Explore 20 Amazing Things To Do In Covent Garden

things to do in covent garden
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Are you seeking activities to engage in, foods to consume, or beverages to sip in Covent Garden? The best solution is then available here. Continue reading to learn about Covent Garden’s attractions.

The West End of London is where Covent Garden is conveniently located. It is bounded to the south by The Strand, to the west by Saint Martin’s Lane, to the east by Aldwych, and to the north by The Yards and Seven Dials.

If we’re talking about the Covent Garden neighborhood, Londoners typically steer clear of it. Locals steer clear of Covent Garden mostly because of the obscene numbers it draws.

However, we must admit that it deserves praise for being outstanding! and well-known sights. You’ll be amazed by how many hidden or not-so-hidden jewels there are in this area, believe it or not.

The Piazza is connected to surrounding commerce and leisure areas by Covent Garden’s streets. Beautiful shops, eateries, and bars including The Opera Quarter, Seven Dials, and The Yards can be found all along this route. Leicester Square and Soho are also easily accessible by foot from this historic district.

20 things to do in covent garden
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So, let us start exploring and finding things to do in Covent Garden.

1. Neal’s Yard

Here are the places you must go when considering Covent Garden activities. Neal’s Yard is located in Seven Dials of Covent Garden, along a little side street. One of the most beautiful streets in all of London may be found here. You can miss this yard; it’s not impossible, but it will entirely be your loss.

You can find everything you need in the quaint neighborhood of Neals’ Yard, including pizza and pedicures. The most significant factor that will cause you to ponder about the yard is the fact that everything taking place beneath this tiny enclave is dedicated to ethical and sustainable business methods.

You might be startled to learn that Neal’s Yard was previously a waste area with bins, but it’s not a very long story. Rats would likely be running around at that hour instead of people taking the ideal Instagram photo.

When it comes to the business that began in this neighborhood, Saunders’ very own entire food shop was the catalyst. As Neal’s Yard wasn’t even on the map, everyone initially believed he was crazy and mad.

20 things to do in covent garden
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Do visit this one of the best things to do in Covent garden.

2. Your Shopping Trips

If you adore shopping, then get ready to have fun doing it here. All of the fashionistas out there should visit Covent Garden. Not only do you have access to large designer stores in this location, but you can also browse a variety of unique shops to find the ideal item.

Visit The Apple Market for a variety of unusual gifts, the magnificent Bluebird Market, and regular markets.

Plan a trip to the stunning Bluebird for your amazing home decor, clothing, and art, as well as, of course, some photos for Instagram. The Chelsea, which opened on Floral Street, features some upscale modern accommodations that are located in a Grade II-listed coach house.

This place is a must-visit place to browse and one of the best things to do in Covent Garden.


The Bluebird is a store where you may find everything fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful fusion of Victorian and Art Deco elements may be seen in this market, such as… Cobbles! Courtyards! vibrant walls! Strange art! Glass rafters! rooftop patio!

Visit the fantastic shopping areas of Covent Garden Street while taking in the entertainment provided by Covent Garden street performers.

20 things to do in covent garden
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Seven Dials Market

Want to know things to do in Covent Garden? Here is one of the best markets available for your shopping.

Cucumbers and bananas were kept in Thomas Neal’s Warehouse, which is today known as the Seven Dials Market, back in the nineteenth century. The Covent Garden market, which honors the history of the structure, has been divided into two parts: Cucumber Alley and Banana Warehouse.

Fresh local produce may be found in Cucumber Alley, while a fantastic group of street food vendors can be found in Banana Warehouse.

Let me tell you that this market has a terrific lineup, with Club Mexicana—a vegan king and queen—as well as wonderful Rice Guys, fancy fried fish fiends, drink marvels, and the intriguing new cheese conveyor belt from the Camden’s Cheese Bar crew.

KERB has continued to use the building’s stunning cast iron beams and brick arches. Even they infused a little of the brand’s recognizable pop-art personality.

Visitors can eat at the marketplace’s baby pink marble countertops, as well as sit on orange leather stools or if they’d like, utilize an electric pink elevator to travel between floors.

Go stop by these lovely markets and take advantage of one of Covent Garden’s best attractions.

3. Covent Garden’s Secret Ice Climbing Wall

Do you want to experience the thrill of setting off on an icy excursion? You don’t want to risk developing hypothermia on Everest’s slopes, though. We recognize your fear.

What if you choose to experience the Himalayas’ frigid adventure in Covent Garden instead? Vertical Chill at Covent Garden provides the same slick exhilaration without the chance of even falling into an abyss.

20 things to do in covent garden
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You can find an 8-meter ice wall here, hidden in the rear of Ellis Brigham’s prominent London shop, and you’ll be eager to scale it. It seems a little pointless to be ice-climbing. You get the opportunity to demonstrate your climbing prowess and fulfill your dream of ice climbing at the Vertical Chill.

4. London Museum

London Film Museum

If you go to Covent Garden, make sure to stop and watch the free performers in the Piazza, including mimes and contortionists.

The vehicles and memorabilia from James Bond movies on display at the London Film Museum shouldn’t frighten you. Great movie aficionados can also visit these famous movie venues in the Covent Garden region.

London Transport Museum

This London Transport Museum honours the public transportation used by Londoners to go about the city during the past century. Do not skip this gift shop if you are a transport nerd. You have the opportunity to add some vintage tube moquette to your living space.

The cost of admission to this location is £18.50 for adults; children under 12 are admitted free. Come and spend your vacations while exploring these distinctive museums.

20 things to do in covent garden
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5. Legacy of Covent Garden

St Paul’s Church

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The St. Paul’s Church, sometimes referred to as “the actor’s church,” is a 17th-century building that can be seen on Bedford Street. The “actors’ church” is the moniker for the Covent Garden parish church. The first totally new church to be constructed in London following the Reformation was St. Paul’s Church, which was finished in 1633.

Don’t forget to stop by Somerset House, one of the best things to do in Covent Garden, after visiting St. Paul’s Church.

Somerset House

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On the south side of the Strand in the heart of London, Somerset House is a sizable Neoclassical structure with a stunning view of the River Thames. Up until the construction of the Victoria Embankment in 1860, Somerset House was situated right on the Thames.

6. Try Champagne Tea At Boulevard Brasserie

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Do you enjoy drinking Champagne tea? At the Boulevard Brasserie, have the ideal afternoon champagne tea. The Boulevard Brasserie is a stunning location for romantic afternoon dates or other special occasions. Do not skip this lovely yet cosy location if you ever find yourself in Covent Garden.

7. Cinnamon Bazaar’s Indian-Inspired Afternoon Tea

The “Traders High Tea” has only recently debuted at Covent Garden’s Cinnamon Bazaar. The bazaars and spice marketplaces of India served as the inspiration for the afternoon tea known as Traders High Tea.

things to do convent garden
Image source: Cinnamon Bazaar Website

An incredible fusion of Indian street cuisine, eastern-inspired pastries, and afternoon tea filled with delectable treats can be found at this renowned Covent Garden restaurant. If you enjoy chai, make sure to stop by this location to receive your favourite cup of tea.

8. Clos Maggiore Covent Garden Restaurant

Are you a devotee of French restaurants? Then this is the place for you. having a glass ceiling so you can take in the starry night sky and sparkling lights.

You can take pleasure in the vegetation, which will make you feel as though you are dining in a kingdom full of beauty, in addition to experiencing gorgeous nights.

Let me tell you that for many years, people in London have chosen this Covent Garden restaurant as their favourite.

9. Rules, Covent Garden Restaurant

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Rules, one of the most exquisite restaurants in Covent Garden, opened its doors in 1798. It is London’s oldest restaurant. This eatery serves traditional British fare and is known for its pies, puddings, oysters, and games.

10. Santa Nata Bakeries And Dessert Bar

Santa Nata is one of Covent Garden’s top bakeries and dessert bars. Two of this bakery’s Covent Garden cafés are known for their pastéis de Nata, port, and coffee. The expert pastry cooks may be seen rolling out tarts on the Pastelaria’s glass facade.

20 things to do in covent garden
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11. Zebrano Covent Garden Bar

How can bars be overlooked when discussing London, and more specifically Covent Garden? Zebrano is a sizable pub with three floors, each of which has a distinct atmosphere.

In the cosy lower-ground bar, you may unwind with a casual cocktail while partying the night away. Zebrano is a great idea because it provides a list of activities to do in Covent Garden.

12. Porterhouse Covent Garden Bar

Avoid going to this renowned bar on Covent Garden street if you like to drink and party. One of London’s biggest bars, Porterhouse, is spread across three main levels and dozens of mezzanine levels.

You might want to go there at least once in your lifetime because it is an actual Irish pub.

13. Covent Garden Cocktail Club

Searching for Covent Garden activities? It’s impossible to avoid going to Covent Garden Cocktail Club. The collection of London Cocktail Clubs includes Covent Garden Cocktail Club.

This pub is a superb members club with great cocktails and a great variety of music. This club, which is located in a dark basement, was inspired by both the British Gentlemen’s Club and New York during Prohibition.

14. Beaufort Bars

Have you had your fill of Tom Collins and mojitos and want to branch out? This is the place where you always go for your favorite drinks. The best selection of cocktails, all of which are exclusive to the bar, are offered there.

The beverages are served in period-appropriate vintage glassware and pay tribute to some of the Savoy’s most renowned characters and visitors.

One of your favorite places to do exciting stuff is here. The Beaufort Bars menu will take you on a tour through the Savoy’s fascinating past, with allusions to the hotel’s most amazing tales and visitors, like rooftop tap dancing and undiscovered wartime bars.

15. Teatulia

Exploring things to do in Covent Garden?

Teatulia is a special combination of a tea store, cocktail bar, and “literary salon” that provides you with a fantastic drink menu. If you enjoy drinking tea while reading a book, you should definitely stop by this location right away.

The greatest part it has to offer is a constantly-changing selection of carefully chosen books. So you may simply enjoy reading a book while sipping beverages here.

This tea shop’s cum bar, located in the centre of London’s Covent Garden street, will sell six different types of tea, each brewed with leaves that were individually hand-picked from the Teatulia garden in Tetulia, northern Bangladesh.

The Bengal Builder’s tea, which is served with milk and has almost as much caffeine as your morning coffee, is the house speciality of this teahouse/bar.

20 things to do in Covent garden
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16. The Black Penny Coffee Shop

This lovely establishment, which offers a wide selection of coffee, has been thoughtfully constructed to bring out its exquisite original characteristics.

Carved brick and wood panelling are special elements that make it the ideal setting for a latte and a chill. We would advise you to stay put for brunch and take advantage of Covent Garden’s attractions.

17. Monmouth Coffee

Since 1978, Monmouth Coffee Shop has been serving up its amazing coffee from its location on Monmouth Street.

Since they were operating in their tiny basement facility utilizing somewhat antiquated methods, this coffee business has been around. The top Covent Garden attractions are this coffee shop and its surrounding area.

And now that this coffee has undergone significant alteration, they are proudly displaying a sizable assortment of some of the greatest coffee in the capital.

If you enjoy drinking coffee at home, you can purchase their beans from them, and they will grind the beans for you if you let them know how you plan to prepare the coffee.

18. Covent Garden Comedy Club

The Covent Garden Comedy Club has been making London laugh nonstop for the past 17 years! You can spend your holidays with your favourite people thanks to the Covent Garden Comedy Club.

hings to do in covent garden
Photo by Andy Cheetham on Unsplash

Only the top worldwide comedians, many of whom are television celebrities, are accepted into this club. Every performance is unique from others before it.

Only a few times a year do the comedians appear at the club. Hence, if you prefer having a good time and laughing aloud, don’t skip checking out this club and spending quality time here with your loved ones.

19. The Lion King, Lyceum Theatres Covent Garden

I assume you are aware of the well-known Broadway production of The Lion King, which has been performing in London for the past 18 years.

The story of Simba and his pals is being performed in this theatre, and it is a timeless tale that brilliantly captures the beats and rhythms of Africa. So be sure to check out this incredible, globally recognized show.

Do go see this majestic yet lovely Broadway production and take advantage of one of the best things to do in Covent Garden.

20. The Royal Opera House

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How is it possible to visit the renowned Covent Garden and not take in the performances at The Royal Opera House of West End, the longest-running Broadway production in the world?

The greatest location to spend your evenings in the city with your loved ones is this location, which is on the list of things to do in Covent Garden. There isn’t a more elegant way to spend the evening here, either.

Here, you can take in world-famous performances, a fun atmosphere, stunning architecture, and live music. At the ROH, you may spend a complete evening in London by checking out the cafe, restaurant, store, and rooftop terrace in addition to enjoying opera or ballet.

things to do in convent garden
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So do not miss the chance to see a performance at the Royal Opera House Home to The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera companies.

How To Reach Covent Garden

Covent Garden is easier to get to from most London areas, here is how you can reach there.

By Tube

Speaking about the London Underground, the Piccadilly Line’s Covent Garden Underground Station is located in the heart of the Covent Garden neighbourhood.

Due to the fact that there are just steps and elevators leading up from the platforms, this station might get crowded during rush hours, so plan your trip carefully.

Instead, you can walk the 10 minutes to Covent Garden market from Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Holborn, or Embankment subway stations.

By Bus

Although London is known for its excellent public transportation, you may take a bus to one of these locations—Trafalgar Square, the Strand, Leicester Square, or Aldwych—and then walk a short distance through the city’s ancient alleys to get to Covent Garden.

By Rail

In London, taking the train is also not that tough because you can do it by walking 10 minutes to the station closest to you, Charing Cross Station, and then taking the train from there.

On the south bank of the Thames, a 20-minute stroll across Waterloo Bridge will get you to London Waterloo Station.

Visit Covent Garden with your family or close friends to enjoy its beauty and entertainment, and let us know if you find the Covent Garden attractions to your liking.

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