6 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Spain

Best places to visit in Spain
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From spectacular scenery and coastlines to famed gastronomy, and diverse culture, Spain seems to have it all, with just so many amazing places to visit in Spain, listing out just a few is a task. Spain also has some magnificent galleries and historical buildings.

Many foreigners, particularly those from the UK, choose Spain as their abode since it is a well-esteemed nation. Spain has exceptional weather, beautiful beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t love to explore the best places to visit in Spain given the pleasant climate, proximity to the water, and laid-back lifestyle? Every month, millions of visitors travel to Spain, so what can one suggest to anyone if they haven’t yet put this stunning nation on their list of best places to visit in Spain?

If you realize anything other than what Spain has to serve, you won’t be surprised to learn that it is arguably the second highest visited nation on the planet boasting thousands of amazing places to visit in Spain.

The best places to visit in Spain are brimming with adored cities, breathtaking scenery, intriguing heritage, and delectable cuisine. The geography of Spain is diverse. Spain is home to amazing landscapes, coastlines, world-renowned food, a rich history, excellent sights, and breathtaking views.

places to visit in Spain
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Boasting 300 days of sunshine a year, magnificent beaches, breathtaking landscapes, wonderful vineyards, and delectable cuisine, the best places to visit in Spain are everything you have ever dreamed of, not only the capital city but all the little hamlets and villages give a movie-like vibe.

There are far too many activities to do in the best places to visit in Spain, whatever you decide to do or visit one of the stunning Costas, the vibrant hubs of Barcelona or Madrid, or the Balearic and Canary Islands.

At least for the moment, you should try Spanish snacks, trying out new food has to be one of the best things to do in Spain if you want, and you should be aware that they will undoubtedly be considerably different from the food served at your neighbourhood tapas joint. Every other nation should carefully consider copying the fantastic custom of receiving a free platter of tapas when you buy a drink across many establishments throughout Spain.

A trip to the nearest marketplace in Spain is a beautiful sight to behold and the tummy thanks to the abundance of fresh produce, shrimp, and jamón (cured ham). As discussed, Spain has some of the most breathtaking landscapes, but apart from that, many Spaniards enjoy reaping the benefits of a bright day to go hiking. Have a look at the 12 most exciting castles in Spain for the ultimate experience of this beautiful country.

It is not just the coastline that draws tourists here. Spain has dozens of best places to visit in Spain and smaller islands in which you can stay and spend the appropriate amount of time as a proper islander, so if you don’t like the mainstream and busy areas, you don’t even have to fret.

In Spain, there are countless ways to get a rush of adrenaline at the most adventurous places to visit in Spain. A zip line connects Portugal and Spain, and did you also know that Spain boasts one of the deadliest walkways in the world?

You can go skiing, water sports, or hiking when visiting the best places to visit in Spain, which are just a few of the incredible adventurous activities available. Additionally, yearly surfing tournaments are held along Spain’s north coast.

Underneath Spain’s, colourful and spectacular exterior is a country bursting with tradition, art, and legacy. It has flair and fashionable flair while being wild, ardent, and endearing all at the same. If you are a lover of culture, the great outdoors, or the beaches, you can’t help but fall in love with Spain. And if that’s not quite enough to entice you, the exquisite food and mesmerizing sangria will.

Best Places to Visit in Spain

View the top 6 places to visit in Spain listed below to help you plan your vacation.

1. The Canary Islands

Catch a flight to the Canary Islands to discover this breathtaking territory if you are seeking a destination with wonderful weather, a tonne of beachfront, few tourists, lovely people, and tonnes of culture and heritage.

Aren’t you planning to visit the Canary Islands on your trip to Spain this summer? Catch a break. This Spanish enclave off the African coast is popular for its varied landscapes, mid-century style, and distinct wineries, to name just a few attractions. Despite being in Spanish territory, the archipelago’ North African weather rivals that of the Costa del Sol.

The archipelago has withered in past decades as a result of visitors flying in and crashing into cheap resorts without taking the time to explore the islands’ uniqueness, varied sceneries, and cutting-edge architecture. This is undoubtedly the most apparent purpose of visiting.

The Canary Islands are a collection of interrelated 7 volcanic islands that make up a stunning Spanish enclave off the shore of northwestern Africa. Every island is distinguished by its distinctive topography and geography.

Canary Islands
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Several Europeans are tempted to hotter locales during the cold winter months. The majestic Canary Islands are a well-liked vacation spot. There are a lot of other benefits to visiting the Canaries besides the favourable weather conditions. Browse no farther than Canary Island if you are the kind who enjoys exercising outside instead of in a gymnasium.

There are also several exhilarating hikes on these steep, volcanic islands that will have your pulse pounding. With its winding, scrub oak reedbeds and 360-degree summit views, Gran Canaria is a godsend for bicyclists, while trek hikers have their choice of types of terrain from bland and temperate Lanzarote to green La Palma.

Don’t you realize that the beloved Canary Islands are famous for their wine? The dry weather and rich, volcanic soil produce lusciously sweet vintages. Such an area of business is La Geria on Lanzarote, or consider trying out the Tenerife, which has far more than 70 wineries to visit. The advice is to get to know the best price from locals, and shop in your neighbourhood grocery rather than spending money at the wineries.

2. Sagrada Familia Basilica

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Gaud’s masterwork, the Sagrada Familia, if you are thinking about going and exploring the infamous Barcelona, Spain. In January 2020, it got a new name- “Europe’s Top Must-Visit Tourist Attraction.”

The Sagrada Familia seems to be under development since the year 1882 when the foundation was laid and is expected to be finished in 2026. Yes, you did read it accurately. The reason behind this is that after Antoni Gaud took over the endeavour, he imagined and planned a colossal chapel that he realized he would not survive to see completed but left guidelines for people of the future to emulate.

The Sagrada Familia’s architecture is stunning in and of itself. Because of the height of the structure and Gaud’s clever choice to employ lead-based stained-glass panels to maximize natural light, the interior of the building has a stunning lighting display. They give the Temple interior a lively, active feeling. Pope Benedict XVI dedicated the Sagrada Familia’s interior in 2010.

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia
Photo by Jose Ramirez on Flickr

Honestly, it is a magnificent view throughout the year. But particularly if you go even during the autumnal equinox, when the sun is just about to set in the countryside. The virtually parallel light beams induce remarkable occurrences: they enter the Temple aisle, which is filled with warm red hues due to the setting sun.

Additionally, on the Nativity Facade, when the sun rises, during the warm morning of summertime, you can enjoy the same magnificent views with the vibrant colours of blues and greens.

According to estimates, 2.8 million people visit Sagrada Familia annually. This suggests that more tourists visit this cathedral than any other landmark or building in the nation. There must be something there for the spectators if such a large proportion of people are planning to explore it (and the figure keeps growing).

Antoni Gaudi is well-known to everyone who has been to Barcelona. His creations include several of the most incredible feats of construction ever made by humans. Sagrada Familia is another one of Gaudi’s creations. It is claimed that he was preoccupied with designing this structure. The structure must therefore possess some unique aesthetic charm.

La Sagrada Familia was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1984, even though it is still far from being finished. It was chosen primarily for the classification due to its distinctive style and Gaud’s aptitude for producing something that is so avant-garde and artistic. La Sagrada Familia is among seven structures by Gaud that fit under this classification, therefore this is hardly a shocker.

3. Costa Brava

The Costa Brava might be Spain’s best-kept travel treasure. The Costa Brava is a part of Catalonia that is notably distinctive and peculiar. It stretches along the coast towards the south from the French border to the hamlet of Blanes, a little before Barcelona Region. A few more coastal townships, including Figueres and Girona, are also included.

Southern French and Barcelona natives consider it a top vacation destination. The Costa Brava is home to several of Spain’s beautiful beaches, including extensive stretches of sandy beaches, undiscovered rugged bays, and remote shorelines that can only be reached on feet.

There are some amazing undiscovered sites in Costa Brava that are well worth visiting. Conservation of a natural park called Pla de Tudela is located further than the seaside town of Cadaqués. Several of the rocky outcrops that appear in his most well-known artworks can be seen here.

Costa brava
Photo by Enric Rubio Ros on Flickr

There are a lot of interesting sites to explore uphill in the Costa Brava as well as the pleasant seaside villages and coastlines. Medieval Besalu, gorgeous Peratallada, alluring Begur with its charming palace and Peralada with its old convent are a few of the loveliest historical sites without beaches.

Team sports are a terrific way to get a little more in touch with the real world in Costa Brava. Of course, there is always trekking along the arduous GR 92 path, which borders its coastline.

There is also surfing and snorkelling off its coastlines, particularly near the beautiful Medes Islands. There are other entertainment options though, such as hot-air balloons and bicycling in Girona. One thing surely is definite, that you will have a fun time that you will not forget anytime soon.

4. Ibiza

Ibiza is a simple pick for your next vacation because of its famed beaches, breathtaking villas, and vibrant culture, as well as its endlessly lovely landscape under the intense Mediterranean sunshine. Ibiza is undoubtedly among the most unusual destinations you will ever get the privilege of experiencing if it is, to sum up, all the motivations to go there into one statement.

There is no other location on the planet even close to being like it, and Ibiza has so many diverse cultures to explore all on its own. As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by this idyllic, vibrant island with an azure sea, white coastlines, coconut palms, and just about everything you can want from a vacation.

The amazing atmosphere of this bright island will greet you warmly as soon as your feet touch the ibicenco soil, and you will immediately experience a profound sense of empowerment. Nothing is unusual, everything is attainable, and everything is good. And that applies to everyone of all generations.

The most gorgeous coastlines and bays may be found in Ibiza. With that saying, the island is surrounded by stunning aquamarine water. Why choose the Bahamas over Ibiza, then?

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It has slopes, lush tropical, or lovely woodlands surrounding it, and the water is frequently crystal clean. What could be perfect than beginning the day with such an outlook? Can you almost sense the scent of cocoa wafting over your hair as you hold a martini in your hand?

The beachfront is a fantastic location throughout the year due to Ibiza’s 3,000 hours of sunshine each year and consistently pleasant weather. And because Ibiza has several coastlines and much of the area is uninhabited, you can visit the Ibiza tourist office to wander through just a few of their breathtaking shores.

Of course, one of the prominent reasons to travel to Ibiza should be for the seaside clubs themselves. What could be nicer for the holiday breaks than being close to the seaside and in a prime location to take in the stunning view from a reclining chair, regardless of where you reside on the archipelago?

Ibiza is famous for many things, and the White Isle is indeed unquestionably the best place in Europe to go clubbing. DJs come from all over the globe to perform at its renowned nightclubs, stylish beachfront restaurants, and exciting house parties.

And yet many first-timers are unaware that this Balearic peninsula also has a peaceful dimension where hippie-like yoga studios coexist with chic luxury accommodation and also where family-friendly Spanish coastlines provide the backdrop for a few of the finest Mediterranean twilight vistas.

If the coastlines in Ibiza are not enough for you, a short 30-minute boat trip will get you to the stunning islands of Formentera for a whole day excursion. When you do need a breather from the drinking and partying in Ibiza, the island’s very peaceful ambience and scenic wonders are the ideal places to lounge around.

Several ferry service operators will transport guests there for an all-inclusive daytime tour, with some bringing snorkelling gear or pausing for a sangria lunch while others sunbathe out and about the picturesque shore.

5. San Sebastian

You will learn that San Sebastián has so much more to explore than just the coastline and the warmth when you go there. Situated 20 kilometres from the French border, the provincial capital of Guipzcoais in the independent Basque zone hosts several exhibits, musicals, renowned carnivals, sporting events, and major tournaments throughout the year. The area is divided into three primary late-night regions at nighttime.

The Old Town is the most well-liked when talking about the best places to visit in Spain. This area is dominated by “txhikiteros” – a gathering of males and females who enjoy champagne and pintxos throughout the day, and at nightfall, it transforms into a bustling club scene.

Since there are contemporary bars with a variety of unique settings and adventurous music, the “Calle Reyes Católicos” is a fashionable district of the city. The Gros sector, where taverns are more dispersed, is where you may locate San Sebastián’s tranquil neighbourhood.

san Sebastian
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The Jazzaldia Festival has marked its 57th milestone in 2022 from July 20 to July 25. The yearly music festival transforms the Basque city and surrounding area into the Music capital of Europe by inviting the “la-crème-de-la-crème” of the jazz genre of music.

On various platforms and locations across the city, including on San Sebastián’s beachfront, musical concerts are held. In addition to being Spain’s surf capital, San Sebastián is home to one of the biggest movie events and festivals.

The Surfilm Festival Donostia is the nation’s finest surf-film festival. It has a significant impact on the entire movie industry and has included the finest in coastal cinematography, from well-known international movies to overlooked indie pieces and regional specialities.

With excellent vibes and famed late-night partying, one of Europe’s trendiest seaside cities is one that the Surfilm Festival allows its viewers to virtually explore.

6. Guggenheim Museum

As it is regarded as one of the best places to visit in Spain, countless tourists travel all the way to Bilbao, Spain, solely to visit the illustrious Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim Museum, which was constructed on the riverbeds that had once been an industrial estate, now stands for the heart and spirit of the region.

Yes, there are tasty tapas cafés and the renowned historic area, which is home to ancient churches and charming, winding lanes, but the Guggenheim’s aesthetic beauty is what draws tourists from all over the world.

It was created in 1993 by the famous architect Frank O. Gehry. When it was finished in 1997, Spanish King Juan Carlos I inaugurated the museum and declared it open to the general public. Since it was finished, this enormous institution has been the topic of debate, but that has more to serve than just an unconventional and organic design.

The museum has a high elevation of roughly 53 meters. The upper section of the exhibit is unreachable since the highest walkway is 26 meters off the level. All of the wall-mounted artwork could still be seen in the building even if this portion were to be removed.

source: deposit photos

Photo by Luke Schlagenhauf on FlickrAlthough Spain is home to an abundance of beautiful works of art, the Guggenheim definitely stands out from the crowd. The institution and its contents never fail to fascinate visitors with both permanent and rotating displays. The Guggenheim Museum may be the most significant structure of Wright’s professional life.

The building’s distinctive layout, which includes a spiral ramp that leads to a towering skylight and serves as a testament to modernity, never ceases to astound tourists and offers a singular setting for conceptual art exhibitions.

The Ultimate List of Best Places to Visit in Spain

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, Spain has a tonne of options with just so many amazing places to visit in Spain, including one of the world’s deadliest footpaths and a zip line connecting Portugal and Spain. World-class trekking, water sports, snowboarding, and skiing are all available, and surfing championships are held yearly along Spain’s north coast.

A few other places you must explore are the Santiago de Compostela cathedral, the palace plaza mayor, Granada, Sierra Nevada, Alhambra palace, Balearic islands, and many more. Also, if you are a foodie, explore 14 Spanish dishes from churros to jamón.

Regarded as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Spain is a basque country that is one of the dreamy vacation spots everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. There is just so much abundance of the best places to visit in Spain and to reside, that you never have to wonder where to stay or where to spend a day discovering one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain.




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