15 Famous Bars in Soho

bars in Soho
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London has the most classic and quirky bars in Soho. It is undeniable that Soho has the best bars which are regarded as the heart of the boozy nightlife in the entire London.

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious cocktail bar or a simple hideout basement bar, Soho has covered you with its best bars.

You’ll find every cool bar here, and they will never disappoint you with their exquisite delicious cocktails. Since the bars in Soho are also known to have the best mixologists in London, it makes it even more enjoyable.

Be it with friends or work colleagues, the bars in Soho have specific quirky cocktail bars that will keep you hooked throughout the brilliant night-time you’re craving.

Without further ado, Let’s look into some of the best bars in Soho which have gained their fame by serving quirky cocktails along with impeccable customer service.

1. 15 Famous Bars in Soho

1.1 Arts Theatre Club

Wrapped with one of the most horrible backstories, Arts Theatre Club stands as one of the best Soho bars due to its popular elegant and vintage aesthetic.

This is one of the bars in Soho that has both a drinks menu and the bar snacks menu as well.

Located at Frith Street, the cocktail bar was founded by the notorious gangster twins, called the Kray Twins. They had to spend the entirety of their lives in prison for their heinous crimes, like murder, arson, and racketeering.

bars in Soho
Image from Arts Theatre Club

The Soho bar has a Prohibition-themed aesthetic, with crimson plushy seatings and cute floral teapots. You can enjoy some of the ’60s retro tunes by the Club DJ while sipping on your fancy cocktail.

The fast food menu in the bar is incredibly exotic with the best suggestions like Primavera Pizza, Margherita Pizza, and Chicken Escalope Panini.

For special cocktails, the recommendations are The Devil’s Goat, Deadwood Dick, and Kentucky Kevin.

Since it was an illegal drinking zone during the Prohibition Era, the Soho bar keeps itself disguised as Speakeasy.

Famous for its exquisite interior design, classic cocktails, and stylish fancy vibes, the Arts Theatre Club has made up one of the best bars in Soho on this list.

1.2 Experimental Cocktail Club

With over three floors of the building, this cocktail bar may be a bit confusing to find in the streets of Chinatown. Situated at Gerrard St, this Soho bar has the best cocktails in the entire London.

Being one of the quirky Soho bars in London, it has an expensive cocktail menu, but you won’t regret it.

As the name suggests, the bartenders are genuine and experimental while making you the perfect classic cocktails.

The cocktail bar has a spacious, vibrant, and cozy atmosphere, that is inviting for a large family and friends’ late-night parties.

bars in Soho
Image by Michelle Bryant from Pixabay/Copyright 2017

However, it does charge extra 5 euros for any customer who enters after 11 p.m.The reservations happen via email bookings but it is not necessary since they keep enough arrangements for the walk-ins.

This is one of those bars in Soho which is open during the late midnights and even after that.

This bar is an ideal spot for after-work drinks or if you really want to get drunk. If you’re fancying to taste the best cocktails in London, this cocktail bar is the one you should visit.

1.3 Bar Américain

Regarded as one of the best bars in Soho, this bar is an ideal spot for Arts fanatics.

The Bar Américain represents the artistic perspective of Soho via some of the wonderful art decor on the walls in the interior of the bar.

Situated at the Sherwood St at Brasserie Zedel, the bar serves class old-school drinks. It has the aesthetic of the 1920s times with tints of modern times as well.

The interior is elegantly decorated with leather and wooden furnishings, along with wall decorations of stunning paintings and art-related pieces.

bars in Soho
Image from Bar Americain

It is one of the great bars in Soho, with the best mixologists behind the picture. Some of the special classic cocktails are Vesper Martini, Cosmopolitan, and Corpse Reviver.

It may not serve bar snacks but there are a few complementary items with cocktails like Pork belly or Fried Chicken. It doesn’t do prior reservations, and they serve on the basis of simple walk-ins.

Along with a soft comfy seating arrangement and an intriguing atmosphere, this bar has easily taken the spot among the most quality cocktails bars in Central London.

1.4 Bar Termini

Located at Old Compton Street, Bar Termini is considered among the best bars in Soho for its quirkiness. This cool bar is infamous for its quality cocktails along with a special negroni menu.

It is an all-rounder with affordable cocktails, delicious food, and other drinks menu. It doesn’t have a wide range of cocktails on the menu but that is why they could exceptionally focus on the quality.

It is rich in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine along with the hospitable staff of the bar. The famous mixologist, Tony Conigliaro is the main backbone behind the talk of the bar.

bars in Soho
Image by Chakrapan Issaranusorn from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

So, it is no surprise that this small comfy bar has a lot more to offer than it seems. Bartenders are formal with apron uniforms and will stun you with some classy drinks during your stay.

Some of the most special drinks in the bar would be House Negroni, Spritz Termini, and Rhubarb Cordial.

Making a reservation is suggested, since you may lose a spot if you’re waiting on one of the bar’s packed days.

Being one of the best bars in Soho, don’t shy away from grabbing a few drinks while passing by this modest and inviting little wine shop. It may also be a great corner for a late date night.

1.5 London Gin Club

Have you ever heard of a drinking bar that also provides masterclasses on liquor knowledge? Welcome to the fancy bar of London that expertise in cocktails of Gin and Tonics, exclusively.

London Gin Club has a wonderful team who are credible for the outstanding and delicious gin spirit cocktails in the main bar. The club has a special cocktail list of high-end selected gin cocktails, curated exclusively.

bars in Soho
Image from The London Gin Club

If you’re a gin and tonic fanatic, this bar has to be your first go-to at all times. But this is not all of it. The club has even more to the surprise.

There is an isolated space in the underground of the bar, where club members can learn about the gin liquor, its origin, and history through masterclasses.

You can easily sign up for the classes if you’re a club member. The masterclasses are held on every Thursday and Saturday of the week at 6 p.m and 3 p.m, respectively.

This Gin Club is a valuable addition to the network of the greatest bars in Soho. This is an ideal spot for Gin lovers

1.6 Little Scarlet Door

Situated on Greek Street, this bar has to be on top of your Soho bars list, if you’re a party animal. Little Scarlet Door hosts one of the best house parties in the entire London.

Along with vibrant live music and dancing DJs, the bar comes with high-quality food, exquisite drinks, and massive fun night-time. The bar is open late at night from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Infamous for its saccharine drinks, a few of the best cocktails are Y Tu Mama Tambien and Crimes of Passion. For the delicious side bites, recommendations are House Toasties, Vietnamese Spicy Meatballs, and Honey Roast Ham.

bars in Soho
Image by Social Butterfly from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

It has a brilliantly coloured ground floor with the best pleasing aesthetic and a great kitchen plan for customers to have a memorable fun experience for the night.

It possesses one of the coolest and fanciest decors among the bars in Soho, making it one of the tops. The bar has also a few other branches like Little Yellow Door, the Little Blue Door, and the Little Orange Door at different venues.

The bar is a bright and interesting place for having drinks, and parties for large or small get-togethers with your friends or family. So, don’t miss this hidden gem!

1.7 Aqua Spirit Rooftop Bar

Along with the mesmerizing skyline view of London, Aqua Spirit is the best rooftop bar in Soho. The bar is famous for its outstanding customer service and wonderful cocktail drinks and yummy side food.

Since the bar is a part of the Aqua Restaurant Group, it is undoubtedly one of the priciest top-notch bars in Soho. It has a glamour terrace view of London, that you can enjoy during the summer nights.

However, the bar has a warm and cosy interior for the cold wintry nights with the enchanting view, so either way, you’ll have an amazing time.

bars in Soho
Image by LicorBeirao from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

Most of the cocktail drinks are quite expensive but the quality and the Japanese-inspired flavors of the spirit are worth the price. Booking reservations are always recommended for their popularity.

A few of the special classic drinks here are Old-Fashioned, Aperol Spritz, and Tommy’s Margarita. Apple Mojito and Pink Paradise are considered to be the best non-alcoholic drinks.

If you’re up for a moody romantic date night, this gorgeous high-class bar with ethereal skyline views is a perfect choice to make your partner’s day.

1.8 Blind Pig

This award-winning place is a dimly lit upstairs bar, situated above the Michelin Restaurant, Social Eating House. With an inviting and comfy seating arrangement of leather and wood, this place ranks among the best bars in Soho.

The bar is located on Poland Street and does not offer food. The main uniqueness of Blind Pig is, it has a cocktail list that it has entirely inspired drinks from Children’s Storybooks like Winnie the Pooh or Harry Potter.

A few of those drinks are Pooh’s Honey Pot, Kindergarten Cup, and Harry Potter’s Best Bottled Butter Bitter. Such a tongue twister!

bars in Soho
Image by Jose Fernandez from Pixabay/Copyright 2015

The cocktails are creative and luxurious, which you can enjoy with slow sips. The bar smells of cider brandy and orange blossom due to its fancy informal outlook.

The bar gives off vintage vibes with a mirror-like ceiling but overall it is a cozy and social speakeasy bar where the staff remains disguised as opticians. It is an ideal bar corner for colleagues to meet and drink after work.

Since it is a highly popular bar, it is always recommended to book a reservation, otherwise, you may miss out on the thrill of being in one of the coolest bars in Soho.

1.9 Basement Sate

Who doesn’t like a fancy cocktail night with some sweet creamy desserts? As heavenly as it sounds, Basement Sate is that dream come true spot for every wine and sweets lover.

Situated at Broadwick Street, it is a small basement bar with melodious tunes, a personalized seating place, and a menu of quality exotic cocktails. There are also a few bar snacks provided like Mushroom Arancini.

The best part about this place is there is always a dessert recommended along with every cocktail on the menu list. Even with a dimly lit ambiance, the boozy den doesn’t fail in being intimate and inviting.

With the live music playing, you can calmly enjoy the coolest cocktails in the house. Some of them are Charlie Chaplin, Twinkle, and Naked & Famous. There are also the best special cocktails like Smoked Tea Tequilla, Tongue Twister, and young Cuban.

bars in Soho
Image from Basement Sate

It is no doubt that these drinks sound sensational just like they taste, but these cocktails with no desserts are no fun when you’re in Basement Sate.

It is known that this bar has six different types of desserts for the sweet tooth. A few of them are Puff Pastry, Panna Cota, Banana Sponge Cake, Carrot Cakes, and Chocolate Cigars.

It stays open from the early hours like 6 p.m, until late midnight. It also has a cocktail list exclusively dedicated to Gin and Tonic drinks.

Get ready for some sweet moments in this musical stylish bar in the middle of Soho. So, don’t miss out on this fascinating bar in central London.

1.10 Pink Chihuahua

Just like any other drinking bar, Pink Chihuahua also has its own expertise in the preparation of exclusive tequila-related cocktails. It is confirmed that this bar offers the best tequila drinks in the entire of London.

Along with the badass vibes due to the neon graffiti and sugary skulls stuck on the walls, this place has climbed up to the list of the best bars in Soho. The place welcomes walk-ins anytime and memberships can only be signed up via their official website.

The bar is situated on Brewer St, below the Mexican restaurant of El Camion. Apart from the special cocktails, the place also serves great food and snacks alongside.

bars in Soho
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/Copyright 2016

It is an exotic bar and an eating place where you’ll experience a lot of uniqueness alongside fun. Some of their special drinks are Mai Tai, Expresso Martini, Paloma, Spicy Margarita, and finally the Pink Chihuahua.

The bar also has the legendary mixologist, Dick Bradsell who keeps the quality of the cocktails intact at all times with his innovation and guidance. He is the inventor of the Crowd’s favorite drink, the Expresso Martini.

This bar is such a memorable place to have a fine time with your friends anytime. It may not the best bar among the other Soho bars, but it certainly is the best tequila bar in Soho.

1.11 Soho Residence

Soho Residence is an elegantly stylish underground bar that has an outstanding botanical theme. Situated on Wardour Street, this bar is a fascinating addition to the Soho bars list.

It has a set of affordable prices for the branded cocktails they offer. It has a separate cocktail lounge that is equally royal and velvet in its designer beauty.

bars in Soho
Image by Михаил Прокопенко from Pixabay/Copyright 2018

If you want to have some extra party fun for the night, head upstairs to another place known as the Festival Club. The DJs play music seven days a week until it hits at least 3 a.m.

The bar also has its signature dishes and cocktails. For the food part, there are Yummy Tacos and delicious Beer Battered Fish. For special drinks, there are Signature Manhattan and Mojito.

The two floors of the place are passionately decorated along with high ceilings and big leather sofas. Precisely, it is a perfect all-rounder for any London tourist to try out.

1.12 Disrepute

Situated at Carnaby Street’s Kingly Court, Disrepute holds the reputation of a gorgeous and mature underground bar. It is one of those bars in Soho that you have to visit whenever you arrive in London.

It is highly respected for its hospitable staff and waiters. They are friendly, helpful, and diligent in their on-time reservation responses.

Whenever trying out this place’s drink, the ingredients and the liquor are always well-curated that follows a unique storyline as you sip it. A few of the memorable ones are The Adversary and Feline Fugitive.

bars in Soho
Image by Bishwas Bajracharya from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

The Disrepute at Kingly Court stands at the site of the Pinstripe Club, which is extremely famous. It possesses stunning 1960’s cultural decor, which is still timeless to this date. Along with the echoing ceiling and retro chic-like glamour, the bar is exquisite.

Memorable events like romantic dates, anniversaries, or birthdays are held in a leather banquet of the bar after it has struck 2 a.m. The only drawback is it is a members-only bar.

However, walk-ins are still welcome but don’t be surprised if they are completely on one of their busy days of the week.

1.13 Barrio Soho

Barrio Soho is a vibrant colored exciting bar situated on Poland Street. The main popularity of this bar is because it has bottomless brunch offers.

With a natural hub bub atmosphere, the place also plays loud music that includes traditional music styles like Samba, Old-School Classics, and Performances of the 80s lip-sync.

bars in Soho
Image from Barrio Soho

The cocktails are wonderful along with a few of the traditional drinks that have slight evolution. They also offer parties in the house and bar snacks.

Overall, it is a fun, classy, and chic bar for those who love partying, loud music, dancing with a great time with food and stylish cocktails!

1.14 The Vault

Infamous for its background jazz music and dimly lit romantic ambiance, here comes the Vault. Situated on Greek Street, it is also one of the best bars in Soho.

This bar is a secretive hideout located under Milroy’s Old Whiskey Bar. With a top-notch and unique cocktail menu, the place doesn’t fall behind in aesthetics, as well.

It consists of wooden bunkers, brick walls, and a gorgeous interior design downstairs. There are spacious leather seats and a nice ambiance, as well as polite and kind staff.

bars in Soho
Image by RitaE from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

The sophisticated cocktail list has over 400 whiskey drinks from Scotland, which is fascinating. Their best short drinks are Acid House, Franco Milano, and Jagged Edge. Their best long drinks are Breakfast Highball and, Flower Power.

It is also a bar hidden in the underground and well–placed behind the bookcase inside the Old Whiskey Shop.

It is a comfy relaxing bar perfect for lounging and taking time while enjoying your cocktails and the food.

1.15 Swift

Last but definitely not least, Swift at Compton Street is one of those bars in Soho which has won a plethora of awards for its dignified ambiance, service, and cocktails.

Swift is spontaneous, quirky, and incredibly friendly. Their creative cocktail has been curated through the inspirations of the best innovative drinkers of cocktails.

bars in Soho
Image from The Swift

It is largely popular for its extensive interesting cocktails, food, and pretty interior style. You can find a whiskey lounging bar while going downstairs. It has booths made of leather and a chilling calm atmosphere.

The sounds of the musical piano can be heard while sipping on your drink, making it ideal for evening dates or meet-ups.

Do not miss out on this massive award-winning bar and remember to taste the flavor of Soho’s Swift in London.


Even though the list of the best bars in Soho has come to an end, there are a lot of other great bars still hiding around the streets of London.

It may be the French House filled with French-styled French-styled NQ64 that has retro arcade games, or a themed bar for David Bowie called the Cahoots.

The powerful list of the greatest bars in Soho is still ongoing. Soho is the only amazing drinking place for every European in the United Kingdom. It is simply mind blowing.

mind-blowing you travel or pay to visit London, drinking at the high-quality bars in Soho is a must. Which Soho bar would you visit first if you were in London?

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