8 Best Towns in Zante That Are Worth Visiting

Towns in Zante
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Greece, one of the most well-known nations in Europe, is a house to more than 5,000 Greek islands. The Zakynthos town, or the Zante, is one of the most spectacular shipwrecks and ranks among the most beautiful beaches accessible primarily by boats. A few towns in Zante are the heart of the Ionian Sea and also a fantastic summer resort.

From sandy beaches to luxury hotels, Zakynthos has got everything you want. Stay in Zakynthos town for an unforgettable experience of your life. Here is a list of the fantastic best towns in Zante. 

1. Zakynthos Town

This town has the most scenic views you can capture with your eyes and camera. Also, it is a perfect couple’s spot to rejuvenate the seeds of your love again. However, the place is the Island’s capital and the most prominent commercial centre of Zakynthos Island.

The tremendous geological site makes this Island a great scuba diving spot.

1.1. Banana Beach

One of Zante’s most prominent neighbouring islands is the banana beach, which is only a 20-minute drive from Zakynthos town. From thrilling rocky landscapes to enjoying the soft golden sand of the sandy beaches, it has fantastic nightlife too.

Moreover, gazing at the sunshine in the exotic beach water will never fail to calm your nerves.

1.2. Bars

For great nightlife at Zante, you can consider going to bars. The lively bars will immerse you in the best beach parties you will ever have.

1.3. Things to Do in Zakynthos Town

This town is like no other as it offers a variety of tourist attractions, from pebbled beaches to a heart-pounding nightlife. At the same time, you can visit the Port of Zakynthos to equip your eyes with great sightseeing of the seafront view here.

Solomos Square brings insights into the Island’s history to its visitors. However, the place has statues of prominent personalities here. What makes it more remarkable is that people of all ages visit here. This brings back memories with some better future interpretations of your life too.

Venetian Castle is another famous piece of architecture in the Ionian Sea. It is above high heels, acquiring the Island’s best sights.

2. Kalamaki

With golden sandy beaches and shallow waters, Kalamaki is one of the most lightening resort towns on the east coast of this Greek Island. Reaching is just a 9 min (5 km) drive from the port and a 5 min(3 km) drive from the Zante.

Kalamaki  one of the best towns in Zante
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2.1. Kalamaki Beach

One of the endangered sea animals –“endangered loggerhead turtles,” is found in the soothing waves of this beach. Nevertheless, the beaches are the seafront hotels with the most pleasurable views.

2.2. Seaside Towns Near Kalamaki

Agios Sostis is one of the most famous seaside towns in Greece. With just a 15-minute ride away, visit the most famous local tavernas, several bars, and restaurants within a short walk.

Argassi is another beautiful seaside town on this Greek Island. From Mount Skopos to Argassi Beach, plenty of things worth exploring.

The great monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa inherits the culture and history of the town. Nightlife here is around a few bars but a friendly atmosphere, though.

2.3. Things to Do in Kalamaki

Horse riding is one of the transport means highly recommended to explore the beauty of this place. At the same time, a family vacation is incomplete without the crazy golf activities intensely played here. You can also enjoy many activities, but you must attend these.

Overall, you must visit Kalamaki because it has everything to explore; it can offer a great romantic holiday within a small village.

3. Laganas

There is the longest beach you will find on Zakynthos Island. With plenty of beach bars, you can have a great time under the umbrella-shaded sunbeds. The only step is to set those umbrellas for a comfortable visit of the day.

3.1. Ideal Beach for Children

Since it has calmer and shallow water waves, this quiet area could be an ideal beach for your children. You can have a great family vacation at this peaceful place of Laganas Beach with many restaurants.

Island in Lagana, Zante
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3.2. Thrilling Nightlife

What sums up a fantastic nightlife here is the bars and restaurants you can go into after enjoying a great family vacation during the day. With many bars, restaurants, and pubs to visit, you can also drive near the beach. The moonlit night is even more amazing nights here.

3.3. Things to Do in Laganas

Apart from visiting the Laganas beach, ancient ruins like Andronios Wells and other beach bars and restaurants make life lit and worth visiting.

Laganas is the party capital of the Island. This makes it the primary source of nightlife locally. This beach makes you feel young, and the environment makes this place more popular and worth visiting.

4. Limni Keri

Traditional village life and stunning beaches, the small village life of Limni Keri awaits you just 20 km from Zakynthos town. Though Limni Keri is a village, souvenir shops and supermarkets are available here. Nightlife is quiet, but enjoying seaside food at local tavernas is another addiction here.

4.1. Beach

The beach is covered with many pebbles and pine forests. These trees create a shadow part on the beach. But clear sand is felt as soon as you enter the water.

4.2. Things to Do in Limni Keri

Anthenea Villas is one of the big luxury villas, having self-catering apartments. It has a maximum occupancy of seven individuals. It also offers swimming people while ensuring privacy from neighbours too.

Marathia Cottages has vacation houses where you enjoy the lovely sea, the garden, and the peace while close to the services. You can also enjoy Greek music close to nature here.

The caverns and alluring beaches on the south coast of Marathia Cape may be visited from Limni Keri, and you can also plan tours to the nearby Turtle Island, a part of the National Marine Park.

4.3. Stay in Limni Keri

You can choose these resorts or hotels and enjoy your romantic holiday. “Keri Village and Spa” and “Limnaion Villas” are 4-star rated, while “Lithaona Villas and Hotels” is also a 3-star hotel.

All of these places also provide value-for-money experiences. Limni Keri is one of the best towns in Zante to be familiar with the local culture in Zakynthos.

5. Tsilivi

Tsilivi Beach in Zante
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Offering beaches, bars, boutique hotels, and amusement centres, Tsilivi is one of the most famous tourist places and the best beaches on Zakynthos Island. This place has many bars, shops, restaurants, and a golden sandy beach. Enjoy the sandy beach and crystalline water with sunbeds.

Only a 10-minute bus journey from Zante town can get you here. It has a very well-structured short harbour. The little waves at the small dock make it kid-friendly. Also, the shallow waters make it one of the most family-friendly resorts.

5.1. Tsilivi Beach Hotel

This is a nearby resort to Zakynthos town. The visitors say they received clean accommodation with the hotel’s best services. From area hotel prices to comfy beds, you’ll get them all. In addition, the staff here is amicable too.

5.2. Tsilivi Waterpark

Multislide and Turbulence slides are some of the great slides worth experiencing here. Blackhole and Spacehole are other unique slide features this waterpark tends to offer. Rafting and open-air can also be enjoyed equally alone or either with friends.

You can experience a great adrenaline rush sliding here. The outdoor pool bar offers exceptional beverages and drinks to try while swimming.

Especially for kids, there is a pirate bar with unique snacks. Other facilities include toilets, lifeguards, free sunbeds, umbrellas, a history museum, and a rooftop. It is a family-friendly waterpark, as the shallow water waves make it ideal for younger and older visitors.

5.3. Why Must You Visit Tsilivi?

The people of Tsilivi are amicable and welcoming. Reviews of the place say that most visitors find it value for money. The olive groves near the restaurants make the visit memorable. The ambience makes the visitors come back again.

6. Alykes

Sunrise at Alykes beach
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An energetic town with playful water sports and an accessible and great location to nearby resorts. If you head 18 km northwest from Zakynthos town, you reach Alykes.

Alykes is another vibrant, pretty town centre and a great and convenient site. The place is highly equipped with a water sports facility you might want to take advantage of. Here are a few locations that are a must-see.

6.1. Alykes Beach

It is extensively reviewed as a couple and family beach because of the best accessibility of many beach bars and good meal restaurants. This is one of the finer sandy beaches that tend to have clean water. Diving in and enjoying its calmness and water sports is highly encouraging.

6.2. Clubs and Bars

Virago Bar is suited for having one of the best nightlife on this Greek Island. Iris Bar is unique as it offers a mini golf play and is highly recommended because of its value for money.

Sugarbush Kitchen & Cocktail Bar serves many great Mexican flavours. This place has turned into an all-around place, so you can book your private or boat trip and go for fantastic sightseeing. There are so many bars you can visit and have a memorable experience.

You must also visitSea Breeze Roof Cocktail Bar, considered one of the top attractions here. You get an exceptionally cozy and romantic vibe here.

6.3. Popular Resorts

The most popular resort is Alykanas Beach Grand Hotel, giving you no less than a 4-star hotel experience.

Nearby popular resort bars, international restaurants, and the best hotels like Apollo Resort, Alykanas Village Hotel, Konstatin Beach Hotel, and Zante Hotel are followed by this.

Famous shipwrecking at Zante
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6.4. Things to Do in Alykes

The traditional architecture of Alykes has an earthquake-ruined Catholic Church (Kalithea), one of the ancient ruins in Alykes. You can visit Saltlake, a calming place for a walk, and explore wildlife here. Here, you may enjoy a fantastic nature watch. 

Zante VIPBoats and Asteria VIPBoats offer another fantastic outdoor activity. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors who want to embark on their exploration journey on the blue coastline of the Ionian Sea.

The boat trips can be availed on self-driving modes too. You can also check out Dolphin Day, another boat tour.

People who like paddleboarding can visit PaddleSurf Zante cause this is the only business on the Island. You must try stand-up paddleboarding, as this recreational sport tends to grow faster.

So, remember to visit these beautiful places and enjoy your package holidays. Alykes is one of the best towns in Zante for a family vacation.

7. Agios Nikolaos

Heading just 32 km northwest of Zakynthos town brings you to the small but beautiful village of Agios Nikolaos! It is an excellent attraction for the younger generation because it hosts loud noise in many bars. Here, you can witness stunning bays and luxurious lodging.

7.1. Things to Do in Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos Beach is a sandy seashore but resembles that of an island. You can get sunbeds through beach bartenders and enjoy your stay in Zakynthos town.

Blue Caves is one of the most fascinating views offered on the west and southeast coast side of Zakynthos Island. The tourism business in the Blue Caves is significantly boosted by its natural beauty, making it a most sought-after vacation spot.

While you visit here, don’t miss seeing the Ionion Pelagos Lines. This ship from the 1970s has an incredible ambience for you to enjoy more than just sightseeing. Also, the preliminary snacks and coffee shops make it worth visiting again.

While you visit here, don’t miss seeing the Ionion Pelagos Lines. This ship from the 1970s has an incredible ambience for you to enjoy more than just sightseeing. Also, the preliminary snacks and coffee shops make it worth visiting again.

It is the sunshine and the warm nature of the Agios Nikolaos that makes it worth visiting again. Besides being a famous seaside town, it also has a lovable mild climate. 

8. Navagio Beach

To the western side of the heart of the Ionian Sea lies the Navagio or Shipwreck Beach. Therefore, this is an exposed cove, also termed a ‘smugglers cove.’ This place has one of the most photographic scenes, so you can’t miss the flashing cameras.

The boat is the best transport you could use. However, during the busy season, boat cruises are also available from the resorts nearby.

Because of its beauty, this is also one of the busiest beaches of the towns in Zante. But no worries, since noon to 3 pm experiences less crowd, you can visit to calm your nerves here.

For more breathtaking views, you can also visit the top cliffs here, mostly at sunset. But you can also see here during the early hours and use sunbeds as they might sometimes be unavailable in the high season. But you will indeed feel great visiting the most spectacular views here.

Navagio Beach
Photo by NataliaD from Depositphotos.

Navagio is a top-rated beach and a crowded place in the high season, but worth visiting. You can reach out here primarily by boat. But you can also avail of a boat tour from the nearby resorts.


1. What Does It Mean to Visit a Blue-Flag Beach?

If a beach meets requirements related to cleanliness, water quality, organization, swimmer safety, environmental protection, and other services, it receives a Blue Flag.

2. How Far Is Alykes from Zante Airport?

The distance between the airport of Zakynthos and Alykes is just 17 km away. Alykes is also a very famous family vacation spot.

3. Where Are the Best Shops in Zante?

Picking any particular shop is tough as each has a distinct offering. Therefore, You should check the official website of Zante for all of the best shops in the town.

4. What Time of the Year Should We Visit Zante?

The Zakynthos Island is prettiest in May and June. In addition, it is less crowded and more calmer. But you can also visit in September and initial October days. Visiting the most famous towns and central places in Zante would not require less than a 3-4 day trip. So you can also plan your visit accordingly.

5. Which Places Have the Best Nightlife in Zante?

If you want a wonderful nightlife experience, then Laganas and Tsilivi are what you are looking for. Furthermore, you can find exciting nightlife in almost all Zakynthos or Zante Island areas.


Zakynthos Island in Greece is a tourist destination you can’t miss. The serene vibes of villages and beaches make visitors come again. Even in the towns, the nightlife is impressive compared to the city. The town’s cobbled streets make a short walk even more mesmerizing.

This Island is a place nonetheless, not only for nature admirers but also for those who like loud. Experiencing local culture with the inhabitants brings a feeling of home. However, the mentioned towns in Zante are must-go summer destinations and are also famous as summer resort towns. 

This place perfectly combines tradition, sandy beaches, and nightlife. Life is too short to explore the best in the world, so don’t sit back and get ready for a romantic vacation here.