13 Beautiful Valencia Beaches for your vacation

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Valencia has a lot of beaches and this makes it an incredible city on the Mediterranean coast. It is possible to combine rich cultures with incredible cuisine and golden beans in Valencia. This east coast city gets morning sun almost anywhere else and the ocean is warm enough to swim.

The coast mixes great sweet sand with coves and beaches which is very beautiful. There is enough for everyone though. However, This is a bustle in the city, full of locals, quiet places, wetlands, secluded waters, and tapas which makes it a must-visit destination

Here is the list of the best Valencia beaches!

13 beautiful Valencia Beaches For Your Vacation

1. Playa del Cabanyal (Las Arenas Beach)

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Number one on the list of best Valencia beaches is Las Arenas beach or Playa del Cabanyal. This is the first storm beach around the city and is surely the most active, especially during the summer. It is often thought to be the party hot spot where people can enjoy the weekend, not just weeks. Guests and locals alike gather to enjoy the lively, cool beach vibes at many beach bars.

Marina is certainly not a cheap place, but certainly a cool place in Playa del Cabanyal. The hotel has a top-floor beachside location that delights guests with a cocktail pool and luxurious atmosphere.

2. Playa de la Malvar Rosa

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Taking the second place for best Valencia beaches is Playa del Malvar Rosa, located north of Las Arenas, it is is a long, broad beach with a promenade. Although they are still packed during the weekends, the beaches are generally quieter and more relaxed than Las Arenas. Malvarrosa Beach is a beautiful beach in Valencia. It is the most renowned and well-known of Valencia’s beaches, and it has inspired many artists.

This is one of the three city beaches easily accessible from downtown. Malvarrosa is derived from mallow flowers, a sweet and fragrant shrine that once grew here. While there are plenty of restaurants along the seafront this area is primarily focused on sunbathing and swimming in the warm ocean (La Murciana offers excellent tapas and seafood).

3. El Saler beach

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The third among the best Valencia beach is El Saler beach. Just a short drive from Valencia and again very popular with the locals is Saler beach. This beach has a distance of about 13 km from the southern city. Valencia’s beaches are windswept natural beaches some 6km long with enchanting dunes just waiting to be explored. The nearly 5-km long sandy beach is adorned with spectacular dunes and blue-green waters. There are often lovely pavilions to picnic or relax in.

This beach also has a respected golf course called El Saler Golf Course. Many famous golfers have chosen to play it defiantly. El Saler is located next to the La Albufera Nature Reserve which is a beautiful place, best explored through the many boats that can be taken on the natural lake.

4. Playa de La Devesa Beach

La Devesa is in fourth spot in list of best Valencia beaches. It’s certainly worth the short drive out of town to La Devesa Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Valencia region. Surrounded by natural splendor, this site offers nature enthusiasts much to explore before a dip in the crystal blue waters, with trees, flowers, and even a lagoon home to all kinds of species.

This is the enchantment that this beach emits, the magic of odd and surprising settings. Because it is 5 kilometers long, you will feel at ease and quite comfortable.

5. Playa de Pinedo

Amid the famous Valencia beaches, Pinedo takes the fifth position. It is a heated neighbouring beach north of Valencia’s city centre that is pushed to the left side of the ports and hence more protected than other of the city’s southern beaches. It includes a special pet section at its eastern end, a nudist section along its southern edge, and water sports along the Turia River.

It is well known by the locals and is an interesting place in Valencian society: family picnics, couples walking and fried fish on the beach await. A short walk to the south is L’Arbre del Gos. Its infrastructure has remained confined, but it is possible to go-karting.

6. Playa Saplaya Beach

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Sixth among the best Valencia beaches is Saplaya beach which is located just north of the city, about 4 km from the top of the city beach. They have unique atmospheres because the hotel is directly in Port Saplaya – also called the “Venetian city”.

During dinner, there is a relaxed atmosphere and it has an amazing beach atmosphere! Due to their victimization, this beach is now a popular tourist destination on cycling trips in and by Valencians themselves. Port Saplaya currently has community housing and a sports port.

7. Playa de Patacona

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Past Malvarrossa, Patacona is seventh amidst the list of best Valencia beaches, located far enough from the center of Valencia, that it is technically part of Alboraya. Quieter than Malvarrosa or Las Arenas, which can be easily reached from the city center.

In addition, its proximity to the port makes the water cleaner. Malvarrosa feels calm and calm when the sunrise roars over the Mediterranean waters or a horseman rides through the palm trees at night. You can find a few restaurants overlooking the beach and an easy 15-minute walk ahead of you takes you to Alboraya, the traditional home of Horacatta.

8. Sagunto beach

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Sagunto beach is number eight in the list for best Valencia beaches, located not far from the city limits, It offers many bars and restaurants along the main roads and the beach. It is also wheelchair friendly and accessible to those with wheelchairs and prams, in several areas, making the beach ideal for family holidays in Valencia.

It also makes the whole city worth looking around, particularly on the main street, and there have been dozens of Roman remains, including the Roman amphitheater in Sagunto.

9. L´Arbre del Gos Beach

If you’re searching for a less-known beach near the historic center, L’Arbre del Gos Beach is a nice alternative. Taking the ninth spot for best Valencia beaches, It’s more than 2 kilometers of fine golden sand with all types of facilities and even a little cycling track that allows you to combine a day of sun and relaxation with some sand fitness. The walk over the dunes of this gorgeous beach is natural.

Because the beach is located further out from the city, between the beaches of Pinedo and El Saler, the tourist flow is less dense, ensuring that you will feel at ease here. A cycling path near the promenade is one of its gems. The ancient dock workers’ school on the beach has been converted into a nature reserve information center.

10. Platja del Perello Beach

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Perello is a beautiful holiday resort near Valencia, this is a famous spot of choice, especially during the summer months, and attracts many visitors, hence it takes the tenth spot for best Valencia Beaches. You will discover the municipality’s unspoiled beaches and coves while pedaling through Mediterranean olive and pine trees.

Surfers also appreciate this beach, which is particularly essential for these water activities. There are several good restaurants and cafes near the water, and a small marina is just a short walk away.

11. Cullera, Northern Costa Blanca

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The Eleventh Spot in our list of best Valencia beaches is taken by Cullera, Like most Mediterranean towns, Cullera combines the towns of Cullera with the beaches of Provence. Upon arrival, the area is surrounded by an authentic Spanish city and authentic beaches inhabited by residents and Spanish tourists from Madrid.

Quite often, we see and hear foreigners. Cullera’s beaches are ideal for those seeking tranquility and there are dozens of beach holiday options. You will have many Spanish restaurants offering the best in local dishes at reasonable prices.

12. Levante Beach

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The twelfth spot for best Valencia beaches is held by Levante Seaside, this is a peaceful beach town with a welcoming and calm vibe. It is Calpe’s most significant and popular beach; it is located in the north and is slightly over a kilometer long; along the entire beach is a lovely promenade with many stores, patios, cafés, and restaurants, making it one of the liveliest areas in the city during the summer.

This is one of Europe’s most well-known beaches. It is a 2-kilometer-long urban beach that connects Punta Pinet with Punta Canfali. A length of beautiful golden sand soaked in the Mediterranean’s tranquil seas and sun all day due to its south-facing position.

13. Platja de la Garrofera Beach

The last and thirteenth place in our list of best Valencia beach is occupied by Garrofera beach. The beach is surrounded by the Albufera Nature Reserve and has plenty of amenities. The Garrofera beach resorts are available for your needs and are a perfect place to soak up the sun and relax. It’s around 3.44km in length, The first 800m, commencing at El Saler Beach, is reserved for nudists.

La Garrofera incorporates the finest of the La Albufera natural reserve and is a Valencia beach that is a popular tourist destination. More than two and a half kilometers of exquisite golden-sand are surrounded by dunes and pine woods. It is covered with the usual Mediterranean flora with low shrubs seen in coastal environments.


Valencia beaches are just 10-30 minutes from the city and this makes it an incredible city on the Mediterranean coast!. They all allow guests to stay close but still get to the beach without worry.

Every region offers various beaches with separate beaches to the north and south of the city. When you want something fun and exciting Valencia Beaches has it.


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