14 Beautiful Places To Visit In the Cotswolds

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Why should you visit Cotswolds? If you go here, you will realize the real reason — there are Plenty of places to visit in the Cotswolds, it’s almost as if it were a fairy tale. Cotswolds has been named one of England’s best-preserved areas based on the very distinctively honey-colored Cotswold Stone.

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It is the kind of place that stays with you longer than you leave it and is also designated as one with exceptional natural beauty, there are many places to visit in the Cotswolds.

Expect stunning golden towns surrounded by quaint thatched houses with miles of the unspoiled natural landscape and beautiful historic mansions.

Here are some of the favorite towns and top places to visit in the Cotswolds. Have fun!

  1. Snowhill – A Village Full of Beautiful Little Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

One of the Best Places to visit in the Cotswolds is the quiet, sleepy village of Snowshill just 5 minutes from Broadway. This isolated village is great to see during the winter — because the name suggests that the snow falls in the Cotswold Mountains.

Fields of lavender surround the charming town of Snowshill, which is rich with enchanting fragrances. Another beauty of the Cotswolds is, that these streets are lined with small stone farmhouses, beautiful cafés, and unusual shops.

However, the majority of tourists visit the sweet town because it has stunning views over Severn Valley. This picturesque village is incredibly beautiful for relaxation and rejuvenation.

It’s here that Cotswold lavender, a producer of odorous crops, grows its products. Come during the summer to experience lavender bloom. Harvest typically starts in late July through August. Snowhill Manor and Gardens is a must-visit place. Nevertheless, Snowhill is one of the gorgeous places to visit in the Cotswolds.

Top things to see: Explore the beautiful Snowshill Manors and Gardens and all the wonderful antiques inside.

  1. Castle Combe – One of the Sweetest Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Castle Combe is one of England’s quaint villages situated in the Cotswolds near Wiltshire. It’s like visiting an ancient city in time and returning to the past if you’re visiting an old city. Since the early 1800s, Castle Combe has never had any new houses built.

The town offers beautiful views of valleys against a winding river and a manor house that can be reached by raft from here. There are several wonderful markets and trails through the woods, the beautiful St. Andrews church featured in the original Doctor Dolittle movie, and a nearby golf course.

Castle Combe is a combination of good places to visit in the Cotswolds and is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. Castle Combe is often described as the prettiest tiny village in England. Once you arrive, you will know how the town gained the title and why they are in the top position in the Cotswolds.

This charming village is peppered with stone-paved, honey-colored cottages and features a 14th-century marketplace with authentic charm. There are no box stores or tourist attractions here. Instead, you may feel like a local when you wander through their streets. Talk about the streets, you can walk them all day.

Top things: Take a walk down Water Lane to take photos of the historic row of homes here – this spot is among the most photographed locations in the entire Cotswolds.

  1. Chipping Campden – One of the Majestic Places To Visit in the Cotswold Town

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Chipping Campden has become the thriving village of the Cotswolds. That’s good news for people who don’t mind taking a ride along tiny streets to find a parking lot. Chipping Campden is regarded as a significant trading city at the height of wool trade and boasts a lovely stone shop situated in the center of the village.

Alongside the streets surrounding these markets are cute stores, excellent eateries, and charming cottages that easily make this the best village in the Cotswold countryside. You’ll be fulfilled in the quest for an enchanting English tea time when you visit Badger’s Hall Tea Room.

Chipping Campden is an old market town in Gloucestershire and the largest town in the county. It contains an upscale high street from the 14th to 17th centuries. Its main streets have unbroken stone walls that are known for their craftsmanship of limestone.

“Chipping” is a trading word that was originally translated to English as ” coping. As its name suggests Chipping Campden is a famous medieval wool town in Europe. A stunning, gilded masterpiece of limestone and workmanship.

The name “campdenne” comes from the Saxon “camp done” which means a valley or enclosed area. Take the walk through High Street surrounded by atmospheric 14th-century buildings.

Stop at the historic 17th-century Market Hall, which was an early refuge for traders. Please visit the St James Church, which is a wonderful church nestled across the Cotswolds and has some great attractions.

  1. Berkeley Castle – One of the Ancient Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

Built-in 1153 by Berkeley families whose 27th generation still lives here, Berkeley Castle was an ancient fortress. Its past was once a fortress and became a friendly home for the family. The ancestral property has lots of rooms, dungeons, medieval kitchens, and gardens including a tropical butterfly house.

The drawing room is furnished with antique furniture, elegant fabrics, upholstery, lamp shades, and paintings. It has one distinctive spider web ceiling. A 10-acre landscape garden surrounded by exclusive plants also includes a beautiful café, gift shop, and a plant sale.

Well, you can visit Berkeley Castle in the Cotswolds for all of your Disney vacations and if the location isn’t quite right. Castle Norman is a family residence that dates back more than nine centuries, and is a longer time than the fortified castles of England can brag about.

All bricks in this magnificent estate contain rumors about the murdered King Edward. This free tour package offers a tropical butterfly house surrounded by an elegant walled garden. One of the historical places to visit is Cotswolds.

  1. Minster Lovell – One of the Mistry Places To Visit in the  Cotswolds

Minster Lovell offers a romantic experience at its finest. This lovely quiet town seeps in beauty and is an attractive village with amazing places to visit in the Cotswolds. Thoseched roof walls and honey-colored stones surround its Quintessential Cotswold streets.

Minster Lovell Hall and Dovecote are two sites that are incredibly important to British Heritage. The Romantic remains of a palace tower are buried beneath the grounds today. It is the ideal spot if you’re feeling brave.

Just outside of Cotswolds, near a large town, Witney, lies these impressive ruins dating from the 15th century. They belong to the seventh Lord Lovell, and their ruins have a horrifying past.

The disappearance of Francis Lovell sounded like a mystery and puzzled historians, and during the 18th century, it has also been reported that there were underground buried vaults beneath ruins.

According to the story, skeletons were discovered in the room surrounded by papers and pens. Since his discovery in documents in the 18th century nobody knows what is inside. There’s a free tour of these ruined buildings on this site.

  1. Broadway – One of the Charming Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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The picturesque village of Broadway in Worcestershire, England is an attractive place all year round and one of the greatest places to visit in the Cotswolds. Broadway is built around a large central street, surrounded on both sides by restaurants, cafes, shops, and antique shops. It offers several different shops and restaurants.

It has a scenic beauty that is found in the valley around Evesham Vale. Saint Eadburgha Church – Broadway Tower and a 312m high tower offer great views of the downtown city. A traditional honey house lines the streets of Broadway.

The most striking feature of the district is the chestnut trees lined high street that encircles charming shops, cute cafes, charming restaurants, and captivating museums. Those looking for antiques are plentiful on Broadway.

The impressive Broadway Tower sits within 30 minutes of downtown and 50 acres of Broadway Tower park. The museum has three floors that provide stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The museums & galleries on Broadway are filled with interesting art and historical exhibits for those interested. Take some relaxation and stroll along the quiet and residential High Street, a lined avenue filled with picturesque homes, restaurants, and coffee shops.

  1. Stow-on-the-Wold – One of the Historic Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Stow-on-the-Wold is the highest village in the Cotswolds. The site is located on Stow hill 800ft above. The tiny town’s size does not eschew its charm, though. It offers a variety of Cotswold stone cottages with a steep roof putting the place into the category of the prettiest Cotswold village.

Its center lies a large square of markets that is evidence of its historic significance. The vibrant and lively market district of London houses several British antique dealers and ware shops. This place carries much history, as this square was once the center for wool trading.

There are many pubs and cafés in the area that offer tasty food and drinks. Stow-on-the-World is one of the favorite places in Cotswold. It’s all that Cotswolds are: tiny cottages charitably lined by narrow streets but with an extensive list of restaurants, bars, and shopping places.

A particularly notable feature is the expansive marketplace that once was the hotspot for sheep buying and selling. Don’t miss St. Edward Church which houses an incredible solitary door that flanks the entrance. Stow-on-the-Wold is Among the perfect places to visit in the Cotswolds.

  1. Bourton-on-the-Water – One of the Pretty Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Bourton is one of the most picturesque villages in the Cotswolds and is situated in a little valley in the rural Cotswold shire. Its famous villages are known as ‘Venice of the Cotswold’s for their beautiful low bridge which crosses the Windrush River and flows through the town.

Although undoubtedly one of Cotswold’s most popular tourism destinations, You cannot omit Bourton on the Water, a lovely village nicknamed the Venice of the Cotswolds due to its scenic waterways.

Among the many charming attractions of the Cotsworth countryside, Bouton on Water is renowned for offering an unusual charm.

Bourton-on-the-Water is not only a very picturesque town with an enjoyable environment; it also offers many fun activities to all — no matter what you visit alone, together. There are plenty of activities that will be fun to keep you busy.

  1. Kingham — One of the Finest Places To Visit in the  Cotswolds

Kingham is situated between Stow-on-the-Wold and Chipping Norton in the beautiful Evenlodes Valley. The lovely Cotswold village is only an hour train ride from London Paddington Station, which provides the popular weekend destinations of the large city residents seeking peace.

Kingham serves a small town with numerous fantastic meals. Kingham Plough is a lovely place to eat British cuisine in a Mediterranean-influenced style. Menus change daily and it’s always tasty. The Wild Rabbit is a wonderful restaurant in the Cotswold region.

The city offers many walking and cycling paths too. Kingham Railway Station can reach London Paddington within an hour.

Top activities for visitors: Visit St. Andrews’ Church featuring an ancient relic dating from 1770. Wander through the narrow streets and admire beautiful stone homes adorned with pastel colors. Visit the ornate Kingsham Village stores to get snacks.

  1. Upper and Lower Slaughter – Excellent Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

Upper / Lower Slaughters is accompanied by the River Eye, the tributary of the River Windrush. They’re not just a sham, they have beautiful scenery. Plus “slaughter” seems to mean mud places – it’s not bad! Upper and Lower Slaughters have both long racked with beauty and history.

Sharing a fascinating nickname, the lower slacker is linked to the small river eye that flows into the River Windrush. Lower Slaughter is among the prettiest towns. Their unsurpassed nature provides an invaluable source for filming and production.

A very interesting sight is Lower Slaughter Mill & Café which started with a slaughter mill in the fourteenth century. Also beautiful is Upper Slaughters. It is about an hour’s walk from Brighton to the water. This gorgeous town has been a painted village’ since no one died during the war.

Upper Slaughter has been nicknamed the savage village meaning there were no inhabitants at the start of the Second War. The charming village of Stow-on-the-Wold sits on a verdant grass slope leading to a picturesque stream just a few hundred meters from Stow.

  1. Cirencester – One of the Lovely Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Cirencester is the most significant city in the Cotswolds. Located in west London at the banks of the River Chur. Cirencester is a lovely village with a rich history. Cirencester was once called the capital of the Cotwolds, and it was the second-largest city.

The prosperous city offers an eclectic lifestyle, cobblestone paths, quaint houses decorated in honey hues, and a honey-colored skyline. The principal market houses various kinds of businesses including a farmers market and antique market and is a place for shopping.

Historic enthusiasts can enjoy the Roman ruins of the old city and outdoor enthusiasts can have a variety of exciting activities nearby. It is dubbed the “capital of the Cotswold and one of the most picturesque Cotswold villages in the Cotswolds.

Cirencester is the largest village in the district and an attractive tourist destination.  It offers many good lodging choices and an extensive high street full of shops from chain stores to eclectic shops.

It has been described as a medieval masterpiece and is the best-known of the three parish church buildings in the city. Visitors may join two weekly guided walks between March and October. Occasionally a tower can be climbed too.

Top activities: Take a stroll around the town center and browse shops, cafés, and beautiful buildings on Park Street, Black Jack Street, and Castle Street. Admire the beautiful pastel architecture on Market Place then go shopping in Corn Hall.

  1. Moreton-in-Marsh – One of the Vibrant Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Moreton Marsh is an isolated but important market town in Even lode Valley in Gloucestershire England. The thriving market town has an ancient main road and numerous side roads dating back to 1500 and has many side streets.

This historic high street features exquisite architecture from the 16th and 18th centuries, including a royal palace (White Hart Royal); the imposing curfew tower with its original clock and bell.

The road has dozens of houses, shops, tearooms, and coffee shops all built from Botswana stone buildings. Moreton-in-Marsh is a good destination to visit for a Cotswolds holiday since it has the charm of the area yet is congested. Moreton has a thousand-year history dating back to the Saxon times.

Do not miss Curfew Tower and its clock and bells and Redesdale Hall, where there are regularly scheduled antique markets. Afterward, stop by a cute café such as Marshmallow Tea Shop. It’s impossible to find a beautiful restaurant anywhere.

  1. Burford, Oxford shire – One of the Stunning Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Burford is a 20-mile east of Oxford and referred south of Cotswold. The ancient town has roads that are located on a mountain. The city is lined with charming antique shops, boutique shops, restaurants, and cafés.

The Tolsey Museum is an ancient building built in the 16th century and once hosted business meetings. Inside you will find many interesting facts about its history. Speaking of the past, the famous Church of St. John the Baptist represents the city’s rich heritage. Burford is only 20 miles west of Oxford.

The city is easily reachable by car in 30 minutes and is considered the gateway south of the Coatings Wolds. The picturesque city offers postcard-perfect views of ancient cottages and the picturesque countryside. There are also pubs, restaurants, and stores in its atmospheric streets.

Top things: Walk around the beautiful St John the Baptist Church and admire its amazing architectural features, Walk along with the lovely stone houses on the hillside, and Visit the Tolsey Museum for a glimpse of local life.

  1. Painswick Beacon – One of the Gorgeous Places To Visit in the Cotswolds

    Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Painswick’s best attraction is the 14th-century St. Mary’s Church. Outside is a beautiful churchyard that could easily become an adventure storybook. Tombs dating from the 17th century and 99 well-groomed Yaw trees cover the park and provide a photo-worthy backdrop.

Painswick was once a wool town and is situated about 7 miles east of Gloucester. Known to many as “Queen of the Botswana”. The picturesque and charming scenery in this charming village can make you panic.

Cotswold Stone houses are surrounded in the churchyard by steeply curved paths in this quaint village. Painswick is a charming Cotswold town that offers a beautiful church and typical Cotswold houses.

The best option would be a trip to Painswick Hill and wearing the walking shoe. It’s an amazing place for walking along with the gorgeous places to visit in the  Cotswolds. With the views of the hills and valleys, the Forest of Dean, and even the Brecon Beacon Mountains when reached, Painswick is one of the best places to visit in the Cotswolds.

Where Can You Stay In The Cotswolds?

There are plenty of wonderful hotels available throughout the Cotteswold area, from spa hotels to relaxing rural getaways in original Cotteswold cottages.

Best Spa Hotel: Calcot Hotel & Spa ( 9.2) The 4-star Tetbury hotel is stocked with an outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, and spa. A free bicycle is offered to go around the neighborhood. In addition, free Wi-Fi is available as well as free breakfast.


Places To Visit In the Cotswolds
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Its tiny Cotswold towns are what truly capture your heart in this beautiful location located two hours west of London. Honey-colored stone buildings lined ancient streets and medieval markets highlighted the city center while thatched houses elevate that charm factor for the prettiest Cotswold villages.

When a person thinks of the Cotswolds village, the picture will likely show rows of charming stone houses lined by narrow paths and alleyways. And while this may be correct, the best towns and places to visit in the Cotswolds are far more than simply beautiful buildings.

This guide covers all the top places to visit in the Cotswolds. There are also insider suggestions for finding hidden gems in each place.

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