Fun Things To Do In The UK

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Are you also looking for some fun things to do in the UK? Then you are on the right track to finding places to visit in the amazing United Kingdom.

Great architecture, natural history museum, London Eye, art galleries, Peak district national park, red cave, and there are so much more for you to look after in the United Kingdom including 33 UNESCO world heritage sites.

Four sovereign states that constitute this island nation are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales in the Northwestern which surely brings some top attractions which are worth visiting, for a family vacay.

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26 Fun Things To Do In The UK

To add to your UK bucket list, we have our pick for some of the best 26 fun things to do in the UK for a travel addict like you. Whenever you will try to find the one best thing there will be a debate about their alternative, that’s how much exciting the United Kingdom is, and the adventure that this place offers from around the world.

1. Go Around The UK’s Glorious National Park For Unforgettable Hikes

There are 15 National Parks in the UK out of which 10 are in England, 3 in Wales, and 2 in Scotland for you to witness fun things to do in The UK. Its diverse environment, which stretches from the Scottish Highlands in the north to the chalky coastlines of the south and the lovely Welsh shoreline, is a treasure for explorers.

The Lake District National park, a mountainous region is the largest national park in northwest England famous for its outstanding natural beauty.

fun things to do in the uk
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Go around the UK’s Glorious National parks from the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia in Wales, Stunning waterfalls in Yorkshire Dales, Exmoor, Dartmoor, and Peak District national park in England to the Cairngorms and Loch Lomond national park in Scotland.

2. The UK Fort William, Scotland- Best Place For Tourist Attraction

After visiting Scotland, the best tourist attraction place in The UK is Fort William. Hillwalking, mountain climbing, snow sports, water sports, and arcade games are all easily accessible to all visitors to try all the fun things to do in The UK. The people who love fresh air, historic sites, boat trip, and stunning beaches, should try it out.

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If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you must know about the Hogwarts Express Steam Train also known as the Jacobite steam train. From May to October, it starts its journey from Fort William to Mallaig and back, covering all the stunning views including some of the famous harry potter filming locations, which is hosted by the West Highland Railway Line.

3. Jurassic Coast- A Must Place To Add To Your Bucket List

One of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Jurassic coast stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, a distance of about 96 miles. Visiting the Jurassic coast is a great opportunity to witness beautiful countryside, landmarks, and far-reaching west coast views that add to the fun things to do in The UK.

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You must have seen the movie- Jurassic Park, now you have a perk of viewing the real Jurassic park by visiting Dorset. One can go on fossil hunting and find the rare pieces of history in your own hands. On the Jurassic coast, one can also explore the famous limestone arch that is the durdle door.

4. What About A Ride On The London Eye??

Among all the fun things to do in The UK and try, is The London Eye, Situated just off the River Thames, this beautiful Ferris wheel is one of the best tourist attractions place. One full revolution takes about thirty minutes on the wheel which makes it one of the most romantic things to do in the UK for couples.

London Eye
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The London Eye is the biggest essential wheel made. It circles gradually, offering a phenomenal 10,000 foot point of view of London’s South Bank. Notwithstanding, those with a feeling of dread toward levels ought to be careful: When you’re in excess of 400 feet high, the 360-degree perspectives can a piece unsettle.

5. A Visit To The Canterbury Cathedral

This place is famous for the assassination of Thomas Becket. Canterbury Cathedral is one of England’s oldest and most well-known Christian churches.

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It is another UNESCO world heritage site to visit in the United Kingdom. This place is mainly built for activities and fun things to do in The UK at a community level like youth activities, study, music, and decorative arts.

6. Roam Around The Strand Lane Roman Baths

Among all the great ideas while visiting London, roaming around Roman baths is one such fascinating thing to do situated in the city center of Bath, Somerset.

Roman baths was established in the primary century Promotion by the Old Romans, who used the normal natural aquifers as a warm shower for you to appreciate extreme fun activities in The UK. It’s nothing unexpected that it was assigned as an UNESCO World Legacy Site in 1987.

Inside Shower, you have the amazing chance to see the Roman Showers in the entirety of their antiquated and notable greatness; you will detect old sanctuaries all through your visit to this glorious city, and significant Old Roman relics can likewise be tracked down in the exhibition halls here.

7. A Tour To The Birthplace Of William Shakespeare- Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon is a market town popular for being the origination of William Shakespeare and a lovely stream Avon where one can observer ducks and swans, which is presumably the best spot for vacation destinations and boat trips and to investigate different fun activities in The UK.

Stratford Upon Avon
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Plan a family day out in this town by planning breakfast at Hathaway tea rooms and then exploring the wonders in Henley Street while enjoying afternoon tea.

Then, row down the River Avon in the evening, and finally, end the day with a nice dinner at El Greco.

8. Plan Out An Evening At The Tower Bridge

The movable span that spans the Thames between Southwark and Tower Hamlets in Greater London. It is a distinctive landmark that artistically enhances the Tower of London, which it adjoins and which also houses the crown jewels.

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Tower Extension is renowned on the grounds that it’s London’s most striking scaffold thanks to its Neo-Gothic style design and lifting focal segments and quite possibly of the best time thing to do in The UK.

9. Popular Cities To Look After In Great Britain

Wondering which city to wander while visiting London and exploring fun things to do in The UK? we have some of the best picks to add to your Uk bucket list.

Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, and Liverpool are some of the great ideas to look into, whether it is for fancy restaurants, fresh air, rolling hills, bars, or the famous Edinburgh castle. Belfast is famous for its vibrant culture and art scene.

10. Be A Part Of The Eden Project

The best tourist attraction place in England that offers so many fun things to do in The UK is a greenhouse complex mainly for an educational charity and social enterprise which applies some extra cost known as the Eden Project.

Eden Project
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Be a part of a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things. A day at Eden is an adventure in itself. The outer gardens and the inside Biomes comprise around 30 acres and require about four hours to explore.

11. How About An Educational Visit To Natural History Museum

There are a total of 116 natural history museums in The UK, that are playing an important role in educating children and adults about the wonders of the planet which are distributed in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England in a unique culture.

So, whether you’re searching for a method to entertain the kids or simply want to learn more about our planet and the species that live on it, our favorite natural history museum is the ideal place to spend a rainy bank holiday and experience fun things to do in The UK with family.

12. Wander Around Stow On The Wold

It is considered to be a holy place on the hill, surrounded by pretty villages and rolling countryside. This historic wool town is known for its market square, its antique shops, and its great selection of traditional pubs and inns – making it a Cotswold must-visit.

The Farmer
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Stow on the wold is located at the junction of six Roman roads. This market square is surrounded by townhouses, independent shops, cafés, and tea rooms built from the area’s golden stone that will blow up your mind with exceptional fun things to do in The UK that you can do.

13. UNESCO World Heritage Site In The UK Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland

Globe Heritage sites are considered worldwide significant and “belong to all peoples of the world, regardless of the land on which they are located.” UNESCO has listed them. There are currently 33 recognized sites in the UK.

All of the sites have their complex history which is very fascinating to know, understand and visit. They are huge milestones on their own with many hidden burial grounds and prehistoric monuments present at different sites.

14. Things To Do Near Bolton Abbey

Off the beaten track, Bolton Abbey is a village situated at the heart of Yorkshire Dales, where you can plan a perfect day out. From Hesketh Farm Park, Raven Tree Top Adventure, and Skipton Boat trips to Stump Cross Caverns, you can enjoy it all.

This place is full of fun things to do in The UK that one can ask for, Wander through the moors and the woods and along the river. Enjoy some retail therapy and tea with friends in the afternoon.

15. Fun Things To Do In The UK: The Seven Wonders Of The World- Giant’s Causeway

Northern Ireland’s most memorable Unesco world legacy site, Monster’s Highway is a geographical marvel, interesting stone development, and home to an abundance of history and legend.

The National Trust, licensed conservation charity formed to preserve beautiful and distinctive places for all time, looks after one of Northern Ireland’s most prized landscapes.

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The 40,000 basalt stone sections left by volcanic emissions quite a while back have caught the creative mind of all who see them.

16. 3 Peaks Challenge For Everyone In The UK

After filtering out the various fun things to do in The UK, we bring to you, The three peaks challenge, which is one of the most popular hiking tasks in the UK, and it entails ascending the three tallest mountains in Scotland, England, and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon), one after the other, in under 24 hours, 48 hours, or three days.

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It is frequently used to raise money for charitable organizations. Walkers ascend each peak in succession and are transported from one foot to the next. So, who doesn’t want to be a part of such an exciting and adventurous event??

17. Fun Things To do In White Cliffs Of Dover

The White Bluffs of Dover is a land marvel, arranged on the southeast shoreline of Britain. You can walk the Britain Coast Way, partake in the South Foreland Beacon, investigate the Churchill Wartime Passages and witness the Dover Palace.

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The high chalk bluffs watch out onto the English Channel, giving extensive perspectives on the French coast. The most effective way to see the bluffs is to go for a stroll along the waterfront way toward South Foreland Beacon.

18. Try To Find Out The Story Behind The Loch Ness Monster

Scottish high countries’ Loch ness is well known for its lakewater legendary beast “Nessie” which runs for 23 miles straight. It is 100 percent list of must-dos commendable and a must-place to go while visiting Scotland.

Children and families love the adventure of chasing after Nessie and the shocking remnants of Urquhart Palace are one of Scotland’s most-visited vacation spots and fun activities in The UK. A portion of 1,000,000 guests don’t lie – it’s astonishing!

19. Brick Lane For Fun Lovers

Located at the east end of London, Brick Lane has been full of best-known nightclubs. This neighborhood has a lot to offer, from pop-up bars to food trucks and indie bookstores. The street is well served by public transportation, which runs from the Underground to the Overground. Visit Brick Lane to see the street art and enjoy antique shopping.

Every year, the region becomes more alive and intriguing which will give you various opportunities for fun things to do in The UK.

20. Meet The Grey Seals In Britain

Want to explore fun things to do in The UK? Have you ever noticed a curious grey seal bobbing in the waves? Grey seals can be spotted waiting for their food to sink on beaches above sea level. They are sometimes joined by their white fluffy seal pups, which resemble cotton balls!

Grey Seals in Britain
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Despite a population decline to only 500 in the early twentieth century, Britain today has more than 120,000 grey seals, accounting for 40% of the world’s population and 95% of the European population.

21. Visit The Wildest Sand Dunes In Britain

While they may appear to be a tough environment, Britain’s dunes are rich with wildlife, including resilient wildflowers, bees, and butterflies, and are a great place for a travel addict to spend the day.

It’s difficult to imagine a more idyllic setting for a picnic for you to experience many fun things to do in The UK, than the sun-drenched, sheltered hollows of a dune, so sit among grayling and common blue butterflies, listen to grasshoppers, and stonechats, and watch lizards chase insects.

22. Do Unlimited Fun At The Great British Seaside

Fish and chips, buckets and spades, and, of course, socks and sandals are all synonymous with the beaches in great Britain. The little town of Southwold, on England’s east coast, is one of the nicest seaside towns in the country. With its sandy beach, quaint pier, and candy-colored beach houses, Southwold epitomizes traditional seaside fun.

Snowdonia’s Black Rock Sands are a long, wide stretch of beach with no black sand in sight, despite the name, and are a haven for wildlife and marine life.

23. Fun Things To Do In The UK In Edinburgh Castle

Another UK bucket list type destination is Edinburgh castle. It stands 443 feet (135 meters) above ocean level and sits above the city of Edinburgh from a volcanic bank called Palace Rock and another Unesco world heritage site.

Edinburgh Castle
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The Honours of Scotland, the country’s crown jewels, are traditionally kept at Edinburgh Castle. A more ancient relic of Scottish royalty is the Stone of Scone (or Stone of Destiny), which arrived at the castle only in 1996, exactly 700 years after it was removed to England. The stone is a block of sandstone upon which Scottish monarchs were traditionally crowned.

24. Don’t Forget To Taste The Magic Of The Cornish Coast

This place is full of legends and myths that you couldn’t afford to miss. Minack Theatre is one of the best known open theatres present there which was carved into beautiful granite cliffs, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Plan your stay on the Fistral beach, which is the biggest tourist attraction in Cornwall for people who love the depths of the sea level and for those who are looking for fun things to do in The UK.

Virginia Wool’s novel, “To The Lighthouse” was inspired by the Godrevy Lighthouse known for guarding a very dangerous reef is the beauty of the Cornish Coast.

25. Walk Up To Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh is one of the few cities in the world that can boast of having an active volcano and unusual rock formations that offers various fun things to do in The UK. Arthur’s Seat, a grassy, craggy summit 351 meters above sea level.

The views from Arthur’s seat are phenomenal, giving a 360 degrees overview of the town. A mile away is Edinburgh castle which is sitting on the remains of another extinct volcano that is going to provide you with many fun things to do in The UK.

26. Step Back In Time

Just north of the Stratford upon Avon is known to be the home of William Shakespeare’s mother in Wilmcote and the exceptionally pretty Anne Hathaway’s Cottage in the nearby village of Shottery. Aside from Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon is known for its beautiful environment close to the Avon River and picturesque medieval market town architecture.

Wells in Somerset, which claims to have the oldest residential street in Europe, is one of Britain’s most popular historic cities that offers various fun things to do in The UK.

Do You Know About These Fun Facts In The UK?

1. Queen Elizabeth ii is the longest-serving monarch in British history.
2. Among the various prehistoric monuments of the United Kingdom, Stonehenge is claimed to be one of the oldest monuments in the world, scientists believe that it was built over in 3,000 B.C.
3. It is estimated that there are more Indian restaurants in the UK than in Indian Urban areas themselves.
4. Central London has over 170 museums.


There are a lot more fun things to do in the UK than one might think of, whether it is in the city center, or away from the crowd in a silent place living the Welsh life.

The unusual rock formations, the authenticity of the burial ground, the most famous Jurassic coast, durdle door, natural history museum, canterbury cathedral, east devon, and the charitable Eden project are just irresistible to visit.

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