6 Best Facts about Horseshoe Bar Glasgow

Horseshoe Bar Glasgow
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Glasgow is a very known city in the United Kingdom and is famous for its history of science, art and fabulous museums. In the middle of all these things, you will find some famous bars and restaurants to enjoy your night at here in the city of Scotland horseshoe bar Glasgow.

Talking about a bar, the first thing that would come to someone’s mind is good dishes and various drinks. You will find many restaurants and pubs here in Glasgow, but the Horse shoe bar Glasgow is already known for its different and tasty menu. There are a few things to consider and enjoy in the Horseshoe. Let’s talk about them one by one to increase the excitement.

Popular Karaoke Bar

With the location of 17-19 Drury Street, Glasgow G2 5AE, United Kingdom the horseshoe bar is known for its popular and legendary karaoke. People have visited and keep visiting to experience a night here and enjoy singing in the karaoke in the lounge upstairs with their friends on the weeknight.

You may find a celebrity or a band in the Horseshoe. But do we know that some famous singers have been a part of this pub and karaoke? well, the answer is yes and if you are planning to come here do bring an autograph book, why?

The karaoke here brings more customers to sing their favourite songs and drink to enjoy the week. 

Television in the Horseshoe?

TVs? yes, I was a little surprised but it’s something more interesting than surprising, although we may have seen a television set up in a bar or pub what makes a horseshoe bar unique and more attractive is the great size of the screen. For all sports and football lovers, this bar is heaven for them where they can watch a match of outstanding quality to enjoy it. This is a great place to enjoy football matches and spend time with your friends.

Horseshoe Bar Glasgow
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Food and Drinks in Horseshoe Bar Glasgow

Food and drinks are one of the reasons for the popularity of horseshoe bars. Here they serve a fantastic menu for all the meals and drinks with and without alcohol. Lets me tell you about the menu first on their main menu they have a kind of variety offering burger, fries, BBQ, salad, etc but some of those dishes Drunken mushrooms, Crispy king prawns, BBQ pulled beef tacos, and fiery fries are worth to try.

For the drinks here you will find an endless menu the horseshoe bar has many drinks and there are some drinks to enjoy which are peach Gin Spritz, Espresso Martini, Mojito, and Zombie.

As for snacks, you can order very tasty and mouth-watering chilli chips which are also very popular. But there is a separate fan base for their deserts.

History of the Horseshoe Bar

William Turnbull owned the horseshoe bar until John Scoullar decided to own it in 1884. The reason for naming the Horseshoe is Scoullar itself his love for horses and bars made his name the bar Horse shoe. It’s been more than 120 years but most of the things and the interior of the horseshoe bar are still the same. Mitchell and Butlers are doing their best to remain as popular as before with the current owner of the Horse shoe bar.


As it is already stated, the horseshoe bar is an old and historic ba,r but there are some things or more specific facts you need to know about it. The first thing is this bar is listed as A category building of historic importance in 1988. The second fact is that it is the longest bar in Glasgow Europe. This victorian bar is 104 feet, and 3 inches is the longest bar. This bar is also older than 120 years and is an attractive stop located in the heart of Glasgow.

There are more bars and places to visit in Glasgow to know about than you should read about the 16 best places to visit in Glasgow.

Booking and Dates

The best thing here is pre-booking and reservation one can book a table and their choice of table to enjoy a date, party, friends gathering, and reunion, or for your girl night out to enjoy the pint and great pub food and spend some time in the lounge upstairs with 11 screens. All of these things make me visit the horseshoe bar.

Although Sunday is a busy day in the horseshoe bar the staff here works hard with a smile on their face and the guys behind the counter will never miss your order. However, the rest of the week is more relaxing than Sunday and the prices are simply good.

The timing of this place is 11 am to 12 am which appear to be the same for the whole week from Friday to Thursday. It is good that the timing is the same;e by this,s you can easily come and enjoy any day here.

Horseshoe Bar Glasgow
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Account and Reviews

The Facebook account of the horse shoe is always updated with all the information even if it’s related to the staff, restaurant, job, and the menu. Any restaurant will do this to provide the necessary content regarding the restaurant. If you open their page you will find reasons to visit the place and will not wait to share it will more people.


This bar is a great restaurant and it is not only because of karaoke but many other things said above, the staff and chefs here manage all the customers and their needs properly and on time.

You might think that the food served in the Horseshoe is expensive, but that is not true because the horseshoe bar is one of the best restaurants in Britain for no reason and offers a reasonable price for drinks and all other things.

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