7 Best Places To Visit Near London

Places to visit near london
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London is an extraordinary and one of the awesome places to visit in the United Kingdom. London Eye, Buckingham Palace, River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, Big Ben, and Central London are some of the major attractions of London. However, it would be a disgrace if you don’t get the opportunity to go around the best places to visit near London.

London is an enormous and important part of Europe, blessed with various places to visit and explore. There are many things to do and explore for everyone in London because it is an interesting and culturally rich country. The places listed below are some of the most amazing places to visit near London.

7 Best Places to Visit near London

Here are the 7 best places to visit near London.

1. Cotswolds

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It is an exceptionally extraordinary, and of course one of the most amazing places to visit near London. A short break or even one-day visit to the Cotswolds will leave you in awe and you will be interested in booking your next Cotswolds holiday as soon as possible.

Sightseeing in Cotswolds

Make sure to explore English villages of honey-hued stone, explore mind-blowing market towns, visit a part of the country’s most noteworthy royal residences and ranch-style homes, stroll through stunning scenes along the historic path, or stir things up in their lake-land region with its inland ocean side in Cotswolds.

There is a dynamic buzz in places like Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, and Witney. There are many energizing activities for the family. Furthermore, an awesome heartbeat as well, which reaches out to the abundance of celebrations and occasions is a declaration of the innovative vibe of the area.

This famous tourist spot gives rich food and beverages with neighborhood cheeses, meats, and awesome drinks. Everything is shown up unmistakably on the menus of the gastro bars, motels, bright bistros, and fancy cafés dispersed liberally across the district.

The convenience is comparably wide-going and inviting. Partake in the best of ranch-style home inns, go stylish and store, take a spa break, cuddle up in an enchanting B&B, set up a tent at a delightfully found campground, or on the other hand, choose your very own position- there are awesome cottages and homes to rent.

Strolling and enjoying in the Cotswolds guarantee that you see the best of the neighborhood open country, with a professional guide who can provide knowledge to you about the region’s attractions and history. A 100 miles of strolling trails, especially along the whole length of the Cotswolds way will only take your couple of hours.

Investigating the Cotswolds by walking is a healthy option because it can help you in burning some major calories so that you can enjoy the flavorful cream teas of Cotswolds.

How to Reach Cotswolds?

Since Cotswolds is 85.7 miles away from London, you can take a 51m direct train from London Marylebone station to Banbury, on the northeastern edge of the Cotswolds to reach this beautiful place.

2. Mersea Island


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There is a lot to do on Mersea Island for tourists. Starting from a family with kids looking for fun sports to those searching for a serene method for breathing easily, it is one of the places to visit near London.

Mersea experiences tides, which double every twenty-four hours. Most of the areas of Mersea get covered with water, making it difficult for people to enter or leave the place. Also, there is proper administration near oceans to safeguard new drivers from tides.

Mersea is eminent for its native oysters, flourishing fishing port, winding streams, nature saves, and incredible cruising.

Mersea Island Vineyard

The present Mersea Island Vineyard was laid out in 1985. Today, there are around ten sections of land, five grape assortments, being created somewhere in the range of 20,000 containers every year. The grape plantation is as yet the ideal spot for plants.

Mersea Island grape plantation offers a scope of white wines, which are sweet dessert wines, and sublime shimmering wine.

West Mersea Town Regatta

The greatest occasion on the Mersea Island scheduled is generally the West Mersea Town Regatta. Attractions of the day consist of selling gifts, Regatta shirts, hoodies, awesome street foods, live music performances, and Stock’s Fair inverse the Victory.

Mersea Island is the ideal seaside area and the best spot to invest energy in Essex. Just 10 miles away from well-known Military town Colchester and with fantastic vehicle connections to London, Mersea Island is one of the best tourist attractions to visit throughout the year.

How to Reach Mersea?

Mersea is 68.7 miles away from London, so catch a train from London Liverpool Street to Colchester Station or Colchester Town Station. Colchester Town Station is closer and a slightly shorter taxi journey to the island, but only by a few minutes.

3. Brighton

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Getting around this place is easy as it is a small city and simple to explore by either walking or by using any public vehicle. This place is worth visiting because it is famous for its brilliant oceanic side hovels, Regency design, and Rottingdean- a pleasant English village.

Where to Eat?

There are many award-winning eateries in Brighton and Hove catering for all preferences, starting from exemplary fish ‘n’ chips to inventive vegetarian cafés and surprisingly a zero-waste eatery. Brighton’s bistro culture is difficult to beat and ideal for people looking for partaking in espresso and a pastry.

One can also discover a few astonishing bistros, and bars for having evening tea or beachside drinks with companions. There are various bars serving executioner mixed drinks as well as bars with genuine brews and special lagers to extinguish your thirst.

Tourist Attractions in Brighton

Explore tourist attractions like the Brighton Pier, the Royal Pavilion, and now the new British Airways i360. The city is also home to a cornucopia of social enjoyments, similar to other large shops and many free stores.

Regardless of whether you need to absorb the sun with a spring or summer shopping excursion or remove the chill from winter with a paradise-sent shopping binge, Brighton offers probably the best place for shopping on the South Coast at any time of the year.

The city likewise offers an incredible scope of business sectors and fairs, where you can get vintage and retro jewels, and food varieties. From the free shops of The Lanes, North Laine, and London Road to the exceptional shops of Hove and other large stores of Churchill Square and Brighton Marina, shopping in Brighton is best in class.

With such great things to explore, you should be aware of different modes of transport in Brighton to truly take advantage of your visit and see all that the city brings to your table.

Brighton and Hove additionally make an extraordinary base for exploring the staggering Sussex wide open including the South Downs National Park, a lovely spot for cycling, climbing, and different exercises. Doesn’t all of these awesome facts make it one of the best places to visit near London?

How to Reach Brighton?

Brighton is 81.5 miles away from London, so you can get to Brighton easily from the main London stations such as London Victoria, London Blackfriars, London Bridge, and London St Pancras.

4. Bath

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Regardless of whether it’s amazing spas, beautiful architecture, delicious food, or social attractions are persuading you to visit Bath, choosing what to do on a short break to this place is not an easy task.

It is usually recommended to visit Bath only when you have enough time because you would be required to go around the city and explore its different streets. A two-hour journey to Georgian Bath will develop insights into the historical backdrop and milestones faced by the city in the past.

Bath is not just simply a museum, it is also a significant flourishing town and a provincial retail outlet. An interesting thing about Bath is that business and shops coincide with guests inside the Georgian Bath climate. This is an old design shopping center with individual shops instead of malls.

With more than 120 occasions and festivals celebrated towards the north of the city for ten days, the multi-expressions Bath Festival is the ideal reason and attraction for maximum tourists.

The line-up of the city highlights rock, old-style, and world music from a large group of worldwide entertainers, and for book lovers, there is an exhaustive writing project of talks and back and forth discussions from well-known writers.

Like other cities, Bath has its reasonable portion of comfortable bistros, relaxed bars, flourishing nearby makers, and stores of energetic craftsmen. Do not forget to make a visit to one of the city’s breweries, gin refineries, or neighborhood grape plantations to have an exceptional experience and opportunity to taste grapes. One can also have a choice to get a few treats and bring them home.

Make it possible to test some Bath originals, for example, the Sally Lunn bun, which you can find in one of the city’s most established structures. You cannot afford to miss on the quintessentially British custom of evening tea served at a scope of exquisite cafés, coffee bars, and inns. Thereby, this makes Bath one of the best places to visit near London.

The Circus of Bath

The Circus is a 360-degree masterclass in the plan, motivated by old agnostic destinations like Stonehenge and traditional Roman engineering. Also, it has been one of the Bath’s most visiting locations for quite some time.

How to Reach Bath?

Bath is 114.7 miles away from London and if you want to visit Bath from London for a day trip, take the train from London’s Paddington Station.

5. Winchester

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Out of the seven best places to visit near London is Winchester, a town in the focal piece of the authoritative and memorable region of Hampshire in England.

It is, without a doubt, most popular for its archaic basilica. Inserted in the moving chalk slopes of the South Downs, Winchester is an old basilica city and earlier regal capital.

Tourist Spots of Winchester

Your first stop in Winchester ought to be the longest Gothic cathedral on the planet, a Norman and Gothic show-stopper. Places that can be a part of the country’s most established foundations and worth visiting can be found in Winchester.

You can also pay a visit to the Hospital of St Cross, the most established beneficent establishment in England, and can also make a direct visit to Winchester College, the most established persistently running school.

Landmarks like the Great Hall of Winchester Castle and the remains of the Bishop’s Palace are saunter confirmation of Winchester’s power in the past when it was home to rulers and eased the wedding between Queen Mary and Philip II of Spain.

Winchester College is the most seasoned ceaselessly running school in the country. The school has been utilized as an area to film various blockbusters like Harry Potter and Les Misérables. The school offers voyages through its verifiable structures and captivating grounds.


Winchester is locally also known as Hampshire’s foodie capital. You will encounter an overflow of eateries, bistros, bars, foodie markets, and foodie-themed occasions. Various popular eateries have used the name Winchester to describe themselves, such as Rick Steins Winchester and The Ivy Brasserie Winchester.

Winchester has an American-style ‘greeters’ plan to give the tourists, a warm welcome as Winchester’s guests. You can book a greeting on the web and one of the many amazing volunteers will be chosen to greet you with love and give a casual prologue to their city, showing you stowed away gems and features of Winchester.

How to Reach?

Winchester is 1.08 miles away from London. Therefore, the best way through which you can get to Winchester from London is through the train which takes around 1 hour and 9 minutes.

6. Canterbury

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Canterbury a place you must visit near London because it has been made well known by its wonderful eleventh-century basilica, various vacation spots, and fourteenth-century stories. Famous tales have also been composed by famous writer Geoffrey Chaucer and then a few movies have been made out of these Canterbury Tales at the late Friar’s Cinema.

The city includes three UNESCO world legacy locales, six exhibition halls, seven art galleries, six theaters, one palace, convent, cathedral, and 24 Canterbury Tales. They are home to Bagpuss, Rupert the Bear, Chitty Bang, and James Bond.

They have eight holy people, four writers, one artist laureate, one dark knight, 40 qualified aides, and one phantom tracker. This tells us that Canterbury is one of the most amazing places to visit near London.

St Martin’s Church in Canterbury

St Martin’s Church is the most seasoned and still in ceaseless use church area in Canterbury. Initially, it was the private house of prayer of Christian Queen Bertha of Kent in the sixth century before Augustine showed up from Rome.

In 597AD, St Augustine and his partners were venerated at the congregation until King Ethelbert allowed him the land for the amazingly popular convent and church building.

Perhaps, the most effective way to find out about Canterbury’s fascinating legacy is to indulge yourself with one of the tour guides who will guide you and allow you to make visits to different parts of the city.

Walk around a significant number of the most beguiling regions of the city, including a few thin backstreets, and appreciate finding out about all parts of the city’s set of experiences.

Canterbury Ghost Tour

Going on around for a couple of hours, the honor-winning Canterbury Ghost Tour is driven by an accomplished aide, which takes you around lots of considerable and spooky spots of the city. You will hear many startling and spooky stories of the past, from bygone eras straight up to the stories from the present.

How to Reach Canterbury?

Canterbury is 61.4 miles away from London. Thereby, the best ways to reach Canterbury from London are by train or bus.

7. Cardiff

Blue Metal Crane Near Body of Water during Sunset
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Are you searching for the best tourist attractions in Cardiff? There are a few incredible spots for sightseers to visit, both close to the downtown area and in Cardiff Bay.

Must-Visits in Cardiff

One of the best places to visit in Cardiff is Cardiff Castle, where you can find two hundred years old history about the core of the city. There are two magnificent halls found in Cardiff that you can pay a visit to for free- the National Museum, as well as St Fagans.

Go for a small walk over the delightful Cardiff Bay Barrage, or you can try booking a boat trip out to Flat Holm Island.

Bus Tour in Cardiff

With 14 stops along the whole course, you will develop some awesome perspectives on Cardiff Castle. Territory Stadium, Norwegian Church, and Cardiff Bay are all viewed from 4 meters in height. One can check out their engaging and instructive sound discourse on board.

The transport accessibility in 7 dialects is available- English, Welsh, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish, making Cardiff one of the major places to visit near London.

Cruises’ Sightseeing in Cardiff

Cardiff Cruises’ sightseeing boat offers you awesome sightseeing around Cardiff Bay. It stops at Pernath to pick you up and then dropping you off at the Barrage. The trips on Cruise are an awesome way to relax and enjoy the view of the beautiful scenery, especially when viewed from the very top deck.

In the evening if you are searching for some light rewarding views, Cardiff has some flourishing assortment of cafés, bistros, and shops, ideal for a light lunch or an evening bite. The famous place known as Arcades is home to a portion of Cardiff’s most well-known free bistros and restaurants.

For the Foodies

One of the most amazing places to visit near London, Cardiff has an incredible selection of eateries in the downtown area. Befitting of Wales’ capital, there are additionally lots of awesome top spots to eat and take a short break in Cardiff Bay also.

From top-notch food to cheap food, be it breakfast, lunch, or supper time, you will observe an awesome scope of flavors that mirror the assorted person of the city. Along these lines, assuming you are searching for great food and pondering where to eat out in Cardiff, you will track down the very best cafés here.

You can also take a break from the crowded city and rest your head in one of the mind-blowing spa lodgings, or an amicable inn. Devour tasty dishes in their many autonomous diners, or crunch on a few old top picks at the huge name cafés. Hence, it is one of the best places to visit near London.

How to Reach Cardiff?

Cardiff is 150.8 miles away from London. Great Western Railway operates direct trains to Cardiff Central Station from Paddington Station in London

Other Awesome Places to Visit Near London

The other places to visit near London for a day or so, would be Oxford or Cambridge as both of them are exceptionally alluring and it takes only one hour via train and other quick train administrations.

Edinburgh is four and a half hours journey via train so that takes up the most amazing aspect of one entire day and afterwards to make it all even worth the visit, the best is to spend time there for at least two more evenings if you have got enough time in your hands.

St. Albans is also one of the places to visit near London. The excellent market there usually fills the entire central avenue on Wednesdays as well as on Saturdays. There, the lovely Norman cathedral and pleasant old roads around the church are worth a visit.

And if you are a Potterhead in London, book Warner Bros. Studio Tour London allows a magical day out for people with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Harry Potter films at Warner Bros. Also, don’t miss out the opportunity to know about some of best beaches in England to make your trip more interesting.



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