7 Fun Things to do in London with kids


London is the largest and most beautiful city in Europe. It is one of the oldest cities in the world that offers an ideal introduction to modern things. Visiting London is everyone’s dream, and many have been saving money for years. There are so many things to do in London with kids you and your family need to stay at least five days. Let’s take a look at which of these things to see in this city. Hyde Park, Natural history museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Kensington Gardens, London Zoo, Science Museum, Harry Potter filming locations, and St James’s Park. These are most places and things to do in London with kids.

Top Things to do in London with kids

Hop-on Hop-off Bus tour

To visit a big city in London you need some kind of transport. Hop-on Hop-off buses are run to all the important places in the city. Sitting in these buses makes the journey of London with Kids more interesting and joyful. This bus tour also gives you a tour of lesser-known places. You can also use this double Decker bus to get off at a specific place in the journey.

Things to do in London with kids
photo by The S TB Hip-on Hip-off bus (flickr)
  • Double Decker bus tour:- The hip-on hip-off bus is called the London eye by all local people. There are several options available to you for sightseeing in London, but the cheapest and most convenient option is the double Decker bus tour.
  • During Hip-on Hip-off bus tour you can visit London many places like Hyde Park, Natural history museum, Central London, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Oxford Street, Regent’s park, London dungeon, Covent Garden, Tate modern, Trafalgar square, harry potter studios and St Paul’s cathedral. This bus tour is things to do in London with kids.

Harry Potter filming locations & studio tour

Do you think to visit London and things to do in London with kids? Harry Potter filming location & studio tours are the main things to do in London with kids above 15 years of age because young kids at this age can speak and understand English well. Another reason is that children at this age love fictional characters and movies like Harry Potter movies.

  • To date, many parts of the movie Harry Potter have been released and they are all hugely popular worldwide. As said at the beginning many buses cover all these places of the filming locations and harry potter studios. However if you have a few hours left to spare, most people should probably watch Harry potter at warner bros. studios tours in Westminster.
  • Harry potter platform. 9 34. It’s a platform in London where Harry Potter fans always gathered. Near this platform, you will see a Harry Potter store with a long queue in front of it. Join this queue and you can also take pictures of yourself with a Hogwarts scarf and pull out trolleys from behind the wall. If you want to do a professional photoshoot here, then you have to pay more.
  • A must-visit Harry Potter studio especially when you are in London with your younger children. This is a wonderful experience for Harry Potter Studio in the U.K. It’s a little expensive, but it’s also memorable. This is a great store for selling books based on Harry Potter films. If you enjoy reading, you can buy all the Harry Potter books here.
  • While visiting a Harry Potter studio tour. You have to visit one of Warner Brothers’ studios where many scenes from the movie Harry Potter have been filmed in this studio. In the Warner Bros. studio even today people can see the set of the shooting of Harry Potter movie, after going to the studio, you get the experience of the magical world with your younger kids and all of you are very impressed.

British museum

British Museum is the best place where all things to do in London with kids. This museum is in the U.K. It is a free place to see all the common people. Younger children love to see such historical objects. British Museum was founded in 1753. The Grand Court Hall of this museum is a very beautiful entrance.

Things to do in London with kids
photo by Henry Burrows The British Museum  (flickr)
  • There are a good collection of Egyptian artifacts and Egyptian Mummies, and One of the most interesting places in London, the children are mesmerized when they see this museum. Many free workshops are conducted in this museum, special emphasis is placed on technology in this workshop.
  • Here elder gives space to children’s creativity and mosaic masks are made from it. This is an educational fun destination that is incredibly popular with young children in London. Visit the Science Museum to see the command module of the Apollo 10 spacecraft that orbited the moon in 1969.

Natural history museum

Source: Depositphotos

If you have come to London with kids, be sure to visit the famous London Natural History Museum.

  • The tourist attractions are to see the skeleton of a huge dinosaur in the hall near the entrance of this museum. Sometimes blue whales fish giant bones you can see at the entrance of the museum. The museum holds a variety of interesting exhibits for the youth and the museum charges for viewing this exhibition.
  • This Museum provides a wide variety of interesting displays and free activities for kids. There is no charge for visiting the museum, especially for wildlife photographers. For watching with kids the museum in the rainy season is a great option.

Science museums

Source: Depositphotos

The Science Museum is one of the most famous museums and here are all things to do in London with kids. This museum is behind the Natural History Museum.

  • It’s filled with gadgetry to attract young scientists’ imaginations. Funny and interactive exhibitions that held here and all adults and older kids are distracted when they watched them.
  • You will also feel such a lot of entertainment at Command Capsules and you watch Science fiction movies on the screen of an IMAX theatre. You can see here flight simulation is an adventurous 4k visualization with 3D image quality with your favourite places in the world, this is a unique technic for the new generation specially kids.
  • The Science Museum is a popular place to spend your valuable time with the whole family on a rainy night in London. This is one of the free museums in London where you see all the science projects and old historical science equipment.

Madame Tussauds

Visiting London is incomplete for adults as well as older kids unless you visit Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds is the only museum in the world where wax statues of many of the world’s greatest people have been created by world-renowned sculptors.

  • People buy tickets to see statues of Hollywood movie heroes, heroines, rock stars, and celebrities in the field of music, sports, and the powerful personality of politics.
  • Every statue here really seems to be alive to the viewer, so adults and kids are very happy to see their beloved celebrities. This is one of the places in London attractions where you enjoy family trips. Tourists will come here with their kids during a ring the school holidays.

6 London parks and playgrounds you Must go to with Kids

Pplaypplaygroundssground is a unique place and has things to do in London with kids. Most parents are choosing these parks and playgrounds for their kids in visiting London.

The city of London has many large parks and plenty of play areas. Where the family can get full rest with the kids. Jubilee Gardens, near London Eye, is a favourite destination for young people

Richmond Park

Source: Depositphotos

This is a zoo reserved exclusively for deer. In this park, kids can go to the skyscrapers at Chelsea’s Clips and Climb. At O2, the little kids are seen jumping all day for fun in oxygen-free jumping.

  • There is an impressive pirate ship near the Diana Memorial Playground in Richmond Park. Both of these are great things for kids and their families. This park is one of the best London attractions.
  • when you visit near the park at the South Bank Center Brick Lane Market for shopping street food, shoppers can be heard singing near the old school.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the best adventure playground for kids Let the little ones become pirates for the day on Captain Hook’s huge wooden pirate ship at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. Have hours of fun at Coram’s Fields, a seven-acre park and playground in Holborn. The Princess Diana memorial playground has a special significance in London life.

Things to do in London with kids
photo by Hannah Whittle Hyde Park (flickr)
  • It’s never too late to visit Hyde Park, one of London’s stunning parks, to entertain your little ones. The lush gardens here make the kids happy. Families with toddlers will also love the Diana Memorial Playground to spend lots of time with each other.
  • Nice to see you walking along with the fountain near Hyde Park Lido near the Princess Diana River. Hyde Park corner is special for lunch with your family trip or London with kids sitting near a tree with eating fast food or cold drinks. The Princess Diana Memorial Playground hosts several games and tourists line up to watch it

Kensington gardens

Source: Depositphotos

is that place where Kids enjoy summer days in London with a variety of Royal Park play games at the wonderful Princess Diana Playground, near about 4,435 parks are available for playing individual and group in both categories.

  • South Kensington is a free place for all visitors to enjoy a lot of things with kids, especially in the rainy season.
  • According to a survey, Kensington Gardens in South Kensington is the most convenient place for London with kids.

Regent’s park

Source: Depositphotos

Visit the London Zoo The London Zoo is one of the best zoos in Europe. Located inside Regent’s Park, it is one of the historical zoos in Europe and offers several educational tours for London with kids and adults.

Covent Garden

Source: Depositphotos

On the streets of Covent Garden, you will meet many wonderful people who will show you their art for free.

This Covent Garden has always been one of my favourite places to visit in central London and a treat for London with kids. Rock music events are held regularly here in the Covent Garden and work to give new energy to the artists here.

St. James’s Park

is one of the most interesting places in London with kids. Tourists always bring with them food and they fed pelicans to animals this is a good moment to watch kids in St James’s Park. This place is also free for tourists, So its were always crowded with adult and London with kids.

St James’s Park is the second-best place near central London after Hyde Park. The Horse Guards Parade and the historic Buckingham Palace these two places you can see on foot in St. James’s Park. This park is great kids’ playground

London Bridge

London’s famous bridge was started on the river Thames in 1973 to this day it is the number one favourite place in London. It is a bridge that separates on both sides at the time of departure of the ship and is reconnected when the ship departs. While London with kids love to see such beautiful scenery and love birds choose this London Bridge for their first date.

Things to do in London with kids
photo by Viktor Forgacs London Bridge (Unsplash) copyright2018
  • You will need a cruise or a ship to learn about the history of the River Thames. This will allow London kids to travel around the whole of central London and you will see the tower bridge open automatically at this time.
  • Near Tower Bridge is one of the best London attractions for kids. The Beefeaters, the crows, the crown jewels, and the stories of beheadings tend to be a success in London with kids of all ages. Find prices and tickets here In front of it, this is one of the most impressive things.
  • One of the most impressive tower bridges in London and one of my personal favourite London landmarks, it is a fantastic site. You can walk it or admire it from the banks, however, for London with kids, the very best way to see it in its magnificence is by taking a Thames Cruise.
  • This tower bridge is made by a unique architect it’s used for travelling buses and its opens if ship departures from near the Bridge.

River Thames

The Thames river is called the glory of London. Historians say that the River Thames was the main reason for settling this and the city of London is still famous for this river. Kids love the beauty of the River Thames, no matter what the season is here. Experience the river cruise deck in London with Kid.

During this journey in London with kids, you will get to see the fantastic views of London from the north across the river.

River cruise

Take the river bus (cruise): – Lots of river flows through into the centre of London. The cruise bus is the best option to visit all places in the city by the river Thames. This runs from Putney west towards Woolwich in the west before stopping at 23 of 22 piers along the path.

  • The special feature of this river cruise is its excellent seating arrangement, which allows you to travel in a closed room on cold days and rainy days and if you travel on summer days on this river cruise, you sit on the deck and view all sites with your eye.
  • If you like to have a drink during this trip, they will serve you on this cruise river at a very reasonable price. Children under the age of five are free to board this river cruise, but children above that age have to pay a fare. While travelling on a river cruise, you can visit some special places in London, such as London Bridge, the south bank, the sea life aquarium, South Kensington, and other places.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium

Exploring the underwater world is one of the things to do in London with kids. Must visit Shrek’s Adventures in London. This attraction of Dream Works in London is on the South bank next to the Sea Life Aquarium and the London Eye. This is a great place to visit with kids.

  • When you enter Shrek’s Adventure, you are greeted by Princess Fiona, who invites you to take a magical cruise ride with the driver, the donkey. After wearing 4-D glasses, the visitor embarks on a magical ride through the land of DreamWorks, where you can see all the aquatic creatures.
  • After seeing this sea life, the child’s curiosity increases. This beautiful place to see sea life is near the south bank in London. Here you can go with the whole family.

London Eye

Visiting London Eye is one of the things to do in London with kids. Many wonder what the London Eye is. The London Eye is also known as the Millennium Wheel. In Visit London, every tourist’s footsteps turn to the London Eye. It’s a cantilevered observation wheel on the South Bank of the Thames river in London.

Things to do in London with kids
photo by John Cameron The London Eye (Unsplash) COPYRIGHT2020
  • It is Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and is the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom with over 3 million visitors annually.  It has made many appearances in popular culture.
  • At The View from the London Eye, sky-high views from all over London can be captured on your camera or smartphone. Everyone is lucky to see the city of London at its highest point.
  • You have to buy a ticket to see all these panoramic views. You can also watch 4D movies with this ticket. London Eye is such a famous place that you have to wait in long queues to get there. you can visit this place with the whole family.

Toy Stores of London

Lots of great toy stores are available in London, which always attracts children. You can try it in the shop here before buying a toy. Some of the toys shops here are very old and famous. If you come to this toy market with your little one, you will spend at least half a day shopping here.

Orthodox toys are favourites in Harrods, everyone buys something for little kids. Some of the shops here are so old that people say it is the world’s first toy store. The new shops here are 6 stores high where you have to use the elevator to get there. It comes in things to do in London with kids.

Kid-friendly afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is one of the best things to do in London with kids is the best part to spend time with your family. Most tourists visit London with kids at that time plan to eat something special or drink some healthy drinks for their child. In London, kids eat free in parks and gardens.

Street of London is one of the best things to do in London with kids. Most of the local food you purchase on the street, these food is very chef and healthy. London has lots of restaurants and hotels, so you choose your favourite restaurant for good food.

Buckingham palace

Last but very interesting things to do in London with kids. You visit Buckingham Palace, London with kids. Buckingham Palace is the royal residence place Until the 18th century. Even today, the guard’s change ceremony is held on the street in front of the palace.

People from far and wide gather in front of Buckingham palace to see it. These guards have tall hairy hats on their heads that look great during the parade also, this guard has a red uniform that identifies the glory of the king.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the things to do in London with kids. It is impressive and famous for being the church where royal weddings and coronations take place.

Visiting London- An Overview

Visiting London is a good thing for tourists because London is a very cool and quiet premise. There are so many things to do in London with kids. People in London are very rich and educated. They always respect their guest at visiting London. street performers and creative people participate in their program during visiting London.

You can see all countries people who visit London for discovering joy and peace.


London is one of the most famous cities in the world. From kids to an adult person can visit London for spending their holidays. There are so many things to do in London with kids’ forex. Restaurants, hotels, parks, gardens, bridges, palaces, exhibitions, Lion king theatre, potter store, fun indoor activities and a lot of things you can once to plan for visit this city and enjoy all these things which I explained here.


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