5 Best Hiking Trails in London

hiking trails in London
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People who love hiking are always in search of hiking trails no matter where they go. If you are in London and are also looking for the best hiking trails in London, then look no further. By the end of this article, you will get to know some of the best hiking trails in London.

If you are in search of the best places to hike in London, you will have to go to the outskirts. Generally, the best and the most amazing places to walk around and hike are found outside the city. 

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind and finding peace in nature is what we all need at least once a month or two. 

1. Best Hiking Trails in London 

All the hiking trails that are mentioned here are generally reachable within 90 minutes if you are opting for a train. In case you find yourself lost, you can always take the help of the maps. If the maps don’t work as well, make sure to ask the locals as they are the best people to guide. 

Before choosing a location for hiking, make sure to do proper research on the place, the climate of the place and the amenities that might be required.

1.1. Seaford to Eastbourne 

This route is also popularly known as the Six Sisters Cliff Walk. If you are among the people who prefer coastal views, this is the best route for you to pick. Make sure to be very careful while climbing up the slope as the slope gets very steep. 

The trek stretches over a distance of about 13.6 miles, you will clearly need some fitness to climb here. Though the trek is long and tiring, but you will be amazed to see the views once you finish the climb. You will be able to witness mesmerizing views of the ocean and chalk cliffs all over the place. The places where the water is at a regular level, you can also opt for swimming. 

The walk begins at Seaford and crosses various places on the way. You will be able to witness Haven Brow on the way which is the highest spot among the Seven Sisters. The journey ends when you reach the Eastbourne Pier. 

1.1.1 How to Get There 

If you are planning to get to this place by train, it is going to be the easiest. Regular trains are available from London to Seaford, but you will have to switch to Lewes. The total time to reach Seaford from London is about an hour and a half. 

The trains are very irregular on Sundays so please plan your trip in advance. 

1.2 Ockley to Leith Hill 

Among all the places mentioned here, it is the shortest and the sweetest way to get to the top. This is very famous among the citizens and also tourists because this place is easy to reach. 

Instead of opting for hiking at the beginning, you can see Vann Lake. It is a wonderful natural landscape that will surely blow your mind. The lake often remains unnoticed, but it is a gem. In fact, it is a man-made lake that was introduced in the mid-18th century. Since then this place has remained a major destination of tourist attraction. You will also be able to see the amazing beauty Leith Hill Tower on the way. 

After seeing the lake, you can head back to the trekking area. The area offers outstanding natural landscapes and views that will leave you mesmerized. You can also bring your friends and family along who are not much into hiking since this place is safe. People will not need prior hiking experience to clink this cliff. 

1.2.1 How to Get There 

Like the previous trial, you can reach here by taking a train. Regular railway services are available from London to Ockley. Make sure to carry everything essential when you are planning to go there. 

1.3. Rickmansworth to Chesham 

This area of the hiking trail is popularly known as the Chess Valley Walk. It is a 10mile long hiking trail that offers amazing natural landscapes and beauty on the way. You will be able to witness mountains, rivers, lakes and various other natural beauty during the hike. 

There are various signs and symbols on the way that makes reaching the cliff so much easier. Even the ones who do not know how to use the map properly will be able to navigate through these areas. Make sure to read the signs and symbols correctly otherwise, you might get lost. It is always advised to carry an instruction booklet that might come in handy on the way. 

Chess Valley is famous all over the world for its beautiful landscape. The hiking trail here is moderate and people who do not have any prior knowledge of hiking on slopes also come here.

1.3.1 How to Get There 

Reaching the Chess Valley is very easy from London. You can either take a train, or bus or can even book a car to reach there. Some people like to explore the natural landscapes even more and opt for walking. 

You will be able to encounter a lot of beautiful places and landscapes on the way if you opt for walking. 

1.4. Lewes Via West Firle Circular 

This is one of the longest hiking trails in and around London. The very long and exciting hiking trail is divided into three sections. Lewes to Glynde is generally considered the first hike, while Glynde to Southease is the second. Getting back to Lewes from the Southease is the third and final section. 

On the first half of the trek, you will be able to enjoy the amazing views of the historic town of Lewes. There are beautiful gardens and valleys on the way that are sure to catch your attention. 

In the second and third sections of the trek, you will be able to witness the landscape even better. You will also be able to witness the steepness of the slope adjacent to the beautiful valley. Overall, this place is an outstanding way to spend a day or two for trekking. 

1.4.1. How to Get There 

Like all the other trekking trails mentioned here, reaching this place is also very simple. You can board a train from London, it will be the easiest to reach the Lewes Valley.  

In fact, taking the train is the easiest way to reach here if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the traffic. 

1.5 The Isle of Grain to Woolwich 

When we are discussing the best hiking trails, we cannot miss this one. This route is also commonly known as the England Coast Path. You will be amazed by the amazing natural beauty and scenic landscape of this place. 

Along the way, you will be able to encounter a lot of old forts, palaces and abandoned villas. If you have an interest in ancient items and things, this place is going to be heaven for you. 

Along the way, you will also see some of the best natural landscapes of London. This is one of the reasons why this place attracts a lot of tourists every year. 

In addition to providing trekking tracks, this place is also the best location if you are in the mood to spend some time with nature. 

1.5.1 How to Get There 

Taking a train will again be the easiest option to reach this place. You can reach Chatham by train and then reach choose a vehicle to reach your destination by road. Make sure to know the route properly before opting for either train or bus service. 

2. Conclusion 

These are some of the best hiking trails in London. You can always choose any one or even more according to your preferences. Make sure to bring your family members and friends who love trekking equally as you do. 


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