6 Weird and Quirky Places to Stay in Europe

Quirky places to stay in Europe
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Who wouldn’t love having the most exciting stories to tell at Christmas parties this year? Perhaps about taking a dig at the wild side and exploring the unexplored?

How many of you have visited the world’s tiniest city? Or seen such a river that during the summertime becomes a garden? Icy Europe has compiled a roundup of the oddest and most unusual and quirky places to stay in Europe in anticipation that a few of them would inspire you to explore these natural beauties.

There is no better method to experience Europe than by discovering its hidden gems, of which there are countless, with many quirky places to stay. Thus, to experience these magical locations for firsthand, explore further than the attractions of Paris, Italy, and France and travel to destinations listed below.

There will soon be a flood of followers on your Instagram profile. Any person would love to visit the above-mentioned regions and all of their wonderful sights, but it also has several unique locations that are just as spectacular.

Imagine sleeping underwater or experiencing laying under the northern lights, with so many quirky places to stay in Europe, you won’t fall short of stories.

A lot of beautiful yet small nations in Europe make it among the relatively small continents, but it is perhaps among the most densely populated. Because of this, it is a fantastic area to discover the vast array of ethnicities, quirky places to stay, historical sites, and more exotic locations that are spread out all across Europe.

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There are several truly amazing yet quirky places to stay in Europe that lure tourists with their breathtaking attractions and mouthwatering cuisine. Why not reap the benefits of the variety of unique and innovative lodgings available as quirky places to stay in Europe while you are exploring the continent and taking in the sights?

You will have a ton of fascinating tales to share about the quirky places to stay when you get home. You can find several of the most extraordinary and memorable stays there, from imaginative to memorable to unmistakably odd.

Keep reading to know the most magnificent unconventional quirky places to stay in Europe to have a full-on experience on your vacation in Europe, whether you want to pitch a tent under the stars or lounge around a charming cottage sitting atop a cliff.

The essentials for a fantastic trip include among the most stunning and quirky places to stay in Europe and a fantastic travel plan. Frankly, you will probably enjoy staying in odd hotels that have interesting histories more than the five-star cliché rooms.

Quirky Places to Stay in Europe

The best quirky places to stay in Europe should ideally blend a unique or intriguing feature with the customs of the nation or location. Here are a few suggestions for quirky places to stay in Europe with particularly distinctive features.

These would be quirky places to stay in Europe which are both conventional and distinctive, so make your choice based on what you would love the most.

1. Roter Sand Lighthouse, Germany

Rounding up first on our list of quirky places to stay, several lighthouses are simply unmistakably famous, but the “Roter Sand” lighthouse, a huge white and red tower that is situated essentially in the midst of the North Sea, is another one of those magnificent structures.

Merely by staying in this incredible lighthouse, that has been there for more than 100 years, and then you can contribute to keeping it that way in the future.

The lighthouse, which stands 52,5 meters tall overall, had been doing its duty flawlessly for decades when, in the 1920s, changing sand dunes in the area caused it to lose some of its significance. The beacon is presently only utilized as a modest optical beacon due to its failure to adapt to contemporary radar methods and the erection of the other, newer lighthouse near.

There was a great deal of debate in the years from 1964 to 1987 about what should be executed with the lighthouse. Some argued for its total demolition, while others argued for its preservation on the ground.

After significant debate, it was decided that the lighthouse’s historical significance made its removal inappropriate. The local political organizations established funding to preserve and conserve this marine cultural heritage of Germany.

Roter sand lighthouse
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The white, black, and red lighthouse was the final sight that thousands of emigrants have seen since their ships crossed the Northern Sea on their voyage to the New World for over 80 years. It was also the first sight that seamen saw as they approached the coastal city. However, by 1964, the lighthouse had been taken out of service due to unstable steel underpinnings.

In 1987, a remarkable recovery action repaired the 31-meter high building’s base, and succeeding a renovation of the interiors, its collective group sought to open the preserved lighthouse to the world. Around 5,500 day-tourists and 800 nighttime visitors have stayed at the lighthouse since the Roter Sand’s inaugural climbers ascended its steps in 1999.

As of 1990, visitors can choose to go to the lighthouse or perhaps even reserve an extended stay, helping to preserve this marvel. Up to 6 people can sleep in the lighthouse, which is only accessible by a boat when the water is safe and quiet.

The Roter Sand has been dubbed “the loneliest hotel in the world” by a range of outlets, but folks prefer to refer to it as among the most intriguing locations to sleep.

The lighthouse guards had previously been whisked away to the tower in a big basket. Nevertheless, visitors have the convenience of entering the structure through a step-bridge that is safer than riding in a basket.

Liquor is also prohibited in the beacon owing to the 70 well-travelled and worn-out steps that separate this area from the restroom. Approximately €75 is spent on day visits to the Roter Sand. A little more expensive are 2 days and overnight at €488 for each individual and 3 days and 2 nights at €573 per individual.

2. Kelburn Castle, Scotland

You must have wondered as a kid what it would be like to sleep in a castle, correct?

The combination of another of Scotland’s finest lovely forests with some of its greatest intriguing castles is one of the quirky places to stay. From Spring until October, Kelburn Fort and Estates is open every day. The Secret Forest, a labyrinth containing a witch’s hut, a titan’s palace, and more, is among Kelburn’s most well-liked family attractions.

Additionally, there are the Adventure Courses and Saloon play spaces, both of which feature scrambling nets, swings, caves, and wooden bridges. There are many winding roads and paths to explore in Kelburn’s breathtaking forest glen, and there are lots of imaginative sights to see all along the route.

You will be treated to your climb to the summit of the ravine with stunning views of the Island of Arran and the Firth of Clyde. Only 250 yards separate the vibrant chateau from the Waterfall Pool, which is located in a stunning sandstone cave.

Kelburn castle
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Writer and artist Tristan Manco recognized Kelburn’s fortress, which was graffitied in 2007, as one of the best ten works of street art around the world. Watch the estate’s social media pages and website for information as they offer activities all year round.

Even better, you can spend the entire day at Kelburn glamping in one of their gorgeous hilltop yurts or pitching your personal tent there. The gardens, ravine, and playgrounds for the Bar and Adventure Course are all free to enter.

Cost of parking £5 per vehicle. $3 per person gets you into the Secret Forest. You get entrance to the property fields if you stay at Kelburn in a wooden hut or on a campground. Forest hikes, flowers, the obstacle track, and The Saloon are all included in this.

Tent guests can access the Secret Forest for nothing, but hikers must pay £4 per individual. The cosy hilltop yurts, which come equipped with wooden stoves, provide breathtaking views of the 5th of Clyde and its islets. The lovely campsite is only a quick stroll from all the action at Kelburn, making it ideal for a fun-filled family vacation or a passionate trip away.

Visit the breathtaking Ayrshire shore and landscape as a getaway. There are accessible grass plots and hard-standing spaces for camps, campers, cruisers, and mobile homes. Visit the breathtaking Ayrshire shore and scenery as a getaway.

A non-refundable payment of £10.00 is necessitated to reserve our reservation, and if it is not made in 24 hours, your reservation will be immediately taken out of the system to make room for other customers. Reservations must be done digitally.

Pets are warmly allowed as far as they are always kept on a leash to safeguard other campsites, animals, and property.

3. St Katharine B&B Boat, Barcelona, Spain

St. Katharine B&B Boat, located on an elegant boat adjacent to El Forum Seaside and just ten minutes by subway from the city’s centre is amongst affordable quirky places to stay. It also offers free WiFi, barbeque pits, and a jacuzzi.

The yacht has double staterooms with air conditioning and TVs in each room for DVD viewing. In addition to the complimentary WiFi, free connected high-speed internet access is also offered. On-demand lunches and dinners are provided. Work meetings could also be scheduled during these occasions.

The beach is only a short walk from a number of restaurants, clubs, and stores. For an extra fee, you can go for bicycles for rent.

Saint Katherine
Photo by It’s No Game on Flickr

On top of its fantastic position in Sant Adria de Besos, it also provides its visitors with exposure to Satellite / Cable TV, Showers, and Bunk beds, making it a top option for lodging near Llevant Beach. Especially seasoned travellers will find this boat to be accommodating because it offers parking, gear accommodation, as well as a safe deposit locker.

The passengers of this boat have access to kitchen equipment and amenities. The suites in this establishment are air-conditioned. When they get tired, visitors can take advantage of the Lounge and Bar that are located outside of the building.

Air conditioning, internet access, and complimentary parking facilities are all the perks. Only 10 minutes to Barcelona’s core from the beach. Historical Royal Naval Fleet Tender completely renovated boat. They will do everything we can to make your vacation unforgettable.

4. Hotel Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

The “Salar de Uyuni”, the largest salt plains on the globe, could well be explored from the Palacio de Sal, the very 1st salt hotel on the planet. Exceptional facilities, breathtaking views, and all of the things in the hotel are built of salt, including the roof and furnishings, making it an amazing listing among quirky places to stay.

A top-notch spa, private hot tub, a media room with a billiards table, a saline pool, a jacuzzi, a hot tub, and a jacuzzi are just a few of the amenities available. Their restaurant “El Mesón,” an exquisite and dignified setting, at the peak of a Castle, where all of your emotions are awakened, is the ideal setting to spend a spectacular night and taste unique sensations and exquisite specialities.

It is an extraordinary experience to view the Salar de Uyuni salty plains in Bolivia. The huge, snow-like terrain, which is twelve thousand feet above sea level, is essentially four thousand sq miles of salts and appears to be formed entirely of ice.

You can hear the crackle of rock salt beneath your soles as you go through this desolate area you stroll along the arid terrain. If you prepare for your journey properly, you will be enthralled with the most stunning sunsets and sunrises as well as fascinated by the hexagonal salt formations you’ll see along the route.

Hotel de sal
Photo by Leonara Ellie Enking on Flickr

The hotel incorporates salt through every aspect of its architecture to naturally integrate into its stark and magnificent environment.

Massive salt blocks from the Uyuni salty waterway were used to build the infrastructure and furnish the space. Salt is used in the construction of ceilings, floors, furnishings, and much more. In the open realm, salt artworks created by Bolivian artisans serve as eye-catching key elements.

Warmth is preserved and the ambience is kept from seeming too barren in the salty environment by wooden walks and deep crimson decor. The little lodgings evoke a blend of regional Andean customs and contemporary, sophisticated, yet classical and magnificent design. The suites are very unique, a few of which are truly impressive sculpted in the form of an igloo.

The rooms offer the latest conveniences one would anticipate from a hotel of this calibre. Every room has a private bathtub with heated water and either central or electric heat. The rates for a couple of rooms begin at $139.

5. Sala Silvermine Underground suite, Sala, Sweden

Wanting to truly disconnect from the world? The planet’s deepest underwater suite can be discovered at “Sala Silvermine” in Västmanland, Sweden is one of the best quirky places to stay. The suite offers tourists the possibility to have a quiet getaway in a historical mine site that dates back several centuries and descends approximately 508 feet deep.

The room, which is suited for a pair, is decorated with silver decor and a lot of candles to create a romantic atmosphere even if the facilities are clearly not drenched in sunlight. The Sala Silvermine has been used to dig out and collect minerals for a minimum of five hundred years.

The majority of those years were spent concentrating on refining the valuable silver that must be utilized by the Monarch for the production of national coins. But originally, lead and zinc were also mined, and limestone extraction is currently practised nearby.

The rooms, which are were meticulously carved out by miners over the course of 10 years using a labour-intensive mining technique known as fire-setting. They had no idea that someday individuals would pay to descend the area and stay the night underground.

Underground hotel
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The personnel on the level very much leaves you on your own below there. Consequently, you have the property to yourself. Round these waters, there is a ton of excitement awaiting you. Explore the underground hotel suite at Sweden’s Sala Silvermine for more information.

Visitors can soar through the air on a zip line, participate in a high-wire obstacle course, and choose from a number of paths to tour the silver mine’s subterranean area. A great above-ground course is available for you to explore approximately ten kilometres away from Sala Silvermine if you enjoy golf.

In the city of Sala, which for decades was the location of the biggest and most significant mining camp in the nation, sits the deepest luxury hotel on the globe. But, by the 20th century, the valuable mineral had gone out, leaving behind a labyrinth of abandoned trenches and rooms.

Visitors can take a customized excursion of the mine and navigate its subterranean lakes, serpentine tunnels, and corridors with just torches for light.

Large apertures in the site, which extend down to a level of much more than one thousand feet, allow visitors to see the freshwater below. They look to be subterranean lakes to tourists.

Visitors can now stay overnight within one of those rooms, where the surroundings are much more pleasant than what the miners encountered when they first emptied it out. The room has nightly rates that start at around 4890 SEK or $530.

A hamper containing cheese, cookies, fruits, champagne, wine, and chocolates is provided for guests, along with an interface that links them to a guided tour expert in case of emergency.

6. Das Park Hotel, Austria

Have you ever imagined what it could be like to reside within a drainpipe? No? Welcome to the tribe neither didI. However, the competent staff at Das Park realized this, so they built a hotel with suites made of recycled sewer pipes.

To be clear, the rooms were specifically created to provide the most luxury in the least amount of space. A shift in hotel services has occurred. No longer will experience your comfy bed made for you and amenities offered in a private bathroom bother you.

A restaurant is also situated here. Though it is a little bit out of the way, just hope it is not pouring or snowing. A musical event is held close to the ‘hotel’ every summertime. As a result, you also get to be amongst hippies and loud music. Thankfully, the motel accepts payments of any amount. Ideal for people who enjoy the uncommon and distinctive.

Visitors can obtain a pipe with a unique entrance key that will give them access to your private active tube from May through October. You could discover that this strange encounter is not only enjoyable but also highly practical if you are travelling across Austria.

Because the park makes use of amenities from the preexisting urban facilities, such as toilets and showers the mode of payment is the accommodating “pay as you like.” In simpler words, you will only pay what you can spend and what you choose to pay.

You will find a double bed, loft, power, comforters, and camping gear inside the core of the drainage pipes. For the duration of your stay, Das Park Hotel provides you with a full safety zone, so you can experience it at ease.

The Hotel is a welcoming, innovative, environmentally conscious, and entertaining lodging that will make your trip to Austria more enjoyable. Who wouldn’t love having the most exciting stories at Christmas parties this year?

Bottomline: Unusual Places that you will Never Forget

Alas, what is better than soaking in a wood-fired hot tub looking over rolling hills just a stone’s throw away, or enjoying quirky accommodation at a holiday cottage with a fire pit and swimming pool?

Take a dig into the wilderness of the lake district or seek calm amidst chaos in peaceful countryside with a private garden in quirky cottages and explore the most unusual and quirky places to stay.

There is far more to the cultural core of Europe than just preconceptions and facile stereotypes, despite the pictures of picture-perfect ancient villages, breathtaking high mountains, and celebrity-studded Mediterranean coastlines that come to mind. If you would rather travel to hot-shot places, explore the biggest country in Europe.

Several of the most unusual communities and natural marvels you will ever come across on the globe can be found outside its mind-blowing heritage and culture. Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also explore the lush countryside of robin hood’s bay or stunning locations with shepherd’s hut and make it into an experience all the family members will adore in the future.

The nicest part of an expedition might occasionally be unwinding in the night after a long day of exploration and gazing out at a breathtaking scene. Perhaps one of these quirky places to stay in Europe will persuade you. Happy Exploring!



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