15 Wonderful Things To Do In Alicante!

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It is well worth the journey to Alicante, rich in history, culture, and nightlife tales. Alicante is a popular tourist destination in Spain, with a large beach area that gives swimmers sand and water activities throughout the summer plenty of exciting things to do in Alicante.

It provides excellent sun-seeking sites and inexpensive access to well-known European attractions. With so many fascinating sites in and around the city, Alicante is an excellent family vacation location. Tourists and locals love beach vacations; it is one of the best things to do in Alicante.

More than simply beaches and sunny weather, the city boasts a lot of unique historical monuments that give a stunning blend of entertainment, culture, and scenery. There is much to learn about this area, and much more must be researched. The low temperature in January is 18 °C. Furthermore, the city is often deserted before the Christmas season.

Things To Do In Alicante

Here is the list of the 15 best things to do in Alicante, Spain.

1. Stroll Along the Playa de Los Saladares

Playa de Los Saladares is a 2-kilometer-long sandy beach with sand dunes and marshlands on one end that were formerly a significant source of salt. As a result, the beach is known as Playa del Saladar. The beach offers a relaxing refuge from nature and opens public space.

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Playa Las Saladarias has a public bathroom, shower, stores, restaurants, a seaside promenade, and a playground for children. The beach umbrella may be hired from a nearby local store. The beach has several areas for sunbathing and strolling around the shorelines. The modest wave makes swimming and surfing enjoyable.

It is a tiny beach with few people, ideal for resting and watching spectacular sunsets. The view of the Mediterranean and Alicante city is stunning. The water is exceptionally warm in August, and the beach is fairly broad. One of the fun things to do in Alicante.

There is plenty of parking available here, and you won’t have to worry about finding a spot since the Urbanova residential sector is quiet. Playa de Almadraba is a little beach that is quite uncrowded, making it ideal for resting and watching spectacular sunsets.

The water is fairly decent, yet like with practically other beaches in the area, when there is a time of rising, the sea becomes cloudy, and a lot of algae arrives. This place is one of the best places for you to explore various things to do in Alicante.

2. Visit the Alicante Town Hall

Visitors and locals alike are impressed with Alicante’s City Hall. This municipal hall is one of Alicante’s key attractions. The structure has a stunning baroque facade encircled by two enormous towers that soar about 35 meters into the sky.

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There is a large plaza where you may sit and gaze at the beautiful town hall. You might easily spend. A pleasant hour or two in the sun, surrounded by history and gorgeous buildings. One of the greatest things to do in Alicante.

This region is full of fascinating sites, such as stairs that lead up to the building and measure from the floor to the sea bottom, Blue Rooms and Salona Azul, and magnificent collections of Dalis worth photographing, as well as towering giant metal doors. This structure is open to the public.

The reasons will become clear as you glance around and see this spectacular structure. This structure was built beside the original townhouse and may be viewed inside.

There is an excellent church and two tastefully decorated rooms nearby that you should see. There is a wonderful area in front of it where you may eat and enjoy the view, and it is among the best things to do in Alicante.

3. Lounge Around Playa del Postiguet

The beach is another must-see attraction in Alicante. Postiguet Beach is located in the Alicante city center.  This gold-colored beach is great for swimming, as is the warm water.

In the summer, many travelers come here to enjoy the magnificent Golden Sand, and great services such as restaurants and public bathrooms are present here. One of the most fantastic things to do in Alicante.

It is quite easy to go there since the Alicante coast has some of the nicest beaches in Spain. These lovely broad beaches provide tranquillity with mild waves and calm blue seas that swimmers may enjoy. Family members will appreciate the presence of a play area for children.

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This is one of the nicest spots to visit, with palm palms and attractive cafés to satisfy thirst and hunger. Postiguet beach is a magnificent beach that has been given the Blue Flag, which certifies the quality of the EU.

Several bars and restaurants line the beach and are popular with tourists and visitors throughout the summer. The vibrant nightlife makes this region one of the most popular in the city, one of the fun things to do in Alicante is to stroll on this beach.

4. The Basilica De Santa María

Basilica Santa Maria provides a broad range of activities for travelers to explore in Costa Blanca that are not often available in Alicante. This is one of the oldest operational churches in the historical area of Barrio Santa Cruz, with Gothic architecture and a distinctive building style.

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The building was constructed between the 14th and 16th centuries, and although it is not the biggest, it strongly impacts visitors. Another one of the most amazing things to do in Alicante.

This is a great way to see a city from the inside, especially if it has historical significance. Santa Maria Basilica, Alicante’s most magnificent and oldest church, was built. The structure was constructed in the 13th century to hide an earlier mosque that the Moors had recaptured and destroyed.

Inside the church, there are various additional things to view, including some beautiful architectural aspects outside the church door. It is one of the unique things to do in Alicante.

If you like historical religious sites, this is a must-see. The palace is decorated in various styles, including a baroque front, Gothic arches, and Gothic altars. St. Mary’s is worth seeing for its serene environment and gorgeous décor.

5. Castillo Santa Barbara Castle

The Castillo of Santa Bárbara is located 166 meters up Mount Benacantil. The trek to the castle takes about an hour and is very steep, so wear proper shoes and bring plenty of water. This ancient 16th-century castle and stronghold towers above Alicante. The Castle’s summit location on Mount Benacantil demonstrates its military function.

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This asset dates back to Carthaginian times. The successful fight took place on Santa Barbara’s feast day, thus giving rise to the city’s name. It was rebuilt in the Renaissance style during King Philip II’s reign. Exploring the Castillo of Santa Barbara is one of the exciting things to do in Alicante.

Castillo de Santa Barbara, an Islamic alcazar that reaches over the sea, is located on this sheer rock-topped cliff top that serves as a background. The massive monument may be seen practically everywhere in town. You may visit the castle on your own or join guided tours to learn about the actual history of your travel.

The huge rooms built in the 16th century are housed in the center section. The lowest-lying portion was erected in the 18th century and is now utilized for parking, and the Félix Berenguer de Marquina monument is a draw.

The Castillo de Santa Barbara offers a diverse program of cultural events, weekend activities, nighttime excursions, and much more.  It is unquestionably among the top things to do in Alicante.

6. Visiting Mount Benacantil

Mount Benacanti, which dominates the metropolitan area of Alicante, a lovely Spanish city, dominates the city’s skyline. It’s a must-see Alicante attraction. This tall and proud tower has a view of the ocean that makes you feel like you’re inside heaven. Certainly, it is one of the amazing things to do in Alicante.

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The mountains dominate the scene while passing through Alicante’s downtown area. The old fortification known as the Castle of Santa Barbara sits atop the mountain. The northern side of Mount Benacanti is forested, while the southern side, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, is rocky.

Monte Benacantil is most likely one of the city’s most popular tourist spots. The views from the summit are breathtaking, with views of the magnificent city of Alicante and beyond and fantastic views of the sea and coastline. This makes it one of the top things to do in Alicante. 

This beautiful highland region is thought to provide the oxygen the people of Alicante require. These formations are called la Cara del Moro, meaning “the moor’s face.”

There are many ways to the summit of this hill, some of which are steeper than others. But the effort is worthwhile. You can experience nice views from the summit and a little café for a drink and a snack, one of the nicest things to do in Alicante.

7. Altea Adventure

The renowned white ancient town of Altea, set on a hill, is regarded as a landmark. Altea derives from the Moorish word ‘Althaya,’ which means ‘health to all. The historic city of Alicante is 45 minutes away from Alicante and offers stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

Things to do in Alincate
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Altea may be observed as little clusters of houses situated atop a hillside. The Virgin of Consuelo dominates the church, which has an exquisite blue-green tile dome. One of the fun things to do in Alicante.

Many areas within the city center have terraces or vistas that give a tranquil atmosphere for admiring the picturesque scenery. Some of the small laneways feature pedestrian staircases that go to the beach.

Altea is known for its charming cobblestone lanes and blue-red-roofed churches. The main square of the hamlet provides a breathtaking perspective of the sea and mountain environment. Visit Altea for a breathtaking poetic landscape.

8. Take a Tandem Paragliding Flight

Tandem paragliding is a fun sport to do in Alicante. It’s the ideal activity for adrenaline junkies and unquestionably the best option.

Paragliding in Alicante is an excellent joy and exhilarating sport, thanks to the sun, the ocean, the water, and the cool Mediterranean air. Truly, one of the greatest things to do is the Alicante Tour.

Things to do in Alincate
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Tandem paragliding flights with a skilled pilot allow you to relax and enjoy the scenery. On the Costa Blanca, float over the gorgeous white sea. Visit the shore for an amazing and fascinating experience. These flights are appropriate for first-timers, but only if this is your first paragliding experience.

The stunning Costa Blanca coastline may be seen from above. You will go paragliding with an enthralling expert who will take you through all the stages and accompany you. You’ll feel like a bird when you experience this adrenaline-pounding adrenaline rush. It is one of the unique things to do in Alicante.

Tandem flying is suitable for anybody under 260 pounds and of any age. There is no previous experience required. Before your flight, your instructor will lead you through a short ground school session in which you will learn the principles of paraglider control, launch, and landing.

9. Discover the Palm Groves of Elche

The Palmeral de Elche is Europe’s biggest palm grove. The groves have a fascinating history, with Carthaginians perhaps planting the first date palms as early as the 5th century BC. If you want to get away from the city, the Palm Groves in Elche are a great day adventure.

Things to do in Alincate
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Elch is well-known for its old town, Via Murada, in local parlance. The city boasts almost 250,000 trees, most of which are palms, and it is breathtaking. One of the greatest things to do in Alicante.

The Old Palm Grove, which can be seen today surrounding the town’s historic area, includes over 200,000 palm trees. The major city trees and gardens are in the Municipal Park, bordering the Vinalopó River.

Nature pathways wind through the park, leading to beautiful gardens, ponds, fountains, monuments, picnic spaces, and children’s playgrounds.

There’s a lot to see and do at this Heritage Site in Alicante. Palmeral de Elche is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is one of the most stunning things to do in the Alicante experience you should not miss!

10. Visit the Archaeological Museum and Learn about History

Visiting the Archaeological Museums is a great method to learn about Alicantes’ history. The exhibits go beyond the planet, displaying primordial artifacts. Alicante is an ideal location for seeing archaeologically significant sites.

Various Roman monuments in the city have unearthed countless ceramics, jewelry, and daily artifacts, providing an enthralling peek into the past. The exhibition of medieval images depicting Christian, Jewish, and Muslim people living together will be one of the best things to do on the Alicante tour.

Many visitors visit the Archaeological Museum to admire avant-garde works of art in current audio-visual technology. Alicante, located in Europe, is an important historical center for numerous major historical events.

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For a period, the area was colonized by many ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, and Moors. Hence it is among the fun things to do in Alicante.

The archaeological museum is a wonderful place to learn about the city’s history and have a very authentic experience. Discover amazing treasures gathered throughout centuries of city history, such as Greek and Roman antiquities. It is a must-see for history buffs. The Archaeological Museum in Alicante provides an exciting experience that you will remember.

11. Enjoy a Day Trip to Tabarca

Tabarca is the only inhabited island in the Valencian Region, situated 11 nautical miles offshore and close to the Santa Pola headland, opposite the city of Alicante. This little island in the Mediterranean Sea is located just outside the Alicante town of Santa Pola. This is a great island for a quick day excursion.

It is a little village with white-painted buildings, a medieval church, and narrow lanes that create an appealing Spanish ambiance and provide a getaway from city life. The town’s walls have been designated as a Historical and Artistic Site and a Cultural Asset.

Several cities provide frequent boat services to Tabarca. The journey takes 45 to 60 minutes one way. The island has been designated a Mediterranean marine reserve, making for a stunning and intriguing excursion. This is perhaps one of the best things to do in Alicante.

It is the smallest island in the area and can only be reached by boat. You could spend a full day here since it offers wonderful beaches and caverns. Visitors may enjoy the crystal-clear seas of the coves and beaches and a lovely fishing port with good cafes. Perhaps one of the best things to do in Alicante!

12. Mercado Central de Alicante

A trip to the Mercado Central de Alicante is a must. The central marketplace in Alicante, completed in 1912, is a landmark structure whose facades display a startling blend of styles and contain many modernistic aspects. One of the amazing things to do in Alicante.

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Inside, there are bustling marketplaces that keep the city fed. Vegetable and seafood dealers, as well as vegetable producers, may be found on the second level. Fresh and locally made food and beverages and a broad range of meals are available throughout the market.

It is amazing because you won’t find such a variety and quantity of things elsewhere in town. Other items are available, although this is mostly a food market.

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There are also several decent cafes with refreshments. There are many great things to do in the Alicante market area.

Visitors who like delicious food, particularly Mediterranean cuisine, should not pass up the chance to visit the Alicante Central Market. This food market’s design incorporates elements of modernism and eclecticism.

Its brick construction, gable roof, two stories, and enormous stained-glass windows combine to provide a stunning natural lighting impression. This market’s almost 11,000 square meters are inhabited by over 300 booths. The market sits near Puerta de Purchena and Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca, one of the city’s major thoroughfares.

13. Visit the Playa de San Juan

Playa de San Juan, a lovely spot for a beach break with many restaurants and cafés, is another fantastic beach not far from town. Playa de San Juan is popular with visitors and residents because the sea is so calm, shielded from the wind and waves by its proximity to the fishing port and the breakwater.

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This beach is popular with residents and tourists because it provides spectacular views of the surrounding cliffs and pure blue waves, making it one of the best things to do in Alicante.

The sand is black, and the water’s entry is rough. The purity of the water, the black sand and pebbles, and the fact that it offers all required comforts and services have won it a blue flag.

There are lots of sun loungers and parasols for visitors to rest on, as well as a few beach bars providing cool refreshments. This is among the best things to do in Alicante.

14. Visit the Contemporary Art Museum

Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art is a municipal museum in Alicante that was established on the walls of the city’s oldest secular edifice, near the San Maria Basilica. It was founded in 1976 by a prominent sculptor from London who wished to show off his exquisite collection.

Over 800 pieces by Salvador Dali and other notable painters whose work is well-liked and respected will be hung above the walls. The Contemporary Arts Museum boasts a fantastic collection of exhibits and artwork. One of the nicest things to do in Alicante.

The museum was founded in 1976 by Eusebio Sempere and reopened in 2011 following a massive refurbishment. It presently has three permanent collections of over 800 art items. It was built as a cereal warehouse and utilized as a business school before becoming a museum. The Museum has four levels and is well-lit.

15. Take in Thrilling Views Along a Via Ferrata

A via Ferrata is a mountain activity that combines scrambling and rock climbing. The Ferrata trail is an open passage through the rocks. “Via Ferrata” means “iron route” in Italian, which explains the metal cables, iron pins, and foot grips.

It features steel cables, stairs, and steel rails that you may grip in a sling and a belt to keep you safe during your journey.

A Via Ferrata is a recreational activity that involves scaling high, sometimes exposed mountain paths using a succession of fixed cables, rungs, chains, and ladders anchored to the rock. Certainly, one of the amazing things to do in Alicante.

These pathways may sometimes reach previously inaccessible mountaintops.

The following are some of the Via Ferrata tours:

1. Ponotx

Ponotx is a destination for more experienced climbers, but there is also an opportunity for less experienced climbers who wish to enjoy a pleasant and straightforward ascent.

2. Callosa de Segura

The Sierra de Callosa rises dramatically above the alluvial plain that dominates the area. The Callosa de Segura Via Ferrata is broken into two portions, the first having a K3 difficulty.

3. Relleu

The Ferrata starts with a short excursion that aims to warm up and practice those who are new to the route. It is unique since it does not need a significant deal of skill because it is fairly basic and has received K2 accreditation.


There are many different things to do in Alicante. The Spanish town of Alicante is an ideal location for a quick trip to Spain or for unwinding at one of Europe’s best beaches. There is something for everyone in Alicante. This Spanish city is affordable, and there are many great things to do in Alicante.

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Everyone may enjoy Alicante’s attractive city atmosphere, incredible nightlife, and paragliding opportunities. Over three million tourists visit the province’s beaches yearly, which is unsurprising. Alicante is worth a visit because of its fascinating past, vibrant present, and legendary nightlife.


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