13 Best Places for Solo Travel for Women

solo travel for women
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Want to travel solo? With the world in its all-changing ways, traditions, and culture, you ought to check it yourself. Welcome to your guide for solo travel for women.

Most importantly, people around you shouldn’t be a burden, or if you feel empowered and want to experience something for yourself, the world is out there, and it’s all yours.

A solo trip is the best way for you to find those deep emotions not explained by just words but with tears of joy of experiencing something majestic and beautiful. Women traveling solo is pretty standard, and any woman with some capital can do it.

Female solo adventures are just ahead of you when you listen to your heart and go to explore the world.

From your first solo trip to becoming a part of solo female travelers, it’s important to know the basics of traveling and the places you visit.

Traveling solo is amazing and can also be a little frightening at first. Still, everyone is afraid when trying something new, so control that heartbeat and see this life more independently and vibrantly.

First Solo Trip

Traveling solo can be a bit rough on the sides of feeling anxious and your heartbeats making sounds, making you take a step back but don’t let those emotions stop you from seeing outside the box.

Well, let’s get it started, Female solo adventurer. The excitement and the adventures of feeling alive and looking at amazing sceneries and aesthetics like no other. Making new friends, meeting new people, and much more with a step towards your first solo trip.

Living your best life and meeting amazing new people, good food, and a good vibe. Take the first step and be unstoppable.

Solo Travel Tips you must Know while Traveling

1. Plan a Route For your Solo Travel

Now before you go to any place which is a little far away from your hometown or area you are living, it is advised that you plan your route.

The plan should be in front of you of where you are headed or which place you might want to look around and see for yourself, maybe a good camp. You will need destinations and places to decide and stay in all scenarios. Solo travel for women can be a thriving idea!

After that, you can decide what you want to do, or you wander off here and look around the beauty of the place you visit and try new foods. It’s all up to you but decide beforehand whether or not you are going to see or make a stop at a given place.

Better make notes. That way, if you ever have a brilliant idea maybe you should visit a nearby town or something, and you have a fixed duration of time that you can stay some places, you can bump it up between your timetable.

Even though these are general and common ideas, it’s your first solo trip better have good grips, google maps, and a nice load of sunshine in those bright eyes.

2. Carry your Ids

Well, your id represents you and helps the locals and the police identify you as a legit citizen, so keep it close. If you have more than one id, try keeping them in different pockets just for safety purposes, maybe your wallet has all of your ids, and you lose it, then?

Remember that capital and id are the most important things you should prioritize when visiting a foreign place.

Clothes and equipment also matter when going to places with extreme weather conditions.

3. Socializing

Solo travel for women can be a thriving idea! You are going to come across lots of new faces and people. The world will become smaller, and when you travel solo, making new friends along the way is inevitable. You will need people to interact and know about the destinations you are visiting.

Truly breathtaking landscapes and culture will devour your soul, and socializing along the way sounds like a great journey.

But apart from the positive side, it is also advisable to watch your environment and be cautious about overconsumption of alcohol. You are by yourself, and if you are a new solo female traveler at the start, even in the later stages when you are fluent in traveling, safety comes first.

4. Budget

Mind your budget when spending. When you have fixed capital and want to pay accordingly, you must consider all the parameters. The places you are visiting, the hotels, and the time of checkout should all be calculated beforehand. Some emergency capital should always be reserved in your pocket.

While you enjoy and sway away in the glorious moments of your adventures, you should not be worried about the wasted capital or just any regret regarding money.

5. Travel Insurance

This is of high relevance.

Get travel insurance before you go out to explore and enjoy your travel. Anyone traveling should have travel insurance to cover damage just in case of any emergency.

Some visas require you to have travel insurance. Several countries need you to have travel insurance so that they are a little sure about the capital and the investment being there in case of any emergency.

6. One step at a time

On your first solo trip, keep things steady and take one step at a time. Book those hotel rooms, and research everything that you have envisioned in your mind. Be realistic and see and understand the place and the surroundings. Keep your emergency contacts, and most importantly, enjoy.

Anywhere you travel, you will find solo travelers, and everything you do, do it at your own pace. Be in your comfort zone, save money, and enjoy the locals and the food. You’ll get the crux more once you go through some journeys.

You’ll feel nice when you travel alone and meet people and talk, and I hope you meet like-minded people. Best for you.

Best Destinations: Solo Travel for Women

From a safety point of view and also a scenic point of view, this is a list of countries you can visit as a solo female traveler:


A beautiful and amazing destination for any woman traveling solo, the country is safe, and the culture is so rich. From mount Fuji to all the anime and mangas, cherry blossoms along the way on your smile, the place is amazing and full of surprises. Anyone looking for a 10-day or any duration you have on your clock, Japan, should be on your bucket list.

Out of many countries in the world, this is the first country you should try to visit.

Solo travel is really easy here. This destination says it all

Japan is an amazing country with good nightlife and delicious food. You might think the language barrier may be an issue, but people speak English here, and your flow won’t be stopped from this. An excellent destination for your solo travel and a must-name on your checklist.

solo travel for women
Image by Christian from Pixabay


Visit this country for its scenic view and different culture. This country will not disappoint you, from Niagra Falls to nice national parks and many other landscapes. The government is nice and amazing and oozes excitement.

Canada has some of the best white sand beaches like Hawk Beach, Cape Sable Island, and many others, sure to sparkle your eyes.

Canada is a place where you can enjoy rides, and the location is high in the ranking of most happy people, so, a good place to go and enjoy your time.

solo travel for women
Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay


It is one of the safest countries for solo travel out there. The place has a good historic vibe with deep culture and history. The art of this place will take a special place in your heart along with the buildings and monuments there.

Berlin is nice, the history in the walls of this iconic city. The city is modern and reflects the place’s culture and the past through art and food. There are a lot of museums, and you can easily travel to these places. Google translate can be very helpful if you feel language barriers in some local areas. But overall, it is a beauty.

The historic vibe and aesthetics of the country are just top-notch. Taking photos will be a lot of fun around here, along with meeting new people, so definitely do give it a try.

solo travel for women
Image by 12138562 from Pixabay


With good hostel culture and amazing views, you must try Scotland. The place is amazing and beautiful and can also be your first solo trip. The location is among the top destinations for a solo female traveler, and you should go there and see why?

The place is beautiful, and you get to try so many different kinds of amazing foods and so much more. The location is safe for women, and the government focuses a lot on women’s rights.

The place is amazing, the culture is amazing, and it is safe. The locals are friendly and helpful. You will not find any difficulty other than the accent. Go for it.

solo travel for women
Image by Anita from Pixabay


Everyone worldwide who are travel enthusiast wishes to travel to France once in their lifetime. The place has beautiful buildings, the way the culture and history s presented to you through their food and facilities is just spectacular.

Each place brings out the best in your journey from Nice to Bordeaux. It is an excellent choice for a solo trip for any female traveler. It is a good one even for your first trip, so give it a try.

solo travel for women
Image by Pierre Blaché from Pixabay


The place has a good amount of adventures with glaciers and volcanoes around. The ice is nice here, along with the northern lights, which will steal your heart. The site is sure to bring out the adventurer inside you.

The journey is a little heavy on the pocket, but those northern lights make it a little lighter on the heart when you imagine a situation looking at them.

The place is safe for women, and these trips are just mesmerizing for your eyes and heart. The area might have extreme conditions, but it is worth it. Do give it a try.

solo travel for women
Image by David Mark from Pixabay


As a solo female traveler, this one is ideal and cheap. The island fits perfectly in that list of your trips. Women traveling solo will find this place welcoming them with open arms.

The destination is famous for honeymoons, and the place is quite good, being pocket-friendly. It gives you an excellent escape from city life.

From Pura Tanah Lot to Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, the place has a good number of attractions, and you should be able to have a good time and enjoy a good number of attractions for sightseeing. The good location has great vibes and is a must-visit for all travelers.

solo travel for women
Image by Richard Wang from Pixabay

United States

Well, you know of this destination, and there are quite a several cities and so much culture and history that it will take some time to explore, but it doesn’t matter, you go step by step, and there’s so much to see and enjoy here that it will take some tours.

As someone doing solo travel, the place offers you many options from different restaurants and different kinds of food.

You can visit several cities here, like San Francisco, New York City, and many more.

There are many options out here, and as a solo female traveler, you will have many opportunities to explore them. With culture, history, and a lot of good food, it is a place worth being on your bucket list.

solo travel for women
Image by Christoph Partsch from Pixabay


This place is going to burst your eyes with tears of joy. Great location with good wine and whole food. The area has history and lots of places which you can visit here. The site offers you a photogenic view and lots of cultures to explore.

From Sintra to Porto, the place is an absolute beauty, and if you research and search around the Facebook group to see the experiences and reviews, the site will only give you positive vibes.

The place offers you safety, and the night is beautiful here. The lights all around the city of Lisbon with beaches and the sea, the night here is sure beautiful. This place deserves many trips, which you will want to do more once you visit.

solo travel for women
Image by Cristina Macia from Pixabay


When you travel solo, this place is quite popular as a good vacation spot from all the commotion. Irrespective of gender, the site is a feast for the eyes.

Bangkok is really good. The main city part is something you should explore. You also have Phuket, a beautiful beach, and the sunset will make your heart feels wow.

You can have a visit to Chang Mai for some mountains along the heart-bending coasts, giving you a good tropical experience of Thailand.

When you enjoy the popular places and taste unique cuisines, there are also many villages you can visit along the way. The site is beautiful and offers you many options with hypnotizing views; make sure to add this to your wishlist.

solo travel for women
Image by pheat rukkatarakul from Pixabay


A package like no other, it is the spot for your heart’s solo adventure. This is one of the many travel dreams. Italy is just so beautiful, with food and streets so alive. This place will hop into your minds and hearts.

The trip to this place will make you crave travel more and more. This destination has safety(not all cities) and great food; if you order food from an Italian restaurant, you know it will be delicious and exclusive. Due to its aesthetics, any travel blogger would jump right into this amazing place.

There are many places you can visit as a solo traveler. Let’s start with Lake Como, a Beautiful lake. You will enjoy your time here. The lakes of Italy are amazing and will capture your heart instantly.

Venice, Rome, there is just a long list. Just go through everything, decide a destination, and dive right in. The villages near the lake are good for a stay, and this will be a unique experience in your life. Amazing place, great food, and the right direction in your travel journey.

solo travel for women
Image by Udo from Pixabay


Great destination to travel solo or in a group. The place has colors and aesthetics and gives you a positive vibe. You will find many travelers along the way when you visit Spain. The site can be a little crowded depending on the season and visiting time.

But with the self-confidence you have, it will be a piece of cake. The trip will be exciting, and a lot of culture and art can be explored through the lanes of Spain.

In general view, the amazing architecture, the art, the cathedrals, the festivals, everything will hook you up to this place so much that you wouldn’t want to leave.

With deep history from Cuenca to Barcelona and the artworks, you will discover will take your breath away. Do visit it; you will not be disappointed at all.

solo travel for women
Image by Piet van de Wiel from Pixabay

New Zealand

This destination is awesome and beautiful. There are lots of adventure activities, and the vibe of the whole place makes you wake up on time and explore.

It has good destinations where some famous movies are directed, and every city makes you feel like you are in a scenic film. Solo travel for women can be a thriving idea!

Auckland can be a good place to start, with all the treks, hiking, nice views, and good mountain scenes. The site will be heaven in your eyes, and while you travel and streak, you will find other travelers as well, making it easier for anyone who likes to travel solo.

Rotorua can be visited if you like Lord Of the Rings and want to see some hobbit houses along your journey.

The place has a completely different culture, and you will experience something different with interesting ways of making food, geysers, etc. A must-visit place for you, go for it.

solo travel for women
Image by Pawel Grzegorz from Pixabay

Full-Time Travel Blogger

Solo travel for women can be adventurous and make feel like a travel blogger. This way, you can also get some good people watching and maybe get opportunities for travel and marketing. This can be beneficial in terms of capital invested and later earning for traveling different places and trying out new food. If you travel alone that camera will be really handy. Do try it.


This solo travel for women guide gives you an overview of what places you can travel to for a start and what tips you should keep in mind while traveling solo. As a female solo traveler, much emphasis is given to safety. You should find these places safe. It will be a little tough for first-timers, but you’ll do well.

When you travel alone, you might feel a little anxious, but when you travel, you’ll make friends, and more so, you will feel freedom like no other. The places and cultures will nourish your soul into something beautiful, and by the end of the journey, you’ll b ready again for your next one with new adventures in your mind. So, even if it feels a little heavy, do it. You won’t regret it.

Good food, good talk, kind people and locals, new locals experience it all. Travel makes everything better, and when you will do it, it will be awesome.













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