The 20 Best Greece Beaches

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Greece immediately brings to mind visions of idyllic scenery, blissful beaches, charming fishing communities, and limitless sea views.

The most stunning beaches in Greece provide the sense of being in a tropical paradise with their lush Mediterranean scenery and sparkling, crystal-clear waves in the sunlight.

From the exquisite pink-sand beaches of Elafonissi to the green bays of Corfu Island, Greece is home to a staggering number of beautiful beaches.

The most sought-after beaches are those that are sandy, however, many pebbly beaches in Greece are valued for their breathtaking natural surroundings.

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Serifos, Antiparos, Milos, and Mykonos lie immediately southeast of the Greek mainland in the Cycladic Islands, which offer traditional beach vacations.

Greece’s beaches include a variety of attractions, including fascinating shipwrecks, stunning coral reefs, sculpted caves, and beige sand. This list of 20 Greece beaches has something for everyone, whether visitors are seeking seclusion, opulence, or epic partying.

Top 20 Best And Beautiful Greece Beaches

See our list of the top 20 Greece beaches for suggestions on where to go.

1. Shipwreck Beach

On the northwest shore of Zakynthos, a Greek island among the Ionian Islands of the Ionian sea is where Shipwreck Beach, also known as Navagio Beach, is located.

This idyllic Shipwreck beach can only be reached by taxi boat excursion because it is concealed within a small bay and surrounded by high cliffs. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the beach, go swimming in the sea, and explore neighbouring small sandy cove during the Zakynthos Shipwreck Beach Excursion.

Shipwreck Beach
Image by Thanasis P. from Pixabay

The picturesque village surroundings, fine white sand beaches, and nearly tropical-looking cerulean water fascinate visitors. Unfortunately, the large number of foreign tourists sometimes ruins the exquisite setting.

Due to the smugglers’ ship that has crashed and is still standing on the coast, Navagio Beach is also known as Shipwreck Beach. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

2. Myrtos Beach

On Greece’s beautiful beaches of Kefalonia island, Myrtos Beach is a well-known and award-winning beach. The best Greek beaches, according to some, are all found here. For more than ten years running, Myrtos beach has consistently been rated as one of the top beaches in the world.

White, sparkling stones flow into the deep of the Aegean Sea, blue seas from the soft sand and white sand.

Every beachgoer’s gaze is drawn to the high, sheer cliffs of the Myrtos beach surrounding. For leisurely swimming, snorkelling, paddle boarding, and simply cooling off from tanning in the warm Mediterranean sun, the tranquil, blue seas are ideal.

Myrtos Beach
Image by Heiner from Pixabay

This stunning Myrtos beach faces west, providing the opportunity for breathtaking sunsets. One of the most romantic locations in Greece is Myrtos Beach, which is known for its seclusion and spectacular sunsets.

Couples that wish to spend some quality time together relaxing at the beach are drawn to the beach. On Kefalonia Island, Skala is a beautiful beach with a pebbled shoreline and clean sea.

Skala Beach is a fantastic location for snorkelling because it has earned the Blue Flag designation for cleanliness. Kefalonia Island offers a wide range of lodging options to suit all kinds of visitors. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

3. Greece Beaches: Voutoumi Beach

One of Antipaxos’ two most well-known and “exotic” beaches is this one. A  much-liked site for visitors from Corfu Island and Parga as well as those staying in Paxos!

The Voutoumi beach, which is tucked away at the foot of a bay, is made up of both pebbles and fine, white sand, which “paints” the water with the stunning colour of dark green and blue.

Photo by leoks from Shutterstock

But in addition to being breathtakingly exotic, the seas at this beach are also warm, protected, and reasonably shallow waters — all of which are ideal for enjoying a dip with your family and kids.

Despite the tiny size of the beach, you should be able to find sun beds (with umbrellas) there. After your swim, you may also have a snack, coffee, or beverage at the snack bars. There are taverns on the beach for a richer and more substantial dinner.

Like Paxos, Antipaxos can only be reached by sea. Access to this stunning beach from Paxos is feasible via frequent itineraries from the port of Gaios. This beach is the pebbled beach. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

4. Golden Beach

On the southernmost tip of the Greek island of Paros, there is a 700-meter-long beach known as Golden Beach. It gets its name from the thin sand, which contains glass particles and sparkles in the sunlight.

Due to the windy conditions both inside and beyond the little bay, Golden Beach has become a well-known destination for wind and kite surfers from all over the world. The beach, like many other Greek beaches, has received the blue flag. It is also known as blue flag beach.

Golden Beach
Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

The tiny, deserted island of Drionisi is located across the shore and is only accessible by boat. Many tourists visit Golden Beach in the summer not only to participate in water sports but also to take in the stunning environment and shallow waters. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

5. Mylopotas Beach

This breathtaking white sand beach is hidden in a serene inlet and protected by hills covered in Cycladic whitewashed homes. Visitors to Mylopotas Beach are mesmerized by the beach’s enchanting blue waters, which in the shallow portions seem to be fully transparent.

Photo by Symeonidis Dimitrios from Shutterstock

One kilometre of shoreline means that even during the busiest times, there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy it. Mylopotas Beach and Ios Island draw a young, cosmopolitan clientele throughout the summer, with many of them coming for the nightlife.

Mylopotas Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag, which denotes cleanliness and safety, due to its quiet and clear seas. Surfing and water sports including windsurfing, windsurfing, and pleasure boating are all popular in Mylopotas. Additionally, there are beach volleyball courts.

Beachgoers can recharge during the ideal summer days at one of the many buzzing bars and fantastic eateries that line the beach. This beach is also known as a magical beach. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

6. Elafonissi Beach

On the Greek island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea, there is a beach called Elafonissi Beach. The beach, which is on the west coast of the island, has pink sand as well as white sand and crystal-clear seas that extend out from the shore.

Here, pristine, well-preserved sand dune landscapes meet the beach’s turquoise waters of the turquoise sea. A sizable, welcoming lagoon welcomes sunbathers to go swimming for some rejuvenating relaxation.

Elafonissi Beach
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

The beach at Elafonissi is great for wading and tanning. The shallow, safe waters are appreciated by families with young children. Elafonissi Beach is a wonderful location for windsurfing and kiteboarding on windy days.

Visitors might even be fortunate enough to see sea turtles laying eggs. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

7. Simos beach

On the island of Elafonisos’ southern coast, a short strip of land separates two beaches. The bigger one is referred to as Sarakiniko and the smaller one is Fragos. However, they are referred to by their Greek names Megalos (Large) and Mikros (Small), respectively, or simply as Simos beach.

A vast and wonderful beach with incredible colours, an emerald sea, and fine sand that is white and golden in colour can be found there. You imagine yourself to be in an unending pool, a stunning aquatic paradise when it is not windy.

Simos beach
Photo by Kostas Morfiris on Unsplash

The two beaches’ fine golden sand and the 10 m-tall dunes that cover them are distinctive features of the area. It ranks among Greece’s most breathtaking beaches. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

There are cabanas and snack bars that offer drinks, loungers, and parasols in the summer, but there are no writing facilities for the rest of the year. There are essentially no buildings on this beach, however, there is a camping area at the western end.

8. Voidokilia Beach

One of Greece’s most popular and beautiful beaches is Voidokilia Beach. The beach that resembles the Greek letter omega (Ω) or an Ancient Greek theatre is adjacent to Pylos and is situated on the western coast of the Peloponnese. It gets its name from the fact that it resembles an ox’s belly.

voidokilia beach
Photo by Melina Kiefer on Unsplash

One of the best beaches in the Peloponnese, Voidokilia beach is the perfect place to unwind and take in natural beauty thanks to its magnificent crystal clear sea and white fine sand beach. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

The Nestor’s Cave, the Ancient Pylos Castle, and the son of Nestor’s tomb, Thrasymedes, are all located directly above the shore and the sand dunes of this sandy beach.

9. Porto Katsiki Beach

The stunning natural beauty of this beach is hinted at by the winding road leading to Porto Katsiki. The beach is reached via an 80-step staircase or a taxi boat from behind rugged limestone cliffs. The remote location, with its hypnotic blue waters, has a wonderfully mystical sense to it.

Porto Katsiki Beach
Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash

Long shorelines provide lots of areas for sunbathing at Porto Katsiki beach. You can hire lounge chairs and umbrellas.

There are a few snack bars selling drinks at the top of the stairs going to the beach. It is one of the best Greece beaches. When the weather is ideal, you can go swimming, sailing, or bodyboarding in addition to basking in the sun.

Since there are no water sports facilities at the beach, visitors should carry their own gear. Even though the beach sees a lot of traffic throughout the summer, there are no guards on duty.

10. Agios Georgios Beach

On the vast Greek island of Naxos town, there is a big, sandy beach called Agios Georgios Beach that is tucked away in a stunning location. The exquisite conditions for windsurfing and catamaran sailing are made possible by the immaculate clarity of the Ionian Sea.

An excellent diving school is put up at the beach and offers guided walk-in dives right from the beach’s immaculate coastlines. Around Korfus Norden, there is an amazing undersea environment.

Agios Georgios Beach
Photo by Ilya Panasenko on Unsplash

For beachgoers to explore, Agios Georgios beach is bordered by numerous beach clubs and pleasant restaurants with terraces. The clear, tranquil waters are ideal for pedal boats, paddleboarding, snorkeling, and leisurely swims. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

11. Plaka Beach

On the beautiful Greek island of Naxos town, there is a long, magnificent beach called Plaka Beach. What was originally predominantly recognised as a “nudist” beach has over time started to attract lots of non-nudist families and couples during the peak season.

Plaka Beach is largely undeveloped and untouched, allowing tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature. Plaka Beach is the ideal location for relaxation because of its natural beauty.

Plaka beach sees a lot of people sunning on the sand and strolling along the shore during the summer. Rentable sun loungers and umbrellas are available. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

Beachfront hotels, snack joints, and beach clubs may be found at Plaka Beach beyond the sand dunes. Swimming, paddle boarding, and snorkeling are all excellent in the calm waters.

12. Bataria Beach

On Corfu island, Bataria Beach is hidden by a lush cove. Small pebbles surround the shoreline, which leads to emerald seas with a stunning translucent appearance. Views of the Ionian Sea and the distant Albanian mountains may be seen from the beach.

This remote area has a calm, welcoming atmosphere for families. Children love the clear, serene, and shallow waters because they are great for swimming or playing in the water on hot summer days.

A typical Greek taverna on the beach serves sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. Rentable sun loungers and umbrellas are available. It is the pebbled beach. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

Lunch can be had by visitors at one of the eateries in the village of Kassiopi, which is about 15 minutes walk or 5 minutes driving from the beach. In addition to its informal eateries and tavernas, Kassiopi offers a large variety of hotels in various price ranges.

13. Agali Beach

The historic towns and picturesque, secluded beaches of Folegandros are quite popular with tourists. The calm pace of this agricultural island encourages tourists to unwind and take it easy.

Photo by Stefano Zaccaria from Shutterstock

Agali Beach is a modest, family-friendly beach that fills up quickly in the summer. Sand and stones make up the immaculate shoreline, and swimming is safe in the shallow seas. There are lots of coffee shops, taverns, hotels, and other lodging options nearby. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

Livadi Beach, which has a lengthy sandy shoreline, is another well-liked beach on Folegandros Island. Farmland surrounds Livadi Beach, which is also shielded from the elements by hills. A campground and a laid-back café-restaurant are nearby.

14. Paradise Beach

On the Greek island of Mykonos town, Paradise Beach is one of the busiest and most well-liked beaches. The most recent club tunes can be heard echoing throughout the entire beach at Paradise Beach, which is widely renowned for its active nightlife and party atmosphere.

The beach has a lot more to offer than just a party atmosphere. Fine beige sand, a tonne of cosy sun loungers, a tonne of dining options, and a water sports complex are all available to visitors. A vibrant coral is also only offshore from the beach, making diving and snorkeling in the Mediterranean’s pristine waters the ideal activity.

Paradise Beach has it all, whether you want to unwind, go on excursions on the ocean, enjoy great meals, or dance the night away. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

15. Santorini Beaches

Compared to other Greek Islands, Santorini’s beaches are less well known. It does, however, have a few standout beaches that merit exploration. The beaches on the island have an almost dreamlike aspect due to their distinctive volcanic geology.

The aptly named Red Beach is a breathtaking natural location and is surrounded by cliffs of rust-coloured volcanic rock. Small in size, the beach is crowded with sun loungers and umbrellas throughout the summer. Because Red Beach is unlike any other beach in the world, it is a must-see attraction.

Santorini Beaches
Image by Jarek from Pixabay

Perissa Beach’s beautiful shoreline of pebbles and black sand, formed from volcanic lava, mesmerises tourists. Equally stunning are the clear, azure waters. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

A walkway for strolling runs alongside Kamari Beach’s five-kilometer-long coastline. The promenade is perfect for tourists as it is dotted with shops and a la carte restaurants.

16. Kolymbithres Beach

Kolymbithres on the Island of Paros is distinguished by a distinctive landscape of granite rock formations. This beautiful coastline is actually made up of a number of little bays with sandy beaches. The word “Kolymbithres” in Greek means “swimming pools,” which appropriately depicts the small bays along the shoreline with their calm, shallow waters.

Kolymbithres offers fewer amenities than larger resort beaches. However, several of the beaches provide the option to hire sun loungers and umbrellas. There are also water sports facilities.

A few genuine Greek tavernas are among the dining alternatives. The Anemos Taverna has a covered outdoor terrace with views of the sea that is perched on a slope above the beach. The Anemos Beach Club, which includes a modest restaurant and covered patio sitting right adjacent to the beach, also rents out sun loungers and water sports gear.

From Naoussa, a picture-perfect seaside resort with classic Cycladic whitewashed homes, Kolymbithres is only a short bus or car ride away. Caiques can be used to travel to the beaches of Kolymbithres from the Naoussa harbor. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

17. Glyfada Beach

On the island of Corfu, Glyfada Beach is tucked away in a secluded cove. The picturesque natural surroundings are further enhanced by olive groves and pine trees.

A long stretch of beautiful, golden sand is available at the beach, and calm waves gently lap over it. This beach has received the Blue Flag certification for water safety due to the serenity and crystal-clear transparency of the ocean.

Glyfada Beach
Photo by Dimitris Chapsoulas on Unsplash

One of the busiest beaches in Corfu is Glyfada. Glyfada Beach can get crowded and boisterous during the summer, especially in August. Fortunately, the beach is equipped with facilities for water activities, as well as sun lounger and umbrella rentals, to accommodate the hordes of guests.

On the shore, there are additional beachfront accommodations with direct beach access and unpretentious eateries with charming sea views from their outdoor patios. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

18. Mikri Vigla

The two beaches of Mikri Vigla are among the best in the Aegean, according to many people. Golden sand beaches and emerald oceans can be found in this wild coastal environment. Hillsides adorned with traditional Cycladic whitewashed homes surround the beaches.

The long, shallow, and tranquil waters at Mikri Vigla’s southern beach, also known as Limanakia, make it a great place for swimming. There is a classic Greek taverna on Limanakia Beach.

Mikri Vigla’s northern beach, where windsurfing is popular, includes water sports amenities. The Mikri Vigla beaches are close to a number of hotels and eateries. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

19. Paleokastritsa

Some of the most stunning beaches on Corfu Island may be found close to the charming seaside village of Paleokastritsa, which is encircled by olive orchards.

Six little sheltered bays with calm settings can be found along this magnificent length of steep, wooded coastline.

The Paleokastritsa beaches are renowned for their unspoiled beauty and beautiful green seas that are perfect for swimming and other water activities.

All of the beaches, with the exception of the biggest beach, Agios Spyridon, feature pebbled shorelines. Canoes, paddle boats, motor boats, and sun loungers are all available for rent at the majority of the beaches.

Image by Павел Куделин from Pixabay

Snack bars, coffee shops, and traditional Greek tavernas may be found in Agios Spyridon, the area’s main beach. Visitors can rent motorboats at Alipa Beach to travel to nearby beaches or to the caves south of the Paleokastritsa beaches. Alipa Beach has a marina for yachts and fishing boats. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

20. Issos Beach

On the picturesque Greek island of Corfu, Issos Beach is one of the most stunning and impressive beaches. In the nudist and LGBT groups, going to the beach is a common activity.

For those who are just beginning to learn the sport of kitesurfing or windsurfing, the shallow, calm waters that extend directly from the beach are ideal. On the beach, there is a little water sports store that is conveniently situated. It is one of the best Greece beaches.

A rental kiosk and a number of umbrellas are also available to visitors. Natural sand dunes can be seen scattered over the beach, each offering a little, private area. Visitors will savour breathtaking views of the Korission Lagoon while they are there.

Final Remark

There you have it, the 20 best Greece beaches! Whether you’re looking for seclusion, relaxation, or partying, there’s a beach on this list for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip.


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