15 Amazing Places To Visit In Yorkshire: Places Not To Miss

places to visit in Yorkshire
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Is Yorkshire (the historical country in Northern England) your next holiday destination, and are you looking for some of the best places to visit in Yorkshire?

Then worry no more; listed below are some of the unique places to visit in Yorkshire with all the detailed information.

Select a suitable time, pack your bags and start your journey towards this fantastic location.

Yorkshire- The Country Of York

Yorkshire is one of the largest countries in the UK. It is also among England’s favourite destinations. It can be categorized into four major areas: The City of York, North Yorkshire, West Riding, and East Riding.

Its culture, music, clubs, accommodations, delicious foods, outstanding natural beauty, stunning landscapes, and mesmerizing coastline make a perfect combination to attract visitors. The historic York with modernization is a perfect combination to delight its visitors.

With no further delay, let’s check out the most stunning and unique places to visit in Yorkshire.

Best Places To Visit In Yorkshire

The more you travel to this country’s beautiful cities, the more you will love its beauty. Check out the best places to visit in Yorkshire

1. Yorkshire Dales National Park

places to visit in Yorkshire
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One of the fantastic places in Yorkshire is the Yorkshire dales national park in North Yorkshire.

What’s Special

Dales is the perfect combination of human and nature, creating a wonderful and scenic place to visit.

Its stunning gardens, scenic beauty, and several natural attractions like Aysgarth Falls and Malham Cove are famous.

Enjoy some short-distance walks or long rides in the vast area. You can also opt for cycling and mountain biking in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

There are many other attractions nearby, like castles, pubs, farms, cafes, and hotels for your refreshments.

So, make your holidays memorable by enjoying the fantastic beauty of Yorkshire Dales National Park.

2. Fountains Abbey And Studley Royal Water Garden

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by Gibbon FitzGibbon on Unsplash

Fountains Abbey (North Yorkshire) is one of the fantastic collections of largely preserved buildings and ruins located at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Estate Office Abbey Road, near Harrogate, which is 45 mins from York and 50 mins from Leeds, Ripon HG4 3DY.

What’s Special

These are the best medieval abbey ruins in the UK, spread on a massive scale. The grounds are well-maintained, and the stunning buildings look exotic. It is undoubtedly a unique place for photography.

These magnificent ruins of old monasteries attract lots of filmmakers. Popular films and series like The Secret Garden and The History BOys have been shot here.

There are nets, swings, a rope bridge, a play house, and a picnic table to keep your kids engaged. So, have fun with your kids and family at this fantastic place.

The Fountains abbey has also been included in the UNESCO world heritage site.

It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to visit in Yorkshire, with beautiful gardens, tranquil water parks with swans, and astonishing visions.

After your tiring walk along the area, you need some refreshments. You can go to the restaurant there located near the visitor’s centre. There is also a tea room where you can have your afternoon tea and a kiosk that offers yummy ice-creams in Studley Park.

3. Castle Howard

These are one of the finest compositions of historic houses in England at The Stray, York.

What’s Special

Castle Howard in North Yorkshire has been an ancestral home of the Howard family for generations. The royal family has warmly welcomed visitors from all around the world for years.

It is one of the ultimate places to visit in Yorkshire. There you can see a palace, a town, temples, fountains, woods, lawn, and much more in a single view.

According to Telegraph, 2018, this is one of the top buildings you must visit in your lifetime.

You can get fantastic views of Castle Howard and its other landmarks like The Great lake, a temple of the Four Winds, and the Mausoleum by walking on the route or opting for boat trips in summer for the fantastic views.

Several amenities that are provided during your long visit to the castle include

  • An organized car parking
  • Attentive security staff
  • Plenty of food stalls and bars with some lovely refreshments
  • Proper sanitation facilities.

Don’t miss the exhibitions and displays held there that sometimes reveal the surprising aspects of the history of Castle Howard.

4. North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by Lisa Baker on Unsplash

Located at 12 Park Street, Pickering, YO18 7AJ, this is a heritage railway passing through the National Park of North York Moors and is a fantastic place to visit in Yorkshire.

What’s Special

Get a fantastic experience of viewing the buildings and landscapes along the tracks and explore the North York Moors along the train ride on this old-fashioned steam train.

Join the one-day photography workshop to learn how to use more creative digital camera modes. The one-day course is available for beginners and intermediate level.

Book tickets for the upcoming events of Light Spectacular and enjoy the magnificent lights and music with your family and friends.

You can also become a member here, and your membership fee will be used to maintain the locomotives.

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway will take you on a memorable trip that will surely cherish you.

5. Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by JR Harris on Unsplash

It is one of the world’s famous open-air galleries in west Yorkshire, located at West Bretton, Wakefield, WF4 4LG.

What’s Special

It is the perfect place if you love to see sculptures and artworks. It showcases the best art collection in a vast open area. An indoor long art gallery is also there. But try to avoid visiting there on a bad weather days.

You are suggested to book your tickets online in advance as they allow a limited number of people at one time considering the safety measures. It will take around 3 hours to see all displays and exhibits.

The world-class modern and contemporary sculpture is a delight to visitors’ eyes.

The park also provides opportunities for innovative learning through its various learning programs suited for all age groups.

Visitors are granted permission for picnics on the grounds. Apart from that, there is a restaurant at The Weston, a kitchen, and a cafe at The YSP centre.

Enjoy the various exhibitions program held there that showcase the work of world-class artists.

6. York Minster

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by ZACHARY PEARSON on Unsplash

Next up on our list of unique places to visit in Yorkshire is one of the largest gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe – The York Minster. The beautiful medieval masterwork is at Church House, Ogleforth, York YO1 7JN.

What’s Special

The gothic York Minster cathedral is beautiful and one of the most magnificent cathedrals with many towers and bells. There are stained glasses and stones from the past.

It is a perfect spot for families to visit. It would help if you grabbed the bag-packs free from the welcome desks there. The bag pack includes a torch, binoculars, mirror, compass, and map.

There is an undercroft museum where you can spot the archaeological remains from Roman barracks beneath the Minster’s floor.

There you will see ancient object collections, the most extensive cathedral library, archives, and manuscripts. After an appointment, you can also explore and learn about the historical collection in the old palace library and archives. Click here if you want to have an appointment.

Music is the core of York Minster. Several concerts and functions are held where world-class choir and organists perform. Visitor’s come here especially to listen to choirs.

Also, read the latest sermons presented there weekly and occasionally.

7. Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by Adam King on Unsplash

Are you interested in watching the world’s most beautiful and endangered species?

If yes, then the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in South Yorkshire is the right choice for you. It is located at Warning Tongue Ln, Branton DN4 6TB.

What’s Special

It is a vast park purposely built to conserve wildlife and nature and spread people’s awareness about the natural reserves.

There are more than 400 animals from 70 different species.

They have rescued several animals so far and opened separate reserves for them; some of them are Lion country, Land of the tigers, Leopard Heights, Project Polar and Sea lion reserve.

Get close to incredible animals like a painted hunting dog, Amur tiger, Romanian lions, rare monkeys, and crowned lemurs.

Don’t forget to visit the park’s latest reserve Pangea- Discovery Of Dinosaurs, where you can explore and revisit the history of the world’s most giant animals.

Join the educational trips or tour groups to learn about these wild animals. Also, enjoy Safari nights at the park where you can get a chance to see the rarest animals.

Indulge exciting activities with your friends and family at live events and music shows. These shows include local bands and acoustics.

It also provides amenities like a dining area, picnic area, indoor and outdoor shops, toilets, and parking facilities. 

8. Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Captain Cook Memorial Museum is an ancient and historical museum located at Grape Lane, Whitby YO22 4BA.

What’s Special

The museum was originally the home of Captain Cook, who lived there as an apprentice during the 17th century.

You will see the collection of the famed sailor’s letters, models of his ships, and various images captured by artists, maps, and fascinating objects collected on his trips that tell his story.

Photo by Artur Matosyan on Unsplash

Become a part of the events and activities held at the museum from time to time. Check out the special exhibition- Sea Peoples.

The museum has a courtyard garden with plants from olden times around the 18th century.

9. National Railway Museum

One of the famous places in Yorkshire is the world’s largest museum, National Railway Museum, located at Leeman Road, York YO26 4XJ.

What’s Special

The museum displays a vast collection of more than 100 locomotives and 300 other vehicles used in railways, including the fastest steam engine.

Some modern trains like the Japanese bullet train and Eurostar are also there.

Experience the Miniature railway ride and Mallard’s train ride and meet the real people behind it.

You can be a part of several exhibitions held there from time to time like

  1. Royals on Rails, where you will explore the relations with the British Royals and Railway.
  2. Innovation Platform where you will ignite your logical and imaginative thinking.
  3. Railway heroes is an online exhibition.

A unique soundtrack trail is available for your smartphones.

Take your kids to separate play areas to indulge them in creative activities and explore their imagination.

Some old and royal machines are also kept here, like Queen Victoria’s palace on wheels that take to the royal era.

10. York Art Gallery

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by Pea on Unsplash

The next destination among the places to visit in Yorkshire is the York art gallery located at Exhibition Square, York, YO1 7EW.

What’s Special

The gallery showcases an extensive collection of ceramics, famous Chinese and Korean potteries, paintings, studio pottery, the work on paper that includes drawings, watercolours, and prints.

Works of well-known artists William Etty, Albert Moore and many others attract tourists.

It is a shop from which you can purchase unique artworks, inspiring gifts, beautiful collections of books and paintings, or ceramics to gift to your friends or relatives.

If you visit the Yorkshire art gallery, you must join the number of events and exhibitions organized there at regular intervals. You can get their details and book tickets online by clicking the links.

So, this is a beautiful place to spend some time where you will delight your eyes and learn more about the arts and culture of different parts of the world.

11. The Forbidden Corner

The Forbidden Corner is a famous amusement park located at Tupgill Park Estate, Coverham, Middleham, Leyburn DL8 4TJ.

What’s Special

If you have immense love for adventures or wish to have lots of fun with your kids and family, you must visit this unique park!! The place excites and delights adults and children of all ages.

There are lots of bizarre objects all around placed in an area of a 4-acre garden.

Watch and get amused by the labyrinth of tunnels, extraordinarily carved statues, the temple of the underworld, dead ends, the eye of the needle, challenging paths and passages that lead to nowhere.

You can also stay in the cottages near the Forbidden corner. Visit the Saddle room restaurant or the Corner cafe for food and refreshments.

12. Bolton Priory

Up next on the list of places to visit in Yorkshire is the Bolton Priory, located at Bolton Abbey, Skipton BD23 6AL.

What’s Special

A perfect place for a fun trip with family with stunning scenery and beautiful surroundings.

View the excellent priory church and ruins of Priory there along the riverside. Near the river lies an ancient woodland named Strid wood, where you can spot several wildflowers, birds, animals, and rich flora and fauna.’

Abbey tea rooms, Strid wood tea rooms, and The Priest’s house are some of the stops for resting after a long walk or hiking trails of Bolton abbey estate. Cavendish Pavilion restaurant is near the Priory church where you can have some refreshments.

13. Yorkshire Coast

Places to visit in Yorkshire
Photo by Martin Sepion on Unsplash

Visiting Yorkshire without getting familiar with its coastline beauty is impossible. One of the unique places in Yorkshire is the Yorkshire coast running from the Teas estuary to the Humber estuary along the east coast of England.

What’s Special

Explore the sandy beach, small fishing village, seaside resorts, beach towns, and breath-taking view of the coast-side in York.

Visit Robin hood’s bay- the seafront fishing village with cliffs and beaches.

Also, you can visit some other beautiful bays and resorts like Ravenscar, Whitby abbey, Runswick Bay, Flamborough, Saltburn, Scarborough and Filey.

14. RHS Garden Harlow Carr

The fantastic garden is an all-time delight for everyone at Cara Lane, Backwithshaw, Harrogate, and HG3 1QB.

What’s Special

It is a famous public garden with many attractions, including a scented garden, winter garden, kitchen garden, woodlands, streamside, Queen Mother’s lake, ornamental grasses border, and much more.

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

You can have refreshments at the Betty Cafe Tea rooms branch available in the garden.

There are dining and eating areas, picnic areas for families, and particular play areas for kids.

It is always a wonderful and pleasant experience to wander along with the beautiful gardens and meadows of this park.

15. Beverley

Beverley is a very well-known market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire. IT is a gem in East Yorkshire and is a significant tourist attraction with plenty to offer.

What’s Special

If your visits are incomplete without some shopping, you must go to the famous Beverley market in a beautiful and historical setting and have an upmarket shopping experience.

There are several independent shops, antique shops, boutiques, super stores, and craft arcades in the narrow streets of the town centre.

Enjoy the pubs, restaurants, and cafes and have cocktails, street foods, classic dishes, and much more.

Many cultural and musical events are organized there, mainly on the weekends.

It’s a perfect place to have fun with your family, plan a picnic with friends, or experience the fusion of historic York with modernization.


These are the 15 most attractive places to visit in Yorkshire with complete details.

Other famous tourist places in Yorkshire are Deer park, Ingleton waterfalls trail, Bolton castle, White scar cave, Skipton castle, Leeds city, and many more. In addition, you can also visit some other places if you plan to extend your holidays. But you must not miss the places listed above.


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