14 Best Cyprus Beaches!

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There are many reasons to consider Cyprus beaches as an attractive holiday destination, from its crystal clear water and intriguing historical heritage to year-round sunshine and amazingly delicious seafood dishes.

From secluded protected places to bustling family-friendly beaches, you can find Cyprus beaches that suit your needs perfectly. Thousands of tourists come to Cyprus every summer for an unforgettable holiday.

Popular beaches near major resorts offer full facilities and plenty of watersport options making them ideal choices for relaxing beach days as well as active activities. Below mentioned are the Top 10 best Cyprus beaches!

  1. Alagadi Beach

A visit to Alagadi Beach is an important part of any nature lover’s vacation, and it is usually run throughout the summer and spring seasons. It also offers turtle watch-related activities at night that can vary from observing turtle nests early in the summer to watching baby turtles released in the summer.

Due to the turtle populations in the bay, the beaches in this region are protected. The shoreline is straight, with blue sea and brown sand. Alagadi Turtle beach coast is free for all. Visitors may appreciate the landscape despite the lack of conveniences. Visitors may take in the sights.

There are natural “rock pools” made by the sea at Alagadi Turtle Beach where rocks meet the sea and the stones are sandblasted by the waves. The bright Mediterranean sun heats the water in these “rock pools.” where you may relax with your feet in warm water and gaze out over the gorgeous coast.

This beach does not provide any services. Swimming is permitted at Lara Beach, although not in the centre area owing to the presence of turtles. Certainly, One of the best Cyprus beaches.

  1. Lara Beach

    Cyprus Beaches
    Photo By tom coe From Unsplash

This untouched sand is one of the best Cyprus beaches for the fauna. Although you can’t disturb the creature’s nest, you can take your family out for scuba training at the Turtle Conservation Station in Lara Bay and observe the young rescued birds saddling around the tank – one of the most exciting activities for children in Cyprus.

It is a wonderful beach in Pafos’ Akamas district, surrounded by golden sand and crystal clear blue waves. Lara Beach in Lara Bay is often regarded as a little paradise. The beach is desolate, and there is no shade, so bring an umbrella with you. Water tanks containing turtle hatchlings are put in the conservation hut for the benefit of visitors during the egg-laying season.

Because there is no surrounding artificial light, this is a preferred nesting location for green and loggerhead turtles. This beach is undoubtedly one of the best Cyprus beaches.

  1. Pomos

This stunning yet relatively unknown strip of pebble sand sits beside a delightful small fisherman’s marina in Pomos. Many Nicosian tourists come for a holiday there. It can be reached by taking the coastal route from Poliis Chrysochou, with a rugged country on the other side and crashing waves on the other.

Swimmers love the clear shallow waters, and the craggy coastline makes them a good snorkelling destination.

A little beach café serves great frappes and a restaurant known for its fish suppers is also located nearby. Which makes it one of the most beautiful Cyprus Beaches.

Porto Pomos Beach, on Cyprus’s wild west coast, is often considered the most unusual, with a rugged beach among the deep blue seas of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beach consists of dark yellow sand, sea pebbles, and big and tiny shell rock. The sights around Porto Pomos’ coasts are breathtaking, and the ambience is unforgettable.

  1. Aphrodite Beach

    Cyprus Beaches
    Photo By Andrey Andreyev From Unsplash

Although almost entirely made from rocks worn from the ocean, this beach is a popular destination on the island. Wanderers and sun worshippers are attracted here, especially after the sun sets.

The sunset here is amazing. Aphrodite’s Rock is the centre of the beach which is certainly a spectacular creation of nature and is an important symbol for Cyprus.

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and this is her birthplace of her. Dramatic and rugged landscapes give a backdrop to beaches.

It is a calm beach with loungers and umbrellas available at three separate locations, as well as water activities and residences for rent. There are no deck chairs or umbrellas on its land.

It has snow-white cliffs and a dazzling blue sea, and the water is quiet and pleasant. You may also have a delicious lunch at the restaurant positioned above the beach with a breathtaking view. This is a tiny beach, but it is well worth a visit for experienced swimmers and snorkelers. Truly, this is one of the best Cyprus beaches.

  1. Governor’s Beach

Almost endless stretches of bays with chalk white rocky backdrops define the southern shoreline of Cyprus from Pissouri to Zygi. It is also visible on Governors Beach, which was a favourite of Governors when Cyprus was under British rule. There you can swim on rocky platforms. Watersport is abundant and rock is mainly for fishing and snorkelling.

The beach is filled with golden sands and deep water making it an important destination among residents, particularly in Limassol and the nearby. The seafood taverns are busy during summer.

There are several fantastic eating alternatives in the vicinity, as well as crystal clear seas and beautiful landscape. The white rocks along the shore are perfect for fishing or snorkelling. Aside from the beach, you may also explore the natural paths that wind through the hills. Governor’s Beach is one of the greatest Cyprus beaches.

Governor’s Beach is a terrific place to swim close to nature since it is a succession of little private and highly gorgeous caverns rather than one enormous beach. It remains one of the unspoiled jewels and greatest Cyprus beaches in recent times.

The pebbles on the lake have formed vast white platforms ideal for exploration, sunbathing, and leaping into the brilliant blue waters. The beach has a variety of amenities, including typical eateries, showers, a car park and a neighbouring camping area.

Governors Beach, which is only a stone’s throw from the grassed “garden” with its lovely shade trees, becomes very crowded on weekends throughout the summer months.

  1. Mackenzie Beach

Located near Larnaca medieval fortress and its lively Finikoudes escalade and the city centre this Blue Flag beach. The seashore is a popular spot to relax at weekends and guests at nearby hotels also enjoy it. The beach is famous for safe, shallow waters and long, clean grey sands with palms providing tropical backdrops.

You could try activities such as windsurfing, sailing and a diving team if you want to see the famous Zenobia shipwreck off the coast. A prominent beach has been developed here, complete with stylish restaurants, beach bars, and nightlife.

In the backdrop, there is a lovely beach promenade with various neatly placed beach bars and restaurants, as well as a big number of parking spots. The Larnaka International Airport sits near the beach Mackenzie, so aircraft pass in the foreground, just in front of the bathers, a breath away from the water before landing.

This location is ideal for photographers who capture great photographs. Mackenzie Beach has a somewhat unusual name. It was named after a Scottish guy named McKenzie, who moved there after WWII and founded a restaurant. This is truly one of the nicest Cyprus beaches.

  1. Makronissos Beach

    Cyprus Beaches
    Photo By Kamil Molendys From Unsplash

A quick drive from Ayia Napa, Makronissos Beach features chalky white sandy beaches and azure waters as well as twisted rocks. The beach offers numerous lounge chairs and several restaurants and bars. It is a family holiday destination with a volleyball court, surf and diving facilities, and other sports.

Visitors may also take a stroll to the east, where Vathia Gonia Beach is located, or to the west, where Agia Thekla Beach is located. Makronissos beach is great for swimming and spending a pleasant and quiet day.

It’s a popular beach, but it’s not too busy, and there are watersports available as well as a beach bar/restaurant where you can get food and beverages.

It was awarded the Blue Flag for its great water quality and comprehensive amenities. The beach is also perfect for swimming since the water is crystal clear and normally extremely quiet with small to medium waves. Although there are no palm trees, the sea water is wonderfully blue with a soft sandy bottom.

This amazing scene is caused by the light underneath of sand alternating with black boulders beneath the water. This place is a must-visit for its crystal clear water which makes it one of the best Cyprus beaches.

  1. Golden Beach

Golden Beach is situated close to one end of the Northern Cyprus peninsula. The beach is relatively peaceful thanks to just a few sun loungers along the shoreline, although it’s also a peaceful location to relax.

The huge dunes spread for kilometres, and you will almost certainly have plenty of room to yourself. The beach is about 20 km from the village centre and 9 km from the monastery. The Golden Beach, like the other sand beaches in Karpaz, is a vital breeding site for sea turtles.

Golden Beach, a local and international favourite, is the ideal spot to unwind and relax. Relax on the smooth sand or take a walk while taking in the breathtaking views of the crystal blue waves and mountains in the distance. This is a beautiful and serene area to unroll your towel and just enjoy.

  1. Nissi Beach

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    Photo By Datingscout From Unsplash

Nissis beach is a protected, secluded cove lined with soft white sand which laps the shallow turquoise waters of the island. The village is located 3 km from Ayia Napa. Just offshore, the craggy islet of Nissi dominates the sea views and connects through an underwater sandbar.

The waters are so shallow at the coast that beach visitors can stroll across the island with ease even in a few areas of sand. Nissi Beach is a famous sandy beach strip on the island and is often visited during Summer by visitors from Ayia Napan and Larnaca.

Nissi Beach is one of the best beaches on the island, known for its smooth white sands and turquoise waves. The Nissi Beach Resort, which overlooks this monument, embraces the distinctive bay and is located inside its own beautiful, tropical grounds. Windsurfing, pedal boating, and bungee jumping are just a few of the water activities available.

Nissi Beach is a highly popular site and a fantastic draw for younger populations throughout the summer since it is utilized by music programmes to stage beach parties. The blue-flagged Nissi Beach is one of the best Cyprus beaches.

  1. Fig Tree Bay

    Cyprus Beaches
    Photo By David Wilson From Unsplash

Fig Tree Beach has admired primarily for its protected location and shallow water depth as well as the snorkelers – the clear water and abundant fish. It’s an easy-going beach for sun-seekers wanting to enjoy the sand and the sea.

There are all sorts of amenities and plenty of cafés and restaurants can be found within walking distance of the beach. As with any beach there, remember the sand will be filled with tourists throughout the summer. One of the most enjoyable Cyprus beaches.

The famed Fig Tree beach is situated near the tourist resort of Protaras, which flourished fast after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Because of the shallow seas, the beach is ideal for families with children. The beach has various public amenities and allows those with impairments to reach the water.

Everyone, even families, will find something to enjoy. Jet skiing, water skiing, and speed boats are all options. There is also a little rocky island along the coast that is accessible by swimming and has limited vegetation and is a magnet for every natural explorer as well as a place of discovery for both young and elderly.


Cyprus Beaches
Photo By Martin David From Unsplash

These Cyprus beaches are all worth going to for an enjoyable swimming experience! Cyprus offers warm Mediterranean culture. It’s amazingly beautiful and you should pack your favourite travel camera in your luggage and get ready for some fun in the sun.

It is ideally suited to combine history and beach life, you can start by looking for ruin and swimming or bathing a few hours after.


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