Panama Festivals To Explore- 

1. Panama Carnival

Panama, like several other countries throughout the world, particularly in Europe and Latin America, maintains a carnival culture.

This tradition has its origins in Catholicism when leftover meals and drinks were devoured just before the beginning of the 4-week fasting immediately before Easter.

Although Panama’s carnivals aren’t as well-known as those in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro or Barranquilla, they’re nevertheless vibrant as well as full of excitement.

Photo by Mathias Elle on Unsplash

The Carnaval Procession in Panama comprises artistically adorned boats (top ones) with jazz bands (tunas) as well as drummers (tambores) performing salsa, as well as the Carnaval Empress, who is followed by her Ladies.

Somewhere between the floats, you’ll observe ensembles of performers (called comparsas) dressed in the most vivid customs, as well as musical performances dueling with the vessels.

2. The Marjoram Festival

The Marjoram Fiesta is a pertinent festival in Panamanian folk tradition. It is usually organized in September.

People from around the country participate during the event, as it attempts to conserve Panamanian customs such as traditional clothing (the pollera) and traditional instruments (such as the Majorana, which also gives the name to the festival).

3. Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival

This yearly rock festival is celebrated in March in the hillside city and tea zone.

This has evolved over the years and has emerged as a destination for worldwide travelling jazz and blues musicians. The city of Boquete has a relaxed atmosphere.

4. Sobresaltos Dance Festival

Waltz! It’s the only way to win. It’s a groovy urban music event hosted in Panama City’s ancient quarter known as Casco Antiguo.

This is an international event with modern music and art exhibitions located around the neighbourhood. Each year during December, it is hosted.

5. Full Moon Drums

Photo by David Jdt on Unsplash

It is a celebration that places the enchantment of the drummers take centre stage. Its designers chose the above equipment to highlight the connection that melody and drumming share with the spirit and also to unify humans.

The festival has just been taking place since 2010: it serves as a gathering place at the start of the lunar eclipse of every quarter, as well as a participatory and intellectual festival in which various rhythmic patterns are done, and in which kids, young folks, and individuals of all age groups can engage.

Its inventors say these events involving “collective drumming” foster a real sense of belonging, identification, and affiliation.

People collaborate by producing beats, which also causes individuals to communicate physiologically, cognitively, and socially, resulting in synchronized rhythmic establishment.

6. Veraguas Fair

It is among the country’s biggest prestigious fairs. Its headquarters are in Soná, and its organization provides a variety of services and amusement to each of its guests.

This also includes generating springs that are soaked by the San Pablo Riverbed, making it appear more appealing.

Because of this Panama festival, programs that include traditional music and dance with both the country’s top performers with the finest clubs in the world, which, when merged with expositions among all kinds of merchandise and handicraft, robotic gameplay, the elegance of the cityscapes, and a sequence of supplemental sights, portray a stronger appeal for this province and its environment, reflect a stronger appeal for this province as well as its environment.

7. Great Afroantillan Fair

Photo by Utku Özen | @theutkuozen on Unsplash

Throughout 39 years, the African community has held this Panama festival to recognize the origins, beliefs, and legacies of African society.

This Panama festival includes a diverse musical offering, including carnival ensembles, regional combinations, quadrille, traditional dance performances, world music, as well as other beats.

The African cuisine, which features specialities like Sao, salted fish, smoked haddock turrets, bon, plantintá, chicha de “saril” and “icinglass,” is its main draw. The festival also sells goods and publications.

8. Festival of Ancient Times

The admiration of the revolutionary drumming as well as the manifestations that emerge from it, which are extremely typical of the locality and Panama festival, is one of the most notable characteristics of this event.

Many who sang out of its music are known as vocalists, and their movements should always be coordinated with the palms of their fingers and, while dancing, with the motion of the abdomen and an exquisite dress.

Its organizers want to ensure that the city’s heritage and customs are not destroyed. Among the events include the production of traditional delicacies from the area, which are later included in the dances and melodies that are presented.

Each of the festivities is followed out traditionally, first from the preparation of the beverages to the reception of the employees and the celebration of anniversaries. In a nutshell, it is one of the nation’s greatest ancient celebrations.


Believe it experiencing world-class festivities at the Panama festivals is one of the best things to do on your vacation to Panama.

Whether you’re attending a spectacular jazz festival or a delectable cuisine fest in Panama City, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime with great memories.

Festivals in Panama provide the finest of merriment, divertissement, and food, allowing attendees to drown themselves in the native cultures and moods.

The events range into many genres to suit everyone’s preferences, spanning from the largest outdoor beach celebrations to insane music festivals.

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