5 Best Film Schools in Berlin

film schools in Berlin
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Germany has a few of the best film schools in Berlin, from where any film enthusiast can start off their learning journey in the film and television industry. Whether you’re into creative production or simply script writing, Berlin film production courses have got you covered.

These Berlin film schools provide students with plenty of opportunities to learn and thrive with hands-on experience and guidance on creative production, photography, visual storytelling, and much more.

Not only these, but you also meet like-minded international learners who are enthusiasts like you at the Berlin Film Academy. So overall, Berlin is a great place for aspiring filmmakers to study filmmaking and get ahead with their contemporary filmmaking skills.

Every Berlin school offers advanced industry-standard tools to help with the experience of television production, motion design, and visual effects. By studying in such a diverse environment, you get a sneak peek of what the creative industries are all about.

So, without further ado, let’s discover a few of the best and most reputable film schools in Berlin and which one is suitable for you to get started with your hobby and passion for film.

film schools in Berlin
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1. Best Film Schools in Berlin

1.1 Film School Berlin

As one of the top-notch film schools in Berlin, this school has a close connection with the Berlin Film Industry, so no wonder you’ll learn some crucial skills here from the successful filmmakers in Berlin.

If you’re interested in a feature film or contemporary filmmaking, this outstanding school offers a ton of opportunities along with precise courses to get you started with your basics. From producing to editing, everything is taught here with special care so that you can take time and hone your newly learned skills.

Along with production design and short courses, the learning process of serial storytelling is exciting and fun due to their friendly atmosphere and incredible way of teaching. If you’re passionate about editing, cinematography, and the art of image design, the Film School Berlin is right for you.

The courses here are short and direct, pulling you straight into the practical part without many endless lectures so get ready for a massive learning process in this film school in Berlin, which works along with the Berlin Film Industry.

1.2 Metfilm School Berlin

This infamous school has to be among the most popular and reputable film schools in Berlin, up to this day, due to a lot of reasons. Starting from their own scholarship programs to their vast courses on Master’s degrees, Metfilm is among the best film schools in Berlin.

With hands-on experience in practical filmmaking courses like directing, screen-acting, editing, and documentaries, this film school offers a diverse environment to be a part of the Television Academy Berlin.

Several successful film industry instructors will guide you through your daily skill honing, by practical means. They strive to make every student ready and confident to be a future successful filmmaker or producer.

The fees of this private film school vary from time to time but it is worth the skills and guidance you’ll receive at this school because it is one of the best schools in Berlin, undoubtedly with a strong reputation for its teaching and work ethic.

Established in 2003 in London, this film industry school is still the oldest film school in Berlin. Afterward in 2012, they opened their Berlin Centre for teaching local students to international ones the skills of film production, direction, acting, and even screenwriting.

Their scholarship certifications include inspiring more women to join the film industry and motivating them to chase their dreams and passion. Another scholarship calls out to the Black Community, after certain important death of a black student in Metfilm School Berlin.

1.3 University of Applied Sciences Europe

Another one of the top-notch film schools in Berlin, known for its innovative and diverse course ranges apart from just media studies and film production courses. With a duration of 7 semesters, this film production school offers courses on illustrations, motion design, and visual effects.

They give projects that will teach animations, 2D and 3D visual storytelling, and many more entertainment media elements from some of the best professionals in the creative industries. Their courses are divided into both German and English, so you have a choice, either way.

If you’re someone passionate about visual design elements and motion design, along with the high-quality illustration, scenography, and media industry, then this University is perfect for you! It is also among those rare film schools in Berlin which offer financial support for chasing your film enthusiasm.

film schools in Berlin
Image from the University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Apart from film elements, you can also learn extracurricular courses along with it like media studies, photography, communications, and digital narratives to widen your skills and understanding of digital media, overall.

They also help you create portfolios of your own for film and television production purposes, by using modern and advanced equipment to handle the camera, sound, and other film production elements, like skilled filmmakers.

For film and television studies, this private tuition offers a lot of opportunities for visual effects, learning the core of a German film, and much more about post-production as well. With these many options, it is no surprise that it is among the most popular film schools in Berlin.

1.4 Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

In collaboration with St Johns and St Marks University, this school is undoubtedly one of the best and most affordable film schools in Berlin. Ranging from 4-week courses to months-long ones, this incredible school focuses completely on the practice field.

The film production courses include visual effects, filmmaking, writing, editing, and screen-acting as well. Unlike a few other film schools in Berlin, this place gives you the freedom to explore your skills and field of expertise within the film media.

It doesn’t matter if there are graduates or undergraduates, Catalyst always helps every kind of student to catalyse in their journey by offering them suitable courses to achieve their dream of film production and filmmaking.

Whether it is visual effects, editing, or another sub-category of filmmaking, the best part of Catalyst Institute is that you can explore most of the film and media-related skills, if you’re unsure about which film industry field to choose your career path on.

film schools in Berlin
Image from the Catalyst Institute For Creative Arts and Technology

Even though Catalyst Institute does not offer scholarships, it is still a very unique film production platform to gain hands-on experience from film industry professionals. In collaboration with the Berlin Funkhaus, it is already a great place to study film.

But it is not only about studying, this outstanding film school aims to ensure that you’re well-armed with all the essential skills and social skills even after your film production course ends. That is why it is one of the most unique film schools in Berlin, now.

Starting from pre-degree to master’s degree, this institute welcomes everyone. They value every little skill important for making it into the film production and motion design industry. During post-education times, soft skills and networking will become core skills, and this school focuses on that too.

Unlike other film schools in Berlin, where only cinematography and filmmaking are taught, Catalyst equips you with networking and social skills as well, that will help you make your way into the digital entertainment industry.

Since it is an affordable film school in Berlin, you can find the tuition and private tuition fees along with the courses on the website page of Catalyst.

1.5 Academy of Media Arts and Cologne

Another one of the most famous and popular film schools in Berlin, known for its wide range of film production programs and availability of courses. Even though they teach all courses in German, they welcome all students whether undergraduate or post-graduate.

Whether you’re looking for a pre-degree or a master’s degree, courses of all ranges and diverse fields are available here at this film school. Along with work projects based on practical work on filmmaking, this school specializes in every skill required in the media industry.

Whether it is visual storytelling or directing, a public art form, or 3D animation, this fascinating school has got it all that you want to specialize in. Their private tuition fees do not cost much in comparison to other schools in Berlin.

film schools in Berlin
Image from Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Established in 1990, this film school has boomed with students ever since for its dedication to film teaching and other aspects of the media industry. They have taught documentaries, media studies, feature films, and other courses like Video art and Sound art, as well.

It is no surprise that this wonderful film school has helped students achieve so much in the film industry. They have veterans of the media industry in their school as well, who guide and instruct the students through their experience and skills.

This school is a great opportunity to start off a career in film production and directing, especially if you’re looking to be a skilled networker with social skills.

2. Conclusion

Precisely, the film schools in Berlin are some of the best that you can find in Germany.
Among all the other great film schools, these mentioned places offer the best practices and teaching approaches that will help every student to grasp the art of film production in a short while.

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Which Berlin film school did you find the most important and unique?
Since all of them have their individual perks, it is almost impossible to choose. But always make sure to choose the one which fulfills your needs and requirements.


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