7 Things to do in New Cross London

New Cross London
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One of the most stunning locations in London is the New Cross. Southeast of London, England, is where it is. The New Cross spans 4.5 miles or 7.2 kilometres. We are going to learn about all the amazing things we can do at New Cross London in this article.

Residents never grow bored living here because there are so many picturesque locations around. This place is also very artistic. Numerous hip hangouts, unique music venues, and also neighborhood-focused pubs can be found in New Cross.

The neighbourhood that houses Goldsmiths benefits from the university’s prestigious artistic reputation. It also makes it the ideal spot for creatives to dwell. The cities of St. Johns, Telegraph Hill, Nunhead, Peckham, Brockley, Deptford, and Greenwich are the closest to this one.

1. Things to do in New Cross London 

This city is also the location of Goldsmiths, Haberdasher’s Hatcham College, Addey, and the University of London.

Some London fashion and music journalists are even beginning to see New Cross as South London’s counterpart to Shoreditch. It is due to its commercialization which was once known as the birthplace of New Rave. The greatest sites to visit in New Cross, London must be found if you wish to travel there.

1.1. Telegraph Hill

The largest and most costly park in London is the Telegraph Hill. People gather in this incredibly romantic location to view the sunset. They also come here or take in the New Year’s fireworks. This location is present in the south of London’s New Cross and is excellent.

It began as the “smallest of London’s lungs” in 1895. This place is also in the same location where U.S. Gen Dwight D. Eisenhowers’s house was during World War II.

Children can play freely here, and visitors often come to walk their pets. Additionally, a tennis court where people can play was constructed. The presence of trees around the park’s borders and in its central region makes this place cozy. It also creates a soothing and intriguing atmosphere.

The views from the park’s summit are breathtaking on a clear day. The hill is around 30 meters high. Lewisham’s Telegraph Hill Park is split into two halves by Kitto Road. An upper park in the south and a lower park in the north.

1.2. The Rose Pub & Kitchen

Pizzas and eclectic cuisine are served at Rose Pub and Kitchen. It is a laid-back gastropub with exposed brick, banquettes, and a beer garden. The place is also known as a contemporary British pub where you are going to be served your needs.

It is located at 272 New Cross Rd, London SE14 6AA, UK, directly across from New Cross Gate station. The talented chefs’ rotating menu features seasonal ingredients. But you can also find their unique take on classics like burgers, pizzas, and fish & chips.

New Cross London
Courtesy: The Rose Pub and Kitchen

The pub also offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian choices to suit various dietary needs. Visit on Sundays to select from their selection of specialty roasts.

The beer garden also has seating for 250 people, enormous, long tables for larger groups, and a few covered places in case of rain. It is the Rose/true Hobgoblin’s gem. For private events or overflow from bars, a stylish upstairs area is available.

1.3. The New Cross House Pub

For literally hundreds of years, the New Cross House Pub has been a mainstay of the Southeast London neighbourhood. This bar offers live music in addition to an impressive assortment of beers, wines, cocktails, bubbly, and spirits.

You may have the best of all our world with a private garden and the convenience of Britain’s smallest city right outside your door.

New Cross London
Courtesy: The New Cross House Pub

From lunchtime till night, you’ll discover a laid-back atmosphere. There are also lots of room for kids, couples looking for a low-key date, and friend groups.

The bar has its own pizza oven where it serves freshly produced, locally sourced stone-baked pizzas every day. A bright day can also be spent in the outside courtyard area, which is furnished with decking, wooden lounge benches, and several plants.

1.4. The Venue, New Cross

On New Cross Road, there has long been a nightclub known as The Venue. Since its opening in April 1989, it has been one of the most enduring nightclubs in London. It has retained its position for more than three decades.

It is also a bar where you may indulge yourself in sensuous cocktails. These are crafted by their talented bartenders. You can also choose from a wide selection of moderately priced beverages.

Additionally, they serve delicious cuisine to customers. The Venue has everything you need for the best weekend nightlife.

1.5. Goldsmiths Centre For Contemporary Art

The Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art is located in New Cross London. It is a gallery of talents located in the New Cross Gate, London.

Seven new gallery spaces, a café, a curators’ studio, and an event space are all housed in the 1000 square meter structure.

The comprehensive curriculum offered by Goldsmiths also helps students develop as artists and as members of the general public. It focuses on exhibitions, events, and mainly education.

1.6. New Cross Tollgate

The New Cross Tollgate is where New Cross and New Cross Gate stations are located. Hatcham’s manor and neighbourhood are represented by New Cross Gate. The two places are seen as being quite distinct from one another by those who live in and near New Cross Road.

They are likely to support the notion because they have two stations with the names New Cross and New Cross Gate. The region’s postcode, SE14, applies to the entire territory.

The New Cross tollgate which was built in 1718 by the New Cross Turnpike Trust, is the inspiration for the New Cross Gate.  It is located to the west of New Cross.

In addition to a direct connection to London Bridge and two Overground stations, it also features bus lines.

Additionally, it’s not far from the leisurely pace of Blackheath and Greenwich. New Cross and New Cross Gate stations have good transportation connections as well.

1.7. The Pizza Room

In this pizzeria, you may observe a range of toppings and bases. Some of which are more daring than others. There is something for everyone in this place. The vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, pescatarians, celiacs, and halal diners all can find something or the other here.

New Cross London
Courtesy: The Pizza Room

The pizzas also have an authentic Italian flavour. The Pizza Room is located in Unit A of Atrium House at 459 New Cross Road in London, United Kingdom

They have also received high ratings for their food as well as service. It is a must-visit place in New Cross London.

2. Conclusion 

These are some of the best places to visit when you are in New Cross London. Make sure to visit these places with your friends and family and have a wonderful time.

There are also other places except the ones mentioned here. You will be amazed to see everything that New Cross London has to offer. It is a place full of surprises. You will definitely find something or the other to keep you entertained.


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