Best Greek Island To Visit – Discover Your 22 Options

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Are you trying to find the best Greek island to visit? There are several options available, which is fantastic news. Greece boasts nearly 6,000 uninhabited islands and islets that can be visited on day trips, in addition to 227 inhabited islands where you can stay.

best Greek Island to visit
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All of the Greek Islands have something to offer, whether you’re looking for historic towns, thriving cities, stunning beaches, one UNESCO World Heritage Site, or more. You might travel to Santorini, one of the most romantic places on earth.

You might travel to Paxos and Antipaxos, two of Greece’s tiniest inhabited islands. You may even take a flight to Zante or Mykonos for a wild night.

22 Best Greek Island To Visit

The ideal retreat is a trip to a Greek island. Now let’s look at the 22 of the best Greek island to visit.

1. Syros

If you’re seeking solitude and don’t want to be besieged by crowds of people, Syros is one of the best Greek islands to visit. Since it captures the beauty of Greece that you see in Hollywood films and Instagram photos, many people consider it to be a hidden Greek gem.

Syros, best Greek Island to visit
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Every area of this island perfectly captures the tranquil atmosphere of Greek design and what island life is like. Pink, blue, and yellow pastels make up the buildings’ stunning exteriors.

Even public structures, like the town hall, are beautiful and worthy of a photo. The Syros Cat Garden is a popular destination for both locals and visitors. It serves as a haven for the numerous stray cats that wander the island. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

2. Aegina

Aegina, which is only 16 nautical miles off the coast of Athens, is a historical island with stunning beaches, old-world villages, and contemporary tourist cities.

Aegina is a well-liked hideaway for Athenians seeking to escape the heat of the city because it is only a short distance from the Greek capital. Ferries that run frequently throughout the day serve it effectively. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

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The 500 BC Aphaia Temple’s well-preserved ruins are a must-see attraction on the island. The Kolona Archeological Site and the Aegina Archeological Museum are just two of the many other historic locations on the island that are worth exploring.

Although the island is rather tiny, it has many lovely sandy beaches, one of the best of which is on the adjoining Moni Island, where peacocks and wild deer graze freely. Spend some time discovering Agia Marina, Marathonas, and Vagia’s beaches and coves as well.

3. Lefkada

One of the few Greek islands that can be driven to is Lefkada. It is a member of the Ionian islands and boasts a lot of gorgeous beaches and stunning landscapes, but foreign tourists rarely travel there.

The island of Lefkada is the closest to mainland Greece and is connected by a causeway.

Image by Светлана from Pixabay

Lefkada is a fantastic option for travelers who would rather go exploring and taking adventures during their vacations than just relax by the pool. It is renowned for its picturesque coastlines and traditional villages.

You can experience a variety of sports, such as surfing, mountain biking, horseback riding, scuba diving, sea kayaking, and more. Kitesurfing and windsurfing have grown in popularity recently in the region. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

The west coast’s Egremni Beach, Porto Katsiki, which is encircled by tall cliffs, and the secluded cove of Agiofilli Beach are some of its best beaches. Along with breathtaking natural attractions like the Nydri and Dimosari Waterfalls, the island has many more to explore.

4. Crete

The largest Greek island and a favorite among tourists are Crete. It is awash in untamed beauty and is the location of the magnificent Samaria Gorge National Park.

But it also offers a vibrant nightlife that rivals even that of Mykonos, with a wide variety of nightclubs and beach bars.

If you want to experience a bit of everything, Crete is one of the best Greek islands to visit. Sand beaches, nature, nightlife, and tourist attractions.

Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

The national park is a wonderful destination to spend the day and is located on the west coast of Crete. Samaria Gorge can be walked, the White Mountains can be climbed, and wine tasting is also an option.

Elafonsi has pink beaches, so forget about the golden sand. Some areas of the sand are pink due to the millions of crushed Foraminifera seashells. It is a remarkable phenomenon. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

5. Corfu

The island of Corfu, which is located in the Ionian Sea and is verdant and lush, has been a top tourist destination in Greece for more than a century. Greece’s greenest island is Corfu.

Being the most populous of all the Greek islands, it has a slightly distinct culture from the rest of Greece. It was governed by the Venetians for more than 400 years, giving it a more Western character than the rest of the nation.

Image by Mark from Pixabay

There is a tonne of Venetian architecture in Corfu’s Old Town(ancient city) and metropolis. Visitors can observe large structures that are reminiscent of northern Italian cities, as well as mighty castles, bustling streets, and even a Georgian palace in the style of the United Kingdom while strolling along its winding cobblestone streets.

The beaches of La Grotta, Mirtiotissa, Canal D’Amour, and Pantokrator Mountain are some of the outstanding natural attractions. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

6. Naxos

Naxos, the largest of the Cyclades islands, is the ideal vacation spot for people looking for tours and activities without crowds.

Between Santorini and Mykonos, the island offers a wealth of attractions, including historical buildings, breathtaking mountain hikes, and beautiful beaches.

Image by WeeFee_Photography from Pixabay

Visitors who arrive by ferry will first see Hora, also known as Chora and Naxos, the island’s capital. When travelling to the island, you really must explore the nearby Temple of Apollo Ruins and the Curving Streets of Naxos Town. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Plaka, Agia Anna, and Panormos are some of the most spectacular beaches, and all three are endowed with golden sands and crystal-clear blue waters. There are many olive groves on Naxos, and you can learn more about butter, olive oil, and olive harvesting at the Eggares Museum.

7. Skopelos

With its laid-back character, unspoiled beauty, and fantastic beaches, the verdant island of Skopelos is drawing more tourists every year.

It’s understandable why the island has gained popularity since it was featured in the film “Mamma Mia!” This gorgeous, peaceful place offers island’s beaches as well as some fantastic museums, monasteries, and interesting activities.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Adventure seekers who prefer to travel independently will adore Skopelos. Take a moonlight bike tour of the island’s hidden gems or rent a mountain bike and ride the coastline trails.

The pristine waters of the Aegean Sea are perfect for paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling, among other water sports and activities. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

8. Milos

The beautiful coasts and limestone rock shelving of Milos are well-known. It undoubtedly has a bustle, albeit not as much as its nearby island Corfu or Zakynthos.

Milos’ nightlife is plenty to keep you entertained for a few evenings during the busy seasons. The volcanic island then offers a wealth of historical and natural sites to discover during the day. One of the best Greek islands to visit if you want to give something a little different is Milos.

Image by Monique Stokman from Pixabay

The Mining Museum is a fantastic place to start if you want to learn more about Milos’ industrial past. It has displays and relics as well as instructional videos on the island’s mining past.

Although a tad unsettling, the Catacombs of Milos are nonetheless spectacular. The underground network where the Christian burial tombs are located dates back to the first century. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

9. Donoussa

Off the coast of Naxos, there lies a tiny, remote island called Donoussa. Donoussa is a wonderful island to see in rural Greece because it is laid-back and modest and has a true “manana, manana” feel.

Although Donoussa is safe, you should expect to find fewer amenities there than on other Greek islands. Among the best Greek islands to visit if you enjoy a simple way of life while on vacation is Donussa.

Photo by gemmmm 🖤 on Unsplash

The Cave of the Wall and the Cave of Fokospilla are both accessible by boat cruises from Donoussa. The light reflections in these sea caves often improve the sight of the water, making for a fascinating day trip.

Kedros Beach is well-known for its beach bar and impressive World War II shipwreck. Kedros is an excellent choice if you want an action-packed beach day. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

10. Thassos

Thassos is one of the best Greek islands for a family holiday or a peaceful break because it is a classic Greek quaint island that benefits from a tourist infrastructure without being overrun by tourists.

One of the biggest Greek islands, Thassos is home to a number of stunning beaches, deep woods, and tranquil coastline landscapes.

Image by Alexandru Manole from Pixabay

Along with Psili Ammos, Golden Beach has some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the famous island due to its proximity to rocky hills and forests. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Excellent hiking paths traverse the island and go up Mount Ipsaron, its tallest peak. These routes provide a wonderful opportunity to discover charming mountain villages like Panagia in the northeast of the island.

11. Ithaca

Ithaca, which is famous for being the hometown of Odysseus, also known as Ulysses, from Homer’s classical epic “The Odyssey,” has a long history and rich mythology.

This alluring Ionian island offers a wealth of stunning beaches, lush surroundings, and cool coves to discover. Beautiful bays and tiny settlements are set against a stunning backdrop of the island’s hilly interior, which is covered in lush vegetation.

Image by NakNakNak from Pixabay

Some of the most exotic beaches are those in Filiatro, Skinos, and Sarakiniko. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Particularly in Skinos, there are lots of shady cypress trees close to the beach, making it a particularly cosy location. The island’s east coast Gedaki Beach is particularly lovely, but getting there is best done by boat.

12. Zakynthos

Zakynthos, often known as Zante, is one of the most unusual and amazing Greek islands. It is home to uncommon fauna, cool bays, and breathtaking cliffs.

The picturesque island, which contains some of the most famous places of all, is really the largest of the Ionian islands. One of the most well-known is Navagio Beach (Shipwreck beach), which is encircled by impressive cliffs and is the location of one of the most well-known shipwrecks in history.

Zakynthos, best Greek island to visit
Image by Thanasis P. from Pixabay

Another well-liked location is the neighboring Marathonisi islet, which is protected and one of the only places for Loggerhead Turtles to reproduce in the area. Visitors can go to the island on glass-bottom boats and take in the variety of local marine life.

An excellent site to snorkel or perhaps try scuba diving for the first time in the area near Zakynthos. In a kayak, tour the well-known Blue Caves of the island. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

13. Santorini

There is no need to introduce Santorini. The island is well-known throughout the world as one of the most romantic vacation spots. It’s difficult to open a social media app without seeing the white-washed structures, cobblestone streets, and influencer photos of the setting sun.

One of the best Greek Islands is Santorini, which is highly renowned. If you don’t mind giving up a budget-friendly and peaceful Greek island experience, it is a beautiful Greek island, despite being frequently expensive and crowded.

Image by Russell_Yan from Pixabay

On a hilltop with sweeping views of Santorini, the majestic ruins of the Akrotiri Venetian Castle are located. Your itinerary should include a few hours to trek up and examine the castle ruins. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

The wine industry in Greece is dominated by Santorini. You can learn about local wine production here and regularly have the opportunity to sample the results.

14. Mykonos

One of the Greek beautiful islands to visit if you prefer colourful, vivacious nightlife is Mykonos. The dance clubs in Mykonos and the appearances of well-known DJs are well-known.

But unlike popular party destinations like Kavos and Magaluf, Mykonos also keeps a posh, expensive edge to its hospitality. Mykonos is the best Greek island to visit in order to demonstrate that nightlife can be elegant.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

The entire white Paraportiani Church resembles a rock outcropping rather than a structure. The Orthodox Church, however, is unquestionably one of the most well-known churches in Greece and is worth visiting. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

The Mykonos Windmills are situated on a hill outside of Mykonos Town and were once useful but are now just gorgeous. Walking up is definitely worth it if you want to see the windmills and take in the scenery of the town.

15. Andros

Andros can be the Greek island you’re looking for if you’re a traveler looking for something a little different. Andros is one of the Cycladic islands that is easiest to reach, being only a two-hour boat voyage away from Athens.

The island’s main town welcomes visitors with Neo-Classical-style structures in addition to the typical whitewashed dwellings with blue roofs. The island boasts a fantastic combination of architectural influences.

Image by Martijn101 from Pixabay

The Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art and the Archeological Museum of Andros are located here, along with charming and bustling squares. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

The remainder of the island is home to miles of wonderful hiking trails, stunning natural attractions like the Pithara waterfalls, charming towns like Batsi and Stenies, and warm beaches.

16. Skyros

Skyros, the largest of the Sporades islands, is less well known than Skopelos, which is close by, yet it is a must-see for people who appreciate pristine nature, picturesque hillside villages, and white sand beaches.

The main beach of Molos provides the ideal combination of attractions without the heavy crowds, while the stunning beaches of the island’s northwest coast, including Agios Petros, are bordered by thick forests.

Image by manos xanthoulis from Pixabay

Visit the surrounding islands of Skiathos and Alonissos for a day trip to see dolphins and monk seals in their natural environments or go snorkeling in the crystal-clear seas of the islands for an unforgettable experience. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

The Faltaits Folklore Museum and the Skyros Archeological Museum both have collections of historic objects, including ceramics, toys, and jewellery that have been found on the island.

17. Serifos

On our list of the top Greek islands is Serifos, another secluded island. Serifos has all the traditions, top-notch beaches, and kind hospitality you could ask for on a quiet Greek island.

You won’t discover beach facilities and limitless convenient infrastructure, so be prepared to carry a beach towel. Serifos is among the greatest Greek islands to visit if you want to avoid the crowds that is what you’re trying to avoid.

Image by Hans-Peter Muckenschabel from Pixabay

In the remote Serifos, Chrysoloras Winery is picturesquely positioned above a hill. The best Greek white and rose wines can be tasted, and you can discover how the region makes its wine. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Serifos and the majority of Greek islands have a rich mining heritage. The mining trail, which passes abandoned mining equipment, railroad tracks, and mine shafts, is a terrific way to combine outdoor recreation with history.

18. Antipaxos

A tiny island called Antipaxos is situated next to Paxos. One of the greatest Greek islands to visit for a desolate, desert-island atmosphere is Antipaxos, which has only 20 estimated people.

You can take a day trip from Paxos or stay at Antipaxos. However, reservations should be made in advance because there are significantly fewer options than on other, larger Greek islands. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Image by Katarzyna Tyl from Pixabay

The best beaches in Greece may be found on Antipaxos. Snorkeling is made easy by the shallow, quiet, and stunningly blue seas. Just keep in mind that there are no shops in Antipaxos, so you’ll need to bring your own or get some from Paxos.

You may observe Antipaxos’ shoreline from a distinctive vantage point by taking a boat excursion around the island. If you’re lucky, you might even see some turtles or dolphins.

19. Lemnos

Lemnos is one of the best Greek islands to visit if you appreciate uninhabited beaches, archaeological monuments, and expansive natural areas.

The tiny chapel known as Panagia Kakaviotissa, which is tucked away inside a cave, is one of the island’s most intriguing sights. Visitors are given to a beautiful perspective of the valley as they ascend steps via impressive rock formations.

There are numerous historic sites, including the ruins of Poliochni, one of Europe’s oldest harbors, and the castle of Kastro Van Myrina which overlooks the island’s main port. On the island is located the fabled Cave of Philoctetes.

On the many beaches of the island, there is much to keep you occupied. Visitors can take a surf instructor or rent a kayak or paddleboard to explore the coast. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

20. Symi

The colourful stone Venetian-style homes in the charming port of Symi, which are arranged like a gorgeous painting on the hillside, charm many tourists every year.

Gialos and Choria, the second of which has more authentically Greek architecture, make up the town in reality. Gialos’ harbor area has some of the most picturesque vistas of any Greek island, so take a stroll there to enjoy them.

Image by Greg Montani from Pixabay

Despite being a small town, Symi comes alive during the summer and hosts yearly film, music, and performing arts festivals that are frequently open to everybody. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Some of its most well-liked beaches include Marathounda Bay and Nanou, both of which are close to taverns and offer sunbed rentals. For those who prefer a wilder lifestyle, take a boat excursion to the completely uninhabited Agios Georgios Dysalona Beach, which is bordered by soaring cliffs.

21. Samos

One of the best Greek islands for families is Samos, the legendary birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras.

Samos, an island off the coast of Turkey, is home to a wide range of outdoor pursuits, most of which center on its breathtakingly beautiful beaches.

Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

Samos is an adventurer’s dream; try wakeboarding or windsurfing on the windy north coast, or go scuba diving in the adjacent shipwrecks. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

Explore the Pythagoras Cave on the island, where the ancient mathematician lived and taught, as well as the ruins of the Heraion of Samos, which was once a vast temple complex with over 150 stone columns.

22. Evia

The Strait of Euripus is the smallest waterway separating Evia, the second largest of the Greek islands, from the mainland.

Although the island is not well known to foreign visitors, Athenians looking to get away for the long weekend frequently visit it.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, the hilly terrain is a haven, and there are many historical monuments, pristine natural beaches, and rolling vineyards to discover along the journey.

The ruined town of Eretria, which features an antique theatre and an archaeological museum showing artifacts from the site, and the Karababa Castle are also recommended for history buffs to visit. The best Greek island to visit is this one.

The mysterious megalithic “Dragon Houses,” the best-preserved of which is found on Mount Ochi, are another must-see attraction in Evia.

Final Remark

The Greek islands are all beautiful and each has its own unique charm. However, the best Greek island to visit depends on your interests and what you are looking for in a vacation.

If you are interested in history and culture, then Athens is the best choice. For a relaxing beach vacation, Mykonos is the ideal destination. And if you want to experience the true beauty of the Greek islands, then Santorini is the place for you.


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