14 Best Places to Visit in Leeds

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There are several best places to visit in Leeds, Leeds is a year-round tourist destination and everything about this place is amazing. For instance, the city’s history is worth knowing about because you can spend your day admiring the beautiful art galleries which are great for art lovers and witnessing the finest art collections is something worth experiencing.

The Leeds Festival is one of the most iconic festivals of other British festivals and rock music. It takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the August Bank Holiday weekend, so if you are around here this time it is something you should not miss. Leeds is a really fulfilling place and you can also look for fun things to do in the UK as you will have numerous options.

Best Places to Visit in Leeds

1. Museums to Visit in Leeds

(a) Leeds City Museum

The Leeds City Museum is among the popular attractions and one of the best places to visit in Leeds. Explore the Leeds City Museum for free and visit the four floors of interactive and fun galleries. Visit the Life on Earth gallery and face to face with the Leeds Tiger, check out Leeds history in the Leeds Story gallery and visit the latest special show on the top floor.

The Leeds City Museum opened to the public in 1821, having been founded by the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society two years earlier. It reopened in 2008 and moved to the historic Leeds Institute in Millennium Square.

Visit the latest shows, Fast x Slow Fashion, to explore the relationship between clothing shopping and the people of Leeds, from 1720 to the present. The show shows how clothing stores have changed but also highlights how people are looking for other ways to use fashion. Also available as an online show.

(b) Royal Armouries Museum

Royal Armouries
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The Royal Armories Museum in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England is also one of the best places to visit in Leeds. This is a national museum exhibiting a collection of National Arms and Weapons.

It is part of the Royal Armories museum family. The other sites are the Tower of London, its traditional home, Fort Nelson, Hampshire, to display its National Artillery collection and permanent galleries which are within the Frazier History Museum located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Royal Armories is a non-profit community organization funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

The Royal Armories Museum is a £ 42.5 million purpose museum located at Leeds Dock which opened in 1996. Its collection has been exhibited or stored in the Tower of London where the Royal Armories still retain its presence and exhibitions in the White Tower.

(c) Thackray Medical Museum

The Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England is among one of the best places to visit in Leeds. Explore this museum if you are interested in history related to medicines as this is a medical history museum near St James’s University Hospital.

It was opened in March 1997 as a Thackray Medical Museum. In 1998 he won the “Museum of the Year” and has other awards including in 2004 both “Excellence in England Small Tourist Attraction of the Year” and “Sandford Medal for Heritage Education”.

The building is a Grade II listed building, formerly the former Leeds Union Workhouse, which was opened in 1861 (the foundation stone was laid in 1858) to accommodate 784 poor people. By the end of the 19th century, buildings had become the focal point of the medical care of the poor, rather than the workshop and training centres.

During World War I, it was called East Leeds War Hospital, caring for armed personnel. The building later became to be known as Ashley Wing, which was part of the hospital until the 1990s when the old Leeds Union Workhouse building was considered unsuitable for the use of modern medicine. As a listed building, it could not be demolished and Parliament approved the opening of the Thackray Medical Museum, which opened in 1997.

2. Leeds Art Gallery

Art gallery
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The Leeds Art Gallery in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is a gallery, part of the Leeds Museums & Galleries, and a collection of 20th-century British art designated by the British government in 1997 as the “most significant collection in the country”. This art gallery is one of the best places to visit in Leeds for art lovers.

Its collection includes works of art dating from the 19th century and earlier. The Grade 2 building is owned and operated by the Leeds City Council, connected West and Leeds Central Library and East by a bridge to the Henry Moore Institute which shares some images.

A sculpture by Henry Moore, The Woman Sitting: Elbow (1981), stands in front of the door. The entrance hall contains Leeds’ oldest public statue, a 1712 marble statue of Queen Anne.

3. Leeds City Centre

Leeds city centre is a central business district in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is almost bounded by the Inner Ring Road in the north and the Aire River in the south and can be separated by a few quarters.

Busy Leeds City Center is a state-of-the-art shopping centre with facilities at the restored Victoria Quarter Stadium, series stores at Trinity Leeds Mall, and indie shops on a pedestrian street network. The Leeds Art Gallery displays modern British works and sits between the neoclassical 1850s Town Hall and the neo-Gothic cathedral. Cocktail bars, music venues, and international restaurants are all packed with this scene.

Leeds City Center is a thriving cultural hub full of theatres and exhibitions, no doubt this is one of the best places to visit in Leeds. Alongside thousands of museums and churches, the Georgian and Victorian architecture that adorns the streets also provides details about the city’s rich history. Stay up late and find the bars and clubs of this exciting region.

In the centre of the city is Millennium Square, a modern, spacious street surrounded by some of Leeds’ most iconic landmarks and this is the reason this is known as one of the best places to visit in Leeds.

4. Leeds Town Hall

Best places to visit in Leeds
Photo by Illiya Vjestica from Unsplash

Leeds Town Hall is a 19th-century municipal building in Headrow (formerly Park Lane), Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is planned to include law courts, council chambers, offices, community halls, and a series of ceremonial chambers, built between 1853 and 1858 for planning by architect Cuthbert Brodrick.

With the construction of the Civic Hall in 1933, some of these events were cancelled, and with the construction of the Leeds Crown Court in 1993. The City Hall now serves primarily as a concert, conference, and wedding venue, with some offices still in use. Thereby, making to the list of best places to visit in Leeds.

More About the Leeds Town Hall

It is considered a municipal palace to showcase the strength and success of Victorian Leeds, and was inaugurated by Queen Victoria in a grand ceremony in 1858, as one of the largest city halls in the United Kingdom. At a height of 225 meters (68.6 m), it was the tallest building in Leeds for 108 years from 1858 to 1966, when it gave away the title of Park Plaza Hotel, 26 meters in height.

The unique baroque clock tower, which acts as a national symbol and Leeds symbol, was not part of the original design but was incorporated by Brodrick in 1856 as community leaders sought to make a better statement.

5. Leeds Corn Exchange

Leeds corn exchange
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The Leeds Corn Exchange is a Victorian building and a corn exchange in Leeds designed for the viewing and trading of corn kernels. Leeds corn exchange is a place of historic value and one of the places to visit in Leeds.

The maize trade in England is a separate structure that was created as a place for corn traders to meet and negotiate prices with farmers by selling wheat, barley, and other maize crops.

The word “corn” in British English means all kinds of grains, such as wheat and barley. With the repeal of the Corn Act in 1846, a large number of corn trades were established, especially in the cornfields in the East of England.

However, with the fall of the British corn price due to cheaper imports, the corn trade ceased construction after the 1870s. They were increasingly used for other purposes, especially as meeting halls and concerts.

6. Victoria Quarter

Victoria Quarter
Photo by Onions44 from Pixabay

Victoria Quarter is a beautiful shopping centre and is known as the best shopping centre in the North of England. Combining genres such as Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood, Karen Millen, French Connection, Diesel, Space NK, Hobbs, All Saints and Jigsaw, as well as being home to Harvey Nichols’ first store outside London. This is yet another best place to visit in Leeds for shopaholics.

As Victoria Quarter’s reputation has grown as well as its surroundings, nearby buildings have been transformed into stylish apartments and Vicar Lane emerges as a natural extension of VQ product offerings.

More About Victoria Quarter

The Victoria Quarter was in reality designed by architect Frank Matcham. He used rich marbles, mosaics, fine metal and wrought iron, and mahogany carved and polished, to build two streets, two arcades and the Empire Theater (now Harvey Nichols). Today Matcham’s work has been sympathetically restored to its original beauty, introducing the current style and art.

The combination of vendors, as well as air-conditioned buildings (the centre is home to the largest glass-covered window in England) and the continental atmosphere, has given the city something completely different. It’s a very different thing that you can’t miss.

7. Leeds Kirkgate Market is appropriate for Shopping

One of the largest indoor markets in Europe and also among the many best places to visit in Leeds Kirkgate is a consumer paradise from fresh food, beverage and fashion to jewellery, flowers, hardware and haberdashery.

In the heart of Leeds ‘market since 1857, the Leeds Kirkgate Market is home to some of the city’s most influential traders, with generations of businesses and multinational representations. It is an Asian Bazaar that sets up every Wednesday morning and the farmers withhold the market at Briggate every first and third Sunday of the month.

More About the Market

If you can think of food, you are more likely to find it at Leeds Kirkgate Market. From shawarma to chapatis, crepes to cockles and Yorkshire puds to delicious patisseries, you will find all kinds of good food in one place.

With new event space and later opening hours on the horizon, the transition from shopping mall to social media is underway. Coffee, tea and smoothies used to be on the market, but now beer and wine are also available.

The Leeds Kirkgate Market has been an important shopping centre for the city for over a century and will always be. From food to fashion, to household items and jewellery, there are a variety of good things to be added to your shopping bags.

Visually, the smell and sound of the market, Leeds Kirkgate Market have always been an experience. However, the venue for the new events has taken you to another level. It means that the market can host events of all shapes and sizes, from classic fashion shows to food and beverage festivals, games and live music.

8. Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey
Photo by Carbhangal from Pixabay

If you want to witness something beautiful, Kirkstall Abbey is on the list of best places to visit in Leeds. Kirkstall Abbey is a Cistercian monastery in Kirkstall, northwest of the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire, England. It is located in a public park on the north bank of the Aire River. It was established in 1152, Disbanded during the demolition of monasteries under Henry VIII.

Beautiful ruins are painted by artists like J. M. W. Turner, Thomas Girtin and John Sell Cotman. Kirkstall Abbey was received by Leeds Corporation as a gift from Colonel North and was opened to the public in the late 19th century. The gate has become a museum and is now a part of the Leeds Museums and Galleries group.

Something More About the Kirkstall Abbey

The abbey is a Grade I listed structure and a planned ancient monument. After the £ 5.5 million renovation program, there is a new tourist centre with interactive exhibits featuring abbey history and monastic life. Admission to Abbey itself is through a visitor centre – free, but with a donation box. In some cases, guided tours are available for free.

The Leeds Shakespeare Festival, hosted by the British Shakespeare Company, takes place every year for cloisters from 1995 to 2009. The abbey stadium is a public park and is used for seasonal events such as the annual Kirkstall Festival and the Kirkstall Fantasia open-air. concerts.

9. Hyde Park Picture House to Watch Plays

The Hyde Park Picture House is a cinema and a Grade II listed building in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Created by Thomas Winn and Sons, it opened on November 7, 1914.

It incorporates many real features, such as a magnificent balcony and outdoor box office, and it is the only gaslit cinema left in the United Kingdom. After the installation of “comfier seating”, Picture House has a capacity of 275, down from about 587 when it opens.

Various programs play in cinema, from arthouse movies to great new releases. The bill attracts a large number of local people and students. The Leeds International Film Festival started in this area in 1987.

10. Leeds Grand Theatre

Photo by 12019 from Pixabay

The Grand Theater, also known as the Leeds Grand Theater and Opera House, is a theatre and opera house in Briggate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It seats about 1,500 people.

The theatre is a large host and hosted West End and Broadway music and comedy shows, for comedians and musicians. The Theater is home to Opera North and is frequently visited by Northern Ballet. It has hosted many tourist theatres, musicians and comedians.

Since the “transformation” of the theatre, especially after the introduction of the self-regulating airline, these theatres have been able to host major and end-to-end West End Musicals.

Theatrical producers include The Phantom Of The Opera, Dirty Dancing, Shrek The Musical, Oliver, We Will Rock You and Wicked. The Leeds grand theatre hosted the world premiere of Kay Mellor’s Band Of Gold in November 2019.

The theatre is hosted by Leeds Heritage Theaters, which also oversees City Varieties Music Hall and Hyde Park Picture House. Leeds Heritage Theaters as a unifying brand was launched in August 2020.

11. West Yorkshire Playhouse

Leeds Playhouse is a theatre in downtown Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. If you are someone who is into watching theatre and things, then this is among the best places to visit in Leeds for you.

It opened in 1990 in the Quarry Hill area of the city as the West Yorkshire Playhouse, which followed the original Leeds Playhouse, and was renamed in June 2018 to return to the “Leeds Playhouse” theme. It has two auditoriums and handles a wide range of products and makes it accessible to the local community.

Leeds Playhouse became the West Yorkshire Playhouse in March 1990, when it relocated to the Quarry Hill area of the city as part of a larger renovation program. In June 2018, it was renamed Leeds Playhouse again due to the development and growth of the Leeds City region and the long-term support of Leeds City Council theatre in Leeds.

More About this Theatre

The theatre was the home of the first musical version of Spend Spend Spend, the life story of Viv Nicholson, winner of the famous 1961 Pools and author of a book of the same name. The first, starring Rosemary Ashe appeared in The Playhouse before moving to the West End starring Barbara Dickson.

12. Roundhay Park

Photo by Pixel2013 from Pixabay

Roundhay Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is one of the largest city parks in Europe. It covers more than 700 hectares (2.8 km2) of the park, ponds, forest areas and gardens under the City Council of Leeds.

The park is one of the most attractive places in Leeds and without any doubt this is one of the best places to visit in Leeds among people- about a million people visit each year. It is located on the northeast edge of the city, bordering the Roundhay district on the west, Oakwood on the south and the A6120 outer ring road to the north.

The Land Train starts at Lakeside Cafe and then up Marriage Drive and along Middle Walk, to the gates of the Park and take the return trip. The train costs £ 1.50 each or £ 2.00 for a return ticket and the travel time is eight minutes.

Fishing is allowed on the Waterloo lake outside the boating area. The boating area is in front of the cafe (up to the grassy area maintained) and where the trail leaves the side of the lake to another bank.

13. Golden Acre Park

This famous park is best known for its circular walk by the lake, beautiful gardens, and famous tea rooms. The park consists of gardens and groups of plants park, a pond, streams, lakes and a forest cafe with outdoor living space and these things make this park acquire a place in the list of best places to visit in Leeds.

Golden Acre Park covers 179 hectares of lush tropical forests and gardens around a picturesque lake. Set between Leeds’s north of Adel and Bramhope, Golden Acre Park comes alive with vibrant natural colours in spring and autumn. This beautiful park is home to many wild birds, rabbits and squirrels. You may also be lucky to see a deer in the wild.

14. Leeds Liverpool Canal

Liverpool Canal
Photo by Hawker10 from Pixabay

The Liverpool Canal is a great place to hike or cycle. This should be definitely on your list of the best places to visit in Leeds if you like riding a cycle or hiking is your thing. The trail takes on a spectacular rural setting, industrial heritage and iconic works of art such as Five Rise Locks.

The main line of Leeds and Liverpool Canal is 127 miles (204 km) long and crosses the country from Liverpool, Merseyside to Leeds, West Yorkshire. The canal is constructed 60 ft (18.3 m) long and 14 ft 3 inch (4.3 m) wide to carry Yorkshire Keelboats- now in use at Rivers Aire and Humber.

Being a prominent part of the best places to visit in Leeds, the Leeds and Liverpool Canal is said to be one of the longest canals in England. The five famous Bingley Five Rise Locks can be found in the canal.

Something to Take Away

Now you know a number of best places to visit in Leeds, Leeds is a modern, mixed city in a beautiful historical setting. Like many major cities in Yorkshire, it has a glorious past, with many Victorian-style buildings surrounding the city centre. Unlike many, it has retained its glory until the 21st century, becoming a major centre of music and culture.


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